Turdas, 20th Rain’s Hand, 4E 205 Part Two

Dragonborn Museum, Airship, Whiterun: A busy day!

I stood at the wheel of the airship and initiated the ethereal jump.

There was no sense of motion, just a quick fade to black and back. No different than when using the portals in Evermore or the Wayshrine and Paragon portals of the Forgotten Vale. It is difficult to describe but the portals to and from Oblivion feel different somehow. I think it is the sense of contrast that assails you upon changing planes of existence.

I thought we would instantly appear docked at the Museum but I was wrong. The airship automatically and slowly glided into a perfect docking position. When it finally came to a halt a bell sounded and the ramp slowly lowered.

It was my first opportunity to see the ‘Dragonborn Gallery’ in its finished state. Auryen Morellus approached me with the idea over two years ago and although High Queen Elisif knew what we wanted the building for it was all kept very quiet till recently. She graciously gifted the building to us and I have stayed away as much as possible so Auryen could do his work without people associating it with me.

The building was originally a temple dedicated to Talos. To comply with the White-Gold Concordat all references to my father were removed and destroyed by the Thalmor and the doors locked behind them. I have been feeding Auryen the necessary funds discretely and he has repaired the damage as well as expanding the building.

He has hired researchers and archaeologists to assist him and they formed a business known as the Explorers Guild. They have their own accommodation from which High Queen Elisif, Auryen and Falk Firebeard exited and approached the airship. I was going to fetch Rigmor but the bell had sounded inside the cabin as well. She emerged from below and joined me at the bottom of the ramp.

Elisif did a formal bow and said, “Your Majesties, I humbly welcome you to Solitude and hope your brief stay will be pleasant.”

Rigmor replied, “Enough of the stick up the arse crap Elisif!”

Elisif and Rigmor had formed a strong friendship since the coronation and corresponded frequently. Like us she did not like the pomp and protocol expected of nobility and was more than happy to be informal to the surprise of Auryen. He stood with his mouth open as the women rushed into a warm hug and laughed like the young vibrant women they are.

They were nattering away as I approached Auryen and shook his hand, “It is looking great from the outside Auryen. How did you convince Elisif it was a good idea to knock down walls that have withstood many a siege to build this ramp and the Guild House?”

“Umm… yes, that did take a bit of negotiating with the High Queen your Majesty.”

“There is no need for formality outside of the public’s view Auryen. I am Wulf or Dragonborn okay?”

I said to Rigmor, “This is Auryen Morellus, the Curator of the museum and prolific spender of my hard earned septims.”

Rigmor briefly stopped her gossip session with Elisif to say, “Good to meet you Auryen. I am looking forward to seeing what you two have been up to.”

She then returned to Elisif as if there had not been an interruption to their conversation at all. Auryen continued to looked stunned as Falk walked up to me and grasped my hand before we engaged in the timeless tradition of banging each other on the back so hard our spoken words sounded like we were being shaken by a Dovah.

“How are you old friend? I was afraid you would start speaking like you have a plumb in your mouth like those stuck up Cyrodiil nobles I met at the coronation.”

“They are a terribly civilised lot Falk. Unlike you Nord barbarians with your sharp swords and mead breath!”

“So you wear silk underwear and drink wine now?”

“Not a fucking chance!”

Our hearty guffaws joined the laughter of the ladies and the atmosphere was such Auryen finally relaxed and smiled.

“Auryen, would you please take us for a tour of your Museum.”

He replied, “It is your museum Wulf.”

Rigmor countered, “The people’s museum. It is a gift of knowledge from Wulf that will help stop the false histories and reveal the secrets of the past.”

We walked through the Guild House and entered the museum from a connecting door.

Auryen said, “This building was once called Macnarian Hall and was built as a temple dedicated to Talos. After the White White-Gold Concordat was signed the Thalmor descended and removed or destroyed all references to the Ninth Divine. The doors were closed and remained so till High Queen Elisif generously donated the building to us. Using the funds provided by the Dragonborn I have had the building vastly expanded and we hope it will become the grandest collection of Tamrielic history in the world. We have decided to call it the Dragonborn Gallery as most exhibits will come from what Wulf has collected over the years performing the tasks of The Divines and other travels.”

Elisif asked, “Aren’t many of the items Wulf has collected priceless and/or dangerous?”

