Loredas, 18th Sun’s Dawn, 4E 205 & Sundas, 19th Sun’s Dawn Part One

Bruma Castle: Speeches.

This journal entry was written at Casius’ Base Camp on the 19th Sun’s Dawn

I had been up for about an hour when there was a knock on the door. I said, “Enter.”

It was Cerys and she told me I was needed in the Cabinet Room urgently.

I entered the Cabinet Room expecting a table full of half-awake people and instead found Malesam and Freathof waiting for me.

I approached them and said, “Good morning.”

Here is the conversation,

  • Malesam: Aah! Guardian, Casius had sent word. He is now ready and waiting.
  • Wulf: Good. Rigmor, Sorella and I will leave when it is dark or close to.
  • Malesam: Yes but something had come up, a slight problem. It has taken us a bit by surprise and we would like your opinion on the matter.
  • Wulf: Why just us? Where are the others?
  • Malesam: Freathof and I thought it prudent to discuss it between ourselves before we involve the others.
  • Wulf: A bit odd. Still, what is the problem?
  • Malesam: Leyawiin sent an envoy under a flag of truce to the barricades this morning.
  • Freathof: Since the capture of his son, Ser Robere, we do indeed seem to have reached a stalemate. The Count of Leyawiin has personally taken control of the valley as predicted.
  • Wulf: So he wants to parley?
  • Freathof: I am afraid it is not so simple.
  • Malesam: Count Leyawiin is not to parley but The Lord Chancellor, Martin Blackwell himself.
  • Freathof: He is prepared to come to the castle, alone, risking his personal safety to discuss terms.
  • Malesam: Whatever the terms are they must be officially approved by Sethius. By capturing Ser Robere we have significantly changed the parameters of the whole situation we find ourselves in but unless we play along we won’t know how to proceed. Refusing him would cause suspicions and we can’t afford that.
  • Freathof: We would need to honour our duty to his safety. Taking him hostage would be out of the question. Killing him even worse. We don’t have the military might to take the fight directly to Sethius and he knows that. We would still need to stick to plan A.
  • Malesam: We could however use this meeting to play for time. As far as they are concerned they think the obvious. That we rescued our Countess and regained the initiative. That we are prepared for a lengthy siege possibly in the hope of peace talks. Maybe Sethius is prepared to relent and offer a pardon if Rigmor marries Sir Robere. We just don’t know.
  • Wulf: Don’t go there Malesam.
  • Malesam: However, we have a slight little issue. He will want to speak directly to the Countess.
  • Wulf: Why would that be an issue?
  • Freathof: We fear Rigmor is not accustomed to negotiation at this level. Up until now we worked our problems out together. We have not been in a situation where only one is in charge.
  • Wulf: I still fail to see the issue. Are you worried Rigmor is incapable?
  • Freathof: Exactly. By protocol Rigmor must discuss and negotiate the offered terms with him.
  • Malesam: Blackwell regards Rigmor as but a mere child. As for Leyawiin, as long as Ser Robere is still alive, she’s still a potential daughter in law and we should include this scenario in a possible settlement.
  • Wulf: Malesam, you failed in your advice to Rigmor and put her in danger. This advice is utter bullshit as well. Do you know of the speech Rigmor gave to the Sons of Talos to get them to join our fight against the New Order?
  • Malesam: Of course.
  • Wulf: Do you think Blackwell would?
  • Malesam: Everybody does.
  • Wulf: So Rigmor stands up and does one of the most famous and documented speeches in recent history and Blackwell would think her a mere child? A leader of men and peerless warrior who has faced down far greater odds than Leyawiin can muster and she is but a child? I heard Blackwell deliberately play down his knowledge of Rigmor’s feats in that war to Sethius. You have no idea what Blackwell thinks of Rigmor as he has never discussed her with you. He has with me. History and Blackwell do not regard her as a mere child, only her failed advisor does.
  • Freathof: Guardian!
