Divine Meddling

Fredas, 2nd Morning Star, 4E 202 After breakfast, I dressed in my Lord’s Armour and did the same trick as the day before so nobody would see me disembark. Most Dawnstar residents were wise enough to stay inside and out of the cold. Therefore, it was not difficult to find a deserted alleyway to pop […]

History repeating

Middas, 31st Evening Star, 4E 201 & Turdas, 1st Morning Star, 4E 202 The Sentinels were looking tired after their short nap. I was rewarded with sour faces and a few moans when I cheerily announced, “We are getting flabby flying around in an airship. Therefore, I have decided we will walk to Raven’s Rest. […]

Two Thousand Memories

Tirdas, 30th Evening Star, 4E 201 & Middas, 31st Evening Star, 4E 201 I headed for my airship at about 6:45 AM. To my surprise, an apprentice class was being conducted that early in the morning! It was the group of apprentices that had accompanied us to Saarthal. Their skills were quite impressive. J’zargo and […]

The Chim-el Adabal and a vengeful bow

Morndas, 29th Evening Star, 4E 201 Rigmor called from our bedroom, “Wulf, come and look. I love it!” Rigmor wanted me to look at the new dress she purchased from Solitude yesterday. But I couldn’t move when my ‘compass’ started without warning and with overwhelming urgency. The Divines wanted me somewhere and not in days […]

Aiding Azura

Loredas, 27th Evening Star, 4E 201 When we returned to Silverpeak Lodge from Clockwork Castle, Professor Marassi and a few Khajiit were waiting aboard my new airship. They taught me the fundamentals of how to operate it before departing. I have decided to call the airship ‘Bostin’. It is a combination of the Dovahzul words […]

Souls Are Weird

Tirdas, 23rd Evening Star, 4E 201 & Middas, 24th Evening Star, 4E 201 I rushed through the house and mausoleum. When I entered the stairway to Nurndural, I used the Thu’um to make myself partially ethereal. I did not use the Shout often as I preferred casting Invisibility. There are pros and cons to both. […]

A broken heart

Tirdas, 23rd Evening Star, 4E 201 After a hearty breakfast of sausages, beans and eggs, we have made our way to the patio. As expected, Lamashtu is staring ahead and pondering. I wonder if she pondered for the decades Ludwig locked himself away and the almost hundred and twenty years after he died? Perhaps our […]

The Gilded

Morndas, 22nd Evening Star, 4E 201 We followed Lahar, who said, “I came out when I heard the rock-fall. By the sounds of it, you are lucky to be unhurt. It was the tunnel, wasn’t it? It has been threatening to collapse for a long time now.” “There was no luck involved, and it was […]

Rigmor meets a ghost.

Sundas, 21st Evening Star, 4E 201 & Morndas, 22nd Evening Star, 4E 201 I am excited to try the new device Tolfdir recently found in the College’s storerooms. It is an automatic journal! All I have to do is think about writing, and my thoughts are transferred to paper as if I wrote it by […]