Loredas, 22nd Sun’s Height, 4E 205

Skyrim: Fanatics.

I was asleep in the house adjoining Dragon’s Keep. Rigmor would be flying in from Bruma in the morning so we can finally do the tour of the orphanage. It is something we have been planning for months but every time we set a day aside something always gets in the way.

Something huge got in the way this time!

I was asleep in my bed one second, standing next to Rigmor the next. We were in Akatosh’s pocket realm that contains the Dragonsoul Forge. We both wore the robes I know are called, “Robes of the Divines”. I saw the senior Priest of the Nine wearing them in Solitude and knew what they were without knowing why I knew.

The problems with linear time since Boethia and Molag Bal both existed in Mundus for a short time seems to let me remember things about my past but nothing major. I just knew at some stage I had seen, and probably worn, such robes before.

The Herald of Akatosh loomed over us. He is by far the biggest Dov I have ever encountered. Rigmor looked up at him not with a sense of fear or awe, just annoyance!

  • Rigmor: There had better be a good reason for this rude interruption of our sleep!
  • Wulf: Umm, Rigmor, do you know who this is?
  • Rigmor: Some avatar of some God that is going to give you some teeny weeny instructions and send you away for days on end meaning I have to sit on the infernal throne listening to supplicants drone on and on while Malesam and Blackwell advise me to be lady like when I have to go to the privy every five minutes and I am not allowed to tell the sycophants that because it is not very diplomatic so I excuse myself as I have to powder my nose which is code for take a dump or have a pee so why not just say that in the first place!
  • Wulf: Aren’t you curious why we have both been summoned at once? By the way, it is the Herald of Akatosh you are whining to.
  • Herald: Our Lord warned me our Chosen Queen speaks her mind. I find it refreshing.
  • Wulf: So why are we here?
  • Herald: Our Lord hoped Molag Bal would be weakened more than he was by his encounter with you and Boethia. Unfortunately he wasn’t and has put into play a sequence of events that endangers one of The Nine.
  • Rigmor: What could endanger a God?
  • Wulf: They were all et-Ada but The Nine and other Aedra sacrificed their absolute immortality to stop Mundus from being destroyed. Aedra can die from the powers wielded by Daedric Princes. On the other hand the Daedric Princes can only be weakened and not completely destroyed. Hence Jyggalag became Sheogorath. Lorkhan still lives as Shor.
  • Rigmor:  But they can’t cross into each other’s realms can they?
  • Wulf: No, but they can use mortal agents to do their work for them. I am not privy to what magics Molag Bal could use to bring down one of The Nine but we would not be having this discussion if it were not possible.
  • Herald: You must stop Molag Bal in his own realm to weaken him further. You must do this task alone including gaining entry to Coldharbour!
  • Rigmor: That is suicide! Tell me you won’t blindly accept this task Wulf!
  • Wulf: I have travelled Oblivion many times but facing a Dark Lord in its own realm, that is a huge leap in difficulty!
  • Herald: Other Emperors and mortal champions have done it in the past. You are more than capable of being successful. Your mother survived a time when they roamed Nirn!
  • Wulf: I know all this. I have read of many mortals confronting and outwitting the Dark Lords in their own realms. It is never easy and not many escape unscathed. Give me our Lord’s instructions. I will do my best.
  • Herald: Travel to Dawnstar’s Windpeak inn. A person will meet you there and recruit you. He is not to know who you are. From that point there will be many tasks to complete before you can enter Coldharbour.
  • Rigmor: Why bring me here?
  • Herald: The Emperor must leave immediately and you are far apart. We are allowing you to say your goodbyes.
  • Wulf: What else are you allowed to tell me?
  • Herald: You said before we were all et-Ada. Remember that! You must wear The Visage and wield the weapons you forged here. You must allow the servants of Molag Bal past your mind barriers. Not to where you store yourself and memories but where suggestions and hallucinations can be implanted.
  • Wulf: The Nine know of my reluctance to use compulsion or subject myself to it. To allow myself to fall under a compulsion is to exercise free choice and accept whatever deeds I might perform under it. If they compelled me to kill a child and I found I did what then?
  • Herald: Trust us on this. That is all I am allowed to say.
  • Rigmor: You ask a lot of Wulf when there will be nobody with him if such a nightmare comes to pass!
  • Herald: We believe he is strong enough to do this and come back to you. We would not send him if there was another way. His morality is strong. Much stronger than we thought possible. It has always guided him and will not fail him.
  • Wulf: It is okay my beloved. Compulsion is a matter of will power whether I am conscious of the actions being forced upon me or not. If this is what I have to do to serve my Lord then I will do so. I will trust the necessity.
  • Rigmor: I will immediately leave and will arrive at Dragon Keep in two hours. Can you sneak past The Sentinel?
  • Wulf: Yes, they will not be aware of my absence. They have no reason to disturb me from my ‘sleep’ till they hear the bell warn them of your imminent arrival in two hours.
  • Rigmor: So I will not issue the warning. I would hate to find Serana and company panicking over a missing Emperor.
  • Wulf: Tell all who need to know I am on a task for The Divines. That is sufficient for no further questions.
  • Rigmor: Herald, how long will he be gone?
  • Herald: We do not know but it will not be months or years.
  • Rigmor: So I will not give a time for those who ask. I will not panic till two months is up.