I replied, “Many of the items on display are replicas built by expert craftsman. Some original items have been destroyed or left in place such as The Ebony Blade. Some are valuable for research and kept by The College of Winterhold for study. Some items I find useful and keep for myself. For instance the mace called Scourge can be handy when dealing with Daedric Princes and their senior minions. Some items are simply too dangerous and the originals are kept safe by the College. It is a policy that we will not say which items are real or replica. We wish all items to generate a sense of awe and wonder which is less likely if the viewer is faced with a known fake. Many valuable items are protected by spells that can only be bypassed by mages of exceptional power and we have hired a good number of security personnel. As good as they are I am now in the position to allocate Imperial troops which is an option I may insist on after further consultation. Please continue Auryen.”

We walked into the centre of the museum.

“This grand atrium is called ‘The Hall of Heroes’. It is where a variety of historically significant relics are displayed and is quite a striking entrance to the museum.”

We walked to one exhibit and I explained, “Here is the Staff of Magnus. I needed it to stop a Thalmor mage by the name of Ancano who had seized control of the ‘Eye of Magnus’. It is a very long and complex story of many parts that I have detailed in my journal. It is one of those occasions where The Divine relied on me to prevent the destruction of Nirn. In a way the ‘Eye of Magnus’ was the catalyst for the extermination of the Snow Elves several millennia ago. No matter which of the histories you believe it was central to the sacking of Saarthal and the revenge sought by Ysgramor and the Five Hundred Companions. The Atmorans killed millions in a slaughter that can never be justified. Through an exhibit such as this the real history can start to be told and the morality questioned. High King Torygg was a direct descendant of Ysgramor yet did not show a hatred for mer like many who sat the throne before him and the man who murdered him.”

 Falk asked, “What is the impressive looking outfit?”

“That is a replica of the Arch Mage Robes of the College of Winterhold. I recently handed that office to Tolfdir and he wears the real robes which have many magical properties.”

We walked to another exhibit and I said, “Here we have one of the greatest mysteries known. They are called ‘Elder Scrolls’ or, in the language of the Dov, ‘Kelle’. Nobody knows who wrote them, when or how or what their numbers are.

An Elder Scroll was used to banish Alduin during the Dragon Wars but is not one of these. One on display I used to go back in time and learn a Shout from the Ancient Tongues. Another of these I used to locate Auriel’s Bow. Another told a false prophesy about Auriel’s Bow that the most powerful Vampire that has ever existed, Lord Harkon, was willing to sacrifice his own daughter, my close friend Serana, to fulfil. Once again The Divine needed me, this time to prevent the extinguishing of the Sun and the rule of the Vampire races. The false prophesy was created by the last mortal Curate of Akatosh, a foolish Snow Elf who I had to kill. Serana helped me kill him and her own father. All the mortals on Nirn owe a great deal to an ex Daughter of Coldharbour.

The Elder Scrolls have been lost, stolen and found again many times in history. The greatest collection used to be stored in the White-Gold Tower but vanished in 4E 175. It is my belief they wish to be scattered and found. That the knowledge they contain needs to be shared and somehow they rebel against hoarding.”

Rigmor asked, “Gobblygook?”

I replied, “The biggest gobblygook of them all!”

As we walked around the Hall Of Heroes Auryen pointed out the numerous weapon and armour displays explaining that those of significant history were displayed here whilst the more generic ones were on display in the armouries.

I said to Auryen, “We will probably only take another hour or so to wander around. Will you be ready to open the doors to the citizens then?”

“To be honest time caught up with me. I really need to give final instructions to the staff and security.”

“Then feel free to go and attend to those matters. We can fend for ourselves.”

“Thank you Wulf. There seems to be a sizeable crowd already forming out the front.”

“Thank you Auryen. I may have provided the money but your vision has brought this place into existence. I hope you realise how important this place is now and for the future. One of the aims Rigmor and I have is to remove the false histories and stop hiding facts behind propaganda and censorship.”

Rigmor added, “You should be very proud Auryen. I promise I will visit again soon and you can give me the full tour even if I am many months pregnant and have to waddle like a duck.”

Auryen smiled and rushed off to do the myriad last minute things needed before he opened the doors.

We wandered around the different rooms and I pointed out some exhibits I thought were worth a quick discussion.

“That figure there with the wings. That is Serana’s father, Lord Harkon, in his Vampire Lord form.”

Rigmor asked, “Could Serana also take that form?”

“Yes but I never saw her do it. Her mother, Valerica, still can as she has retained all her powers and is probably the last Vampire Lord on Nirn.”