  • Wulf: To even suggest Rigmor should discuss marriage to that piece of fucking slime is to show utter ignorance of how much she was impacted by his betrayal. She would never agree to another false promise of marriage. If either of you go so far as to suggest she actually marry him I will personally go to the prison and slit his throat. He wanted to kill Rigmor or has that slipped your mind? Protect her Malesam like the Mede’s writ to the College demands.
  • Malesam: I apologised for the mistake with International Law.
  • Wulf: And I accepted your apology but that does not change the fact you are fallible. Let us discuss what we don’t know and stop assuming we know others. Maybe, just maybe, they do not assume the obvious and the parley will allow Blackwell to probe and see what he can uncover.
  • Malesam: If they were suspicious Blackwell would not be bothering with small talk.
  • Freathof: If for one moment he thought the Emperor was in danger they would be attacking us with everything they had. Leyawiin, although a friend of Sethius, is ultimately expendable.
  • Wulf: We have done nothing to threaten the Emperor. Even our march on Table Mountain is not a threat to the Emperor. Unless he has a spy amongst those who sit around that table behind you he would not know Quintus is contemplating marching down the road as a rebel. A threat to Morag is not a threat to the Emperor!
  • Malesam: What Freathof and I think is Sethius wants Ser Robere released due to his friendship with Leyawiin. Blackwell has to do his bidding.
  • Wulf: Possible.
  • Malesam: What we say, and how we present ourselves will be the deciding factor for Blackwell. He will try and dominate Rigmor. He will probe and coerce. If he also wants to see Ser Robere is actually alive and well then we will know…
  • Wulf: We would know absolutely nothing! Why would he not want to see Robere? No matter what else this is a fact gathering trip by Blackwell and the condition of our hostage a fact. Imagine if he went back and could not tell them if Robere was still in one piece and breathing! The only conclusion to be made is he is doing his duty.
  • Malesam: One thing we do know is any offer made by Blackwell is binding. He is as true as his word. Even if Sethius cannot be trusted.
  • Wulf: He has limited ability to implement something Sethius reneges upon no matter his sincerity at the time of an offer.
  • Freathof: They play their noble games and would forget all that has come to pass. No one wants to fight. Her pardon by right of combat would stand. Sethius would become popular as the Noble Houses favour Rigmor. They proved that at the trial. The Leyawiin’s would still happily accept the marriage of Rigmor and Ser Robere, as would all the other houses.
  • Wulf: Enough! Rigmor will neither discuss nor agree to a marriage to Robere for the reasons I outlined a minute ago. You still do not get it do you? To allow Rigmor’s hand in marriage to be a bargaining chip you reduce her value as a person even if we never intend to honour the engagement. Just to lie like that is a major blow to her values. You try and justify it by saying it is part of the responsibility of being a Countess. No it isn’t! It is you two getting sucked into the political game and forgetting the person behind the title. Neither of you have ever understood the spirit and values of this wonderful woman who has been in your presence all this time. Just tell me what you want me to do!
  • Freathof: You are best to council her. She will listen to you.
  • Wulf: She might but she is and always will be her own woman with her own ideas.
  • Malesam: Prepare Rigmor as best you can. We need to get this over with as soon as possible. She also needs to dress accordingly. Remind her, this is a game we simply cannot lose. We must retain composure and make her response to any proposition believable. Ultimately she must make it seem she will accept the offer on the table but we must play for time. So she could ‘consider’ the offer and let Blackwell know when she has sought counsel.
  • Wulf: I am sure she would never have thought of that because Freathof hasn’t spent hundreds of hours teaching her this stuff.

I said to Cerys, “Can you please arrange for Rigmor and I to have her room to ourselves while we discuss this meeting with Blackwell. You might want to remove anything fragile, like Sorella.”

Cerys giggled and replied, “Follow me Dragonborn.”

So I followed Cerys because we were protocolling.

