Sundas, 12th Sun’s Dawn, 4E 205

Allie’s Shack, Dave’s Cave, Woodcutter’s Camp, Sonje: Name found and destinies mapped.

This journal entry was written at sea on the 13th Sun’s Dawn.

I slowly came awake to the sound of Rigmor and Allie talking.

That is twice in a row Rigmor has awoken before me. Weird!

As I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes I listened in to their conversation.

  • Rigmor: So you spent many years as a slave? How did you deal with it? How did you make it through?
  • Allie: Easy. If someone got my back up I would kick them in the cobblers!
  • Rigmor: Hahahaha! Yeah, they couldn’t hold me down either. I wasn’t prepared for the cruelty that would eventually happen to me.
  • Allie: Don’t feel sorry for yourself Rigmor. Pull your shoulders back and keep your head high. Don’t let them see weakness as it only adds flames to the fire of their vindictiveness. You must dominate them through your confidence. A half-hearted thrust from the enemy is their demise.
  • Rigmor: Hah, you sound like my Dad.
  • Allie: I’ll take that as a compliment.
  • Rigmor: Hey look, my Dragonborn is awake.
  • Allie: As you can see Dragonchild, Rigmor had made a full recovery and my word, some of the things she has told me about you!
  • Rigmor: Allie!

I stretched and walked over to the ladies and said to Allie, “Again I can’t thank you enough. I will be sure to remember those recipes.

Allied replied, “Just remember. One small deer antler, three blood wart and one Namira’s Rot.”

What about the three rabbit legs?

“That was my lunch.”

Both ladies burst out laughing and I had no choice but to join in.

Rigmor said to me, “Hahahahaha! Oh the Gods Dragonborn, I believe that was a pisspot!”

When they finally stopped laughing Rigmor asked Allie, “I don’t suppose there is a recipe to make my hair grow back overnight? Pffft!”

Allies replied, “Actually there is. To make your hair grow, or in this case restore it to its last length before it was cut, you need two ingredients. The heart of a werewolf as the adrenaline extracted from its blood gives you the acceleration required for growth and lock of hair from the person wanting to restore it.”

Rigmor said, “Ah, that sucks. Oh well, it is good to know though.”

I said to Rigmor, “I have a lock of your hair. Morag gave it to me to make me feel guilty about failing to protect you. I didn’t tell you about it as I did not want you getting upset over such pettiness by her.”

“The Bitch! But a werewolf Dragonborn? Where would you find one of those? Plus I would not want you to kill one just for me to get my hair back.”

There is a werewolf not far from here and you know I only kill for deeds, not species.

“We have wasted enough time as it is. Sure I want my hair back but it will grow in time.”

I want to check this werewolf out anyway. He sounds like he is cursed and maybe I can help. Remember I am half beast myself.

I asked Allie, “North by a rocky outcrop right?”

“Yes Dragonchild. You will know where it is.”

I asked Rigmor, “Do you feel safe staying here?”

“Yes my love. Allie and I can talk about you while you are gone.”

I felt safe leaving Rigmor with Allie. She was no old crone. I know Divinity when I am near it and have known since I turned and saw her yesterday. Rigmor would faint if she knew who she was telling ribald stories to. Mind you some lore-masters say Alessia had over one thousand lovers in her lifetime. Nah, not that nice lady. When would she have time to learn all those recipes?

Allie was correct. I knew exactly where to go. I knew because I had been there in my past.

This was no longer Déjà vu. This was absolute certainty. However, I can’t remember the actual times I have been there, just the fact that I have.

It was a long walk and when I got there I saw a familiar shipwreck.

I found the werewolf’s den easy enough. It was neat and tidy and it looked like this lycanthrope enjoys a beer with his deer.

I heard him approaching and stood facing his direction with my arms crossed. He said, “Oi, what you doing in my cave?”

Nothing, just curious about a werewolf who drinks booze. I am even more curious now he can talk as well.

“Did that old crone send you out here to kill me?”

She told me where you lived but I do not kill things without a reason. You have not given me one yet.

“Well you tell her I had nothing to do with her kid’s death and that she can keep her nose out of my business.”