“Morag really was a second class vampire wasn’t she?”

“As I have said before, Morag and her brood disgusted Serana and her parents. They hunted down animals like her. But then you look at what Serana’s parents did in their pursuit of power. They allowed Molag Bal to rape their very young daughter knowing there is only a small chance of her surviving the ordeal. The disgust toward Morag’s brood was snobbery and not a moral stand. They were Vampiric Nobility and Morag was the lowest form of peasant in their eyes.”

“That is true for her parents but Serana was always different.”

“Yes, when she became mortal her morals did not change. She had always been disgusted by any vampire who has surrendered to their base instincts.”

“That is Auriel’s bow and shield. Made and wielded by Lord Akatosh when he walked the mortal plane.”

Rigmor asked, “Is that the one you promised to lend to Serana if she wishes to pursue vampire hunting when she comes of age?”

“Yes it is. I envision her and the Dawnguard being of great use against the Vampiric Akaviri. She could devastate large numbers using that bow and Sunhallowed arrows.”

Elisif stopped in front of the display for ‘The Ebony Blade’ and said, “That must be a replica! I know you had Lady Mara destroy the original even before I read your journal.”

“I was wondering if Jarl Balgruuf was ever comfortable enough to discuss that with anybody.”

“It was not him but his son Nelkir. I had several Jarls over for a casual discussion over dinner when he loudly narrated the story to me warts and all. Of course we knew Nelkir was illegitimate and the fate of his mother. Only the most cynical would condemn Balgruuf for that indiscretion. The hiding of that horrific artefact was harder to understand and forgive.”

“I believe that Mephala whispered to the Jarl for him to behave like he did. When she realised Balgruuf was not going to wield the sword she thought it better to have him hide it rather than dispose of it.”

“That is what Nelkir said when he strongly defended his father. He said none of us had experienced the persuasion that a Daedric Prince can use and therefore unfit to judge. He is a fine young man and his father could not be prouder.”

“Then you will understand how evil the Daedric Princes can be. I have no doubt that Nelkir would have eventually murdered his father. He was not under her control. There was no spell on him. He simply listened to the whispers and chose to believe what she said. Adults find it hard enough to resist. A sad and lonely child whose fears and uncertainties are manipulated has far less chance.”

“Why did you destroy that sword and no other weapons just as evil?”

“Other weapons may do evil but they are not a conduit to a Daedric Prince. Every time you used it her grip on your soul tightened. When you are guaranteed to be hers upon death the weapon would find its way to her next victim. Mortals were willing to lose their soul and wield the weapon until it was too late. I also beat her at her own game and tricked her without once telling a lie. That would have been a blow to her ego and I am sure the other Daedric Princes enjoy rubbing salt into the wound.”

“You have told me in the past you are not afraid to antagonise these Gods.”

Rigmor said, “They hate him for what he represents. Nothing he does to them could make them hate him more.”

“I am nothing compared to the power of any of the Gods. If Boethia had not fought beside me I would have been squashed like a bug by Molag Bal. As it was he killed me anyway. It was a humbling experience to have all my defences stripped away like that and become nothing but a puppet. Morag repulsed me beyond description yet I kissed her like she was sweet nectar to a bee. He could have inflicted death on me in so many other ways but he thought he would drive a wedge between me and Rigmor first. In the end though even his power was no match for the love I share with her and my Gods.”

Rigmor stood on her tip toes, kissed me on the cheek then said, “And I have almost forgiven him for that kiss… almost.”

Everybody laughed and we continued our slow walk around the museum.

Falk stared at Wabbajack and said, “I still shudder to think anybody could have been sucked into that mad god’s world.”

“Yes. If you were carrying a sword and bow you would most probably of survived his trial. Just carrying your sword you would have had no hope. Who knows if he would ever have let you leave? It was interesting people had a feeling of foreboding when they entered the Pelagius Wing. Sheogorath is not evil and neither was my cousin Emperor Pelagius Septim III. Insanity is often confused with evil which prevents sufferers from getting the help they need.”

Elisif said, “We have remodelled a lot of the palace using funds from my family fortune. We are yet to touch the Pelagius Wing. It might be quite some time before anybody feels comfortable in there.”

“I was just glad to give the Emperor the rest he deserved.”

We talked about a few of the other of the exhibits but mostly were just content to read the plaques explaining what they were. After about ninety minutes we decided we had seen enough for now but all of us agreed it would be worth a visit soon to have Auryen do a complete tour with us.