I went to give Rigmor a hug and found she was ethereal and not solid.

  • Wulf: Lucky I did not try and kiss you first. My head going through the middle of yours would have been rather disturbing!
  • Rigmor: You would think our Gods could have zapped us here in body as well as mind!
  • Herald: This was deemed safe, that option was not.
  • Wulf: I suppose there is a reason we wear these robes?
  • Herald: You know not to ask what cannot be told!
  • Wulf: Then let us keep it short my Queen. The children were so looking forward to us spending the day with them!
  • Rigmor: Blackwell has ensured that we were not required in the throne room for the day. Since you are not using The Sentinel I am sure having their old headmistress relax and join me for a day will be some compensation to the children.
  • Wulf: Serana will love that!
  • Rigmor: I have been relying on Serana, when her duties allow, to help alongside Malesam and the other advisors. Her wisdom is…
  • Wulf: …of the ages. She would be amused at the idea of me kicking her old Lord in the goolies once again.
  • Rigmor: Go with our eternal love which we know is stronger than Molag Bal can ever hope to be.
  • Wulf: Tell the bump I will be home to cuddle you both as soon as I can. Farewell for now my beloved.
  • Herald: Our Lord has imparted one more gift on The Vestige. It will help minimise your time away.
  • Wulf: Then I thank him and am ready to depart.

I awoke in my bedroom and quietly gathered what I thought I would need. I then put on my Ayleid necklace and was transported to my pocket realm. There I could make as much noise as I wished as I donned my armour.

I used the portal to instantly arrive in Sancre Tor. I exited the fort and called Odahviing who took me to a clearing several miles out of Dawnstar.

I changed myself into a Half-Orc. It is the best disguise as many of them speak without an Orsimer accent. Therefore when I change back and have my helmet on there are no suspicions.

As a test I talked to Ahkari and several members of her caravan just outside of Dawnstar. I have haggled with her over the price of gems many times during my time in Skyrim. We both knew I would get fair prices without the banter but it is a part of the business many Khajiit enjoy so haggle we did.

This time I purchased several items and asked about the Moonpaths and so on and not one of them showed any suspicion that I was their friend Wulf.

I walked to the inn and it was like the old days when I travelled as a Wandering Bard. Old days may seem a bit of an exaggeration. We are only talking a couple of years ago but with all that has happened since it seems like millennia have passed so old days it is.

I hardly stepped through the door when a Vigilant of Stendarr approached.

I have always been uncomfortable with the Vigilants. They are like the Blades and Dawnguard once were. They are fanatics who see in black and white and do not judge on deeds. Since the Dawnguard no was longer branding all vampires as evil there has been very little cooperation between the two. The Vigilants will hunt down any vampire without consulting the Dawnguard or asking for their assistance.

The Vigilants persecution of Daedric worshippers has been outlawed yet reports still filter in of violence against those whose only guilt is praying to a Daedra instead of an Aedra. The fact that many of our citizens worship both is lost on them. That the citizens are protected by religious freedom is lost on them. I have warned their leadership several times.

