Turdas, 2nd Frostfall, 4E 201

Windhelm, Shipwreck: Multiple encounters, Happy orphan, They know, Necklace recovered, Khajiit recruited.

This journal entry was written in the early hours of 3rd Frostfall.

The only thing we had planned for the day was a trip to Windhelm to inform Aventus that Grelod was dead.

We left Riften at about 7:30AM.

Just outside the city gates was a Khajiit caravan. I offloaded some of the gems I was carrying and had a talk with them. They were relieved the Civil War was over and had already seen more Imperial patrols on the roads. One of them, a warrior called Kharjo, informed me they were robbed by bandits near Windhelm a few days previous. He said the bandits had stolen his most prized possession, a family heirloom, a moonstone amulet. I asked if he knew where the bandits’ hideout was. He looked at my map and pointed to a shipwreck not far from Windhelm. Since I hate bandits and like Khajjit and we were up that way anyway I offered to get it back for him.

It was good to see forts recently controlled by bandits were now manned by Imperial troops.

We encountered a civil war skirmish of a different type. Skeletons of fallen troops were fighting each other in earnest. Since both were hostile to us we cut them all down.

A bit further up the road we came across a large group of Stormcloaks slaughtering an Imperial patrol. We leapt into the fight and managed to save the last couple of Imperial soldiers.

As we were passing the hot springs where I first saw Rigmor’s scars I spotted an ill looking man. I am skilled in Restoration magic so asked him if he was OK. He said he was one of the “Afflicted” and is carrying a plague that Peryite has given his followers some protection against. He said somebody called Kesh can give me more information and marked his location on my map. He then continued on his journey to Black Rock.

I had no idea how dangerous this plague was. I decided I will have to visit Kesh and probably deal with Peryite, another Daedra. That can wait for now.

This trip to Windhelm was turning into a nightmare. Next to try and kill us was a dragon called Tahbeynad. He was a weak dragon and suicidal to attack us. We soon slaughtered him and I absorbed his soul.

We then came across a destroyed Khajiit caravan. It was hard to tell if they were victims of a dragon or bandits. There was a sole survivor by the name of Tanita. She said bandits attacked and killed her friend S’drassa. She said playing dead saved her life. She asked for help getting to Windhelm and I said I would take her there.

As I helped her up her mood changed. The idiot called me gullible and tried to draw her sword to attack me. I was getting a bit tired of this quick trip to Windhelm turning into a constant battle. I chopped her head off.

What was she thinking? Skooma probably scrambled her brain. I found a letter from a Lajjan to Tanita warning her not to sack caravans. If I see Lajjan I will tell her about the demise of her once friend.

We finally reached Windhelm at around 4:00PM.

We went and told Aventus about Grelod and he tried to give me a heirloom plate as a reward. I told him to keep it and that he will need money when he turns sixteen and returns home. I gave him some gold to pay for a carriage to Riften.

We left Windhelm at around 4:30PM and did not get far before Miraak followers attacked and died. I thought the roads would be better now there are more Imperial patrols. Seems the opposite is true.

As we approached the farms near Windhelm a courier came running up to me. He handed me a note from the Dark Brotherhood saying “We know”.

I told Lydia that they will be coming for me and we need to spring a trap to snare the assassins. She agreed they will wait till I am sleeping. That is when I would be most vulnerable. We continued talking over plans as we rode toward the shipwreck full of bandits.

Finally we saw the shipwreck in the distance.

As we got closer it was apparent there was no option but to swim to where we needed to go. I told Lydia and Meeko it was not far and the horses can make it. Meeko should be able to easily. I warned them the cold water will hurt.

It did! And the horses were not too pleased either! It was only a two minute swim and we made it without any real dramas. We tied the horses up and approached the shipwreck.

There were only half a dozen bandits and we soon dealt with them. I found Kharjo’s heirloom in a chest with quite a collection of other valuables.

We headed back to Riften with no encounters. That is probably because we killed everything and everybody within miles on the way to Windhelm!

I gave Kharjo his amulet and he was very grateful. He offered his services as a guard and I accepted his offer. I told him we were heading to my house in Whiterun to spring a trap for some assassins. He found that idea rather pleasing.

I summoned Blaze and rode him whilst Kharjo borrowed Meatloaf. We did not reach Whiterun till just after midnight.

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