Loredas, 4th Frostfall, 4E 201 to Turdas 20th Sun’s Dusk 4E 201

Wulf spent most of his time during this period supervising construction and organising other aspects of his project.

His project was the conversion of an old abandoned mansion into a home and school for orphans and street urchins. Details of which are in the journal entry of Fredas, 21st Sun’s Dusk, 4E 201.  

Wulf and his companions investigated several dozen dungeons and Dovah lairs hunting for Words of Power. Some locations were provided by the Greybeards, some by an anonymous supporter. They gathered many valuables from those expeditions that helped pay for his project.

Wulf had decided to purchase houses in particular holds as he deemed staying in taverns and inns too dangerous. Any house he owned could have almost impenetrable defences. For that reason he purchased Honeyside in Riften.

On Morndas 6th Frostfall 4E 201 Wulf was visiting the orphanage in Riften. He was approached by a street urchin by the name of Olette. She had just found her mother dead of a Skooma overdose and wanted help to destroy those who sold her the drug and those who made it.  Wulf found a clue as to where the dealers were from a female Argonian called Wujeeta. They operated from a warehouse on the Riften docks.

Wulf approached the new Jarl of Riften, Maven Black-Briar, and told her he needed the keys to the warehouse the dealers were working from. He could have kicked the door in or picked the locks but that risked alerting the dealers. He asked Olette if she wanted to wait outside. Olette impressed him with some dual knife wielding forms and said she has had to look after herself on the streets of Riften for several years. She was only 12 years of age but Lydia, Kharjo and Meeko said they would protect her. Wulf purchased the best light armour, bow and knives he could find in Riften which Olette wore with pride. Olette had killed to survive and/or avoid rape on more than one occasion and assured Wulf she was not squeamish about plunging a knife into those who murdered her mother.

With everything ready they opened the door to the warehouse and stormed inside. There were two dealers and Olette leapt on one and carved him up in a flash despite him wearing high quality armour and towering over her by two feet. Kharjo made short work of the other with his mace. They searched the warehouse and found a note detailing where the Skooma was being made.

Wulf informed the Jarl of this and said they would go and shutdown the Skooma factory.

The team entered the Skooma den and killed several dozen bandits, addicts, pit wolves and alchemists who were there. The also rescued a young Argonian boy who was being forced into a life of crime by those who murdered his parents.

They returned to Riften and informed the Jarl that the Skooma den and manufacturing was no more. For this service and many others Wulf performed for Skyrim and Riften he was made Thane of Riften and a Warmaiden by the name of Iona became his second housecarl.

Wulf did not think it right to adopt any orphans as he knew not when he might be called to another province or for how long. He offered Olette a place in his household as a maid until his project was completed and she could be a student. She happily accepted.

The number of encounters with Miraak supporters declined but they were still present in Skyrim.

Stormcloaks numbers continued to decline but those left had become expert at hit and run raids and ambushes.

Dragon numbers decreased greatly with Paarthurnax seemingly able to recruit most to his peaceful “Way of the Voice” philosophy. Where they went in Tamriel is a mystery.

Those that remained were sometimes a menace and other times just wanted to live a quiet existence. The Blades were too low in numbers to do any dragon hunting and Wulf had warned them not to bother the peaceful ones. Wulf and his team hunted and killed several aggressive Dovah.

Wulf helped Wujeeta wean off Skooma and offered her a job as Governess as part of his project. She accepted.

Daily journal entries for this period can be found in the volumes, “The Complete Journals of Wulf.”

Annotated daily journal entries for this period can be found in the volumes, “The Annotated Journals of Wulf.”

Master Savirien-Ves, Chief Archivist of Nirn College of History.

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