Middas, 9th Last Seed, 4E 205

Silverpeak Lodge: New house, new Sentinel. We travelled aboard Nafalilargus via ether to Whiterun. From there, I flew the airship to the foot of the Throat of the World. Rigmor and I disembarked, and the mages flew Nafalilargus back to Cyrodiil to pick up the two new Sentinel squads. I hadn’t told Rigmor what this […]

Turdas, 3rd Last Seed, 4E 205

Arcwind Point, Cloudreach Tower, Throat of the World: Paladins. As planned Rigmor and I got out of bed later than usual. Everybody else had finished breakfast by the time we made it to the table. The bell rang to let me know we had arrived at Arcwind Point. Skeleton Lords and powerful Draugr guarded the […]

Middas, 2nd Last Seed, 4E 205

High Hrothgar, Throat of the World: Kyne’s approval. After my trip to Coldharbour and the exhaustion it brought about I thought I earned at least a week of rest. Alas it was not to be. On the 1st I had been relaxing with Rigmor at her apartment when one of The Sentinel rapped on the […]

Morndas, 24th Sun’s Height, 4E 205

Skyrim: Trust. It was just before 2:00AM when Revel and I stopped before a door. It was obviously not to a cottage and was embedded into the mountainside. I gave Revel his promised oats then left him free to graze the area. The door had a totem next to it consisting of a Spriggan Matron’s […]