Morndas, 22nd Sun’s Dawn 4E 203

Castle Volkihar, Soul Cairn: Assault, Confrontation, Deserved death, Tell Mum, Remove curse.

When I came down to the common room of the Four Shields Tavern I saw Serana sitting in a corner. As I exited she followed me. I did not say anything to her as we mounted our horses. If she wants to talk about the coming confrontation with her father I will let her pick the time.

We left Dragon Bridge at 10:00AM.

With no encounters we arrived at the dock and crossed with the last of the Dawnguard at 12 noon.

I asked Serana if she was OK. She closed her eyes, opened them again and nodded yes.

I looked at those assembled. I had sent some of the weaker ones back across the water. What was left were the hard core vampire killers.

I told Isran it was time. At the top of his voice and repeated by all the Dawnguard he yelled,

“For the Dawnguard! For Skyrim!”

Then we all charged forward.

I used Whirlwind Sprint and was upon the vampires exiting the castle before they were prepared. I intended to take the brunt of the fighting. The Dawnguard were busy with the gargoyles behind me.

An Unrelenting Force sent the vampires in front of me staggering. .

I cut them down as they tried to recover.

I decapitated the last one between me and the door.

We burst into the castle and it was all close quarter fighting that soon spread throughout the building.

After several minutes of intense fighting I looked down to see how my allies were doing. The Dawnguard were doing well. Meeko was his usual snarling killing machine.

The clanging of weapons and yells and screams that seemed to come from every room started to quieten down. The last I could hear was Meeko ripping into a vampire who responded with colourful curses and lightening.

I arrived and cleaved him halfway down from shoulder to stomach.

He was the last. The easy bit was over. Now for Daddy.

I told Isran we were going in to deal with Harkon. He and the rest of the Dawnguard were not to enter the chapel till the fight is over. This was personal between Harkon, Serana and I.

We entered and as with every pathetic evil despot I have dealt with, Harkon was under the delusion he had a chance.

  • Harkon: “Serana, my darling. I see you still favour keeping a pet.”
  • Serana: “You know why we’re here.”
  • Harkon: “Of course I do. You disappoint me, Serana. You’ve taken everything I provided for you and thrown it all away for this… pathetic being.”
  • Serana: “Provided for me? Are you insane? You’ve destroyed our family. You’ve killed other vampires. All over some prophecy that we barely understand. No more. I’m done with you. You will not touch him.”
  • Harkon: “So, I see this dragon has fangs. Your voice drips with the venom of your mother’s influence. How alike you’ve become.”
  • Serana: “No… Because unlike her, I’m not afraid of you. Not any more.”

(Harkon turned to me.)

“And you….”

Get it over with. Blame everybody else for your pathetic failings.

“It appears I have you to thank for turning my daughter against me. I knew it was only a matter of time before she’d return with hatred in her heart.”

Might it have something to do with you presenting her to Molag Bal and watching as she barely survives being raped by that monster. Such a loving and kind gesture.

“A small price to pay for the betterment of our kind.”

Your kind? You have killed more vampires than I! You never had the betterment of vampires in mind. Just the betterment of Harkon.

“Yes, yes. Always the noble vampire hunter. And what happens when you’ve slain me? Is Valerica next? Is Serana?”

I never have been and never will be a vampire hunter. You are so stupid you do not realise what I am and who I represent. As for Serana and Valerica. I have no intention of harming either. I have no cause to. Despite your perverted abuse of her, Serana had grown to be a woman of compassion and thus her power outstrips yours by a mile.

“Then my daughter is truly lost. She died the moment she accepted a mortal into her life.”

She was lost when you forgot how to love the most precious thing on this planet, your own child. She is now found. I am here to help her remove the last vestige of darkness from her life, you.

“I see. You get to choose which of us is good and evil?”

This is about more than killing vampires.

“Ah, of course. The prophecy. You’ve come here to stop me from taking Auriel’s Bow and shrouding the world in darkness.”

You absolute moron! Do you think I would have it with me if you had any hope at all of taking it? It is with me because I want you to feel its power. The power of my God. A power that Molag Bal envies and is terrified of. A power that is in my blood and soul. You will know as each arrow penetrates your hide how pathetic your own power is and realise your destruction is imminent. You will be scared. You will feel like a little girl presented to a monster.

“I’ll give you a single chance to… “

Don’t embarrass yourself any more Harkon. Just fight!

Harkon flew to the Molag Bal altar and drew power from the blood within it. He encircled himself with a barrier that was impenetrable to normal spells and ammunition. He could cast spells from his side. This was the power he thought would bring him victory. This was the power of Molag Bal.

