Early Correspondence: Reply from Emissary Baa’Ren-Dar, Torval, Elsweyr to Wulf Septim.

Loredas 4th First Seed, 4E 205.

Dragonborn, you and Rigmor will always be friends first and whatever title second.

I was debating whether to write this as I should arrive in Cyrodiil a day or two behind you receiving it but I put myself in your situation and decided any reassurance at this time would be appreciated.

Azurah has never spoken to me directly but she has been honest via her Seers. Much is hidden from her as she has not the supreme foresight of the God of Time. Although she has never told me so I assume you have come to the same conclusion. Azurah uses her limited foresight to plan things and if they are complimentary to what The Nine wish then they play out as desired.

I was told by a Seer to wait in Riverwood for a man of ability and good morals who would be Rigmor’s guardian. If you had simply cut down those three criminals I hired I would not have spoken to you. You gave them every chance to back away before acting with violence. I knew you were the one I needed. It was only after I ‘hired” you that I found out who you were.

I doubt very much if there is organised co-operation between Azurah and The Nine. It is simply they have the same desired outcome which is the preservation of Nirn, Mundus and mortals.

I think the biggest indication of no planned co-operation is Azurah’s rescue of you from the void when she was so weak. She had not seen that outcome and if The Nine did they obviously did not warn her. You were on death’s door for three days that time and almost a week this time. I would like to hear that story when we can relax over a meal.

Her Seers are perturbed. It seems nobody with foresight has seen any further than the day you entered Table Mountain. It is like we are in a Dragon Break but we are not. Speaking to some historians they believe it was the fact two Daedric Lords physically existed on our plane for a while. Do you know why Boethia did not remain after you summoned her? Recent revelations by a rogue moth priest tell of her Culling plan during the Great War. One would think she would have stayed if she could.

I am not aware of the intricacies of all your actions over the years but Azurah has kept me informed of the results. She tells of several times it was left to you to do the work of The Nine and rescue all. So I assume Table Mountain was one of several such times our Gods have relied on you to thwart their enemies’ plans.

I am well aware of your philanthropic endeavours. It is my job to keep abreast of the politics of the realms Elsweyr deals with. To become Thane of one Skyrim hold is an achievement. To do so in three is unprecedented. When such lofty titles are given the Jarls enter the reasons in official historic ledgers. So not only did you earn those ranks for helping the normal citizens you have done so much more with your schools for the orphans and rescued children.

This leads to your disturbing conclusions about Rigmor’s advice over the years. I did not tell Rigmor of your exploits. I could see how much she was hurting but did not know the full reason you stayed away. I knew nothing of the plans of the Gods. Azurah told me you were performing your duties as Dragonborn and that you still loved Rigmor dearly. Of course I knew of your mutual love in Skyrim as Azurah praised it for its purity and strength to me via her Seers. I was as protective of Rigmor as Ragnar would have been. I had no problems with your relationship at all and hoped that one day you would be reunited. I could not interfere too much with Rigmor’s “training” in Cyrodiil as it may have been seen as political. I visited every few months and gave her fatherly advice in private but that was small defence against the barrage from Malesam and Freathof and eventually Sigunn.

When they saw Rigmor was hurting so at your absence they tried to ease the pain by saying you were her paid bodyguard and nothing more. It is not what they really thought of you but it was a way of hardening her resolve to move past you. In all honesty they respected you far beyond what they could tell you before they travelled to Cyrodiil.

My perspective is that when they thought Rigmor’s life was in danger they risked further emotional harm to her by pleading for your help. They knew nothing of the reasons why you had not pursued her over the border if your feelings were as strong as Rigmor’s seemed to be. They respected your abilities obviously but I personally think Sigunn was hoping you would rescue Rigmor from what they had driven her into, the arms of Sir Robere.

Azurah informed me of Rigmor’s terror and how she pleaded for help. Sethri was sent and I believe has been invaluable in your success. He is a foul man with a good heart and is as dedicated to Azurah as much as I.

I knew within hours of Robere’s public proposal and was disturbed beyond words at Rigmor’s acceptance. Did he even ask Sigunn’s permission before doing so? I doubt it would have been forthcoming if he did. We all recognised him for what he was. A bandit and son of a bandit as you said. Grom told Yngol of the foulness with which he spoke about Rigmor to him and Tiny. I am not one for assassinations but I might have made an exception for ‘Bobby’!

What were we to do? If we tried to convince Rigmor of his foulness we would have had to give up our secret chaperones if she rejected what we said. They both carried powders to put in his drink if he looked like he was going to get lecherous. I think that beast was more used to taking women by force than with sweet words and affection so the powder stayed dry. You are right that if they had been intimate the treachery would have been so much worse. Khajiit can be a bit more relaxed about such things than most other species but still, we do know how to give away our hearts to those we love. To find such a love is a lie would hurt beyond imagining.

The news of his proposal was quickly followed by that of her arrest and pending trial. I knew it would be fair as Blackwell is always a stickler for the law in public. Out of sight he is to be feared. I do hope you have kept him as Chancellor.

