History repeating

Middas, 31st Evening Star, 4E 201 & Turdas, 1st Morning Star, 4E 202 The Sentinels were looking tired after their short nap. I was rewarded with sour faces and a few moans when I cheerily announced, “We are getting flabby flying around in an airship. Therefore, I have decided we will walk to Raven’s Rest. […]

Two Thousand Memories

Tirdas, 30th Evening Star, 4E 201 & Middas, 31st Evening Star, 4E 201 I headed for my airship at about 6:45 AM. To my surprise, an apprentice class was being conducted that early in the morning! It was the group of apprentices that had accompanied us to Saarthal. Their skills were quite impressive. J’zargo and […]

The Chim-el Adabal and a vengeful bow

Morndas, 29th Evening Star, 4E 201 Rigmor called from our bedroom, “Wulf, come and look. I love it!” Rigmor wanted me to look at the new dress she purchased from Solitude yesterday. But I couldn’t move when my ‘compass’ started without warning and with overwhelming urgency. The Divines wanted me somewhere and not in days […]

Aiding Azura

Loredas, 27th Evening Star, 4E 201 When we returned to Silverpeak Lodge from Clockwork Castle, Professor Marassi and a few Khajiit were waiting aboard my new airship. They taught me the fundamentals of how to operate it before departing. I have decided to call the airship ‘Bostin’. It is a combination of the Dovahzul words […]

Souls Are Weird

Tirdas, 23rd Evening Star, 4E 201 & Middas, 24th Evening Star, 4E 201 I rushed through the house and mausoleum. When I entered the stairway to Nurndural, I used the Thu’um to make myself partially ethereal. I did not use the Shout often as I preferred casting Invisibility. There are pros and cons to both. […]

A broken heart

Tirdas, 23rd Evening Star, 4E 201 After a hearty breakfast of sausages, beans and eggs, we have made our way to the patio. As expected, Lamashtu is staring ahead and pondering. I wonder if she pondered for the decades Ludwig locked himself away and the almost hundred and twenty years after he died? Perhaps our […]

The Gilded

Morndas, 22nd Evening Star, 4E 201 We followed Lahar, who said, “I came out when I heard the rock-fall. By the sounds of it, you are lucky to be unhurt. It was the tunnel, wasn’t it? It has been threatening to collapse for a long time now.” “There was no luck involved, and it was […]

Rigmor meets a ghost.

Sundas, 21st Evening Star, 4E 201 & Morndas, 22nd Evening Star, 4E 201 I am excited to try the new device Tolfdir recently found in the College’s storerooms. It is an automatic journal! All I have to do is think about writing, and my thoughts are transferred to paper as if I wrote it by […]

Sundas, 7th Evening Star, 4E 201

After a good, hearty breakfast, we made our way to see Erid’or. Wulf: Good morning to you, Erid’or. Erid’or: This one welcomes Dovahkiin and Bruma Den Mother. Rigmor: You did not share the meal with us last night. Erid’or: This one was researching the problem Khajiit hopes you can resolve. Wulf: What is your role […]