Fredas, 11th Heartfire, 4E 202

Froki’s Shack, Skyrim Wilderness: Lovely ride, Grumpy old man, Task given, Lonely child, Hunting.

“The Pull” has been directing me for several days to an area South East of The Rift Imperial Camp. I dimly remembered a hunter’s lodge or similar being that area.

Celestine has been hinting she would like to resume field trips with me. So I asked her and Jordis to accompany me.

We left Dragons Keep at about 7:30AM. It was going to be at least a half days ride.

It was a nice sunny day so we went cross country towards Whiterun.

To get to the location we needed to travel through Ivarstead. We used the narrow mountain tracks instead of the main raids. It was a bit shorter and the scenery was beautiful. There was a greater risk of wild animal attacks though.

We arrived in Ivarstead unmolested at around 1:00PM.

The Pull directed me to the small shack I had remembered from months ago. I knocked on its door. An elderly and grump voice answered,

“Come in.”

We entered the shack and an elderly man stood to greet us. Sitting at the table was a young boy, most probably a grandson by the age difference.

“Well, look at this. Another city rat crawled outside the walls. I don’t suppose you’ve come up here to tell old Froki about your supposed Divines?”

(Froki was the one “The Pull” wanted me to meet. I decided to play along with his bias rather than irritate him by defending my Lord.)

What is wrong with The Divines?

“They’re stolen idols! Imposter gods, sold by silver tongues. No thank you. Froki will not forget Kyne, or her Sacred Trials.”

(Wild guess here. Kynareth wants me to do something.)

What are the sacred trials?

“It’s an old Nord Tradition, a test to prove your worth in the eyes of Kyne. Show that you’re a hunter and no simple butcher. Kyne teaches us to respect the beasts and blesses the hunter who will face their champions. True Nord hunters are those who survive the Trials.”

Sounds like something I would be interested in trying.

“So you think you’re strong enough for Kyne’s blessing? I would be glad to pass this tradition down.”

Yes. Tell me what to do.

“You must defeat guardian beasts, blessed by Kyne. I’ll anoint you with the symbol of the wolf, the crab and the skeever. This will compel the guardians to appear when you reach their lairs. Here’s where you need to go.”

(He marked three locations on my map. I looked at the young boy. I recognised him from Helgen. I saw a young Imperial Officer, Hadvar, rescue him in full view of Alduin.)

Is the boy your son?

“Haming is my grandson. He’s a strong lad. His parents were at Helgen when, well you know.”

He must be good company all the way out here.

“Well. I can’t say I was a great father the first time around. Now that he’s here it’s like a second chance. He’s a good lad.”

So I return here when I have defeated the guardians? Including a skeever!

“Don’t mock it pup! Even the lowliest beasts can kill the weak and arrogant. We’ll try more powerful enemies next, if you survive this.”

Tell me about Kyne.

“Those sycophants in the Temple would call her Kynareth. Just a pale shadow of the truth, like all the Temple Divines. Kyne! Blessed Warrior-Wife. Shor’s widow, sacred to any true Nord hunter. She’s the mother of men and beasts, and her veil is the storm.”

The “Kiss at the End”. The grandmother of the Thu’um. The turner of Paarthurnax.

“So you know her. Glad some truth is still taught!”

(With that Froki walked to the hearth and started attending the stew boiling over the flames.)

“Hello. I saw you in Helgen!”

(I turned and faced Haming. He whispered “Dragonborn” and I put my finger to my lips so he knew I wanted that kept quiet. He nodded.)

Hello Haming. Sorry about your parents. That was a terrible day! Do you like living here?

“It ain’t so bad. I miss living with my parents back in Helgen though. Granddad can’t cook and there’s nobody to talk to up here.”

I saw you rescued by that soldier. His name is Hadvar and he lives in Riverwood.

“I don’t talk to granddad about Helgen. I don’t think he understands.”

Unless you have seen and experienced the ferocity and terror of a dragon attack it would be hard to understand. Did you know that was Alduin?

“I saw the World-Eater! Wow!”

Has your granddad taught you how to hunt?

“Yes, but he won’t let me hunt on my own yet. He brags about killing his first stag when he was eleven. I am almost twelve!”

He worries about you. Give it time and he will be proud to have you do the Sacred Trials.

“Don’t worry. I will not tell him who you are.”

Thank you Haming.

We left the shack and headed for the first two guardians. I told Celestine and Jordis we would not be able to deal with the third till tomorrow. That we would sleep at Dragons Keep.

It was about 3:45PM when we headed for the first guardian, the wolf.

A while later I saw him in the distance. He looked ethereal.

When I killed him he turned into a pile of goo. Wolf down, mudcrab next.

It was one huge mudcrab!

A single arrow was all that was needed. The guardians did not seem to be any stronger than normal animals.

This one turned into a pile of goo as well.

We headed for Dragons Keep and arrived at about 10:30. I dismissed my companions and headed for the library.

I could find no reference to this ritual. I think my task is to resurrect it. Not every task given by The Divine is going to involve a worldwide crises. Sometimes an individual Divine needs help with something. I am more than happy to help Kynareth keep this old Nord tradition alive.

I wrote this journal entry and headed off to bed.

I know not what time I fell asleep.

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