Morndas, 20th Suns’ Dawn, 4E 205

Wilderness, Quintus’ Camp: Divine lies.

I had woken Milady and Sorella about half an hour before we set out.

Everybody barely had time to rub the sleep from their eyes, empty their bladders and eat a quick breakfast before Casius went into full commander mode. He was in his element and I found it fascinating to experience the life of a soldier if only for a short time.

Casius barked, “I’ll lead the way, Dragonborn is to keep about ten paces behind then Rigmor is to stay behind him with Sorella close behind her. We should keep a steady pace and not falter, no talking as you need to conserve your energy for the climb ahead. I have placed provision in certain safe spots along the route so we can at least pause and gather our strength if anyone feels weak or the need to rest. OK…let’s move out.”

I let Casius get a bit ahead then followed with the two ladies in tow.

It was an enjoyable hike with plenty of hills and scenery.

I would occasionally look behind as I knew Rigmor and I could easily keep up but I was concerned for Sorella. Then I remembered that she had only recently moved down from Angi’s place so was used to the rarefied air. The young girl didn’t look in any stress at all.

At one point Casius stopped and said, “There it is. The Brena River.”

(I could see Quintus’ camp in the distance.)

Rigmor exclaimed, “By the God Casius, what a view!”

He replied, “The last time I was there the view wasn’t so good.”

(Casius first met Rigmor’s father, Ragnar, down there. He was trying to defend many thousands of Redguard civilians fleeing from a Thalmor army. Defenceless Men, Woman and Children were systematically slaughtered despite Casius and his men’s heroic efforts. Then Ragnar arrived with his berserkers and slaughtered the murdering scum without mercy or pause. From that point on Casius was Ragnar’s man body and soul.)

Casius move away and I could see some memories were haunting him. I approached Rigmor and asked quietly of her, “Remember the story of how Casius met your father?”

“Oh my, that was down there? Poor Casius must still be haunted because I would be.”

He is another one of us who has witnessed the worst but still remains full of love, compassion and empathy.

“Yes and through him I often get a glimpse of my Dad.”

Casius started running again and said, “Just up ahead we will rest up a while and then descend a little further down. We are near the source of the river as it cascades down into the valley. We follow that and cross to the South side at the bottom.”

True to his word there was a small rest spot not much further along. Casius said, “Come, take the weight off your legs. We can afford a quick respite. Sorella, eat something please. Build your strength for the descent.”

As Sorella and Casius sat eating and chatting Rigmor said, “Come on Dragonborn, I want to see the view.” I obediently followed

We stood looking out over Cyrodiil and I asked her, “How are you doing my beloved.”

“I’m good. Isn’t it amazing here Dragonborn! You could almost imagine it was all a dream and that we’re, I dunno, tourists?”

It is beautiful, magnificent, and gorgeous and I love what I am seeing. The view isn’t bad either.

“I love you too but look Dragonborn, really look.”

I am and it is marvellous but at the moment I can’t forget that I am on a Divine Task. My mind is constantly analysing and sorting and preparing so that I can make one of those ‘guesses’ with a better chance of it being the right decision. It is relentless at the moment. You are my only relief. I look at you and there is nothing to think about apart from our love.

“I can see that you are enjoying this, I dunno, expedition. I certainly am.”

Rigmor walked over and sat on a rock. I sat on another and tried to look cheerful for her. She asked, “You are worried about something. Come on Dragonborn, what is it?”

I have told you before my dragon bits make me sensitive to the timelines. I have never really concentrated on learning the skill but Odahviing says I could develop it to his level. I pointed out to him that it has taken him thousands of years.

“And you feel something is about to happen. One of those ripply things Sethri and Malesam mention?”

Ripples in the void or junctions or a million other names given them over history. For it to be playing on my mind it must be soon and a big one. A pivotal moment in this Divine Task. That is why my mind is busy and sometimes you take that as being inattentive and I am. I would love just to stand there on the edge and for you to point out parts of Cyrodiil and maybe tell me a tale and promise to take me there ‘one day’. I can’t at the moment and I am sorry.

“Well this is too romantic a spot to not have a decent cuddle at least!”

So we stood with the magnificent view in the background and just held each other and enjoyed the silence from our Destiny and no words were needed. Which was lucky since our lips were occupied.

