Slight Delay…

I have had to reinstall Skyrim and all mods and rush through the Rigmor Mods. Quite often Skyrim becomes unstable when save files get large. I was up to save number 2015 and it was full of garbage! The good thing is I installed some really good updates to some mods. After the depressing trip […]

Tirdas, 4th Rain’s Hand, 4E 205

High Rock: So very tired. I woke early and decided to act on the inevitable. This kingdom would soon have no leadership. Damian has to die. The king is guilty of heinous crimes and must either surrender to justice or be killed resisting. I wrote to Rigmor, “My dear wife, I will not burden you […]

Morndas, 3rd Rain’s Hand, 4E 205

High Rock: Kids and Demons. I woke about 7:30AM and found the place fairly quiet as the troops had already left for Dunlain. Dunlain was the birth place of the Auger living in the midden underneath the College of Winterhold. His pursuit of some of the old magics, or ‘hedge magic’, is what led to […]

Sundas, 2nd Rain’s Hand, 4E 205

High Rock: Motherhood. I woke up pretty sore but I couldn’t complain. Not when there were guards and soldiers missing limbs and a couple that had lost their mind. Many people came in and out during the morning to pray to the various Divine. Some did loudly as they asked the eternal question, “Why my […]