Sundas, 5th First Seed, 4E 205

Imperial City: Royal Palace. “The water is freezing!” exclaimed Rigmor as she quickly bathed under the waterfall. “Head for the platform, I will find us something to drink.” I replied. This place is amazing. It is isolated, beautiful and quiet except for the wildlife. None of which was trying to kill us which is always […]

Early Correspondence: Baa’Ren-Dar

Turdas, 2nd First Seed, 4E 205. Letter to Emissary Baa’Ren-Dar, Khajiit Embassy, Torval. My dear Baa’Ren-Dar, I am not crowned Emperor yet so let me talk to you as a friend and not let formality get in the way. Please do not let your relationship with Rigmor change now politics may make you differ at […]

Middas, 1st First Seed, 4E 205

Castle Bruma: Conclusions. This is my summary of all that has occurred to this point. It is a fitting way to conclude this volume of my journal as from next entry on I will be begin thinking in terms of Emperor Wulf Septim and not Wulf, Dragonborn and Champion of The Divine DIVINE TASK My […]