Middas, 1st First Seed, 4E 205

Castle Bruma: Conclusions.

This is my summary of all that has occurred to this point. It is a fitting way to conclude this volume of my journal as from next entry on I will be begin thinking in terms of Emperor Wulf Septim and not Wulf, Dragonborn and Champion of The Divine


My current task is not complete. Whatever they wanted me to cross the border into Cyrodiil for has yet to be played out to its conclusion.

I believe The Divine were unsure as to my ability to resist Morag’s suggestions with the power of Molag Bal coursing through her. Perhaps my chances were slim and that is why there was uncalled for animosity towards me at the Shrine of Mara. I have never faltered from the path they gave me and resisted offers from Gods before.

I have accepted my fate over the years and have defended The Divine against those who blame them for the ills of the world.

At no time have I ever seriously considered abandoning my tasks or duty.

To treat me like I would abandon them or try to stop the prophecy was inconsistent with my deeds and intentions. It was opposite to what they should have done to ensure I stayed true to them. I did not deserve such mistrust and they ended up sowing seeds of doubt.

They have always had a backup plan and Camaeus was it. Via Talos they have manipulated his life so that eventually he would join Rigmor and me as we tackled Table Mountain.

He was looking for something. His eagerness to be at the front gave that away. Akatosh via Talos has told him something about the events that occurred that I am unaware of.  I believe he was instructed to help safeguard Rigmor plus ensure I did something or to do it himself.

I believe he failed in part of his mission and it has to do with the Red Diamond and Amulet of Kings.

All that Morag offered me could only occur if there was a corrupt Red Diamond and/or Amulet of Kings. Something to bypass the shield put in place by Martin Septim’s sacrifice. Just Molag stepping into Nirn would not have granted the powers she talked about.

If I was more coherent on my return I would have ordered troops be stationed at the entrance of Table Mountain. If there is more to be done inside what is left then I will have to return there soon.

Now I will have to wait and see if anything points me to what needs to be done to conclude the Divine Task.


He is dangerous. He is a religious fanatic who believes he is or was on a mission from Akatosh.

I do not for one second believe he has any concern for the safety of Rigmor beyond her function as the vessel for the Chosen One. His actions would have been the same whether or not she was destined to die at childbirth.

He feigns regret at her family’s treatment yet is proudly part of an organisation that visits such atrocities on Talos worshippers without pause or mercy.

There is no way the activities of the New Order were unknown. They were not a surprise and even Blackwell was amazed how quickly and well any information on them soon vanished.

Rigmor will regret accepting his apology. His whole reason for being at Table Mountain and with her during the fighting was for the prophecy’s sake, not as repentance for what they did to her family.

I have survived on gut instinct and that tells me he is trouble and a miscalculation by The Divine.


He has been manipulated and lied to by other Divine. He genuinely loves me and he was forced to bad mouth me to Camaeus and deal with a senior representative of those who torture and murder his worshippers.

There is no way The Divine or Alessia would have allowed Rigmor to die. It would have endangered all their plans as I would have been lost to them and taken our child with me to the other side.

A vengeful Dragonborn with the backing of a Daedric Prince would be unstoppable.

Lucky for all Miraak was more concerned about establishing a power-base than the destruction of Nirn!

Talos believed Rigmor was in danger and they must have been convincing for him to do what he did with Camaeus.

When Talos was Tiber Septim he fell deeply in love with the future Queen Barenziah but upon hearing she was pregnant with his child he forced an abortion or miscarriage. The histories say he did this as the child would have been a threat to his dynasty. I wonder if the child would have been Dragonborn and he did it to save her life. Such an experience would make him aware of my own fears for my beloved.

He did many things I would not do in his drive to become Emperor. He slaughtered the innocent in a prelude to the modern game of politics we have just endured in Cyrodiil. He believed he had the right to be Emperor as proclaimed by the Greybeards. The same proclamation they made of me.

I was willing to do a peace deal with Sethius as Rigmor wished. I am glad I did not have to make a decision and force my way to the Ruby Throne at a later date. I may have had to be as ruthless as my father was and that would have weighed heavily upon me and made me less in Rigmor’s eyes.