Then we have their illogical pursuit of Werebears and Werewolves. Many of them live amongst the population and you would never know. They can be as devout as any other citizen even though their soul belongs to Hircine in the afterlife. Families slaughtered simply because they have bestial blood. They often work beside the Silver Hand in showing Stendarr’s mercy. I have no doubt their opinion of a Dragonborn would be warped.

I was not wearing my helmet so as far as the Vigilant could tell I was a Half-Orc. He himself had the eyes of a mer but there was something strange about them. Usually I can tell what kind of mer just from those but not with this person in front of me. He was wearing a half mask which many of his order do. Why? I think they believe it to be intimidating. To me the just look silly when they sneeze and fill them with snot or they try and drink some mead.

His accent was also strange and disturbing. It reminded me of Alessia and Pilvi. It was the accent of the first millennia residents of Tamriel.

He stared into my eyes for a period then he seemed to come to a conclusion. I must point out my eyes do not change when I transform into a Half-Orc which is another reason this was the most useful of the races I can choose from.

“Excuse me stranger for staring but you have a certain look in your eyes. I can also tell by your stance, and that superb armour, that you can hold your own in conflict. Would you be interested in joining the Vigilants of Stendarr?”

“Do you mind introducing yourself first?”

“My apologies, I am Altano, a member of the Skyrim Chapter.”

“Pleased to meet you Altano, I am Mecine from Cyrodiil.”

“Likewise I am pleased to meet you Mecine.”

“I have not visited Skyrim for many years but remember the news your hall was burnt to ashes a few years ago by some vampires.”

“Yes, an unfortunate incident but we have rebuilt it. It is not far from here.”

“Not to say your uniform is unimpressive but can I use my family’s armour and weapons? Let’s just say they have many dweomer that the Daedra and undead find uncomfortable.”

“We have no strict dress code. I am sure the Keeper would have no objections.”

“Well I have been looking for gainful employment that can use my skills so count me in!”

“I am glad to hear this. I have a feeling we will be counting on you from now on. May Stendarr bless you.”

“And may The Nine look favourably upon you and your family.”

“Ah, you must be pleased with the lack of Thalmor recently.”

“I like the Emperor but he took away my favourite pastime. Oh well, if I can’t kill Thalmor then Daedra will do.”

“Follow me then Mecine. I will guide you to the Temple of Stendarr.”

I donned my helmet and followed Altano out of the inn and to the Temple. In The Vigil I can run about 25% faster than normal. Since I am much faster than the average person anyway that puts my speed on par with many horses. So I was jogging whilst the Vigilant was running as if his life depended on it.

As we were travelling I marvelled at the crap I do for The Divine. Who would have thought I would join this group of raving lunatics? I doubted Lord Stendarr was the target of Molag Bal. It is not he that incensed that Dark Lord so much that vampires were created. It was Lord Arkay he hated almost as much as he detested Lord Akatosh.

We arrived at the outer gates of the Temple. Large banners of the order left no doubt as to whose abode this was.

I had never seen or visited the Temple of Stendarr before. I once visited the ruins of the Vigilant’s hall and it left me with the impression they were militarily naïve. Isran, the leader of the Dawnguard, seemed to think so. The Temple was more like a fortress than a religious compound. I was impressed.

A statue of Lord Stendarr was a far cry from the early depictions of him as Stuhn, Shield-thane of Shor and brother to Tsun. Stuhn was of the same huge shouldered barbarian build as Tsun. He supposedly fought beside my father when at war with the Altmer. This statue of Lord Stendarr made him look like a Greybeard!

I found it peculiar there were no guards at the outer gates but there were two stationed in front of the Temple. I would have thought the destruction of their hall would have taught some precautions.

I entered the Temple and could tell the place was well maintained but at a budget. The banners were clean but had seen better days. The carpet was serviceable but worn.

Altano announced, “Keeper Thorondir, I am pleased to introduce our new recruit, Mecine of Cyrodiil.”

Altano stepped to the side so I could approach his superior. I removed my helm as I walked toward him.