She hesitated before knocking on the door and said to me, “They do not understand her Arch Mage. I have been witness to her suffering under these stupid expectations. She is my closest friend and I want to see her happy. They would see her miserable despite their best intentions.”

Cerys knocked and waited for the ‘enter’ and then I waited for permission to enter like a good protocol person.

I entered and Rigmor was standing by her bed. I waited for Cerys and Sorella to exit before approaching her. She asked, “Cerys said you want to talk?”

The Lord Chancellor wants to speak to us. He is asking for parley.

“Crap! That changes things.”

Apparently you are so stupid I am supposed to tell you to make sure he doesn’t suspect we have any plans. Like you know, very quiet now, Table Mountain. Shhhh!

“So I act the best I can as a Countess, without betraying us, and making him suspicious?”

Wow, and you said that without dribbling. Yes beloved, that is the extent of it.

“What can I expect from him?”

What all parleys like this aim for. Some sort of compromise. A solution to the problem.

“What sort of compromise?”

Freathof and Malesam guessed he would offer you a pardon if you married Bobby. We end the siege and everyone goes home.

“Dragonborn are you feeling OK?”

Forgive me Rigmor but I told them you would never agree to even a fake acceptance. I just detest the way those who are supposed to love you think it is OK to reduce your life to a bargaining chip. How they just expect you to forget real love and happiness and play this stupid fucking game. It drove you to Robere in the first place! They do not do it in Skyrim. Yngol and Angi will not expect Sorella to marry some pimple faced milk drinker just because he is a noble! It is no different than the Gods deciding you are going to be the ‘Chosen Queen’!

“Don’t worry my silly Dragonborn. I am sick of that game as well. As for Blackwell, this is the type of thing I have been tutored in.”

That is what I said to them. They keep underestimating you Rigmor. They are worried Blackwell will run rings around you. I wonder if they know you at all.

“They have not had an opportunity to see me in action.”

Your past record should be enough. They have constantly mistaken your free spirit and non-conformity for immaturity. They have ignored what you have accomplished and never taken advantage of your strengths. They have a model of a Countess in their head and have tried to cut away all the bits that don’t fit. I left you with these people for over three years!

“So you three talked behind my back? Hahaha!”

Be thankful. At least you did not have to listen to their drivel!

“Malesam and Freathof are hiding behind their cushions while they send you into the room?”

For some unknown reason they thought you would listen to me.

“Come on, I’m not that bad am I? On second thoughts, don’t answer that”

That is not what I think Rigmor. I told them you are an independent woman with her own thoughts.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be ready for when he arrives. Don’t know what I’m gonna do with my hair though. But I’ll make an effort.”

Just more bullshit! I bet Blackwell has ten different suits all the same he just rotates. Why should you look any different for him? I love your hair the way it is and everybody else can take a flying leap.

“So what is their grand plan?”

I have no idea how they thought of this. It must have taken them hours of deep thought. You are to consider any proposals and that you will let Blackwell know after discussing it with your advisors.

“The first strategy in parley and they think this will fool Blackwell?”

Apparently it is simple enough for you to implement. Can’t get too complicated for our bonehead Countess.

“Has Casius been in contact?”

Yes, he is waiting for us. We will leave close to dark.

“Dragonborn, this might be the only time we have alone for ages.”

Don’t say another word my love.

We made love as noisily and as passionately as we ever have. We really did not care anymore. This was our time and the world and destiny could wait.

We were lying on a tangle on the floor when I said, “Umm… I think we should tidy up and get ready for Blackwell.”

Rigmor replied, “Nope, my turn to take control Dragonborn!”

So we said goodbye to the world again and retreated into us.

A different tangle this time when I said, “I think we had better stop now. Even I know that practising the Dibellan arts is not a diplomatically acceptable excuse for being late.”

“Do you think anybody heard us?”

They would probably think you are beating me up for trying to teach you diplomacy.

Rigmor laughed that laugh and we made ourselves as presentable as possible.

