Sundas, 21st Heartfire, 4E 201

Riverwood, Sky Haven Temple, Ivarstead: Lots of Forsworn, Bone Dragon, Puzzles, Temple, Adrian’s Wall, Old news.

Our trip from Riften to Riverwood was uneventful. This was to be expected since we had cleared the route only hours before.

We arrived in Riverwood at about 3:45AM and headed straight for the inn.

It was heart-warming to see Delphine and Esbern meet. Obviously they had worked together to disrupt Dominion plans before and during the Great War. They have been apart with both thinking the other captured and/or dead since the White Gold Concordat gave the Thalmor free reign to hunt them down.

After the greeting we got down to what Esbern knew and what our next step is. Esbern was back into full lecture mode so here are the relevant points:

  • During the Akaviri conquest of Skyrim they constructed and temple in the Reach called “Sky Haven Temple”.
  • Inside the temple they built Alduin’s Wall out of carved stone.
  • Alduin’s Wall contains the accumulated dragonlore of the Akaviri.
  • They built it to guard against such dragonlore being forgotten over time.
  • Despite Alduin’s Wall being a wonder of the ancient world, its location was considered lost to history.
  • The ancient Blades recorded all they knew of Alduin on the wall.
  • Alduin’s Wall is a mixture of prophecy and history.
  • Esbern has discovered the location of Sky Haven Temple and therefore Alduin’s Wall.

So it was decided we would meet with Esbern and Delphine at where we think Sky Haven temple is. We are travelling by horse, the two Blades will be running across country. I was impressed with the fitness of Delphine. I was amazed at Esbern.

On the way out of the inn Delphine gifted it to the barkeep. She did not think she would ever be returning. I hope we find the temple!!

It was about 5:30AM when we left Ringwood.

We encountered and killed a group of Miraak supporters

When we arrived where we thought the temple was we found a huge Forsworn camp!

I started softening up the Forsworn with some fireball when a dragon attacked them with lightning. It seems the Forsworn had a few mages as returning lightning bolts hit the dragon. The dragon decided that was not fun and attacked us instead.

This dragon appeared to be made of bone!

It had another weapon. A green ray which was poisonous!

The dragon flew away a bit and I could see it was attacking two figures. I realised it was Delphine and Esbern!

This was by far the longest dragon fight yet. I used arrows, fireballs, lightning bolts, ice spears. It was being plastered with arrows from Lydia and various spells from Esbern. It finally landed and I ended it with a few hits to its neck.

I stood and absorbed its soul. Its name was Vantaftey.

I turned to find Esbern standing transfixed. He said he had read about this but never thought he would see it.

We resumed our attack on the Forsworn camp and eliminated them all including a Hagraven.

I found a cave entrance that we decided to investigate. Several Foreworn attacked us upon entry and were quickly despatched.

We came upon three columns with symbols on. Esbern was harping on about something in the background but I ignored whatever it was. I simply turned the columns so the Akaviri symbol for Dragonborn faced forward.

Then a drop bridge descended and we could continue.

Next room had floor tiles with different Akaviri symbols on them.  Another simple puzzle. All I had to do was only step on the ones displaying the symbol for Dragonborn. Esbern was still yapping on about the previous puzzle.

I pulled a lever and another drop bridge descended.

Next room had what I recognised as a blood seal. Esbern and Delphine had just entered when I cut my palm and dripped some blood onto the centre circle.

Only dragon blood would have unsealed the door which was a giant head that tilted and gave us access to the temple.

We entered the temple and there was Alduin’s wall. Esbern was still dawdling as he took in all the Akaviri architecture. This place is like a treasure of knowledge to him and I can imagine him investigating every square inch of it for many years to come. I was glad for him. He had spent years studying then fighting Thalmor and now he can get back to studying.

It was going to take a while for him to get to Alduin’s Wall, no matter how much Delphine tried to hurry him along, so Lydia and I did a quick look in several rooms. In one I found many weapons but a beautiful katana caught my eye. Not my kind of weapon but an excellent addition to my growing collection. In another room I found a magnificent suit of ancient Akaviri armour. I added that to my collections as well to Lydia’s dismay. She was sworn to carry my burdens!

Esbern finally arrived and started deciphering the wall.

His grand conclusion? The ancient Tongues used some sort of shout to defeat Alduin.

I turned to Delphine and asked if she had ever climbed the 7000 steps to High Hrothgar. She said of course not. I asked Esbern the same. He had no interest in such futile exercise.

I then said to both of them, “I knew weeks ago they used the Thu’um to defeat Alduin. You would have known that too if you bothered reading the plaques dotted along the climb. I then said, “The fifth one reads “Man prevailed, shouting Alduin out of the world. Proving for all that their Voice too was strong. Although their sacrifices were many-fold.””

At least Esbern had the decency to look a little embarrassed.

I told them both I will have to head for High Hrothgar and ask the Greybeards. I assured them they would teach me the shout.

With that Lydia and I left the temple and made our way to Ivarstead.

I was not interested in climbing the steps late at night plus we had not slept the night before. We booked rooms at the Vilemyr Inn, had a good meal and retired for the night.

I spent a few hours writing today’s and yesterday’s journal.

I did not think our efforts were a waste. Esbern and Delphine should be safe from the Thalmor for a while. Esbern will be an invaluable and alternate source of dragon lore. The temple might reveal something knew he can share with me.

I know not what time I fell asleep.

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