I stood in front of him and did a slight bow, nothing subservient, just respectful, and said, “Glad to meet you Keeper Thorondir.”

“A new novice and I can see why Altano chose you. I like the look in your eyes. I can sense a strong will in you as well. I may have tasks for you later if you prove competent and climb the ranks. Till then Altano will take care of you for now. May Stendarr bless you.”

I approached Altano, “I do not need a tour of this place. Been in one temple you have been in them all.”

“Fair enough but you must be tired. Get some rest.”

“With all due respect I am far from tired. Do you think me an old man? Let us do something useful.”

“Okay then. Andurs, a priest of Arkay in Whiterun, has requested our assistance. It seems they have some problems with a vampire. I want you to accompany me. Hurry up and prepare for the journey, that vampire will not wait for us.”

I was sick of running after Falskaar but there was no horse in the stables that appealed to me. So we ran all the way.

It was about 11:30AM when we arrived in Whiterun. I could have done the trip at least thirty minutes quicker. Altano told me several times, “Novice, stick by me for your own safety!”

This is Skyrim 4E 205! There are hardly any bandits, no Thalmor and no Dovah? Oh well, I have to act the novice so I did.

As we descended the steps to the Hall of the Dead I thought back on the two times I had met Andurs. One I went into the catacombs to recover his lost amulet. I remember there were far more risen undead than there should be since they were entombed with the Rights of Arkay. The second time I delivered a dagger from Allesandra, the Priestess of Arkay in Riften.

We entered and Andurs was standing in front Arkay’s altar. Altano introduced us, “Greetings Priest. We, the Vigilants of Stendarr, are here to help with your vampire problem.”

“Thank you very much!”

“Can you give us a list of the victims?”

“Certainly, here is my report. We found the fifth victim yesterday. Please, can you help us? The guards are terrified and we can’t rely on them.”

Bullshit! The Whiterun guards are some of the best in the land. However the guards would follow mine and Rigmor’s proclamation that all matters involving suspected rogue vampires are to be directed to The Dawnguard for resolution. For those who have the same blind bias of ‘has fangs must die’ that is not acceptable. They will go to the Vigilants instead.

“Leave it with us Good Priest.”

“Blessings of the Nine Divines upon you!”

Altano stood there reading the report like it was a thousand page book written in a foreign language. I was getting impatient and finally asked, “What can you tell me so I can start looking like a Vigilant and not a piece of furniture?”

“All the victims were completely drained of blood. There were five victims in five nights.”

“Then it is a newly turned vampire.”

“Because only newly turned vampires act so impulsively. You have a good knowledge of these creatures then.”

“You might say that. Is there anything common amongst the victims?”

“They were all male. Nothing else connects them.”

“So most probably a female vampire using her charms to lure the victims to their death. I shall start with the inns. See if the local gossips might know something.”

“Good idea. In the meantime I will take a more thorough look at these notes.”

I walked out the door with the distinct feeling Altano has no intention of putting himself in danger. Let the new Novice with the shiny armour take the risks!

I headed for The Bannered Mare. I can’t stand The Drunken Huntsmen. Besides I felt like a nostalgia hit!

I entered and nothing much had changed. I used Detect Life and one young girl was definitely dead!

I took my helm off and walked up to her. She watched me approach and when close enough said, “Hello there handsome. If you want my sweetrolls I’m sorry but they are only for sale at night. Come back later.”

I can tell a vampire when close and Detect Life was not mistaken. But she was not of a clan I recognised. She was feral and closer to beast than most.

“What is your name pretty lady?”

“Well aren’t you a flatterer. I am Lusine.”

“So I come back later for a roll?”

“That is the idea.”

“Does it cost more for suck?”

“Oh no, that is included in the price. Now if you don’t mind I would like to listen to the bard.”

She can’t be alive if she enjoys listening to Mikael. The years have not improved his voice!

A Khajiit was standing against a wall.  As I walked past he asked, “Excuse me, this one is looking for another Khajiit. Maybe you can help Jo’vanni yes?”

“It is good that the Khajiit are allowed into Whiterun isn’t it!”

“Yes, the new Emperor has always been kind to my people.”

