I am called Wulf. At least that is the name I chose for myself when waiting in line to have my head lopped off. I thought it was better than appearing on the Imperial list as “Eye Dunno”, which was my first impulse.

That joyous occasion happened on Sundas, 17th Last Seed, 4E 201.

I awoke in a carriage I shared with several individuals being transported to Helgen for execution. I awoke with no memories. A blank slate on who I was, where I came from and what I was doing when scooped up and found guilty, without trial, of the capital crime of being in proximity of rebels.

A timely intervention of a passing dragon, something that was not supposed to exist according to those screaming around me, allowed me to escape.

Several days later I discovered I was a “Dragonborn”.  An individual blessed by Akatosh with the soul of a dragon. This enables me to quickly master the dragon language and the Thu’um also known as “Dragon Shouts” or “The Voice”.

Dragonborn are supposedly placed on Nirn to undertake tasks on behalf of The Divines. I have spent two days studying histories and trying to learn what it means to be Dragonborn. I have found many important events in Nirn’s history shrouded with obscure clues and diametrically opposed opinions.

My studies must wait for I can no longer ignore the silent instructions of fate requesting my presence in Riverwood. You can’t will yourself to hold your breath till you pass out. I can’t ignore these instructions for long. So I will soon travel to Riverwood.

Why do I have no memories or identity? Is it a requirement for, or consequence of, receiving Akatosh’s gift? Have The Divines deemed it a necessary evil for me to perform their tasks?  For evil it is! All sentient beings have a right to their identity, their family and their memories.

This journal is insurance against a time The Divines decide to blank out my life and memories again. I do not how and when but eventually I will pass this journal onto knowledgeable men for safekeeping and perhaps one day it will jog the memories of a future me.

Perhaps is not much hope.

Setting aside the dubious use as protection against further interference by The Divines, my deeds should be recorded. Not to glorify myself but to educate mortals on how The Divines manipulate and use us to ensure Nirn remains their domain and the inhabitants safe from Daedric persecution. To ensure the deeds and actions of both evil and good are attributed to the right beings and for the correct reasons. The inhabitants of Nirn have an intrinsic right to this knowledge. The Divines, no matter their intentions, have no justification for denying this right. They have no justification for hiding my history from me.

The first few entries in this journal are written days after the events they depict. I will endeavour to write entries as close to the date of their occurrence as possible.

Wulf, Whiterun, Sundas, 24th Last Seed, 4E 201.