Time will tell what my relationship with Talos and The Divine will be. They have lost some of my trust and will have to work hard to regain it.


I will use the Septim name and so will Kintyra III. Unlike the first two Kintyra Empresses she will be a descendent of Tiber Septim. Very few people realise the Tiber Septim bloodline died out soon after he did!

She has two parents who will instil upon her a love for the common citizens of Nirn.

She will learn a person’s worth is not determined by their birth or wealth. That sort of warped thinking led to the insane idea of Rigmor having to marry another noble! How ridiculous is a nation that is supposed to uphold the values of The Nine but reduce the sanctity of marriage to a bargaining chip in their game of politics.

How utterly insane that Robere would have been made Count and taken over the ruling of Bruma from Rigmor simply because he has a cock! Then people like Freathof called this all civilised and Skyrim barbaric!

Septim blood will ensure Kintyra has an unquestionable right to rule. I could have marched into Cyrodiil at the head of an army if I wished to proclaim myself a Septim.

If we work towards a united Tamriel and hand Kintyra such her reign will be free of many of the dangers we will face as we establish ours.

Above all things Rigmor and Kintyra must be allowed to be mother and daughter. Let them climb trees, search for frogs, play in the dirt and anything else they feel like and I will personally deal with any idiot who protests within my hearing.  

I hope one thing we will never have to teach her is how to use a weapon. If she wishes to pursue the art of magicka like Kintyra II I would be more than happy to assist.


The atrocities performed in her name are innumerable. The Alessian Order was blasphemy at its worst and used the name of my mother to terrorise and control the population. For almost 2000 years they fought to keep control of the Empire and spread their hatred for Mer as far as they could. They caused a 1008 year long Dragon Break which meant Akatosh would have been blind. There would not have been a single timeline but many parallel and he would not know which was to emerge at the end.

Akatosh is the master of time but only when it is a known and continuous timeline. When Dragon Breaks occur he has to wait for their conclusion before his power over time is of any use. How long he planned for Rigmor and I to ascend the throne and produce Kintyra is unknown to me but must be hundreds of years. All would have come to naught if a Dragon Break had occurred during that time.

The Alessian Order destroyed the history of the Ayleid so that only fragments remain. How many times have Atmorans and their descendants sought the annihilation of entire peoples? The Minotaur, the Snow Elves and The Ayleid are ones that come to mind.

The almost complete annihilation of the Dov on Akavir shows that such mindless bigotry is not just the province of Man but Mer and other species as well.  It is believed three or four races of Akavir have become extinct through war and persecution.

The New Order co-operating with Malacath to wipe out Man and lesser Mer was just another example of this false sense of righteousness and racial superiority.

The amazing part of the whole Alessian Order is it derived from the insane ramblings of Marukh of the Imga race. That sentient species of Ape usually revere Mer of any sort so to start two thousand years of prosecution of them was at odds with the rest of his species.

The real history of Alessia has almost been expunged from history during the Alessian Order’s slow decline and final overthrow. Some would say that is justice for their cleansing of Ayleid history. I say both are a travesty.

Alessia’s connection to Minotaur was supported by highly respected scholars but not cold, hard evidence. In turn later scholars dismissed those theories simply on the basis of ethnic pride. Why would such a revered and loved person like Saint Alessia mate with a beast?

The fact is that until the final gathering of forces under Lord Mor’Bel-Harza the places you would find the majority of Minotaur were Ayleid and Empire ruins. They were known to actively protect such sites from treasure seekers and those who would desecrate them. They were children of the Empire driven to extinction with the tacit approval of those who later ruled the Empire created by their astral mother!

Such ethnic cleansing can only be stopped by all species showing respect for each other. Co-operation against a common enemy will be the catalyst for such respect.

Alessia’s curse and the prophecy of The Chosen Queen and The Chosen One were forced into obscurity by the false scholars who have destroyed the integrity of the Imperial Library. I will speak more of that problem later.

I understand Alessia’s motivation for the curse. It is not something I consider fair as too many have suffered for the sins of their forefathers.  I think the punishment is disproportionate to the crime but only if you take into account the demise of the Minotaur.