I fired a Sunhallowed arrow from the bow made by Akatosh. The shield vanished. Molag Bal’s power proved to be manifestly insufficient.

Harkon was exposed and he ran around the room like a scared child.

Harkon tried going invisible. He tried turning to mist. He tried everything he could but Meeko always knew where he was.

He summoned gargoyles and undead. They stood no chance against Serana and Jordis.

I peppered him with Sunhallowed arrows and his powers grew less and less.

Every time he tried to regenerate at the altar a holy arrow sent him running once more.

The last time marked his ending. He cried out,

“Serana.. your own father…”

Then he exploded leaving behind a bloodied skeleton.

Which melted.

And left behind a pool of blood and ash.

Harkon was gone.

We stood gathering our breath and thoughts and the temple door opened.

Isran quickly scanned the carnage and walked over to Serana.

  • Isran: “It’s over. He’s dead, and the prophecy dies with him. I… I suppose this is difficult for you.”
  • Serana: “I think my father really died a long time ago. This was just… the end of something else. I did what needed to be done. Nothing more.”
  • Isran: “I think perhaps… I think you did more than that. You have my thanks.”

He walked over to me.

“We did better than I expected. Two dead and one severely injured. I saw Serana slay many of her clan. I have learned a lesson I think. You must treat each individual as exactly that. You can’t summarily execute somebody for simply being something.”

That is a lesson I hope both the Dawnguard and the Blades have learned. I will visit the fort in a couple of days to see how Dexion is.

Isran left the room and I walked over to Serana.

“Well, now that’s done.”

What will you do now?

“I’m not sure. I’ll probably stay with the Dawnguard, for as long as they’ll let me. They’re respectable fighters, and I think they see the benefits of having a vampire on their side, now. Of course, if you’ve got any more adventures planned…”

I’d love to have you along. “

That’s what I wanted to hear.”

Should we go tell your mother? I think she would like a change of scenery!

“Yes please, let us go.”

We unblocked the doorway to the balcony and were soon at the portal.

The Soul Cairn has so much to explore. Maybe one day I can do that just for the fun of it.

Valerica was so intent on whatever concoction she was making I had to tap her on the shoulder.

“You appear to have something on your mind. What is it?”

Harkon is dead.

“What? Are you certain?”

He died by my hand.

“Then I see nothing preventing my return to Tamriel. Allow me to gather some of my things and I’ll head back to Castle Volkihar. And from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.”

We quickly made our way out of the Soul Cairn and castle. Before using the boat to get back to the mainland I spoke to Serana.

Can I ask you something Serana?

“Of course.”

Have you thought about getting cured of vampirism?

“No… why?”

Do you need the powers it has given you? Do you wish to return to Molag Bal upon death? Look at what it has done to your family!

“Even before that we weren’t the most normal family. We did worship a daedra!”

Your parents did. You had no choice then. You do now.

“I have heard rumours of a cure.”

There is a mage who has come up with a cure. His name is Falion. He used to be the Master of Conjuration at the College of Winterhold. He did not like the Arch Mage I replaced, Savos Aren, and left to further his own studies. You will find him in Morthal where he looks after a wonderfully bright child called Agni.

“OK. I will speak to Falion and see what is involved. Please, this is something I would like to do alone.”

I understand. Come and find me again, cured or not. We are a good team.

With that we crossed the water. Serana went her way, Meeko Jordis and I rode to Dragon Bridge.

We booked our rooms, had a good meal and I even sung a couple of songs without my disguise and for free.

I finished writing this journal entry just before midnight.

I know not what time I fell asleep.

I know it was next to two red flowers on my pillow. Who put them on that shrine to Auriel?

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  1. I loved the words Isran said about not being able to judge anyone just because of what they are but having to evaluate every individual on their own merit. It’s a topic that’s very important to me and therefore often present in my own writing, as is the concept of freedom of choice. Thank you, Mark!

  2. It is what Wulf preaches endlessly. The Blades needed to learn it. Isram and his lot needed to learn it. Many characters in RoC blame Gods for everything and they need to learn it. Take away the Gods and there would be no less evil. It is impossible to justiy the slaughter of the Snow Elves, Ayleid, Minotaur and Dragons. I have not tackled the Vigilantes of Stendar yet. It is something that Wulf will have to eventually since as Emperor he has dictated that Religious Freedom is paramount.

  3. No ETA. Helping a bit with the RoB reboot and then conversion to X-Box. There is a lot of lore stuff to be made solid for RoT and once we have that sorted Jim should be fairly quick at doing the story arc. RoT will be in three or four parts. Otherwise it would be years before release.

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