Yeah, I almost stepped in some!

“So what are you here for?”

I need some werewolf blood for a potion to help my beloved.

He took a sniff of me and said, “Dragonblood eh? Do you want to take a seat so we can talk? Help yourself to a beer.”

I can’t pass up a chance to chat with a werewolf.

I sat on a crate and asked him, “So you must have been a man once. Do you have a name?”

“My name was Davinius. Just call me Dave. I grew up in Cyrodiil, Chorrol to be exact. My parents did their best to raise me right but I ended up with the wrong crowd. Did a bit of this, a bit of that and ended up in Skyrim. That is where I got bitten.”

My name is Wulf and I am Dragonborn. So how did you end up on this island Dave?

“After I had turned a couple of times I knew I had to get away from civilization. I didn’t want to hurt anyone and had no control over the beast inside of me. I stole a sailing boat from Solitude docks and ran aground here. Perfect so I thought. An almost uninhabited island where I could do no harm. I have been out here for years now. There are plenty of elk and deer and a billion rabbits. Ships run aground on the rocks from time to time and I salvage from the wrecks.”

So what happened Dave? I gather you were afflicted and could not turn back?

“Yeah, those Akaviri dogs. It all happened by accident. I was having one of my turns, as you do, and ran into a patrol of them. Maybe they were scouting the island out like all those other times. Why they kept visiting here only the Gods know why. I can only remember some kind of red mist and when I awoke, or came around if you like, I was stuck in wolf form but fully sentient.”

From what I know, you should not even have remembered what happened when in beast form.

“That’s right. I never had before. I have been like this ever since and it is kind of like a blessing. If people come here sniffing around I can just hide till they have gone.”

The old crone’s name is Allie. My beloved had also been afflicted. She had no werewolf inside to prevent death and if not for Allie she would be dead.

“Allie came snooping around looking for her son. His disappearance had nothing to do with me Wulf. Only the Gods know the truth of what happened to him.”

When did this all start?

“Decades ago. She would come out here to the ridge calling out his name in the forest nearby. So I knew something was up but after a long time she stopped coming.”

Allie said the Akavir went away for a while and have only recently come back.

“They were on other parts of the island but not close to here. A couple of years ago they came closer  to this part of the island and Allie also returned. It was then she found my cave. I hid and watched her come and leave. That was the last human contact I had.”

Did you ever see her son? Do you know his name?

“I knew someone was coming up here but I know I hadn’t killed anyone. I saw him once or twice from a distance. I can’t remember the name Allie called out. Only that it was in a language I have never heard before or since. The Gods only know what he was doing all the way up here. But as the Gods are my witness. I never harmed him.”

I know you didn’t Dave. Otherwise we would not be having this conversation. I can see why you like it here. It a quite a view you have.

“Yeah. I love it here!”

I know someone who would love to sit here, by the coast and take in the sea air.

“Your beloved?”

Her name is Rigmor and beauty like this inspires her to create more with her words and paintings. She would find your story fascinating as well. She will have to be patient for her hair to grow.

“Maybe not Wulf. Wait here a moment.”

Dave wandered off to the back of his cave and I lost sight of him.

A few minutes later he reappeared and handed me a small stoppered bottle. He said, “Take this vial of my blood. I hope the hair tonic Allie makes works for Rigmor.”

You have a good soul Dave. I won’t forget your kindness.

“Can you please do me a favour in return? Can you put in a good word for me at the village.”

I promise I will. I will tell them you can trade like any other hunter. Except beer and ale are a bit of a priority I am guessing. Would you like Rigmor and I to visit when we can? I will bring some of Tessio’s 10% Special Brew with me.

“Hey, now that is something I can look forward to. We can make a huge bonfire on the beach and get absolutely shitfaced. Me, you and Rigmor.”

I warn you, Rigmor will drink us both into Oblivion before she even hiccups.

“No wonder you love her! Now you’d better go as she may be getting worried.”

We will visit you and I will put the good word in for you with the villagers. You have my solemn promise.

“Take care Wulf. May the Gods be with you.”