If you add the Ayleid, The Snow Elves and The Dov to the equation of ethnic cleansing then the crimes of not only the Empire but all of Nirn are horrendous and continue to this day. Ending Alessia’s curse will be the catalyst to stop such atrocities continuing all over Nirn and that makes it a worthwhile goal.

So I will pursue the fulfilment of the prophecy and the defence of Tamriel without hesitation and even if I have to be ruthless in doing so then that is a burden I will shoulder hoping that history forgives me for my sins.


Depositories of knowledge, not just in Tamriel but all over Nirn, have been corrupted. My rule as Emperor will include an attempt to reverse the damage where I have influence.

Any scholar that questions the authenticity of my journals will be challenged to base their objections on provable facts, not conjecture. Any individual who continues to deny my truth without proof will be stripped of their accreditation and their works left in the library but with the outcome of their disgrace added to them.

Any scholar who is found to have altered histories, such as that of Rigmor’s father Ragnar, will be put on trial for sabotage and nothing short of a direct order from a previous Emperor will save their reputation or career.

We have living Snow Elves to help recover their history. There are reputedly pure-bred Ayleid still to be found in remote areas that carry their history with them. My connection to Alessia will aid in recovering some history I am sure.

We will make the depositories of knowledge be filled with the truth and free of propaganda and racial bias.

All Gods, heroes and leaders must be held accountable for their actions and condemnation or praise placed where appropriate. Only then can their deeds be measured against the outcomes and their righteousness or not decided by the truth.


The abandonment of the Mages Guild is unforgivable. It was dedicated to the collection, preservation, and distribution of magical knowledge with an emphasis on ensuring that all citizens of Tamriel benefited from this knowledge.

With the banning of the study of Necromancy the Mages Guild ensured its own demise. You suddenly had Mages pursuing knowledge without the constraints of rules and oversight.

All Magicka was shunned after the Oblivion Crises and the abandonment of the Mages Guild a result.

Much of what was known has been lost due to the abandonment of a central depository of Magicka knowledge. The Synod has simply used the funding of earlier Emperors to gather and hoard secrets. They do nothing to help the citizens who pay for their existence via taxes.

The College of Whispers also hordes information because they compete with the Synod for funding and approval.

People lose faith in the Gods because temples and priests can only do so much to relieve pain and disease. Magicka can do what the Gods can no longer do due to Martin Septim’s barrier.

Knowledge in itself is not evil. It is what you do with it that determines morality. Learning Necromancy is offensive to only one God that I am aware of and that is Meridia. Frankly I do not care for the objection of a Daedric Lord who is in no way the embodiment of Goodness some believe.

All forms of Magicka knowledge can be used for harm. Spells that heal can be corrupted into spells that hurt. Spells that teleport can be turned into spells that send opponents into the void. Knowledge of Necromancy can be used to defend against the undead or to summon them.

Magicka can be used for great destruction. If I had summoned the might of the College of Winterhold I would have required little else to march upon the Imperial City and remove Sethius from power. Every single battle I have participated in on the way to the throne was won just as much by my Magicka as my Thu’um and far more than my skill with sword and bow.

Magicka also has the ability to be used for great good. Parasites like the Companions in Whiterun exist because the people have nobody else to turn to when faced with wild animals or invading goblins or bandits. Charging normal citizens a fee to do what is morally correct is an abomination! They are no better than the Thieves Guild demanding protection money!

The old Mages Guild charged a pittance for some potions and scrolls but did things like remove wild animals and bandits and goblins for no charge.

So I plan to dissolve the Synod and remove any funding for the College of Whispers. All assets owned by both will become the property of the College of Winterhold which will become the new Mages Guild for the whole of Tamriel. Members of either can ask to be part of the new Guild but will be tested for their abilities and given rank accordingly.

Breaking Guild rules will be breaking new laws to be established. Removal from the Guild will not be the sole punishment. Imprisonment will be an additional incentive to take the oaths undertaken seriously.

An equivalent to the defunct Order of the Lamp will be established to protect the Guilds assets as well as assist the mages in their duties to the people. They will also be tasked with bringing to justice those rogue mages who continue to practice illegally.