“Mecine is glad to meet you Jo’vanni. Who is this other Khajiit you seek?”

“His name is Mar’so. If you see him please tell Jo’vanni. He is a very bad Khajiit.”

“Is he the vampire I have heard about?”

“Oh no but he is… Jo’vanni does not want to talk about it. Those memories are too painful.”

“Then Mecine will not mention that bad Khajiit again!”

“Jo’vanni thinks that would be good. As for vampire, this one heard several men were killed near the Temple of Khenarthi. Well, Khajiit will not go near it!”

“Are the famous Companions hunting it?”

“Pah, they smell like wet dogs and would not save own litter mate without payment first!”

“What about the Vigilants of S’rendarr?”

“Khajiit heard good things and bad things. Jo’vanni cannot judge yet.”

“Let Mecine give Jo’vanni good advice. See the pretty girl sitting next to the fire? Do not be tempted by her sweetrolls!”

“Jo’vanni is too sad to do such things.”

I went outside and browsed the open market stores for some time. I would love to have had a look in Arcadia’s Cauldron but did not want to lose sight of the exit of The Bannered Mare.

The Jarl’s son Nelkir came wandering into the marketplace. He has grown to be a fine young man as our recent trip to High Hrothgar and the Throat of the World showed. Braith, who used to be the town bully, made a beeline for him. Nelkir noticed too late and before he could make a strategic withdrawal the Redguard maiden grabbed him by the hand then whispered something in his ear. In a couple of years she would no doubt be regarded as a stunningly beautiful woman. But her growing charms were enough to make Nelkir’s eyes wander and his face to turn bright red after whatever she whispered. She giggled and dragged him off to a quieter part of town. I have saved him from Mephala, the Whispering Lady but I doubt I could rescue him from Braith, the Whispering Maiden.

I was perusing Fralia Gray-Mane’s store when a Whiterun Guard came up and gave her a kiss on the cheek. It was Thorald, her son that I rescued from a Thalmor prison. He could easily have been another victim of the Civil War. Looking at him and his mother talking reinforced my conviction that every single person on Nirn deserves a simple life revolving around family.

After an hour or so I returned to the Bannered Mare and found myself entertaining many of the locals with my tall tales. I acted suitably impressed when I heard several versions of how the Queen, when she was just Rigmor of course, actually threatened to shove Mikael’s flute up his chute. The fact the future Emperor was with her seemed superfluous to the story.

Eventually Lusine decided it was dark enough to look for some Whiterun cuisine.

I discreetly followed her outside.

When we were far enough from anybody else if violence should erupt I coughed and she turned around. She smiled sweetly then said, “Oh, it is the handsome Orc. Come to taste my sweetrolls? They are delicious.”

“Is there a good spot where I could have a roll or two?”

“Oh yes, down near the Temple.”

“Oh, I know the spot. It is where you have killed five men in as many days. I don’t recognise your clan. You must be one of those sub-par feral species am I correct?”

A more mature and practised vampire would control their anger and thus their transformation. Lusine on the other hand immediately growled and started her transformation. She was of the basest form of primitive vampire. Unlike Serana’s family this was not a transformation to a Vampire Lord but to a beast. A poor mockery of the form gifted to Harkon and his family.

I could have cut her down anytime during the change from pretty woman to hideous beast but to do so may have reversed the process. A Half-Orc standing over the corpse of a young woman with a bloodied sword in his hand would have to answer a lot of awkward questions. So I waited for her to finish her transformation and was rewarded with screams and yells of “Vampire! Guards there is a vampire over here!” and similar.

Lusine leapt either to impale me with her talons or bite me or both.

I drew my sword and cut her down mid-flight. I sheathed it while her corpse turned into a pile of ash.

I did not want to risk being identified so quickly made my way to The Hall of the Dead. The guards who had come rushing up were too busy asking witnesses what happened and staring at the ashes to pursue me.

Altano was standing before the catacomb doors. I wondered if he had peeked in, decided there were too many undead and he might get his uniform dirty and so closed the doors again.

I said to him, “Within five minutes of leaving here I had identified the vampire. She was using the age old ruse of pretending to be a prostitute. As soon as she left the Bannered Mare I followed and confronted her. She is now a pile of ashes.”

