Fredas, 15th Last Seed, 4E 201

Darkwater Crossing: Arrested by Imperial Army.

Last Fredas I was arrested by Imperial Soldiers under suspicion of being a Stormcloak or Stormcloak sympathiser.  I was told this by Ralof, a fellow prisoner who escaped Helgen with me. I have no recollection of the event as it occurred before I awoke on the carriage.

Apparently the Stormcloaks were led into an ambush at Darkwater Crossing and anybody near them, such as me, was assumed to be a collaborator.

I had no armour, no weapons and was dressed in rags. More likely begging nearby than part of a rebel army!

Without a trial or right to legal presentation I was condemned and sentenced to death. On the following Sundas I was bundled into a carriage with Ralof, a Stormcloak soldier, Ulfric, the Stormcloak leader, and Lokir, a horse thief.  The carriage broke no speed records on its way to Helgen which was chosen as the place of our execution.

9 thoughts on “Fredas, 15th Last Seed, 4E 201

  1. Well, here I go again, have started to read these journals again. I enjoy reading about and playing this game, the mod about Rigmor in particular. I don’t care if people laugh at me because of the number of times I have read the journals written by Mark, it’s the way he makes me feel that I am part of the Dragonborns family. The tears, the joy the anger and the love is what brings me back.

  2. What I wrote then is still true today, but somehow this first set of journals has some magic about it, whether it’s because they are the first one’s that I read, maybe it’s nostalgic I’m not sure but I still love reading them.

  3. I don’t think anyone of us cares a great deal about a couple of errors, it’s the feelings you paint into Wulf’s story, whether he is with Rigmor or not, is what keeps me reading them. As I wrote at the top, I still tear up get angry and laugh when reading them, probably more often when Rigmor is with him. Again I thank you for taking me away.

  4. Mark you sound a little embarrassed, you shouldn’t. I have started reading the original journals again because you have a way to get to my emotions. You story about Rigmor, Wulf, Lydia, Olette, Celestine, the whole family has bought me to tears, anger, fear, and above all, laughter, whole gambit of emotions and that as far as I’m concerned is what a good author should do. So before I even start, thank you Mark. As I read these I’m going to jot down the moments that really get to me.

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