Not long now!

We are currently testing the third beta of the RoB reboot. That means its release is not far away. Probably a week at the most. You spend a lot more time with Rigmor, and she shares more of her childhood memories with you. I have reverted to Wulf’s original look with a bit of a […]

Goodbye Wulf!

Don’t panic! It just for a few weeks! I will be starting a new journal. The old journal will remain, but no new entries will be added. The new journal will start with the events of the Rigmor of Bruma reboot. I have had to fudge certain things to make the game suit Wulf’s beliefs […]

Turdas, 24th Last Seed, 4E 205 & Fredas, 25th Last Seed, 4E 205

Temple of Trinimac, Solstheim: Malacath’s puppet. I climbed down the ladder of Nafalilargus to do a quick tour of the dig camp just after 8:00 AM. The Explorers Guild members had arrived late yesterday afternoon with the platoon of Legionnaires assigned to escort them. General Tullius was concerned about the Falmer threat. He had placed […]

Tirdas, 22nd Last Seed, 4E 205

Markarth, Solitude, Skyrim Plains: Danger from below. J’zargo was in the process of jumping us via the ether to Markarth because I wanted to check my translation of the Falmer tome with Master Calcelmo. Rigmor wanted to discuss my translation just after breakfast. She sat still and concentrated while I read it to her, “FORBIDDEN […]

Morndas, 21st Last Seed, 4E 205

Fort Greenwall Snow Elf Ruins, Explorer’s Guild, Dragonborn Gallery, Markarth: Tragedy. The best plans and intentions often come unstuck due to unforeseen circumstances. I promised Rigmor a day in Riften. I intended to do something for the fourth anniversary of me awakening in the carriage. I intended to be with the Explorers Guild for the […]

Morndas, 14th Last Seed, 4E 205 & Tirdas, 15th Last Seed, 4E 205

Alftand, Markarth, Irkngthand, Solitude: Wonders discovered. It was just after 8:00 AM when The Sentinel finished their quick sweep of the area, then said I could come down the ladder. Seconds after I finished climbing down, Dwemer automatons appeared out of the ether and amongst The Sentinel. Another Dwemer Dragon had been waiting for me […]