Our respite was cut short when we heard Casius ‘order’ us to come along and get a move on. I picked up Rigmor’s hair tie from where it had fallen during a rather passionate kiss. She fixed her hair up as we walked to join the others.

Both Casius and Sorella looked at me worriedly but neither asked what the problem was. They probably thought we had a bit of a spat or something.

We were soon jogging again and the views were astoundingly beautiful.

As we started to descend we all felt it more stressful on our legs than the climb.

We spotted a ransacked wagon and corpses and I warned everybody, “Raiders, bandits, whatever they call them here. Keep an eye out…”

They attacked and I sent some flying with Cyclone as Casius met some head on. Behind me Rigmor was instructing Sorella to be careful but use her bow is she wants.

It was a quick battle and Sorella had peppered so many with arrows she spent a few minutes collecting and cleaning some to replenish her quiver. She had gone from raw recruit to a seasoned veteran in a day.

I looked at the ‘raiders’. They were well equipped and were not bad fighters but now they are dead. Probably thought we were an easy target.

Casius barked, “We still have a way to go so let’s move on.”

So off we went again without a word amongst us about the killing just done.

A while later we came to another rest spot. Casius said, “OK, let’s rest up a while. Sorella, take the weight off your legs. Eat and drink something please.”

So we all sat and I started munching on some travel rations.

Rigmor plonked herself down beside me and said, “That was a nice kiss and cuddle but…”

I hope you’re not thinking what I think you’re thinking.

“I think I know a way. Trust me!”

Rigmor talked to Casius,

  • Rigmor: Hey, it is just amazing here. Look at those falls! Casius, can we please stay for a little longer?
  • Casius: Of course, we don’t have far to go now. We can take our time.
  • Rigmor: I might take the opportunity of bathing in the pool.
  • Casius: I’m not sure that is such a good idea Rigmor. There are raiders in these hills.
  • Rigmor: That’s OK. I will take my Dragonborn with me. He can watch over my things.
  • Casius: Well if you must. Be careful, the water is icy cold.
  • Rigmor: Come on Dragonborn. I need to freshen up.

As I got up to follow Rigmor I glanced at Sorella. She had a huge grin on her face. No fooling that kid!

We ran to the waterfall and I was stunned to see a large shrine to Lady Mara. Perhaps this is a popular spot for “love”. If so then maybe a Dibella shrine might be useful as well. After all the water is supposed to be very cold and shrinkage may occur.

It was a very elaborate shrine and very well maintained. Rigmor asked, “Why would this nice shrine be here and who has been attending it lately? There are no leaves on the steps, plant and grass neat and tidy?”

I don’t know. My initial thought is because this is a popular spot for some loving but then Dibella would be more appropriate than Mara.

“Let’s have a look. Maybe there is a plaque or something.”

So we both climbed the steps for a closer look.

We were standing there when a small explosion hurtled us down the steps.

I quickly got up and urgently looked for Rigmor. She came running up to me and asked, “Are you OK?

Yes, I think so. I might be bleeding a tiny bit but OK.

 “What just happened Dragonborn?”

I have no idea. I felt the presence of Lady Mara then we were both on the floor.

“Have you ever seen or had a shrine do that?”

Never and I don’t like it. I think we should head back.

“Uhuh! We are heading into danger and chaos and we might never have this chance for a while, or even ever.”

Well that is romantic.

“Let me show you romantic.”

Rigmor then disrobed entirely leaving everything on the ground and left me looking at her things. She turned and walked towards the water and I decided that Cerys’ wiggle was infinitely inferior to Milady’s.

Rigmor stepped into the water with a “Brrrrr! It is so cold!”

I was about to quickly disrobe so I could join her and use a bit of friction to warm us up. Then I heard the age old enemy of carnal desire, my parent’s voice. From behind me Talos said, “From this moment on, Rigmor belongs to the Gods.”

I rushed to where he was standing next to the shrine and replied, “That is an interesting concept Father. Have you asked Saint Alessia what she thinks about ‘owning’ people? Rigmor has always been and will always remain a free spirit. Nobody and nothing owns her.”

“The Gods have listened and granted you your wish. This is her moment.”

Just then Rigmor yelled out, “Dragonborn, we don’t want to have to rush it!”

I replied to her, “Can’t you see I am talking my beloved?”

“To a wall Dragonborn. Even that is a bit weird for you.”

I asked Talos, “She can’t see me can she?”

“But she does, and calls out.”