I headed back to Allie’s with a way to thank her. It will also let me inform Rigmor of something I refuse to keep a secret even for five minutes.

I arrived at the shack with trepidation. I am sure Rigmor will understand. I am as mortal as her. I am Dragonborn but not a God. I do not want to be treated any differently. She will understand.

I walked in and said to Allie, “Here is a vial of his blood. Given to me freely by a kind soul.”

Allie said, “You must tell me his story but let me concentrate on the tonic first.”

As she was working on the tonic I said to Rigmor, “You will have lots of questions. Please just listen for now. This is good news I bring.”

Rigmor nodded but looked worried.

Allie finished creating the concoction and said to Rigmor, “Here child, drink the potion. It might not to seem have to worked yet but by the next moon you will wake one morning with a full set of hair.”

Rigmor downed the potion with only a slight grimace betraying its taste. She then said to Allie, “Thank you for everything Allie, I won’t ever forget you.”

Allie replied, “I know you have to be on your way but about the werewolf?”

I said to her, “He is a good man and his name is Dave. He did not harm your son Allie but he said things that made me realise. I know your Son, he is a good friend of Rigmor and I.”

Allie froze for second and then asked, “You know him? Please Dragonchild, tell this old woman what you can to ease her worries.”

He was taken from this island just after he turned eighteen years of age. I do not know who took him or where he went but he was trained as a warrior of exceptional skill as well as a master mage. He arrived in Skyrim a few years ago and helped Rigmor and I stop an invasion and thwart the plans of a God. An enemy of Mundus. He has since tackled other Gods and evil to assist his Lord Akatosh maintain the sacred covenant. He is well loved by many and his concern has always been for the welfare of the mortals on this planet. His father has visited and given him advice when needed the most. He loves The Divine and he knows they love him. Like you he has lost some memories and that upsets him. Very recently a person whose destiny is entwined with his told him something that he will now know is the absolute truth.

It would take loving and dedicated parents to make him the man he now is. Parents who instilled in him his compassion and morals and willingness to sacrifice. Taught not just by words but by their own deeds.

He has found love in all its forms to be the most precious thing. The love of friends, adopted children and his beloved is the only reward he has ever needed.  

You should be proud of him Allie. He is doing what The Divine ask him to do and your love shines through him and it blesses those around him.

Allie had tears and a smile. She had heard what her heart desired the most.  News of her precious and much loved Son.

Rigmor hugged her and said, “What Dragonborn said is true. He would be embarrassed and feel unworthy of such praise.”

They separated and Allie reached over to wipe a tear from my cheek. She said, “At last I can return and I thank you. Travel safely my children and always look to the stars. They often reveal what the Gods have hidden.”

With that we left the hut. I wanted to stay and talk but knew I had already pushed the boundaries and could risk millennia of preparation through selfishness if I did.

As I walked towards Rigmor I was formulating how to tell her the rest.

Then I heard a familiar voice. Allie’s voice but with the years removed. It said, “Dragonchild, wait…”

I turned and Saint Alessia was standing in the doorway.

Rigmor exclaimed, “This just get weirder and weirder!”

Alessia entered the shack.

And the door closed.

I asked Rigmor to wait while I had a look inside.

I opened the door and it was apparent the place had not been lived in for decades.

I approached the table that used to have the alchemy equipment. Now it had a note and a ring.

I picked up the ring and was gifted by The Divine with a new Shout. They fulfilled Allie’s promise to allow recovery of Rigmor if her soul is claimed by evil.

The Shout is called Divine Resurrection. Its three Words of Power being Laas Neh Viir. Life Never Dying.

It could also damage other beings and provide extra health to Rigmor.

It was a powerful Shout and worthy of being a Divine gift.

I picked up the note. It simple read, “I’m sorry.”

Sorry for what? There is so much The Divine should be sorry for. Logically I know it had to be the way it is. I might be able to forgive and forget just about everything except for one thing. Involving my beloved and denying her the childhood and simple life she desired and deserved.

I called Rigmor’s name and she came running into the shack and looked around wide eyed.

She asked, “What is this all about Dragonborn. Where is Allie? Who was that woman? This is not weird Dragonborn, this is scary and I like it not one bit.”

