Turdas, 14th Sun’s Dawn, 4E 205 I woke then stood up quickly. Rigmor was not in the cave! I rushed outside. I found Rigmor sitting by the outdoor fire. She laughed and said, “You had better get dressed before your dangly bits get frostbite!” “Rigmor, how am I supposed to be your guardian if you […]


Fredas, 17th Sun’s Dawn, 4E 205 I did not wake but became conscious. It was not sleeping I experienced but the same catatonic state I was in during my time in Aetherius. I remembered many more things about my childhood, as if the block in my mind was gone. It took a while for my […]


Fredas, 17th Sun’s Dawn, 4E 205 to Morndas, 20th Sun’s Dawn, 4E 205 We entered the Captain’s Cabin then sat down on the bed to talk. Rigmor said, “Wulf, I am having a hard time taking in all this prophecy stuff. Could you explain what the hell is going on because I don’t like it […]


Morndas, 20th Sun’s Dawn, 4E 205 to Middas, 22nd Sun’s Dawn, 4E 205 “Hey, Rigmor, perhaps I should visit Floki and see if my boat came back. It might be a Homing Boat, you know, like a Homing Pidgeon?” “Climb the ladder, you idiot!” “Alright, your darling Dragonborn is climbing the ladder. Notice how Bostin […]


Middas, 22nd Sun’s Dawn, 4E 205 I spent the last few hours of the night battling with my Dovah for control. I not so much won as he relented. I have made it easier for him to take over by teleporting as my mortal half was damaged even more. My Dovah says we killed many […]


Turdas, 23rd Sun’s Dawn, 4E 205 & Fredas, 24th Sun’s Dawn, 4E 205 I snuck out of Rigmor’s room just after 6:00 AM. Neither she nor Sorella had not stirred all night. I went to my room and wrote out yesterday’s journal entry. Soon after finishing that, there was a knock on my door. I […]


Loredas, 25th Sun’s Dawn, 4E 205 I was up at 5:30 AM and had prepared breakfast before Casius crawled out of his tent. “Wulf, what is that wonderful smell?” “Bacon, eggs and coffee. The essentials of life!” “Ahh, where did you get those?” “From Silverpeak Lodge, my house halfway up The Throat of the World. […]


Sundas, 26th Sun’s Dawn, 4E 205 Rigmor and I enjoyed sitting amongst The Sentinels while breaking our fast. It was like the many times we had done similar in Silverpeak Lodge. The laughter and banter relieved the tension, and nobody would have guessed we were about to engage in a significant battle. Rigmor returned to […]


Fredas, 10th First Seed, 4E 205 & Loredas, 11th First Seed, 4E 205 I travelled through The Void once more, but there was no confusion this time. I knew where I was and why I was there. I knew what I had to do. Rigmor’s last words to me were, “Kintyra and I will need […]


Loredas, 11th First Seed, 4E 205 Blackwell relaxed as he realised Rigmor and I were happier being informal. Blackwell: Your Majesty, Milady, there will be a small interim phase so correspondence can be sent to those that need to know of the change of rulership. This list includes international dignitaries and the rulers of the […]