I entered the Cabinet Room and Malesam asked, “Aah! Guardian, Blackwell has arrived and is waiting. Is the Countess prepared?”

Yes. She was out of practice with probing so we practised that quite a bit.

Freathof said, “Let’s hope she doesn’t falter. I know how fragile she can be.”

I replied, “Stop underestimating her Freathof. It is really starting to get on my nerves.”

We entered the Throne Room and Blackwell was waiting with his back to us.

I took my place to the left of the throne.

I was so proud of Rigmor when she appeared in her normal gear and my favourite hairstyle. Fuck you protocol!

When she sat I could see suppressed anger. I bet wearing a sword into a parley is not protocol either.

Captain Grimbold announced, “The Lord Chancellor, Martin Blackwell.”

I have never seen a harder to read person. I am sure if you set him on fire Blackwell’s expression would not change. He said, “Countess Rigmor, may I thank you for accepting my request for an audience. I hope we can talk frankly and openly about this situation we have found ourselves in.”

(I took a quick glance at Rigmor. Frank is what he is going to get.)

He continued, “I come here today in the hope this unfortunate set of circumstances can be swiftly overcome. The Emperor only wishes to find an amicable agreement from which we can all benefit. Thereby bringing about once again the peace we had, until recently, enjoyed. Therefore I have a proposal… “

(Rigmor stood. Her hands open and closed a few times as if she was ready to draw her sword. I have seen her like this countless times. But I trusted it would be words, not her hand and a half bastard sword that she would use to cut Blackwell down.)

Rigmor yelled, “STOP!”

(Blackwell did. Malesam almost fainted. I quietly laughed.)

She continued, “Don’t think I don’t know why you are here Lord Chancellor. The only reason you are here is to offer me nothing. The only reason you are here is because you think we will bow down to you. You think we are weak and will drop everything to please the Emperor who had, up until now, tried to kill us!”

(Blackwell made a fatal mistake. He tried to interrupt one of Rigmor’s angry tirades.)

Blackwell protested, “But I haven’t… “

Rigmor replied viciously, “I haven’t finished!”

(Blackwell’s jaw snapped shut. Malesam looked like he was going to lose his breakfast. I looked at my beloved with unhidden pride.)

Rigmor growled, “You came here as an errand boy who now serves a Bandit King who has usurped an Empire that belongs to the Mede Dynasty and the true Emperor, also your Emperor, Titus Mede II! A Bandit King who is at the beck and call of the real power behind the throne. A monster, a Daughter of Coldharbour, who wishes to take my land and tear us apart! I will wager your proposal would have me marry the very same piece of crap you were sent here to hopefully set free and you expected me to comply because I fear you! I don’t fear you, I fear for Cyrodiil and the Empire. I will fight you to the last man, to the very last breath, because it is right and just! I will fight you in the name of the one true Emperor, Titus Mede II, because it is right and just.”

(I looked at Captain Grimbold and he had a huge grin on his face. Malesam was as pale as a corpse. I let my smile take over my face. This was brilliant!)

“I have fought better armies than that Leyawiin rabble you have in the valley and I dare you to come and fight me. If you can climb over the mountain of your dead to reach us we will smash you all the way down again with our shield walls. I declare Bruma to be a Free City again and I revoke the Noble Decree. I revoke the White Gold Agreement.”

(At this stage Rigmor was trembling with rage. I was ready to tackle her if she launched herself at Blackwell. Malesam looked like he wanted to crawl under something.)

“Any noble that brings themselves to the gates of Bruma in an act against my people will have their heads decorating the parapet of MY walls for the whole world to see including that monster Morag Sethius if she dared show her face here. So you go and tell ‘your’ Emperor if Leyawiin wants his son back alive, and he really wants a lasting peace, to cease hostilities with immediate effect because if he wants to try it on with me…”

(Go on my beloved. Tell him the truth as we both know it.)