That woman was Saint Alessia. The first Emperor of Tamriel. The leader of the slave rebellion and mother of the Minotaur. Allie was a part of Alessia. The Divine created a mortal from Alessia’s essence, her soul. Allie lived the life she described. She was a mortal  in every way except her soul and some powers of foresight given by the Gods. Like I am mortal with Lord Akatosh’s gifts.

Rigmor looked me in the eyes and asked, “And you believe she is you mother? That this is where you were born and raised?”

I know it Rigmor. No uncertainty at all. And they took some of her memories as well. Saint Alessia loved all mortal beings and on her deathbed made the covenant with Lord Akatosh to protect Mundus from Oblivion and the Gods who dwell there. Her soul was placed within a special gem crafted from the blood of Lorkham. That gem is called the Red Diamond or Red Ruby by us but has had many other names throughout history. It was the centre stone of the Amulet of Kings. The Red Diamond contained the souls and wisdom of all the Emperors who wore it. It represented the sacred covenant and an absolute right to rule. Only those with Dragonblood could wear it. They did not have to be Dragonborn and few Emperors have been. All of that was lost during the Oblivion Crises. To restore the protection lost with the death of the Emperor and the extinguishing of the Dragon Flames, Martin Septim forfeited his life and destroyed the Amulet and Red Diamond. This allowed an aspect of Akatosh to enter the mortal realm and fight the Daedric Lord, Mehrune Dagon.

“I know all of this Dragonborn. It is hard to miss the solidified Akatosh when you enter the Imperial City and Mehrune Dagon is the scary thing under every child’s bed. How is it relevant now?”

Morag let it slip. She wanted me to rule beside her in a world where the Daedric Princes hold the fate of mortals in their grasp. A Nirn where the covenant has been reversed. Where our Gods, The Divine, have very little influence because there is a barrier between them and us. This could only happen if Molag Bal somehow creates a new Red Diamond. How he would do that and whose souls it would contain is beyond my knowledge. That is what this is all about. It is the thing you and I have to prevent. It is why they had Allie give birth to me. There is something about the combination of your Mede heritage and mine that is crucial to the future of all mortals and the continuation of the sacred covenant.

“That bitch tried to recruit you? She doesn’t know you very well does she. So if Allie is you mother, who is your father?”

Follow me Rigmor and I will show you.

Rigmor and I left the shack and stood in front of the memorial to her Son and his father.

I asked Rigmor, “Did Allie tell you about her Son and the time he disappeared?”

“Yes and she said she made a memorial to help her remember her Son and his father. I thought it strange she said her partner did not die but returned to the stars.”

Saint Alessia was originally a star worshipper. Celestials I think they called them. Heaven and the domain of the Gods to her will always be the stars. If her partner had died she might have said he returned to the stars. Look at the memorial Rigmor. He partner, my father, did not die.

Rigmor stared at the memorial and went pale. She looked at me and asked, “You believe you father is Talos?”

Not exactly him. An avatar or aspect of his mortal self. Of Tiber Septim. That avatar could not remain on Nirn. It would have taken immense effort to have it exist for that long. To be able to father a child is something that the Gods could do in the past. Alessia coupled with a Demi-God to create the race of Minotaur. How they achieved my conception in the era of Martin’s shield is beyond my knowledge.

“How can we know this is true Dragonborn?”

I am certain of Allie and pretty sure of Tiber Septim. Do you realise what this means Rigmor? The blood of Mede in you and Septim in me. That has to be the reason The Divine need us to be together. Why they entwined us in a shared destiny that has been created and moulded over millennia.

I took Rigmor’s hand in mine, “This makes no difference to who I am! I am the same man you fell in love with. Learning of your Royal blood did not make you a different Rigmor. I am a mortal and possess no Divine powers apart from those gifted by Lord Akatosh.”

Rigmor laughed, “You are my silly, daft Dragonborn. If I see you acting Godlike I will kick you in the cobblers just like your Mum would want me to.”

She got me with the rabbit legs!

With peals of laughter from Rigmor we started on our journey to the fishing village.