As we headed for the exit Auryen ran past looking frantic and dishevelled. He gave as a quick wave and continued without pause.

The others boarded the airship and headed for the cabin. I stopped to talk to The Sentinel.

“Our Queen has chosen you four to accompany us on this trip as collectively you represent the races of Nirn that many Nords shun and even despise. This does not mean we regard your skills as any less than other Sentinel. You are still the elite and I would not trust you to safely guard Rigmor if you were anything less. It is a subtle reminder that their Emperor and Queen refuse to discriminate and are even willing to trust those born outside of the Empire.”

Kharjo said, “We realised that Wulf. Even that disgusting skin shedding lizard figured it out.”

Derkeethus replied, “It is a wonder that flea bag stops licking his balls long enough to notice anything around him.”

Borgakh quipped, “I thought Iona had taken over that duty?”

After the laughter died down I asked Talvas and Kharjo to join the guests, Rigmor and I for lunch.

I sat at one end of the dining table with Elisif, Brelyna and Falk to my right and Rigmor at the far end.

Talvas, J’Zargo and Kharjo sat to my left.

As we enjoyed a light lunch the conversation went thus,

  • Wulf: This might be simple food but at least I know which knife and fork to use.
  • Elisif: You have no idea how much time I spent in deportment classes. How to hold each utensil properly. How to daintily scoop just enough butter to quietly coat my bread which I was only allowed to nibble, not rip apart and dip in my soup. How to control the urge to belch or pass wind and techniques to hold my bladder without squirming no matter how long the meal took.

Rigmor took a large swig of mead and produced an impressive burp which was greeted by a round of applause.

  • Rigmor: And what is so stupid is how the men eat like pigs, talk with their mouths full and the worst of all, smack their lips when chewing!
  • Wulf: That is why we don’t let you wear your sword at the dining table my dearest. Imagine the paperwork if you sliced a Count or other dignitary in half for enjoying their meal too noisily.
  • Talvas: Wulf, did you notice how Master Neloth drinks his tea out of those small porcelain cups and holds his little finger just so?

Talvas did a good impersonation of Neloth drinking tea including the deliberate slurping sound he makes. When the laughter died down I continued,

  • Wulf: There are two items Rigmor and I wish to briefly discuss so that others can generate more in depth discussions amongst interested parties. Hopefully that will generate ideas and some plans can be put in place quickly.
  • Rigmor: The first is the need for trade between Skyrim and other provinces to New Orsinium and the Kingdom of Evermore. Wulf and I are not merchants. We do not know what goods would be of interest to Elsweyr and Skyrim and other countries. We do know that both New Orsinium and Evermore are in need of basic supplies including food, clothing and building materials. It will be quite some time before luxury items will have any place within that ravaged kingdom and the Orsimer are not great consumers of such.
  • Wulf: The merchants that were dealing with Evermore previously were profiteers with a monopoly supported by the corrupt nobility of the kingdom. Whilst the people were starving and short of the basics they dealt mainly in luxuries and trinkets for the wealthy. Basically the peasants were so poor they could not afford common items even if the traders bothered bringing them in.
  • Rigmor: The citizens were also serfs. They basically slaved away on the farms and in their trades but had to hand over virtually everything they produced to the nobility. They have no idea of how to sell and distribute or even barter.
  • Wulf: We intend to recognise New Orsinium as a self-governing city state. Maybe we can do the same for Orsinium in the future but the difficulty there is much of its land is still contested by Hammerfell. What this does is provide a safe route through the mountains which is the opposite of what those traders who planned to sack the city claimed.
  • Kharjo: I think there will be many caravans who would like to travel the old Moonpaths of that kingdom again. I think such a route, Skyrim to New Orsinium to Evermore and back would see much profit both in normal and specialised goods. You know my people Majesties, fair prices guaranteed.
  • Wulf: We know that Kharjo and we hope they provide part of the solution. But to ensure those fair prices there has to be some competition. Hopefully many of the previous merchants decide to continue in a fairer and more diverse capacity.
  • Elisif: I know you two have not tackled the East Empire Company yet.
  • Rigmor: The Elder Council have their sticky fingers in that pie. Wulf has helped the EEC in the past by stopping the plans of Clan Shatter-Shield and the pirates they hired. He also made the mine in High Rock profitable again by clearing out the evil. But the EEC seems to concentrate on speciality items and apart from ebony I do not think their current manifest would help either Evermore or Orsinium.
  • Elisif: I know Victoria Vici has plans to diversify their goods. Orsimer weapons and armour would probably be a commodity that would interest them.
  • Wulf: You see, just this brief discussion is generating ideas. I know Victoria is not purely profit driven as she has helped people of Solitude at great expense to the EEC when I have asked. I would much prefer the EEC have such trade than Erikur. He is lucky he still has his head after the poor equipment he knowingly sold the Empire during the civil war.
  • Rigmor: Victoria is a cousin of mine isn’t she?
  • Wulf: I don’t know if she is related to Titus Mede or just Titus Mede II. We can check the genealogies although last time I looked Blackwell had her listed as dead. I told him she looks very healthy for a corpse.
  • Elisif: It is a pity Thane Bryling does not have more ability to expand. Erikur seems to smother all attempts she makes at doing so.
  • Wulf: Perhaps a warehouse closer to The Reach would help. A place where Khajiit and other traders could replenish stock. I am sure Thane Bryling and Victoria could work together on such a thing.

