Middas, 26 Sun’s Dusk, 4E 201

Windhelm, Raven Rock: Boat trip, Miraak forgotten, Telvanni Wizard, Clue given, Disturbing chant heard.

For several days “The Pull” had been directing me towards the Windhelm Docks.

I did not think it had anything to do with Cyrodiil. There would be no reason not to cross the border on horseback. I thought it was most likely Miraak and Solstheim.

I told Kharjo and Celestine that they were in charge of Dragons Keep whilst I was away. I told them I did not know where I was going or for how long.

I made sure to take Azura’s Bane with me. If we were going to be dealing with Dunmer it would be better to present myself as Azura’s Champion rather than Dragonborn.

Lydia, Meeko and I left Dragons Keep for Windhelm just before 8:00AM.

On the road close to the Western Watchtower we came across a Thalmor patrol. This was the first time I had seen them with Goblin slaves.

The usual story occurred.  Wulf spoke to Justiciar. Justiciar thought the sun shone out of her arse. Wulf showed her the shiny Talos symbol around his neck. Thalmor attacked. Thalmor died.

Passed some farms later on and an Imperial patrol was going the other way. They all greeted me with “Morning Legate.” until the last one who attacked me! Another Stormcloak spy who died a quick death.

We got to the Windhelm docks and “The Pull” was directing me towards a vessel. It was the “Northern Maiden”, the boat the Miraak goons used to travel to Skyrim from Solstheim.

“The Pull” directed towards a man sitting. I approached he said,

“Too bad if you’re looking for passage to Solstheim. I’m not going back there any more!”

And you are?

“Gjalund Salt-Sage, Captain of this fine vessel.”

What happened? Why won’t you go back?

“It’s hard to explain… we remember those people with the masks coming on board, then…The next thing we remember we were here and they were gone. We know we have done the trip several times since without remembering them. That’s not right, losing whole days like that. My crew abandoned me. They soon came back when they found others crews had experienced the same. There’s been something strange going on there for a while. We’re done. We’re not going back to Solstheim!”

Yes you are. You’re taking me to Solstheim.

“Have you been listening to me? We’re not going back there!”

I defeated Alduin so you and your crew owe me your lives. Those masked men have attacked and tried to kill me on several occasions. I intend to find out why. Don’t you want to be able to travel to and from Solstheim without fear once again?

“Alright, you have a point. Taking you there is probably the best for all of us. Maybe you can put a stop to whatever is going on.”

(With that we collected our horses from the stables, boarded the boat once again and set sail for Raven Rock. It eventually came into view.)

“Well, here we are. This is Raven Rock. Can’t say I’m all that glad to see it again. Good luck. Maybe you can figure out what’s going on around here.”

As the boat began to dock Lydia said, “So this is Raven Rock eh? Not much to look at.” I agreed.

“The Pull” suddenly ceased. Raven Rock is where The Divines needed me to be.

As we were getting our gear together ready to disembark an elderly Dunmer sternly announced,

“I don’t recognize you, so I’ll assume this is your first visit to Raven Rock, outlander. State your intentions.”

(I can’t stand pompous officials. The only thing worse is rude pompous officials!)

I don’t know your customs but in the rest of Tamriel it is polite to give a name and some reason to answer such questions. I do not know you and until I do I will keep my intentions my business. I am Wulf, Azura’s Champion. I am also Dragonborn and Champion of The Divines. You are?

“It is not wise to make such blasphemous claims outsider!”

(I carefully unsheathed Azura’s Bane and handed it to him hilt first. The runes no longer declared Rigmor as Azura’s champion. When it was reforged they changed to read,

“I am the Goddess, Azura Mother of the Rose, Queen of the Night Sky, The Dusk and Dawn. Behold Wulf, my champion and guardian of Rigmor. She protects the Pure of Heart and is Daughter of a Mother’s Love. I am the Bane of Azura, The Poisoned Chalice of Woe, Vanquisher of the Forces of Evil. Behold Wulf, Dragonborn and the Chosen Champion of Azura.”

The elderly Dunmer read the runes and gasped. He knew the words were true. He reverently handed the sword back to me.

I declined to mention I was also Boethiah’s Champion. As part of the “New Tribunal” the Dunmer worship their ancestors and what they regard as the three “good” Daedra, Azura, Mephala and Boethiah. How the last two can be considered good in any sense of the word is beyond me.)

“My apology. We are, as a rule, a very direct race and this can sometimes cause tensions. I am Adril Arano , Second Councillor to our leader, Councillor Morvayn. The security of Raven Rock is my duty and responsibility and I will not let him down. Especially after all we have been through together.”

Apology accepted. Can you please explain what your titles mean? I admit I am somewhat ignorant of your political structure.

“Councillor Morvayn is House Redoran’s representative on Solstheim. As Second Councillor it is my job to support him and make certain his rule is enforced.”

