Wulf, the fifty second Emperor of Tamriel, husband of Rigmor Sigunnsdottir, The Chosen Queen, and father to Empress Kintyra Cyrodiil III, was a complex figure. His love for Rigmor was all consuming and is celebrated in countless bardic stories, poems and songs. It was not the only influence that shaped the man who would be so pivotal in Nirn’s history.

Wulf was a tool of The Divines and they used him to resolve issues they deemed a threat to Nirn or themselves. When they did not need him they left Wulf to do as he wished.

Much of his time was consumed by an endless pursuit of knowledge. Knowledge he hoped would help him regain his identity.

Many of his early years were spent with a constant yearning for the love he sacrificed. A sacrifice The Divines did not demand but was the only morally sound decision he could make.   

These volumes consist of chosen passages from his journals. A select group of very learned and well credentialed individuals of all races and from all continents have collectively decided what passages are important in understanding him as an individual and the decisions he made. You must read these journal entries in the context of when and why they were written otherwise their value as a learning tool are diminished.

Some of his naivety, ignorance and wrongful conclusions may seem incredulous to you and make you wrongfully question the intellect of this great man. It is always easier to appear wise after others have found the truth for you. It is easy to appear a fool when pursuing a truth not yet found.

A complete set of Wulf’s journals can be found in the appropriately named volumes, “The Complete Journals Of Wulf.”

An annotated set of Wulf’s journals can be found in the equally appropriately named volumes, “The Annotated Journals Of Wulf.”

Master Savirien-Ves, Chief Archivist, Nirn College of History.