 After a while I stopped and said, “Look at the stars Rigmor! Have you ever seen that many?”

No Dragonborn and they are beautiful beyond words.

Soon after that a mist rolled in from the sea. I no longer needed to see the stars to know they were there. I could now feel them. They talked to me in a language I am yet to learn. It might take years or decades but one day I will be able to listen to their wisdom.

As we walked through a small farm I drew my sword and warned Rigmor there was danger nearby.

The danger faded and we had both sheathed our swords. We soon found ourselves in the fishing village. Its name was Sonje.

Some locals were gathered outside the tavern and muttering in angry voices. One of them spotted us and yelled, “Hey you two. Over here and sort out your friend!”

Rigmor said, “Looks like we’re expected.”

As we approached a moustached gentleman said to us, “You had better sort your friend out before we lynch his sorry stinking arse!”

Sir, we have only just arrived in your beautiful village and you assail us with demands and swear in front of Milady. She is not used to such language and is of a delicate nature.

Rigmor piped up, “Yeah right! Pffft!”

Then she addressed the rude townsman, “Listen dome head. I am Rigmor. This idiot is Wulf. Now what is your name and patiently explain what the problem is or I will kick you in the cobblers!”

When he looked at me with a shocked expression I just shrugged my shoulders.

He said, “Beg my pardons. My name is Nils and I am the Elder of this village.”

Well met Elder Nils. Before I attend to your concern may I ask if you know of the werewolf on the coast?

“Yeah, the beast had never been down here though, thank the Gods.”

His name is Davinius and he is simply a good man trapped in that body. He wanted me to bring you a message.

“This should be interesting.”

He wanted me to assure all of you he means you no harm. You know that. He has been there for decades and not hurt a soul in this village correct?

“True. Go on.”

He would be willing to trade goods. Provisions and beer for pelts and meat. As you can imagine, he is a very proficient hunter.

“Well that would be a first but I doubt anyone would want to risk a confrontation. I’ll let the others know and keep what you said in mind.”

To the brave go the rewards.

“True. Now will you please go and sort out your stinky friend.”

I can guess who it may be but explain to us what the problem is.

“He stinks so bad he has emptied my Inn. And he is half naked!”

Only half naked? It must be cold in there. We’ll deal with him.

So Rigmor and I entered the tavern and sitting in the corner was the walking talking fart also known as Sethri.

Rigmor and I sat at the table with him and Rigmor said, “Oh my Sethri, you stinker! Hahahaha.”

Sethri greeted us, “Greetings Dragonborn and Rigmor. I knew you would be coming here. I have waited here since yesterday. I wouldn’t recommend the service… it is terrible. In fact as someone once said to me, piss poor.”

No Sethri it is you. Put a cork in it will you. You’re smelling up the place.

“Good beans Dragonborn. Good beans.”

Rigmor said, “Sethri, you’re unbelievable. These poor people need to be able to come back into their Inn. So please stop cutting the cheese!”

“I’ll behave. Tell them the coast is clear… hahaha!”

Rigmor went outside to tell the locals they can use their inn again. I asked Sethri, “OK Sethri, seriously now, what is the news?”

“Ever heard of ‘Table Mountain?’ It is just over the border with Hammerfell, North of the Brena River. Well that is where Morag Sethius goes to rejuvenate her youth. She does this by basking in the rays of a living soul gem which stands on a plinth below the mountain in the catacombs there. To get to the catacombs you climb the mountain and enter some ancient Ayleid ruins on the top.”

Just then the locals came in with dire warnings to Sethri about controlling his emissions.

I waited for Rigmor to sit before continuing, “What is so special about this soul gem? What the hell is a living soul gem. I am a mage and so are you Sethri. That makes zero sense.”

“It is called the ‘Bridge of Sighs’ and it contains the souls of all the children Morag Sethius had brought to the table of the Vampiric Defilers. Remember those? The Bloodlet Throne.”

No Sethri. I forgot rescuing Sorella, the wolves who would not attack her and the vampires who wanted to eat her. Lucky you reminded me. Of course I fucking well remember! Especially after Morag and I had a good chat about it. She accused me of murdering her brood. I told her they committed suicide. That place was one of many they were collecting children. Forgive me if I am a bit sensitive on that one. Please continue.