What just happened with the shrine Father. She had better not have been hurt!

“She is in no Danger.”

Then what just happened to us?

“The Prophecy must be fulfilled. It is the will of the Gods”

Rigmor yelled out, “Dragonborn. I thought you wanted to as much as me but obviously…”

I yelled back, “Rigmor please listen and do not argue. Get out, get dressed and stay away from the shrine and me. Do it now and let me keep talking to the wall for a while.”

“Is something wrong? You sound worried? Dragonborn, what is it?”

I answered, ”The ripple!”

I looked at Talos and said to him, “Stop this flowery bullshit Father. Give me the facts!”

“There are no facts.”

Is this to do with The Prophecy? Please, tell me the truth.

“A Dragonchild shall be born to reign over Tamriel restored in my name. She will be the first of her kind breaking the chain of despair. This is the wish of Alessia. It is also by virtue of Akatosh, his penance to Alessia so that Tamriel shall no longer be at the mercy of pestilence, war and decadence for eternity. Mer and Men shall be at peace and as one with the blessings of The Nine. United to stand together shoulder to shoulder from what is to come from the East. The wheels of motion are turning and you cannot stop it.”

Why would I try and stop it? I have only ever done as The Divine bid. The only thing in the west is the Akaviri. What threat would they be to the covenant? You are making no sense Father. What happened with the shrine? What have you done to Rigmor?

“She was and has always been expendable and only lives on after the birth of the Dragonchild through my bartered gain. A gain you requested and was forthcoming. You know not of the sacrifices I have made for you?”

I know nothing because The Divine have decided that is the way I am to be treated. You did not lie to me in the Cathedral. You genuinely believed, ‘No harm will befall her.” You said, “I am sure Alessia would never allow harm to come to Rigmor.” You found out different didn’t you? You discovered that both Alessia and Akatosh were willing to let me murder Rigmor with my love! Your love for me made you beg for her life.”

(Talos look perturbed. He should have known I can decipher things quickly when crucial decisions are to be made. Just as I described to my beloved on the cliff earlier that day. My intuition told me more.)

I said to Talos, “I do not believe they ever did intend to let her die Father. They need me to protect the child and help combat whatever is coming from the West. They know that letting Rigmor die would be such a betrayal I would go rogue. I would seek my vengeance and there are plenty of other Gods who would help! With all their vaunted power The Divine and Alessia would have no way of stopping me. They could not stop Alduin, Arch-Curate Vyrthur, Lord Harkon, Ancano, Miraak, the New Order, Malacath and others. They needed their mortal champion to save Nirn or Mundus on those occasions. If there is need for such services soon you can’t conjure up another me in time can you? It must have taken years to train me even if I do not remember it.

If they had not planned for a live Rigmor then her very life would produce so many variables Akatosh could not guarantee his preferred resolution. Rigmor will bring the child up with our joint values and beliefs. Our love will influence the child’s free choices. The fact The Divine let the child’s mother die would turn The Nine into evil foul beings. The Nine demand respect Father yet the death of Rigmor would be the most disrespectful thing to me and the ‘Chosen One’. The Nine profess love yet the death of Rigmor would be the most hateful thing to me and the ‘Chosen One’.

They fooled you Father! They lied to you Father! They needed this avatar I am speaking to for some part of their plan. I do not think another avatar of The Divine has appeared on Nirn since Martin’s sacrifice. Or perhaps they needed the same avatar to perform a duel role to cause confusion? I am sure I will eventually find out what they tricked you into doing Father. It must be something that hurt you to do it or will hurt me or both. Otherwise Akatosh would have just asked you. How does it feel like to be manipulated like a mere mortal?”

(I quickly looked behind me and Rigmor was dressed and her body language told me she was concerned.)

I continued, “You talk to me of sacrifices yet I have done nothing but sacrifice since awakening so tell your sob story to somebody else. Once again The Divine rely on me to get everything right. This time to thwart Molag Bal. What if upsetting me like this leads to me making a mistake? What if Rigmor then dies and the child is never born?”

“If you fail it will be the beginning of the end of time for Mer and Men. It will be the beginning of time for the undead.”

You place upon my very head the burden of saving Nirn yet hide the real danger. Where does the Red Diamond fit in all this? How can Morag offer me what she did without a corrupt version of it or the Amulet of Kings?

“The Prophecy must be fulfilled. It is the will of the Gods.”