“The Bannered Mare you say. No matter you look so refreshed. Honestly, I expected something like this from you.”

“Oh, so this was a test? That is why you never lifted a finger to help. Glad I passed and don’t have to spend a few days passing through her digestive system!”

“You are weird. Not a rare commodity amongst the Vigilant.”

“Don’t you want to know what type of vampire she was? What clan she may have been in?”

“Vampires are all the same and deserve the same punishment!”

“So the Harkon clan that wiped out your hall a few years ago and the clan of Morag Sethius are the same as this bestial subclass I just encountered? The Harkon clan would have hunted this thing down as an insult to the name vampire.”

“We do not concern ourselves with their politics. We just kill them.”

“Kill them all! But not when they are too strong for pure fanaticism to ensure victory. I have heard the Harkon Brood-Mother still resides in the castle that is now being transformed into a Dawnguard base.”

“She will die at our hands one day and I have had enough of your insubordination!”

“But you won’t tell me to go away as you, like Keeper Thorondir, know a natural born killer when you see one. The Vigilants need people like me so what is next?”

“A few hours ago a house outside the city walls was destroyed by a Daedra. Reports say people heard it laughing and that it’s still there.”

“Was this information passed onto you by the local Imperial garrison commander?”

“Yes, not that it is of concern to you.”

“Just checking to see if some in the Legion still believe the Vigilants are better suited to dealing with simple Daedra than a squad of the best trained soldiers in Tamriel.”

“Only a fool who has never faced one would describe them as simple Daedra!”

“I have not faced one. I have faced hundreds! You might call me a freelance Vigilant if you wish since you never asked what I did for a living in Cyrodiil. Is there more than one and do we know who the summoner is?”

“A woman who may be the summoner was seen nearby. There is only one. We need to defeat the Daedra and seize the summoner. Let’s go!”

“So we are going to tackle a Daedroth. Daedra is the plural. Although the colloquial term Daedroth is also used for the reptilian minions of Molag Bal. Are all Vigilants so ignorant?”

Altano was furious as we rushed out of Whiterun. I easily outpaced him and that would not improve his mood which was fine with me.  I slowed down a bit so he was only seconds behind.

Just opposite the Western Tower was a burning house with a Daedroth silhouetted against the flames. I approached the Daedroth whose species happened to be Dremora and of Markynaz rank.

Altano stood and watched in amazement as I walked up to the Dremora with sword sheathed. I wanted to know who we were dealing with before sending it back to Oblivion.

In typical arrogance the Dremora boasted, “I am Vernaccus, He Who Cannot Be Touched! Cower before me pitiful mortal!”

Vernaccus was certainly not expecting the genuine guffaw that issued from me. After managing to suppress my laughter I said, “Oh dear, nothing but a Markynaz and he speaks as if a Valkynaz. I can tell by your lack of intelligence you are one of Molag Bal’s Deathbringer Clan are you not? I bet you wish you were a real Dremora like those who follow Mehrunes Dagon!”

“What? How could you know? I am He Who Cannot Be Touched! Underestimating me will be your last mistake mortal!”

I was a few feet from him when I issued my challenge, “My weapon is sheathed. Let the mighty Vernaccus who has no knackers draw his weapon and smite this insolent mortal down for laughing at his pathetic boasting.”

Vernaccus growled and reached for his mace. I reached across my body, unsheathed my sword then decapitated him with a lazy backswing.

As I knelt and wiped the blood from my sword Altano walked up. I ignored him and made sure my weapon was clean before casually standing and sheathing it.

I turned and fury was in the Vigilant’s eyes. I asked, “One banished Dremora but no sign of the summoner unless you saw her while I was busy chatting with Vernaccus. Is that why you stood there not helping? Were you keeping an eye on her so we can now chase her down?”

“Why speak to them? You risk falling for their lies and deception!”

“No I don’t. What I did was confirm he is a minion of Molag Bal and not Hermaeus Mora or Mehrunes Dagon or a wilder. I also made sure he was bound and not unbound which gives me a sense of the skill of the summoner.”

“It appears she has already escaped! But if she was able to summon Vernaccus her Conjuration skill must be immense.”