I have no doubt this re-establishment of the Mages Guild will reverse the loss of Magicka knowledge and prevent future instances where items such as the Eye of Magus are too dangerous for us to study.

If the Psijic Order wish to renew formal ties with the Mages Guild then that would be welcome with a clear mandate for co-operation and trust.


The normal citizens of Tamriel are faced with a different form of trial than Rigmor endured. The system is such that the accused have to prove their innocence!

Due to Rigmor’s noble status the prosecution were required to prove her guilt.

All citizens should be regarded as innocent and the proof of guilt placed upon the prosecution!

This proof must be independent of torture and humiliation of the accused!

The prosecution must not have access to the accused before or during the trial except to ask questions during the proceedings.

Evidence and not forced confessions will be the determining factor.

There will be no such thing as default guilt. Sending Rigmor into exile for something that she had no control over, her parentage, was never justice but a political tool.

All forms of torture and humiliation of accused will be banned completely. They are to be left unmolested.


No longer will the leader of a City State or Hold be allowed to change hands via conflict!

How stupid is the concept of arming Counts and allowing them to remove the legitimate leaders of other City States through violence! How many of the men of Cheydinhal and Leyawiin we killed were guilty of no more than obeying the orders of their liege?

All titles must me made purely hereditary unless a proven crime makes a change necessary. Then the successor should be chosen by The Emperor/Empress.

The title of Countess bestowed by Titus Mede II to Rigmor should never have been under threat.

Gender should not and will not determine leadership. If Rigmor had married Robere she should have remained the Countess of Bruma.

Nobles will be subject to exactly the same laws as normal citizens.

Nobility will be given only to those who uphold the morality of the people. How pathetic was it that bandits were allowed to be given titles!

Quite frankly the concept of being born superior irritates me greatly. Nobles had better show more concern for their people and less for power and prestige. Humility and good leadership is what make somebody noble.


They will undoubtedly approach us with the desire to reintroduce the White Gold Concordat.

I will tell them frankly that I am the son of Talos and unless they can produce evidence from The Divine that their claims about him are true they had better not mention it in my presence ever again.

We need to become allies but that will not be at the expense of religious freedom!

The trick with the Aldmeri Dominion will be convincing them of the danger the Akaviri represent. Ideally The Divine can do something to aid in that area.

Elsweyr listens to Azura. The Khajiit will believe us but the danger is them becoming bogged down in a war of independence with the Aldmeri Dominion.

The Bosmer are constantly persecuted by the Thalmor. I was told by a Bosmer merchant when at the Thalmor Embassy party that his family had been murdered by the Thalmor. They share some Gods with us and like the Khajiit are not happy members of the Aldmeri Dominion. They are treated as an inferior race and persecuted. Their Green Pact is ignored by the Thalmor and that is a direct insult to their religious beliefs.

It is impossible to predict beforehand how we will deal with The Dominion. I believe my claim of the Septim name will make them more wary. The last time they faced a Septim Dragonborn they were thrashed on the battlefield. They saw how another Septim Dragonborn led the defeat of the New Order. They will be facing a totally united Skyrim and Cyrodiil. I will let them think I am as ruthless as Tiber Septim and in all honesty I would be if they are going to present a danger when we are preparing to deal with the Akaviri.

Rigmor will be just as scary as a Septim Dragonborn. Her father’s name inspired fear and she herself was feared even before she wiped out the entire Bruma Thalmor Embassy solo. She has shown her ability to lead and inspire in battle and they will regard her as another Ragnar.

Really it will be a matter of wait and see with the Aldmeri Dominion.


To say my parentage came as a surprise is an understatement. At no stage did I think I was anything but the son of normal citizens. They hid it from me all those years in Skyrim and gave me little time to become used to the idea in Cyrodiil before thrusting me onto the Ruby Throne.

It is what it is and I will have to deal with it as Rigmor and I come to terms with leading and becoming parents.

I do not know if they will ever allow me to remember my youth. Not as important as it was because I know my parents love me and that is enough for now.