I doubt anybody believed the story of your demise in an accidental fire that Rigmor just happened to escape from. How could a man who defeated Alduin and was Dragonborn and Arch Mage die in a simple fire? I knew you had been to Oblivion and back so was doubly sceptical of Morag’s claim.

I was about to insert some of my ‘spies’ into the staff of Roscrea prison to protect Rigmor when news arrived of the massacre that occurred there. Casius’ shipmates filled in the blanks a few days later and provided information about the collusion.

Yngol and I corresponded quickly knowing that Rigmor and you would need help with Bruma.

I must commend you for your restraint in all of this. You could have easily escalated this war into something far more widespread.  You trusted in those who helped you and Rigmor with the New Order and it was obvious you were trying to drag as few people into the conflict as possible. How you resolved the Skyrim Civil War was evidence of your thoughts on martial conflict. If the Elder Council had taken more notice they would have realised you and Rigmor would never march an army into the Imperial City to the detriment of the local population. Sethius knew this and so hid behind his shield of civilians.

Your historic reluctance to pursue large scale conflict may be seen as a weakness in the future. Those playing the game may try and use it.

I immediately presented the evidence of collusion to my superiors but was not surprised to find a subdued response to it. They knew that you would resurface and a move on the Ruby Throne may be the result. When Camaeus presented himself they could not resist sending him to aid in Table Mountain with free reign to follow you into Cyrodiil.

They presented half the story to High Queen Elisif and others who would have had no idea of their ultimate goal of having a puppet on the throne. Hence you had all of those signatures happily handing the Elder Council their wish on a platter. They knew my signature was the most important to Rigmor and yourself. Emissaries do not normally put their name to such things and you would not have recognised any of the others Emissary who signed. We work in the background, not the forefront like this declaration of support for Camaeus was.

I went seeking a Seer and one had been sent by Azurah to find me. She knew I was going to seek advice about Camaeus and advised me sign the paper. Azurah thought Camaeus was crucial to the plan of The Nine but not why. As I mentioned, she was blind to the events after you entered Table Mountain. Being ignorant of the complete story I trusted in Azurah and signed. It was her intuition, not confirmation from The Nine that made her believe I should sign the approval. More proof there is not really a combined effort between our Gods.

So you are of Divine parentage but a mortal! I had tried to find out information of who you were and where you came from but drew a complete blank. You had never given me a surname and you would be surprised how many warriors call themselves Wulf.

You are now walking talking evidence of the power of the immortals. Claim to be a mortal as much as you wish but some people will warp your existence into some sort of living God. That always leads to religious extremism as some argue your divinity and others oppose such heresy. This in itself will pose a danger to yourself and therefore Rigmor and the baby.

The child being called the ‘Chosen One’ via prophecy will also elevate her to such a status in some people’s eyes. You have seen with the Thalmor, New Order, Alessian Order and other examples what sort of extremism this can generate.

If Camaeus is a religious fanatic he may not be the only one you have to worry about!

I have no doubt that your rule will be one for the people, not the nobles. Rigmor has often expressed her dismay at the status quo. How the Cyrodiil nobles were so unlike those of Skyrim and cared very little for their people. I told her that was the current bunch. The previous Count of Bruma and his wife were wonderful warm people who Rigmor would have befriended. Same with the previous Count of Leyawiin. It just so happens she crossed into Cyrodiil just as the worst examples of nobility were in power.

Be cautious of the Elder Council. You will find little to recommend any of them but they have money and that equals power. Absolute right to rule or not they will be resentful of any lessening of power you inflict on them.

Surround yourself with people you trust such as your housecarls, mages from Winterhold and guards from your estates. Use your orphans who are interested as kitchen and stable hands etc. The more your surround yourself with love the safer you, Rigmor and Kintyra will be.

We will speak more I am sure when I arrive soon.

May Azurah be with you at all times.

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  1. Once again a wonderful response! I’m especially moved and saddened again about the harm Rigmor’s advisors did to her during the three and a half years of her and Wulf’s separation. I’m sure her advisors (including her mother) are, in the meantime, just as sorry.

    There is one thing I’d like to point out. You mentioned above that Rigmor and Wulf would not march into Solitude. I’m sure you meant to say the Imperial City. You made this mistake a few time before (that will happen in the heat of the battle), but I’m always hesitant to point out too much since I don’t wish to offend. I hope you take it as it is meant, as a wish to help make this story even better.

    1. Point away at such errors and know that I am grateful. Narcolepsy has stuffed up my cognitive abilities in weird ways and I can read my own writing a thousand times and an error such as that will not register. Since I used to put forward complex IT manuals over 1000 pages long to editors for proofreading and received very little error correction back it was a shock to find it getting worse over the years. So point away.

  2. Okay, will do. But if it’s really gotten so bad, I certainly haven’t noticed it much in your storytelling. Yes, there are errors here and there (especially comma errors LOL), but I’ve seen much, much worse! 🙂

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