“You can’t tell her Conjuration strength so stop the bullshit. I can summon two Dremora Lord’s right here, right now equal in rank to Vernaccus. If she was anywhere near my Conjuration skill she could have also summoned two. And yes, I am a Master of Conjuration if that is your next question. Perhaps she did not rely on a random summoning and does have the ability to summon two random Lords. However, if she wanted to conjure Dremora by name she could only do one at a time. If she did so she must have inside information as their names are almost impossible to find otherwise. It follows that if she summoned by name and he is of the Deathbringer Clan then she must be a follower of Molag Bal. So you see my talking before attacking produced something more than a headless corpse and banished Dremora didn’t it! My baiting of Vernaccus made him unsure and angry and he confirmed what I suspected as a result. The Vigilants of Stendarr would be far more efficient if they did the same!”

“But how did you know what clan he was?”

“His war paint and I could sense the taint of Coldharbour on him. Also those who serve Mehrunes Dagon and Hermaeus Mora are far more disciplined and would not give their name away before even knowing who their opponent was! I would summon him and bind him right now if I thought he could provide more information but he is more than likely ignorant of the identity of the summoner we seek. He may have just been a random summoning so her allegiance to Molag Bals is speculative.”

“You would converse with a Daedra? That is against the very commands of Stendarr himself!”

“It is not against his commands or that of any of The Nine. I converse with Daedra, including Daedric Princes. I converse with Aedra and not just the Divines. I converse with Gods not of et-Ada origin. I will converse with whatever beings aid me in protecting mortal souls. You can see I am what the Vigilants need right now so let us continue with the hunt!”

“Your methods are effective so your insolence is bearable for now. Let us return to the inn and see if anybody else can tell us about this summoner.”

“You go ahead and I will catch up soon. I will see if I can find a clue to her identity here.”

As Altano trotted back towards Whiterun I used Detect Life to have a good look around. Apart from the guards in the rebuilt Western Tower, a few rabbits and a nearby Giant there was nothing in the immediate vicinity.

Since I did not have The Sentinel with me to ask the awkward questions I asked myself, “Do you risk revealing your identity by being the sarcastic rude bastard that you are?”

I answered myself, “No, I am ensuring I have the information I need to get to the final target of Coldharbour. Altano is too rigid in his thinking to have an original thought such as, ‘I wonder if the Half-Orc is really the Emperor whose face is on the new coins and doesn’t look part Orsimer at all?’”

So after that brief debate I headed for the Bannered Mare.

Altano was standing with all his friends in the middle of the common room. In other words he was by himself. I wonder if it bothers the Vigilants that nobody ever asks them to share a table, some mead and tall tales. The historic pointing of fingers followed by witch burning probably explains that.

“So did you find out anything more about the summoner?”

“No but I have just heard there has been an incident with a Daedra in the Windhelm inn.”

“Which inn, there are two, the Candlehearth Hall and New Gnisis Cornerclub?”

“I assume Candlehearth Hall.”

“What kind of Daedra? Dremora, Golden Saint, Dark Seducer. Xivilai, Xivkyn, Daedroth, Winged Twilight etc. Narrowing down both the inn and the species would help you know.”

“I have no idea but it might be related to our investigation of the summoner. We should check it out.”

“Lead the way!”

So I followed Altano out of Whiterun and right past the carriage that would take us to Windhelm for a nominal fee. It will be early morning by the time we reached there on foot! But I was a good novice and did as my mentor Altano asked of me.

Yeah, right. Pfffft!

So my first day as a Vigilant of Stendarr ended with me following the exhausted Altano while I enjoyed the new dweomer Lord Akatosh had placed upon The Vigil. Limitless endurance!

2 thoughts on “Loredas, 22nd Sun’s Height, 4E 205

  1. Good Work Mark! A great life lesson, no matter how much information is out there, there are still ignorant people who blindly judge other people. Stay Safe Thank You

  2. Love the way you you bring the humor from the past into Wulf’s journey, I chuckle away to myself reading this. Hmm, I wonder what has happened to Peter, he hasn’t left a reply for a while, hope he is Ok.

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