“I will leave a bloody trail paved with skulls all the way to the gates of the Imperial City!”

 (With that Rigmor started marching off while still giving Blackwell the angry stare I know so well.)

I thought about it for a second then clapped and said loudly, “Bravo Countess. Bravo!”

(Rigmor let out a contended sigh. Malesam started to open and close his mouth like a fish out of water.)

Finally Malesam found his spine, some air and his voice and said, “I…erm.”

Blackwell rescued him from further embarrassment by saying, “No! Court Adviser Malesam, no need. I will of course relay the Countess’ proposal to the Emperor but before I leave I humbly ask if I can see Ser Robere in person.”

Malesam replied, “Of course Lord Chancellor.”

Then he addressed me, “Guardian, would you escort the Lord Chancellor to the prisoner’s quarters. Freathof and I will…er, retire to the Cabinet Room.”

Certainly Court Advisor Malesam. Would you mind passing on my congratulations to Countess Rigmor for the best speech I have heard in a long time. You should all be very proud of her.

I approached Blackwell and said, “This way Lord Chancellor. I believe we will find Robere in the jail. I have no idea where the prisoner’s quarters are.”

Blackwell replied, “After you.”

I took Blackwell to meet Robere and here is their conversation,

  • Robere: Blackwell, have you come to free me? About time, I knew these rats would crumble…
  • Blackwell: No Ser Robere, I have come to make sure you are alive as part of the negotiations. Please behave in an orderly manner until the time comes for you to return home.
  • Robere: This is a fucking joke right? You tell these peasants to let me the fuck out of her or…
  • Blackwell: Or you’ll what? Juggle some balls, dance like a clown, piss you pants?
  • Robere: Fuck you Blackwell! Wait till my father hears of this… He’s gonna…
  • Blackwell: Shut up you worthless little shit! The reason we are in this mess in the first place is because of you. Instead of being a good boy and getting yourself slain and dying a hero like a real noble knight you threw away your weapon and rolled over at the first opportunity. You are an embarrassment. Foul mouthed wretch. Five minutes with a hot iron would teach you some manners. If you dare utter one more sound, I swear I’ll have your tongue torn out of your mouth, right here, right now…

Blackwell turned to me and asked, “Thank you Guardian. That is all I need for now. Is there anywhere we can talk privately?”

I’ll show you out and we can talk in the hall. Apologies for the big smile but today has been highly entertaining.

As I walked past Robere I said, “Are you a good barn doggie? Yes you are!”

Once out in the hallway I stopped to talk to Blackwell who said, “What am I going to tell the Emperor? I certainly believe we can come to some arrangement but, I’ll think you will agree, I cannot repeat to him what the Countess… stated.”

You can summarise it Blackwell. Free City again. Concordat revoked. Decree revoked. Skulls all the way to the Imperial City if hostilities escalate. I liked that bit! Notice she did not threaten the Emperor at any stage.

“Not directly. What I took from that display, no, angry outburst, and under the circumstances perfectly understandable, was what would happen if the Emperor was to continue hostilities. Bruma is remaining in a defensive position for now and will not resort to aggression unless provoked.”

Anger or not she got her point across quite well don’t you think? But that wasn’t ‘really angry’. You don’t want to see Rigmor ‘really angry’.

“I could live with the fact Bruma wants to return to its former Free City status. I would do everything in my power to make sure the Emperor was not swayed to betray any settlement agreed, but…”

But another also has the ear of your Emperor. Do you want to know something she said when we had that little meeting just after Rigmor was arrested? She offered to snap her husband’s neck like a twig and take up with me as Emperor and her as the Chosen Queen. That is what this is all about Blackwell. The politics is a minor background to the bigger struggle between my bosses, The Divine, and her Daddy, Molag Bal. While you and your Emperor are looking this way she is plotting the death of you all behind your back. She is the threat Blackwell, not Rigmor.