“OK Dragonborn. Keep you knickers on. Anyway, the gem emits rays and because of its nature, trapped children’s souls, it can never diminish, only grow stronger.”

As I told Morag when she tried to compare her hunting children to me absorbing Dragon souls, she does not consume the souls. She collects them for her Daddy. He made her an inferior vampire that needs this ray to look pretty where superior ones, such as the Volkihar Clan, remain young for eternity both here and in Coldharbour. She is a slave to her vanity.

“I get the idea you are not too fond of Morag? Anyway, when your friend basks in the rays the gem becomes more powerful and unstable. She herself is connected to it via a ‘bridge’”

Yes, a closed loop. She gets her pretties from the Gem and she feeds back some of the life force she has absorbed by consuming blood and flesh. She is eternally young in Coldharbour, even second class vampires like her are whilst there. She is using the ‘bridge’ to maintain her looks on the mortal plain. She needs them to seduce gullible mortals so she can gain powerful positions and seed the chaos she loves.

Let me guess Sethri. Molag Bal wants to open up a gate to Coldharbour on Nirn the same as Mehrune Dagon did. Same as Boethia tried with the “Culling” during the Great War. The same as the New Order wanted to do for Malacath. Every single Daedric Lord wishes the same except for Azura. The question is, when will the gate be opened?

“The ‘Bridge of Sighs’ will eventually grow so powerful it will open the rift to Oblivion and he can pass through. He makes no secret of it. He even boasted to Azura of his plans.”

There is more to it Sethri. The Red Diamond and/or Kings Amulet is at play. He just doesn’t want to open a rift. He wants to put up a barrier to block The Devine. A reverse of Martin’s shield that currently fulfils the sacred covenant between Akatosh and Saint Alessia. That is his ultimate goal. A replacement covenant.

“Morag Sethius got you to kill the last Minotaur right?”

She did not get me to do anything. She did not trick me. She and her Daddy think they did. Molag Bal wanted the prophecy of the Chosen Queen to be fulfilled and the first part was the lifting of the Alessian Curse. Molag plans to make Morag the Chosen Queen. Akatosh is aware of that. He has somebody else in mind. The Divine wanted me to kill the last Minotaur. But I did it for neither Morag or my Gods. I did it because my brother asked me to kill him. Neither of us cared about some prophecy I have never even seen mentioned before. He needed a brother or sister to kill him so he could re-join Alessia and his family amongst the stars.

Rigmor asked, “I thought you said he needed another half-beast, not a sibling.”

He needed a half beast brother or sister. Just before my blade severed his head he said, ‘Thank you brother.’ Who is the mother of all Minotaur even if she only birthed one?

“Alessia! Oh my Dragonborn…I am so sorry… “

Sethri interjected, “I am not following this at all.”

I will reveal all in good time Sethri. All in good time.

Rigmor asked, “When we talked about this you said Akatosh planned to blind-side Molag Bal. If his plan is to stop Morag being the Chosen Queen then who does he have in mind?”

You are the Chosen Queen for our side. Morag for the other.

Rigmor said, “I think I am gonna be sick…” She then ran outside to up-chuck.

Sethri said, “Hahaha! I love that kid.”

I said to Sethri, “Rigmor will find nothing amusing about this and neither should you. Think about what it means for her. How much of her life has been manipulated by my Gods and your mistress Sethri? We will wait for her to return. I have some more questions and Rigmor needs to hear them.”

Sethri studied the bottom of his long empty mug and I contemplated my aggressiveness. It seems like I can no longer stand being told what I already know as if it is some huge revelation. I must remember that others do not know what I know. You know.

After a few minutes Rigmor returned and I asked her, “How are you feeling?”

“Can we please not talk about that Chosen Queen crap any-more?”

No more on that but we need to know two more things OK?


I asked Sethri, “How long have we got?”

“We are quickly running out of time Dragonborn. ‘The Bridge’ is almost at its zenith.”

Can we destroy the ‘Bridge’ or the gem?

