Sundas, 25th Midyear, 4E 205 to Tirdas, 27th Midyear, 4E 205 Part One

Imperial Palace: Visit from Pelinal.

I was asleep in my room in the Imperial Palace when Pelinal Whitestrake visited.

Not physically but in a dream. I was in the clouds above Sovngarde where I had met my mother after escaping The Void.

He approached and said, “Do not be alarmed Wulf. You cannot yet understand the language of the stars and I cannot appear like last time so this is the best we could do.”

“Do not bother explaining why you have to contact me thus. My head would probably explode at the metaphysical gobblygook. But please, do explain why you have had to contact me. My curiosity is peaked.”

“The mer called Thalmor are once again intruding upon The Empire’s territory. This time they scour Skyrim in pursuit of my weapons and armour.”

“They were gathered together by Sir Amiel Lannus and the other Knights of the Nine then regathered by the Hero of Kvatch. Are they scattered once again?”

“Yes and if Sheogorath hears of it he may recruit you to gather them once more. Your mother and I would prefer you have as little to do with him as possible.”

“So it is true. Sheogorath is the Hero of Kvatch. The Divine Crusader is now a Daedric Lord. I did not speak to him much when I met him. I was wary of his mood swings that have cost many a mortal their life and soul.”

“The Hero of Kvatch became Sheogorath after he defeated Jyggalag in battle thus preventing the Greymarch. The God that was Sheogorath reverted to his true form, Jyggalag. The Hero of Kvatch became Sheogorath. Now aware of his fellow Dark Lord’s treacherous ways I doubt Jyggalag will be caught unawares by them ever again. The relationship between Jyggalag and Sheogorath is as complex as that mad God’s mind. You are wise to have little contact with him so Saint Alessia and I urge you to undertake this task on our behalf and not his.”

“I have read histories that say the spirit of Sir Amiel was still in attendance at the Priory as late as 3E 350. Why did he not take his rightful place in Aetherius after the Hero of Kvatch gathered your armour and weapons and defeated Umaril the Unfeathered?”

“After the transformation of the Hero of Kvatch the relics were scattered once more. Sir Amiel’s spirit has remained on Nirn in the forlorn hope my armour and weapons will once again be gathered. A few years ago, when you first started doing the Divine Tasks, the Thalmor started searching in earnest for them. Just before that embarrassment to the throne, Sethius, kicked them out of Cyrodiil they had been probing the ruins of the Priory of the Nine. The undercroft is protected by great dweomers but given time they may have breached it. It would have done them no good as the relics are not there.”

“I assume Sir Amiel was perturbed by this?”

“He asked The Divines for assistance. Descendants of the original Knights were told where to find the relics either by Lord Talos or the priests and priestesses of other Divine. These brave men and women gathered them at great cost to life and sometimes sanity. Those who survived decided to hide the relics where the Thalmor are least welcome.”

“They had to tread carefully in Skyrim even when the White Gold Concordat was in play.”

“These brave people have hidden my weapons and armour but have paid with their lives. The Thalmor have tortured and killed them all over the last few years. None gave up their place of concealment. None could tell the Thalmor where the other places of hiding were either as each only knew their own. It would have done the Thalmor no good anyway. They are sealed in chests that can only be opened by a relic blessed by Alessia. Sir Amiel’s ring is therefore needed and you must retrieve it before the Thalmor.”

“I assume you can tell me where each items is?”

“Yes, listen carefully as I recite them:

  • Sir Amiel’s ring can be found near the Tower Stone amongst the icebergs of southern Skyrim. It will be on the body of Rieliton Pulienus. Descendent of Sir Amiel.
  • My sword is within the Temple of the Divines in Solitude.
  • My mace is in Fort Sungard.
  • My boots are in Mossy Glen Cave.
  • My gauntlets are in Ragnvald. Look for a canal within.
  • My armour is in Torvald’s Cave.
  • My helm is in Duskglow Crevice.
  • My shield is in Nightgate Inn.”

“I have been to all those places before.”

“Be assured this is not going to be a common way of communicating. But we believe it is urgent you retrieve the relics and keep them safe and do so before the Thalmor and/or Sheogorath complicate things.”

“I assume that he does not know where they are because of the chests that contain them.”

“Correct. The Hero of Kvatch became attuned to them like me. As soon as you retrieve one of them he may know. If the Thalmor manage to find and breach one of the chests he may know.”

“So I need to collect them all without pause. I will do so first thing.”

“I advise you sleep Wulf. You do not know how many days continuous it may take.”

“Will Sir Amiel finally rest if I accomplish this task?”

“He will.”

“I will also retrieve Rieliton to be returned to his family. This is a good and worthwhile task.”

“To add to your growing list of names, you will be The Divine Crusader upon accomplishing this task.”

With that my mother’s champion exited my dream and I went back to the bliss of slumber.

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