I am super eager to write about Wulf’s time in Cyrodiil with Rigmor.

That will have to wait though!

The original concept of Wulf’s adventures and journal was to follow several main arcs:


First part of that is over after Rigmor rode through that gate.

Rigmor will still be a daily influence of Wulf’s behaviour and how he sees the world.

This will result in a legacy left behind by Wulf that will aid the small children alone in the dark. The orphans of Skyrim.

News filtering back from Cyrodiil during the four years the lovers are apart will test Wulf’s resolve not to rush to Rigmor’s side.

When news from Cyrodiil becomes almost non-existent then Wulf must learn to trust those who were with Rigmor including a certain Daedric worshipper.

Wulf’s time in Cyrodiil will be the largest part of the Journal until Rigmor of Tamriel is released.

Believe me when I say that mod will blow you away with its depth and complexity!

There will be an interim mod that helps cover important events such as marriage, maybe the coronation, birth of Kyntira and all the political machinations in preparation for Rigmor of Tamriel.

It will bridge the six year gap on Nirn between the events of RoC and RoT.

The interim mod is expanding in depth and content all the time!


Rigmor dominated Wulf’s world and he forgot the main purpose of his existence. When she rode through that gate he was left with no ambition, hope or reason for existing. The last thing he did in her presence was deliberately break her heart so she would go. His ability to reason was gone and there was a danger he would be lost to madness.

Wulf partially recovered by accepting he was an oath breaker. He was still unable to move forward. He still thought his main purpose on Nirn was Rigmor. He was still her Guardian! He could see no other task being more important.

He could not just jump on Dogmeat and pursue her. He was being held back by the knowledge he was needed in Skyrim. Wulf was without a Divine given task so thought the dragons must be the reason he couldn’t cross that border.

So we had a man who thought he was an oath breaker, something totally alien to his persona and a thing he detested. His guilt over being deliberately cruel to his beloved was eating away at him as well. He thought his purpose was still to be by Rigmor’s side but he could not fulfil that purpose because he could not leave Skyrim.

That is why he sat immobilised and stared into the fire for answers. Like Rigmor’s light reflecting off water, many a being throughout the ages has stared into the flames looking for wisdom.

Talos appeared in his most human aspect. This aspect can be found dotted throughout the written histories. It seems on the surface Talos likes to make such appearances to confuse and give historians subjects they can debate till they drop dead from old age. Wulf knows it is to nudge things, fine tune if you will, so that Akatosh’s preferred timeline is the most likely.

When Talos made his appearance Wulf was naturally hostile. They had dropped him into Skyrim trained and capable of the tasks he was to perform. They had not given him much time between awakening and being set the tasks of saving Azura’s presence on Nirn and stopping Malacath from becoming a Living God King on Nirn.

Wulf knew The Divines could not manipulate mortal emotions. Love is a thing of beauty and wonder to them but foreign to what they are. They could never experience it even as an aspect physically on Nirn.

Talos in the aspect that visited Wulf was important to The Divines but also dangerous. As Wulf accused Talos, it is no more than machine given knowledge of mortal emotions. It still could not experience them. The aspect was dangerous to The Divines as it was given some leeway to simulate mortal emotions. This could result in a risk to Akatosh’s preferred timelines as the aspect may use mortal logic in its dealings on Nirn and provide information that would normally be withheld.

Talos in this instance had to do that to break through Wulf’s hostility and get him to recognise his true purpose.

So now we have Wulf fully aware that there is some task in the future that endangers not only mortals but The Divines themselves. That himself and Rigmor being in proximity to each other was crucial to the survival of Nirn and The Divines. Akatosh had hoped Wulf would continue without this knowledge.

Why? That is something for Wulf to dissect and analyse.

Wulf knows he has to fulfil the tasks set by The Divines. He knows he wants to fulfil the tasks set by The Divines.

Wulf also knows he can never accept the logic of The Divines which creates “collateral damage” of too high a magnitude for his mortal morality.

Will Wulf risk disrupting Akatosh’s preferred timeline by trying to minimise collateral damage?


Wulf wants to know who he really is. “Dragonborn and Champion of The Divines” is what he is.

Wulf not only has a right to this knowledge, it is an instinctive need of his species.

Rigmor wanted and needed to know about her family beyond just Mum and Dad.

Rigmor also cherished the memories of her childhood which Wulf treasures with reverence, love and yearning.

There must be a reason for The Divines denying his identity.

Wulf is starting to think it has to do with the “Forgotten Hero”.

The Forgotten Hero performed actions that could only be tasks set by The Divines. His existence would have been lost to history if a Moth Priest had not read about him in an Elder Scroll and exposed hidden chapters in recent Nirn history.

The last task performed by the Forgotten Hero was completed mere weeks before Wulf awakened.

Is Wulf the Forgotten Hero?

If so, why wipe out his memory of that existence?

Is there something the Forgotten Hero discovered that threatens The Divines or Akatosh’s preferred timeline?


Will Wulf compromise his values and do deals with Daedra if they can provide information The Divines have withheld?

It has been the downfall of other Dragonborn!


Wulf will rescue Nirn on many occasions before seeing Rigmor again.

Like the actions of the Forgotten Hero, very few beings will know of his deeds.

They could be lost to history unless Wulf’s journal is preserved and its contents shared.

When he meets Rigmor again she only knows of his defeat of Alduin.

In fact he had defeated Potema twice, stopped Harkon and Arch-Curate Vyrthur, helped the Psijic Order with “The Eye of Magnus”and defeated Miraak’s attempts to return to Nirn.

Wulf saves Nirn six times before meeting Rigmor again!

There are also 4 minor quests in the main game given by The Divines.


This whole journal is organic. It has a life of its own. Even minor storylines, such as getting Dogmeat back, were not originally intended but occurred during actual play through so were included.

So asking how long before we get back to Rigmor is not something I can even guess

I would prefer to wait until I have seen and played the interim mod.

I could write myself into a corner if events in that make my fiction impossible.

If I find myself too eager I may cut down the between content, not wait for the interim mod and plunge into the adventures in Cyrodiil.

That is why The Divines have provided me with an “Edit” button!

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