Oh come on, is this rehearsed Father? Have you been told by the mighty Lord Akatosh exactly what you must say? No answer to my question and then bullshit about ‘…will of the Gods”. How many times have I told Daedric Lords this? How many times have I told others this? Mortals have free will. You have no way of forcing it. The will of the Gods holds no power. I could just whisk Rigmor away to my College in seconds if I wished.  I could go see what bargain I can strike with Molag Bal if I wished.

“Walk away and you will indeed be the last of your kind.”

What did the shrine do to us Father? If you do not wish me to consider walking away then answer me. WHAT DID THE FUCKING SHRINE DO?

Talos vanished without an answer.

Talos was gone but my anger was not. If Talos was under restraint then maybe another of The Nine might help. What about Lady Mara? What did she allow her shrine to do?

I walked over and looked at her visage and prayed, “Divine Mara, Goddess of love and compassion. Your Priestesses will never reach me in time even if they can get out of Bravil so I ask you to tell me direct. What have you allowed your holy shrine to be used for? Show some compassion and tell me. Show your understanding of my eternal love for Rigmor and tell me. Please Divine Mara, have pity on your Champion.”

A gentle caress touched my soul. A voice spoke with such softness and grace I almost wept and said, “We had to know. Rigmor is already with baby so nothing else was done. She would not have been harmed. She was not harmed. Rejoice.”

I was stunned. I stood with my mouth open. I then fell to my knees and started to weep. I heard, “Fuck you Dragonborn I am coming to help.”

Rigmor ran up the stairs and knelt in front of me. She grabbed me by the head and demanded, “Look at me Dragonborn. What is it? What is happening? Talking to walls and then praying and now crying like this! You are scaring me Dragonborn.”

I was talking to Talos and he said some things that are unimportant right now. That thing with the shrine. The Divine wanted to know if you were pregnant.

“Nosey aren’t they! Did Lady Mara tell you…”

You are with child Rigmor. Our child.

(Rigmor was speechless for once.)

It would be too early for you to tell wouldn’t it? I mean even if that night in the Tiber Septim Hotel was when whatever happens inside to make you pregnant happened you wouldn’t know yet?

Rigmor answered, “No. Some women get morning sickness very early on. My menses is not due for another week. I hate to doubt a Divine but I will not get excited till I can confirm it.”

Is it okay if I blubber over it in the meantime?

Rigmor wiped away a tear and kissed me on the forehead and said, “Come on my silly Dragonborn. We better head back to Casius. You can tell me what Talos had to say later.”

As soon as Casius saw us it was, “Ah, Rigmor, Dragonborn…let’s move on. Come Sorella. This way, Quintus’ encampment is just ahead.”

So we started our final leg of our journey. I wish we were just tourists and not those responsible for saving every mortal on Nirn. It spoils the atmosphere.

We came over a small rise and there it was just as I spotted hours ago from the cliff. Quintus’ encampment.

One thing about the Imperial army that always impresses me is the quality of even their temporary premises.

The first person Rigmor saw on entry was Zan. She ran over and gave her a hug,

  • Rigmor: Zan!
  • Zan: Hey Rigmor! I am just so happy to see you safe and well. You too Dragonborn. And hey, you must be Sorella?

Sorella was looking a bit unsure. Shy? Maybe or just overwhelmed with the amount of people crowded into such a small area.

  • Sorella: Um, hi.
  • Zan: Hey kid, you stick close to Zan and I’ll look after you OK?
  • Sorella: OK.

I approached Casius and asked, “OK Casius, what now?”

  • Casius: Quintus will be expecting you. I’ll need to rally my men and gather them around me. Once the battle commences I’ll follow you at a distance. When you deem the area to be safe signal and they will tell me to bring Sorella to take the shot.
  • Wulf: So your man remembers, right hand up and I will wave it twice. Once she has taken the shot what will you do?
  • Casius: Once the task has been done I will leave with her immediately and take her home.
  • Wulf: Thanks for everything Casius. You might hear about a wedding after all of this is over. Free cake and everything!
  • Casius: Never known a pirate who doesn’t like cake.

Young Sorella was still looking a bit nervous.