“Destroying it will free the souls and purge the parasitic host. Either killing it or sending it back to Coldharbour.”

Pity, Rigmor wanted to shove her sword up Morag’s arse. Isn’t there a danger to releasing so much energy at once. Anybody in the room could die and not just Morag. Depending on how concentrated the energy and what area it is contained in you could also cause a rift.

“Yes, we thought of that. If the rift is big enough Molag Bal could pass through into the mortal world.”

I would get squished like a bug if I tried to face Molag Bal in battle!

“That is why we have a backup plan. Malesam and his Mistress have been working on it. Boethia and Molag Bal are not the best of friends. All will be revealed when you get back to Bruma. All in good time Dragonborn.”

Rigmor said, “All of this stuff, yesterday and today. Gods, prophecies, all of it. It is getting too much Dragonborn.”

Sethri said to Rigmor, “You have much worse things to worry about right now Rigmor!”

“Like what? How can anything get possibly worse?

Sethri concentrated and I knew what was coming. He said, “Well like when push comes to shove…”

OK, I must admit it sounded like a fart enhanced by Thu’um. It filled the inn with sound then…

The patrons started coughing and dry retching and we were banned for life. Why do I get banned or thrown out when I am innocent?

We stood to leave when a villager stuck his head in the door and yelled, “The village is under attack!”

I said, “Come on you two. If it is the Akaviri the villagers will get slaughtered.”

The elder and some locals were already amassing at the inn door. We raced passed them and out into mayhem.

Sethri was throwing lightning bolts at them. I yelled to him, “Inferno. Use that if you know it!”

He replied, “Only know Fireball and I don’t think the villagers would like that one!”

With the aid of Sethri and some villagers I managed to clear the village.

At the town entrance a major skirmish was occurring and Dave was in the middle of it. Whenever his hit an opponent with his mighty arms and claws they flew dozens of feet. Sometimes they never got back up.

Soon there were two left and I hit them with a Cyclone shout.

And finished them off as they landed.

Dave ran off as soon as the fight was finished.

I started looking for a Tsaesci and found one sprawled where he landed from a Dave swipe.

I searched him and found some orders signed by Morag that read, “Kill the Dragonslayer or die trying. Fools!”

I approached Rigmor and Sethri and said, “These Akaviri were sent to kill me, not you this time Rigmor. I found their orders, signed by Morag, on one of the Tsaesci. Remember I sensed danger was we walked through the farm. It was probably one of their scouts.”

 Tendril said, “So you know who they are then?”

I know of the Tsaesci. These ‘remnants” are a new one on me. A group of them was sent to kill or capture Rigmor at the prison. They slaughtered everybody, man, women and child. I got there in time to save Rigmor. Yesterday they ambushed us at a camp down the road. Once again Rigmor was their target.

“Many of the remnants are former Imperial soldiers who were captured after the disastrous invasion of Akivir by Uriel Septim”

I wondered who they were as all men on Akivir were supposed to have been killed by the Tsaesci long before that idiotic invasion. It makes sense that they would side with Molag Bal and Morag since they are all vampires.

“I should have told you before, ahem, clearing the Inn. You need to get to Bruma right away as Sethius had already besieged it. You must speak to Malesam before you go to Table Mountain. He is in Bruma helping with the defence. Cerys is preparing potions and other things for healing the inevitable wounded. Malesam’s mistress will help with the plan to deal with Molag Bal if he comes through a rift.”

Rigmor and I have already decided we will try Yngol for help. Casius is off fishing or whatever it is he does on the ships. I do not want to drag Skyrim into this Sethri. Not unless Yngol can’t help us.

Rigmor asked Sethri, “Who is besieging Bruma? Is it Leyawiin?”

“Yes Rigmor. Led by Robere de Medalius.”

I laughed, “We can take our time then Rigmor. Bobby is no commander.”

Sethri said, “You would have to stop by Yngol’s anyway. The ‘Bridge of Sighs’ can only be destroyed by a child tainted with the calling and by a silver arrow fired from “Xenia’s Wrath”. Yngol would come with his crack troops just to protect her plus his pledge to Ragnar virtually ensures he will help.”