Not only that, and I don’t know if your spy network had picked it up yet, she has been colluding with the Akaviri to invade Tamriel. Meanwhile Imperial naval vessels have been taking Tamriel citizens and handing them over to her vampire lizard friends as food. Evidence of that collusion and ‘food gathering’ has been handed to that annoyingly efficient emissary Baa’Ren-Dar. I have no doubt it is now in the hands of the Senior Council in exile. What happens if they demand his resignation Blackwell, what then?

“Oh trust me Guardian, I still have the ear of the Emperor. He is my only concern. Any charges of collusion will be dealt with if and when they come. Whether I think Rigmor is right or wrong makes no difference. I serve the seat of Cyrodiil. It is nothing personal. As I said, I am quite fond of the girl, even more so now.”

That was rather impressive wasn’t it? She would have been a timid meek clone of a Cyrodiil noble if her advisers got their way. They are not fit to judge her capabilities Blackwell. Let the real Rigmor loose and she is capable of virtually anything.

“Hahaha! She moved me. You make sure you take good care of her Guardian. I would hate if anything were to happen to her.”

You have no idea of the forces that would descend on those who harmed her Blackwell. I am not boasting but stating a fact. Using a fraction of my power I killed way more than 50% of Robere’s forces yesterday. I am sure as a learned man you are familiar with what Reman, Tiber and Pelinal were all capable of when enraged. So yes, you would hate it if anything happened to her, especially if you were anywhere near the cause.

You know little of what happened during the New Order invasion apart from the official story. Rigmor and I did not just stop an invasion of Tamriel. We stopped Malacath becoming a living God King and slaughtering every mortal on Nirn. I went into Oblivion to confront him. That is what I will do to protect her Blackwell. That is how important she is to me and once again, to the survival of mortals on Nirn.

We have kept this little war to a minimum so we can concentrate on the real issue which is Morag and her Daddy. If we wanted your Emperor’s seat we would have had it by now I can assure you.

“I know Dragonborn. I know what you are capable of. I know the good work you have done in Skyrim for the normal people. I know there is much not reported. I know you have showed restraint. I know Rigmor is important to you. I know how dangerous Morag Bal is to us all.”

What are you reporting to Sethius?

“What I shall do is explain that she, Bruma, is prepared to release Ser Robere under condition we agree to a temporary aggression pact pending further negotiation on our future relations.”

You are providing us with a delay Blackwell as well as reporting on an agreement not fully discussed under parley. Is that not breaking your own rules?

“Not at all as Leyawiin is more of a threat to the Emperor than Rigmor of Bruma. Morag Sethius knows it well. It is a shame Rigmor got caught up in the power struggle. Morag Sethius will be more inclined to deal with them first, and would rather prefer Ser Robere reside here, permanently. It will be interesting to see what she says about it all to be honest with you. Plus it will give you the time you need to get to Table Mountain.”

Of course you know. Even without spies you would know the logical target of choice. You also know, I hope, that if we fail to stop Morag at Table Mountain then it will be Morag Bal taking care of Leyawiin, all of Cyrodiil, all of Tamriel, all of Nirn.

“My loyalties lie with who so ever sits upon the throne of the Imperial City. Last time I looked, Morag Sethius was not the Emperor. I do not concern myself with Gods at war. From my perspective she is just another threat to Sethius personally and the stability of the Empire. The next time we meet we may be able to come to some more meaningful and long lasting settlement. Until then I bid you farewell.”

I look forward to our next meeting Blackwell. At least with you I do not have to play the game.

“I shall continue to serve the Emperor so be warned. If you want to relieve me of my duties to him and pledge allegiance to another know this. Who so ever takes off the head that wears the crown reigns supreme. I hope I have made myself clear. Good day.”

I walked into the Cabinet room and was surprised to see all but Yngol present. I suppose he had said his goodbyes to Sorella and is keeping an eye on our defences.

I sat at the table and had Sorella, Freathof and Cerys to my left and Sigunn at the far end.