(I knew enough about Dunmer politics to regard it in the same league as the games Rigmor is now playing in Cyrodiil. The biggest difference is that assassination is far more accepted in Dunmer culture. The Morag Tong are a very ancient guild of assassins. They are devout followers of Mephala and murder in her name. “Writs” are legal assassinations sanctioned by the government in Morrowind. Like any such organisation they can be paid to conduct illegal killings called “grey writs”.)

Thank you Second Councillor. I know this is not Skyrim and will abide by the laws of your land. I’m looking for a person called Miraak.

(Adril looked confused. It was as if he was grasping at some memory and was getting frustrated when it eluded him.)

“Miraak… I… I’m not sure that I do.”

(I had been doing some research on Miraak and if it is the person from history he is in fact a Dragonborn and responsible for a cataclysm that separated Solstheim from the mainland. His name should be known by all who live on it.)

Do you know who Miraak is?

“I… I’m unsure. I swear I know the name but I cannot place it.”

Can you tell me anything about him?

“I don’t think so. I’m not… the name has something to do with the… Earth Stone. I think. But I’m not sure what.”

Where is this Earth Stone?

“The South end of Raven Rock.”

Thank you Second Councillor.

I thanked Gjalund for the ride over and that we will collect our horse in a little while.

We then walked to the Earth Stone. There was a green beam of light shooting straight up from it. Everybody around it, citizen and guard alike, were muttering a chant over and over as they worked at building additions to the structure.

There was one person not working. He was wearing the robes of a Telvanni Master Wizard. They have the reputation of making Thalmor arrogance look congenial. I approached him and he said,

“You there… You don’t seem to be in quite the same state as the others here. Very interesting. May I ask what it is you’re doing here?”

You may Master Wizard. You might even get an answer if you tell me who you are first.

“Nords and their weird ways. Very well, I am Neloth, Master Wizard of House Telvanni”

Well met Neloth. My name is Wulf and I am looking for someone named Miraak.

(Master Wizard he may be but Neroth seemed to suffer from the same memory problems as Adril.)

“Miraak… Miraak… It sounds familiar and yet I can’t quite place…”

(His mage training eventually broke through the fog in his mind.)  

“Oh. Wait. I recall. But that makes very little sense. Miraak’s been dead for thousands of years!”

It seems a lot of people have trouble recalling Miraak. What do you think that means?

“I’m not sure but it is fascinating isn’t it? Perhaps it has some relation to what’s going on here. Quite unexpected. I’m afraid I can’t give you any answers. There are ruins of an ancient temple of Miraak’s toward the centre of the island. If I were you I would look there. Let me mark it on your map.”

(I handed him my brand new map of Solstheim. I had purchased it soon after the first encounter with Miraak’s goons in Skyrim. He marked it and handed it back.)

What do you think these people are doing?

“Clearly building something. And yet they don’t seem to have much to say about it. I’m very interested to find out what happens when they finish.”

I did not think it would be a good idea to try and stop these people. They were obviously in some sort of trance and they could turn violent or suffer permanent damage of the mind if we tried to bring them back to reality. I told Lydia and Meeko to stand back and not to touch me if anything happens.

I approached the main column and could not detect a dweomer on it. If Daedric in nature I would not be able to.

I put my hand on it.

I could feel something or somebody trying to find my identity. Like I had when dealing with Daedra in the past, I locked what was “me” in a corner of my mind. This probing felt familiar. Like Hermaeus Mora that time he tried to recruit me. It was nowhere near as strong and did not make me nauseous. I knew I could break contact anytime I wished. I felt compelled to chisel away at the column and did so to the chant of the unknown entity. I waited till I was sure the chant was repeating before breaking contact. In its entirety it was,

“Here in his shrine, that they have forgotten. Here do we toil, that we might remember. By night we reclaim, what by day was stolen. Far from ourselves, he grows ever near to us. Our eyes once were blinded, now through him do we see. Our hands once were idle, now through them does he speak. And when the world shall listen, and when the world shall see, and when the world remembers, that world will cease to be.”

I pulled my hand away from the column with ease. Neloth spoke,

“Ah, so you are able to resist the effect by exerting your will. Fascinating! I would not advise touching the stone again. The effects of repeated contact could be…”

I don’t think I need to. I have the information I need.

“Unless of course you’d like to contribute to my investigation. It could be very enlightening to observe you.”

My duty is far more important than your research Neloth. After that contact I believe there is imminent danger to all life on Nirn and maybe even Nirn itself. I need to do some more investigating so will head for Miraak’s temple on the morrow. Thank you for your help.

With that Lydia, Meeko and I headed back to the docks to collect our horses. Then to Raven Rock to find an inn and a place to rest for the night. I did not feel like riding through this foreign land in the dark.

We found a place called “The Retching Netch” and had a meal and paid for a double room.

Lydia soon traipsed off to bed with Meeko following and lying on the bottom half. It I amazing how compact he can make himself!

I sat and wrote this journal entry.

I know not what time I fell asleep. I do know I was worrying about the last line of the chant, “And when the world shall listen, and when the world shall see, and when the world remembers, that world will cease to be.”

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