I have just played through the epilogue prior to its release on Nexus.

It is called Rigmor of Cyrodiil:Dragonchild and should be available in a few days after all the testing is finished.

I have also suggested a few minor changes that hopefully will not delay it.

It is a roller-coaster of emotions. As expected there are some things that do not quite fit in with what I have written in Wulf’s journal. That is OK as this is fan-fiction and I have taken some things in a slightly different direction.

Some variation from the future mods is inevitable as I move forward and start writing entries that are purely fiction on my part. Some of my ideas may be incorporated but that is up to the mod author. He has done such a fantastic job creating this story for us so a suggestion for a plot element is all I would contribute. Let him continue his wonderful writing without contamination from me.

The important thing is I stick to the main plot line and in the end everything will slot into place.

I will not start publishing journal entries for the epilogue till at least a week after its release on Nexus.

I will be moving hosts soon. The web address will remain the same but I will have much more flexibility on how the journal is navigated and sorted. This epilogue is fantastic. Rigmor of Tamriel will be epic.

3 thoughts on “THE EPILOGUE

  1. Thank You Mark for the heads up. Quick Question, Do I need to have a save from RoC or is this a standalone?

    Looking forward to your “Journals” once more. Thank You

  2. It checks to see if you have finished the last quest of RoC. Since it does not go and delete the characters who are supposed to be dead and relies on some dungeons being empty you definitely need a saved game.

    1. Looks like I have to play it again as I lost a HDD that prob had the save on it. Will have fun getting caught up once again. Thanks

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