I looked at Falk who was suddenly deep in thought. Elisif looked at me then Falk and grinned. He eventually started smiling then looked up to see the rest of the table staring at him. His face turned bright red.

  • Rigmor: Am I missing something?
  • Elisif: Only the worst kept secret in my court. It is about time Falk realised he has nothing to fear and that Erikur can go fuck himself if he thinks I would object to Thane Bryling becoming a Firebeard.
  • Falk: I… um…
  • Wulf: Quickly changing the subject before Falk dies of embarrassment…
  • Rigmor: …Oh, I see! Well then the other thing we wanted to briefly discuss is having a College of Winterhold presence in each Hold and County. To provide services similar to the old Mages Guild. Cheap potions and healing services. Removal of pest infestations etc.
  • Wulf: Arch Mage Tolfdir is keen on the idea. It would help re-establish a stronger connection between Temple and Mage as well as provide Jarls and so on with ready access to powerful magicka in times of need. A reasonable establishment with room for four or so mages and their equipment would be required which the College will pay for.
  • Talvas: I saw how they quickly produced the cure for The Affliction at very little cost and in great numbers. Would there be a market for many of the standard potions?
  • J’Zargo: Oh yes! At the moment people rely on local apothecary and merchants to provide a number of potions but their scarcity drives the prices up.
  • Wulf: You will find that the reliable supply of reagents is the biggest issue with the local alchemists. I would hate to see apothecaries go out of business so we would have to have some sort of symbiotic relationship with the College establishments.
  • Kharjo: There is another trade opportunity going begging! I doubt the College would want to create its own transport network to supply the reagents and other materials to their premises.
  • Brelyna: Not many of the alchemists are College trained but they do provide many hedge magic remedies that work. They also tend to deal in areas that the College would rather not dabble in such as love potions and their inevitable twin, miscarriage portions. I think some arrangement could be made between the College and local apothecaries where both can co-exist.
  • Wulf: See how such a quick discussion like this quickly creates many ideas. Rigmor and me are always open to suggestions and will always listen to advice from experts in their fields.
  • Rigmor: It is the only way to govern for the people. You must listen to them first.
  • Elisif: I could not agree more. At least you two have a big enough clout to push through barriers that stifle rulers such as me. While Skyrim is now firmly part of The Empire again I am finding parasites such as Erikur a problem as first Titus Mede II and then Sethius were happy to prop up such scum. Even Maven Black-Briar has her grubby friends in the Elder Council.
  • Rigmor: We are early in our rule and must establish ourselves firmly before we start dismantling some of the corruption but believe me, it will go. It has to for us to prepare properly for the Akaviri.
  • Wulf: And that is a very long and deep subject we don’t have time for now. I thank you all for your input. Let’s go get my friend Jarl Balgruuf and check out this fancy new fort.
  • Rigmor: I think we will remain talking why you do your magical mumbo jumbo. Off you go now!
  • Wulf: Yes master.

Rigmor was in her element with an informal chat with people of many ranks and diverse backgrounds who all felt at ease in her presence. It was so much more efficient use of her time than sitting on that bum numbing throne listening to supplicants having to watch their p’s and q’s and adhere to archaic protocols.

I went to the map room and set the destination as Whiterun with an alarm to signal our imminent arrival.

I then went on deck and initiated the ethereal travel.

There was the fade in and out followed by the familiar sights and sounds of Whiterun as the airship gently docked at the EEC loading bay.

