Forgotten Childhood Part 2

This will be my last Forgotten Childhood I think as I wish to write a large entry concerning the Synod.

Wulf meets some Khajiit spice traders. They are to meet with Alessia and supply her with rare ingredients for her alchemy.
Wulf has a great fondness for Khajiit. He can’t stand the way they are treated in Skyrim. It is something he wishes to change as Emperor.
The little girl is Anna. She lives with her parents and lots of animals at Sonje Mill about 40 minutes walk from Wulf’s hut. Right where they are is the spot Rigmor asks Wulf about his childhood memories and he confesses he does not have any. Maybe later in the blog I will explain why The Divine took them away.
Anna is adventurous and carefree. Wulf’s dog, Hjalti, was a companion for many years.
The children love to fish but Alessia or Tiber is always with them in case they snag something with more teeth than a salmon. A slaughterfish that size could feed a family for a week.
Wulf often helps Anna and her parents around the mill.
On Wulf’s 13th birthday his parent took him to Aetherius and showed him the stars. Slowly he is being introduced to his parents immortal existence. He has no idea he is Dragonborn.
We jump ahead a few years and Wulf is close to his 18th birthday. Combat training is intense and Tiber, one of the finest warriors in history, does not take it easy on his son.
Close to his birthday and Wulf is told both his parents will be leaving the island and so will he. Tiber tells him to keep an eye out for a ship from Akavir. They will be searching for him as he is Dragonborn. He is to go with them. He does not know why or what is to become of him.
Wulf finds himself ethereally travelling to Rigmor when she was prisoner in the Thalmor Embassy. He has never done it before and it was not a conscious decision. He recognises it as the magic his parents used to show him the stars but why did it bring him here. Who is this young girl and who whipped her and left those scars? He can’t interact with the world around him or hear anything and nobody can see him.
Wulf has read the histories and been told of the brutality of the world outside of Roscrea. The young girl is surrounded by members of the Aldmeri Dominion who seem to be taking great delight in whipping her. Only the elderly Khajiit finds it distasteful. Wulf is powerless to help but the girl seems to sense he is near. He will stay close to her even though he wants to run away from the horror.
Wulf stays with the girl for many hours even though he knows it is dangerous to stay in the ether for too long. More of his life force is leaving his physical body and he is starting to manifest wherever this place is. Soon his thread to his mortal body will snap and he will die. He can’t leave the girl. His presence seems to help her. He was getting to the point where he will have to leave or die. He did not know if he could choose to leave her. Then the elderly Khajiit appeared dressed all in black and carried the girl out of the prison via a trapdoor.
Wulf’s parents watch their son live the horror of what he is witnessing. They understand where and when he is but not why. Lord Akatosh is also at a loss and is worried all their plans may come to naught. Even God’s do not know all.
Wulf finally returns to his body but the emotions do as well. Alessia simply sits and listens and consoles. She can’t tell him who the girl is or why he travelled to her. She lied to her son as he should not have met her for several years. Their plans are in danger and that means Nirn is also in danger.
Several weeks later Wulf’s parents presented him with a beautiful gold ring for his 18th birthday. A simple present but one he cherished.
Within a week both Wulf’s parents had left. Alessia used her powers to leave behind an avatar called Allie. Wulf is mortal. The idea of a being having multiple versions of themself was beyond his comprehension. Allie loved Wulf and he knew it was still his mother and loved her back. Every day he would head for the cliffs and look out for the Akaviri. His father had promised to keep visiting Allie so he did not worry she would be left alone.
Close to a month later the Akaviri arrived. Their ship has a very shallow draft so could operate fairly close to shore. They had been told a Dragonborn was somewhere on Roscrea. They had travelled over the land looking for him/her without success. Wulf made his way to shore where he was met by three members of the Tsaesci race.
All three dropped to their knees and their leader simply said, in a deep guttural voice, that they are Dragonguard and assigned to his protection. Wulf understood from his parents that he is to perform duties on behalf of The Divine and was important to all those who lived on Nirn if they knew it or not. He was determined to do his duty and left Roscrea with a tinge of sadness but also excitement. He was finally going to see the rest of the world. He might miss his home of 18 years but he will always have his memories to use in times of homesickness.

So there we leave young Wulf for now. Did the Akaviri take him? I believe so.

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  1. I really enjoyed this series on Wulf’s forgotten childhood. In particular, it was wonderful to see how much he was loved by his parents. And those pictures of happy moments (learning alchemy from Alessia, bed-time reading with Tiber, Anna’s company) are simply adorable.

  2. I love seeing all the pieces of his past falling into place, we can see how he was raised and all the people who mentored him. Truly enjoyed this, Thank You

  3. Thank you, Mark, this was very moving! And as I said in a previous comment, I know how much time and effort is involved in creating screenshots like that. Double thank you!

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