Wulf is in Cyrodiil..at last.

3 years, 140 days since he waved goodbye at the border.

I am writing up his first day and journal entry should be up in a few hours.

Now Wulf is in Cyrodiil the journal entries will be a lot more complex to write. I have to add in my perspective and extra dialogue without affecting the core of the story or mod.

There is much dialogue in the mod that is very generic. It does not take into account many of the experiences you might have had during your play through of Skyrim. This is how all of Skyrim is. It has to be that way if you want a free form quest system with so many choices.

So the main additions and changes to the mod dialogues and actions are to allow Wulf’s experiences, and knowledge, to have a voice.

He has done far more than defeat Alduin and kill a chicken.

A simple example is when you first meet Cerys and Malesam. Wulf is Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold. He is their boss. The one who pays there bills and ultimately the one who has a say on how to protect Rigmor according to the old agreement.

Similarly when searching the Blood Let Throne Wulf found letters connecting Sethius and the Cannibal Vampires. Wulf has also had experience with a Daughter of Coldharbour. These are relevant to the conversation and logically he would say something of them.

I will admit the first time I played Rigmor of Cyrodiil I was panicking about Bobby. Role playing the lover’s path meant for the first few hours of gameplay I was panicking at the prospect of Rigmor marrying Bobby. I can honestly say I would have stopped playing the mod if that occurred.

I didn’t want to write a mopy, broody Wulf in his first few days with Rigmor. I have set it up so Wulf would logically be more confident of them becoming lovers once more. This is completely different to my first play through of the mod I can assure you!

I also have to be careful I do not write something incompatible with the upcoming expansion. That is turning out to be a brilliant in concept and execution.

Anyway, back to writing the first entry in Cyrodiil. I hope you enjoy my take on it all as Wulf and Rigmor save Nirn once again.

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