End of DLC

I will put up the last part of the DLC, the day trip to Roxey and the birth, tomorrow.

Then I will rearrange the website a bit and start publishing the purely fictional stories. For instance I have made reference to a project involving Urag, Tolfdir, Malesam and Freathof on several occasions in the last few journal entries.

The reboot of RoB is looking good. Many things have been moved in both location and timing. The beginning and end are completely different.

I will write the journal for it from scratch. It would be impossible for me just to edit the existing journal entries. Once Rigmor has left for Cyrodiil the entries before Wulf joins her will need minor edits so they should be done fairly quickly.

The current journal will be left here and a menu option will be available for the new journal.

What I will not do is write much beyond Kintyra’s birth. The reason being is the first part of RoT is very much in its draft form plus I could post spoilers by accident.

I hope you have enjoyed my take on the DLC/Epilogue and will continue to read what happens in those 8 months between coronation and the arrival of Kintyra Septim III, Chosen One, Dragonchild and future Empress of Tamriel.

6 thoughts on “End of DLC

  1. i cant wait to read what you have planned for the 8 month time gap but i do have a question since it is 8 months for wulf will the entries last for a while or will we get threw the time gap pretty quick the reason i ask is because i love reading these journals and to be honest with the time from ROC till the DLC release really sucked because there wasnt any of this fantastic story to read

  2. Wulf has mentioned there is a Museum being opened in his name. I will use the Legacy of the Dragonborn Mod as a basis for a lot of what Wulf does in that 8 months. He can’t just go off treasure hunting unless they think it may aid the preparation against the Akaviri. For instance there are relics of Jurgen Windcaller, the Nerevarine etc that Wulf would go and recover. He might visit the Khajiit resistance fighters, investigate the Lost City etc. I will look for other mods that involve things Wulf would be interested in. I also think I am going to explain why his memories were taken away. There is no plan to explain that in RoT at the moment so I have free reign there. I have hinted who Wulf thought he was but later decided he can’t be when he learns of his parents identity. Maybe he knew that person? A lot of what I do will end up in RoT as it did in the DLC. There are a couple of thing that Titus Mede II started and are mentioned in the DLC. I might expand on those. I should find plenty to do and write about.

  3. I forgot to mention they have to do a Royal Tour before Rigmor gets too pregnant. Visit VIPs, The Greybeards, The Schools/Orphanages, some Jarls, the rebuilt Azura Temple, some new Imperial Fort prototypes, Throat of the World, The Forgotten Valley, Blackreach. Have to be careful with some things otherwise I will ruin the revamped RoB for people. The Royal Couple have to be seen. Titus Mede II hardly ever showed himself in public and Sethius never left the Palace. Some ex claimants to the crown are scattered about and should be visited as well.

  4. Sounds Great! Filling in the gaps (the little things) usually are best in telling stories. People seem to say a lot ” I remember when….” Little things that you have placed in this Journey that make it more Powerful, more Impactful in making Wulf and Rigmor just a little bit more personable. You can do wonderful things with this Mark. I so look forward to them.
    Thank You

  5. I can’t really add anything to what Bryan and Neshotah have said, but I really am looking forward to whatever else you will be adding to these journals. Thank you!

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