I was going to wait a week after its release before publishing the first journal entry.

I need to write it now! I have been starved of this material and now it is in front of me I must write.

I will put up a disclaimer and make it as clear as I can that reading them before you complete the Epilogue will destroy it for you.

I was going to move server but that will have to wait a while as there is a security issue plaguing the new host.

So this is how it is going to work.

  • The Epilogue covers a particular period of time with large gaps in between scenes.
  • I will write and publish all of the journal entries covering the material in the Epilogue.
  • I will then write and publish journal entries that are 100% my fiction and help fill in the large gaps in the Epilogue timeline.
  • If you read references to things you do not recall from the Epilogue or my previous journal entries be assured they will be covered in future journal entries.

Be aware that I am approaching the events in the Epilogue with a Dragonborn who has already figured out a lot of what your trusty advisors tell you. The Epilogue had to be written that way as not every player of RoB and RoC figured out their parentage or the significance of a red diamond or the duplicity of Camaeus.

So for that reason much dialogue will have little resemblance to that in the Epilogue except for the subject matter.

Also, I must state this clearly.

What I write as pure fiction may or may not reflect content in the future mods. They are logical steps Wulf would take but the mods must cater for a generic scenario, not a specific one. This may lead to things I write clashing with events in future mods. I can write my way around most things and would hopefully come up with a scenario that leads to the mod actions rather than my fiction if they are too dispirit.

The desire to write and publish these entries now not only comes from a personal need to express but also to speak for Wulf. Similar to when Wulf confronted Camaeus at Quintus’ camp before the battle of Tabletop Mountain, there are actions in the Epilogue that made my blood boil and via Wulf I will get some things off my chest. I hope you enjoy the Epilogue. I hope you enjoy my journal entries and I really hope more of you will read those not involving the mods directly. I know we all love Rigmor but there is more to the story than just her and Wulf.


  1. Looking forward to your journals once again. I played the Dragonchild DLC last night. Minor glitches but since i have been playing Rigmor for a few years now (since the beginning) I knew how to work through them fairly easily. I was very impressed with how it turned out, the story line and how it flowed (although I felt more restrictive somehow) , the new characters were a nice addition as well. When people have had enough time to play, I may ask you about some of the things I observed. Thank You once again for starting up your journals, I do look forward to reading them.

  2. i finished the DLC and loved it and i aint gonna lie one spot in particular made a actually cry so i cant wait to see how you write with you awesome imagination and cant wait for these journals to start rolling out again and as you said a while back your going to add a bit of you own creativity in there i cant wait to see what you do there and i just want to let you know you got my support 1000000000% keep up the awesome work

    1. and you weren’t wrong i would say what part made me cry but i don’t want to spoil it for people that haven’t played it yet but man it was a real tear jerker specially because i wasn’t expecting it

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