Malesam and Rigmor were to my right.

This is the transcript,

  • Sigunn: Dragonborn, what did he say, does he suspect anything? Oh Rigmor, why couldn’t you have just played along?
  • Rigmor: Pffft!
  • Malesam: I’m sure an outburst like… like that would probably…
  • Sorella: Would probably have been heard all the way to Skyrim, hahahahaha!
  • Rigmor: Yeah! Hahahaha…
  • Malesam: What’s done is done. We can only adjust to our situation. Whatever our situation now is. Guardian, how was the Chancellor? Did he give away any clues to his possible intentions?
  • Wulf: Lady Sigunn, there was no plan worth playing along with. Freathof and Malesam expected me to give Rigmor insufficient strategies for dealing with the master of politics. Strategies that she already knew anyway.
  • Malesam: I have been playing this game far longer than you Guardian!
  • Wulf: You are good Malesam but Blackwell is a master.

(Malesam looked down at his hands. I was not here to hurt but to educate.)

  • Wulf: Lady Sigunn, may I please speak freely as I must get some things off my chest before talking about Blackwell.
  • Sigunn: Of course Dragonborn but no swearing please.

Thank you Lady Sigunn.

I have been rather sharp with some of you in several meetings, both in a group and privately. I do not intend to belittle any of you or beat my own chest but sometimes, just sometimes, a bit of forcefulness will embed a lesson otherwise forgot.

You have all continuously underestimated Rigmor’s capabilities and even my own. You instruct her as if she is fresh out of the bassinet and not one the most capable, if not the most capable, individual you will ever meet. Telling her how to sneak our way to Casius and how to conduct a parley are the two most recent examples. There are many more.

That is bad enough but then you compound it by trying to force her into what she will never be. A meek lady of the court who brilliance is smothered by protocol. Who has to watch her language in case she offends some milk-drinker. Where selecting the correct fork out of four in front of you at an official banquet is vital and even holding her hand a particular way when eating a delicacy is tantamount. I was sickened by the whole charade. People behaving ‘civilised’ whilst deciding where to stab for the most effect!

To top it all off you have all committed an unforgivable sin. You have turned her into a commodity. A piece of flesh whose value to Bruma is based on what noble husband she can catch. You have constantly talked about it as if it is the most natural thing in the word and it is not. It is abhorrent to any clear thinking worshipper of The Nine. It is an insult to Lady Mara for a start. You might as well shackle her and sell her off at a slavers market. You presented some weak kneed ‘namby pamby’ from Chorrol to such a strong willed and free spirit and expected her to be pleased! You shoved the idea of her having to find a noble husband down her throat. So she looked and Robere was the best she could find because he pretended to understand her.

None of you know what all of this has done to Rigmor. None of you know the pressure the Gods have placed on her. You and the Gods broke her and we spent our time on Roscrea and the ship gluing back together the real Rigmor. Then as soon as we entered the gates to Bruma she fell apart again.

I understand a lot of this was misguided and genuinely what you thought best. I know you all love her dearly. I just wish you had looked and listened a bit harder and then I would not have had to listen to her crying and see her despair like she was that young girl alone in the dark once again.

To end my little tirade let me say this.

I love Rigmor with all my heart and have done so virtually from the day we met. She has loved me all that time and with the same intensity. Yet she was afraid to reveal this because of the warped expectations you placed on her. What value would her Dragonborn bring to Bruma? We suffered greatly during our forced separation. We have suffered even more keeping something that is beautiful and right and should be celebrated a dirty secret since we found each other once again.

Now if you will excuse me I need to compose myself before discussing Blackwell.

I stood and started to leave the room. I had avoided looking at any of them during my, as Blackwell would say, angry outburst.

I looked at my beloved and she had stood to follow me with tears in her eyes. Would she praise me, kiss me, kill me? All three? I had no idea.

The others were silent as we made our way to my room.

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