The bell rang and Falk soon joined me on deck. There was nobody to greet us and he asked, “Do you mind if I go fetch Jarl Balgruuf? It has been ages since I visited Dragonsreach.”

“Where are the ladies?”

“I think they are planning my demise. You would think it was up to me when and if I proposed to Thane Bryling.”

“Go ahead. Even here The Sentinel would insist on accompanying me and that would seem strange in a place I have always felt safe. There is no use running away either. I would have to track you down and tie you up if so ordered by Rigmor.”

Falk laughed and quickly climbed down the ladder.

As he went to fetch Jarl Balgruuf I observed the people of Whiterun. As usual there were children running around with their four legged friends barking at their heels. I could hear the spruiking from the marketplace and saw the Gildergreen was now full grown and magnificent. When my eyes travelled to Breezehome I was struck with a strong memory.

The day after I forced Rigmor to cross the border into Cyrodiil I was visited by my father’s avatar. Soon after he left Lydia and Meeko came rushing up to the small campsite I had spent the night in. They brought me to Breezehome and it is there I started those years of existence without my beloved by my side. That small and simple house and the love of those two companions were instrumental in allowing me move forward. Observing the citizens of Whiterun made me appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the average mortal’s desires. Up until that time I had been too busy being dragged along by the demands of The Divine and destiny to do much reflection. From that time onwards I was determined to do all I could for the mortals of Nirn, just as The Divine intended when they made me their Champion.

I don’t know how long I was deep in such recollections but Falk yelling from down below brought me back to reality.

“Your Majesty, can you please come down and have a talk with Master Nelkir?”

I climbed down the ladder and Nelkir gave me a mighty fine bow that he had obviously been schooled to do.

“Master Nelkir, you have grown at least two feet! It is great to see you again!”

“You are very gracious to say so Your Majesty. My father, Jarl Balgruuf the Greater, sends his apologies but regrets he cannot accompany you today. This is due to a contagious illness that Priestess Pure-Spring is concerned may be of unacceptable danger to the unborn Princess.”

“Do you know what the disease is?”

“It is a common one that I had as a child where you break out in red spots all over your body. It can be fatal and cause other issues and is very contagious. The whole of Dragonsreach is in lock-down to prevent its spread and so far it seems to have not reached the general population.”

“Is your father in danger?”

“Not with the Priests and Priestesses looking after him. I do pity him though as my older sister Dagny has the disease as well and he is stuck with her whining for a few days at least!”

“I know of the disease and it can quickly cause issues with an unborn child. I assume you are immune as you have already had it?”

“Yes, when I staying with an Aunt for a holiday. It kinda wrecked the holiday!”

“I can imagine it would.”

“My father has asked I accompany you in his stead. Not just to look at the boring fort but to participate in any discussions you are to have with the Greybeards. High Hrothgar is part of Whiterun Hold and it is my duty to represent the Jarl.”

“It would be an honour Master Nelkir and I am sure you will make your father proud. Do not hesitate to speak your mind during those discussions and do not let my fancy new title fool you. I am The Dragonborn you have always known. You will also find the two Queens don’t bite either!”

“Wow! Wait till Dagny finds out I have spent time with the Emperor and two Queens! She will probably faint!”

“We will be meeting with at least one Dovah as well. On the highest mountain in all of Tamriel after flying there in that airship you see above us.”

“Double wow! Will Odahviing be there?”

“He may as we will be getting there late in the afternoon. He likes the thermals near the peak and happily spends ages just flying in circles. We will be talking to Paarthurnax who is a very ancient and large green Dovah.”

Nelkir was staring at the airship and then said, “Oh!”

“Is there a problem Master Nelkir?”

“There is a skeleton of a Dovah attached to the bottom of the airship. Will not the Dov regard that as an insult?”

“You greatly impressed Odahviing with your bravery and respect when you presented him with the remains of Numinex. I think I know whose skeleton that is but will ask a Dovah as soon as I can. What was done to Numinex was an insult. Separating his remains and displaying his skull as a trophy was not acceptable to the Dov. If they regard this as insulting then I will apologise and have the skeleton removed and present it to Odahviing as soon as I can.”

“That sounds fair. Can I get aboard now?”

“Of course you can Master Nelkir. You may want to stay on deck as I fly the airship the short distance to the fort.”

“Triple wow!”

Falk laughed as the young lord ran and climbed the ladder in record time.

We soon joined him and I set sail for the fort with the most enthusiastic of passengers asking a bazillion questions.


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