I believe strongly the Akaviri came to Roscrea looking for a Dragonborn. I believe strongly I knew and went to meet them. I believe strongly they trained me and did this under the guidance of Akatosh.

I believe the only person who did not know of this plan was Allie, an avatar of Saint Alessia and my mother.

This leads me to believe the Akaviri we have encountered do not represent all the peoples who live on Akavir. This gives me hope that help, if not military at least intelligence, will come from those who trained me.

It is possible that during my training I became aware of the planned invasion. Akatosh needed me unaware of this and hence my memory loss. The nightmare scenario is some I trusted are part of the invasion.

The knowledge of my parentage changes nothing in terms of my moral compass or beliefs. I will use it as a tool to ensure some fanatical following that the Septim name will guarantee.

I am still a mortal and although three Gods have combined to create their champion I will always put the interests of my fellow mortals ahead of the desires of immortals.


I can no longer trust him to be near Rigmor and quite frankly his services are redundant. Boethiah is evil but so far she has benefited from aiding our cause. She could turn against us just as quickly and Malesam would probably obey his mistress without hesitation.

I will suggest he retires like he wished to do back in Skyrim.


I will offer them citizenship of the Empire and they will be protected by and expected to obey the same laws as any other citizen.

There are many abandoned cities where once Dov and Man and Mer co-existed. I am sure many are salvageable and a good way to integrate into our society.


There will always be rogue Dov who follow their base instincts. They will need to be brought to justice and there is no denying fighters specialised in combating them will be needed.

The Blades will continue to exist for that sole purpose.


My poor beloved!

She would be happy with a simple house, a couple of children and a husband with a normal occupation. Instead she has been thrust into a position of power she never wanted and is unsure of her ability to perform its duties.

I have been directed by Gods and spoke to many since I awakened on the carriage outside of Helgen. The last time a God spoke to Rigmor as a God was Azura outside the Black Diamond mine. Allie did not present herself as a God and did not speak as one.

Rigmor is not so sure of the Prophecy but does fear for her survival after childbirth.

If The Divine are looking over my shoulder as I write then I urge them to reassure her. If they need her to concentrate on being a leader then they must remove the worry of her survival.

I will urge her to visit the temple in Bruma and pray. It is far easier for The Divine to contact us in such a place and they can assure her and make her believe in the Prophecy.

After the chaos of the last few weeks and the shock developments of yesterday she is relaxing as much as possible today. We will soon be involved in planning for the wedding and coronations. It is inevitable that the political manoeuvring will start as soon as invited guests arrive. We will have to remain neutral in all discussions and commit to nothing till we have time to strategise.

I have told her I want her to read my journals. I will ask Urag to send me the originals so that she is assured all she reads is from my hand and head.

This is important for several reasons.

It will help her when discussing some of our policy decisions as my perspective may come from the last three and a half years dealing with different factions and people. It is better she understands this at the time rather than having to recess whilst I explain.

It is important she fully understands what I have done with my life. How my moral compass has never deviated and that I am the same man with the same values she knew back in Skyrim.

She needs to understand I have parts of my life in Skyrim that will remain important to me and that I hope she becomes involved with as well. I cannot ignore the children we have rescued and the schools we have built. I cannot ignore those loyal to me and who I trust more than anybody I have met in Cyrodiil. Since I have no memories prior to awakening in that carriage outside Helgen the last three and a half years are my life and every day is recorded for her to absorb and know all there is to know about the man who loves her more than life itself.

I never want to fight beside her ever again. She should never have to draw her sword in anger and take the life of another. She should be allowed to be a mother and to rule without fear of treachery.

One day we will hand the Ruby Throne over to our daughter and fade into the background. Perhaps we will have grandchildren to spoil one day. We both deserve the simple life Rigmor craves.

So ends my time as Wulf, Dragonborn and Champion of The Divine.

So starts my time as Wulf Septim, Emperor of Tamriel and husband to Queen Rigmor.

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  1. Great way to end this chapter. Loved how you wrap up all the loose ends and provide a glimpse of the hopes and dreams for a much better future for everyone. Looking forward to how it all works out. Thank You

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