Rigmor protested, “Sorella is only a child. About twelve by now at the most!”

“She might be a child Rigmor but Angi has turned her into a crack marksman. She will only need one shot to hit the gem I am sure. She is called Sorella Storm-Bow now since Yngol adopted her.”

I told Sethri the formula to help with those afflicted during the attack and said, “That potion can also be used to coat weapons. It will provide a one hit kill for an arrow or weapon against these Akivir monsters.”

“Thank you Dragonborn. I will stay and help these poor villagers as best I can. Azura wants me at Table Mountain so I’ll head there when I am done here.”

Until later Sethri. Be careful, we might need your arse if we are going to win this war.

“I will stock up on good beans then. Fare well Dragonborn, and Princess Rigmor of Bruma.”

Come on Rigmor, let us see if there are any boats heading for Skyrim.

We made our way to the docks and I approached a fisherman, “Hello, I am Wulf and this is Rigmor. We were wondering if you can help us get to Dawnstar or any of the other ports in Skyrim? I can pay handsomely.”

“Well met, my name is Mikael. I will take you to Dawnstar for free. It is the least I can do for you and you friends, including the smelly one and hairy one, saved our village.”

There is an Imperial Galley anchored near the bay outlet. Can you outrun it if it comes after us?”

 “Aye, I should be able to. We are lighter and faster and I know these waters like the back of my hand.”

Well it is worth the chance and we really have no choice so thank you.

“Stow yourselves in the cabin and get some rest. Leave the rest to me.”

We followed Mikael aboard his boat and headed for the cabin.

When we entered Rigmor sat wearily upon the bed and said, “Dragonborn, all this prophecy stuff, right now I’m having a bit of a hard time taking it all in. Could you sit down and explain to me just what the hell is going on because I don’t like it one little bit.”

I sat next to my beloved and said, “Rigmor, you know our destinies were entwined and are now a single destiny. We are going to get dragged along not matter how hard we try not to. Everything is going to happen for a reason and we might struggle to figure out what that is.”

“What if I don’t want to go along with it? What if they, all the Gods, can stick their grand plan? The Chosen Champion of Azura? The Chosen Queen of Cyrodiil. What if I choose not to be any of those things?”

What if I chose not to be Wulf, Champion of The Divine? What if I came running after you when you were crossing the border like I wanted to do so very much? We would all be dead. One of the things I prevented would have not been prevented. I knew that and stayed in Skyrim and remained their Champion. That did not stop me being other things. It did not stop me becoming a bard or opening the schools or stopping the civil war my way or helping others like Serana start a new life. We can fight it Rigmor or we accept it and save the world from Molag Bal and exercise our free will where we can and when we can. If you have to be a Queen then be the Queen you think Tamriel needs. It sucks and we can ask, “Why us!” and wail or we do the best we can, together, to ride this destiny to its end.

“You told me that our love is not something designed and planned for by The Divine or any other Gods. But what if it was? That our love is a lie? Am I going to lose you as part of their plans? Dragonborn, I would rather die than lose you again!”

No Rigmor. You know it is not a lie. You know it to your core. I was told by Talos they needed us to be together but it did not matter if friend, lover or even enemy. If being lovers was so important to their plan they would have ensured no other choice was possible. You were going to marry Bobby! They did not manipulate you to choose me instead. It was your free choice after those heated arguments and accusations and uncertainty that we endured until that night in the hotel. Even then it was our free will that decided this was good. This was ours.

Listen to me Rigmor of Bruma, my Princess, my Queen, we will continue to play their game but by our rules now. The Dragonborn comes for them and with his beloved beside him they are no match.

“I love you… “

The Gods now know how much I love you. I think you told my Mum as well!

“Oh my… I did say… oh!”

It is alright. I can just pull Sigunn aside and have a similar chat!


Let us get some sleep Rigmor.

“Dragonborn would you hold me… please…”

We fell asleep that night holding each other close and listening to the creaks and water under the hull and other sounds of a naval existence. No destiny did we feel.

Wulf Septim. That is my name. I was shaped by love and I am content.

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