  • Wulf: Rigmor and I have had so much fun having you with us Sorella. Now it is time for Casius, Zan and his Marines to protect you.
  • Sorella: OK.
  • Wulf: Make sure you do everything Casius tells you. What we are going to be doing is very dangerous and your life may depend on it.
  • Sorella: Roger that.
  • Wulf: Soon you will have a chance to help those children.
  • Sorella: Just take me to where the glass house is and I’ll take that shot Dragonborn…I won’t miss…
  • Wulf: I know Sorella. I know.
  • Casius: Come Sorella, let’s prepare you for the task at hand.
  • Zan: Hey kiddo, want to hear some stories of pirates on the high seas?
  • Sorella: You are so the coolest.
  • Zan: Come on then and follow me. Catch you later Rigmor, come and see us anytime over by the fire.

Sorella stopped and turned and looked at Rigmor and I.

  • Sorella: I don’t want to let you down Dragonborn.
  • Rigmor: Hey! We know that. When Casius tells you it is time to go, don’t look back OK. The Dragonborn and I can look after ourselves so don’t you worry OK?
  • Sorella: Bye.
  • Wulf: May The Divine bless you and your family Sorella.
  • Rigmor: And guess what! You will be getting a ride home on a pirate ship. How cool is that! When this is over we’ll come get you and do some fun things together…in…happier times…

I turned to Rigmor and said, “You two really are as tight as sisters you know.”

“Yeah, I know. Let’s go see what Quintus has to say.”

We walked to the Command Tent and Sethri was there. I exclaimed to Rigmor, “Glad the tent is open to the fresh air!” She giggled as we entered.

Quintus greeted me then we all sat around a table.

  • Quintus: At last the Gods have answered my prayers.
  • Wulf: Well met Quintus. Glad to see some of you still trust The Nine. I hope you have been keeping well.
  • Quintus: As well as can be expected. It has been a long time.
  • Wulf: Almost three and a half years. Pity the reunion is not under more pleasant circumstances.
  • Quintus: Indeed. Sethri has told me all there is to know about our task at hand. What evil has been plaguing our lands and the reason behind it.
  • Wulf: I have fought much evil in many forms. This is the worst. Innocent children sacrificed for a creature’s vanity? I am keen to end it and get revenge on her and the foulest of Gods.
  • Quintus: I couldn’t figure it out at first. Why would the Emperor, so called, send me all the way to this region? The Raiders we were meant to prevent were protected with immunity.
  • Wulf: They are probably old friends of our Bandit King.
  • Quintus: They come into Cyrodiil and we prevent further excursions but we are not allowed to follow them back to their base. At the very foot of that mountain. Morag Sethius informed me that crossing the border was…irregular and could be seen as an act of war. The real reason is all too sinister and depraved. I thought they were slavers at first. Their spoils mostly comprised of…people. People that go into that mountain and never come out. Now it is clear. What a fool I have been.
  • Wulf: How were you to know Quintus? You have no experience with monsters like Morag and her Daddy. Most decent people don’t recognise this level of depravity till somebody points it out. You would think of a million other reasons before you concluded such evil exists.
  • Quintus: Casius told me you were coming. My sword is yours to command.
  • Wulf: I am glad you are with us Quintus. You will be helping the Empire and not that thing on the Ruby Throne. The Nine are with us and we will prevail.
  • Rigmor: What is up there Quintus?
  • Sethri: An army of leeches Rigmor. At the foot of the mountain there’s a considerable force of Raiders. They do the dirty work like rounding up people and sending them into ‘The Pits’. Further up there is a small battalion of mercenaries defending the ruins.
  • Rigmor: What are ‘The Pits’?
  • Sethri: There are some ancient Ayleid ruins on the top of the mountain but they lead deeper into the earth. To an ante-chamber where they keep the ‘Bridge of Sighs’. The Pits are winding catacombs where as I said, the army of leeches are located, vampiric defilers. We now know they are Akaviri, human remnants. The people are harvested there. Not only that, the soul gem is protected by Tsaesci sergeants, led by General Oxi-Amaka. Oddly enough he is the only one we can name, the others just have numbers.
  • Wulf: Oxi-Amaka is a type of Tsaesci. Bigger and stronger than regular troops. So not really a name, more of a designation. I have killed several so far and they are their best troops but a pushover for Rigmor and I. They are really ugly!
  • Sethri: I’ll take your word for it. They are ugly enough with their helmets on.
  • Wulf: So how many do you think there are?
  • Sethri: I lost count.
  • Wulf: Large numbers of Akaviri tends to suggest they are forward troops. To scout around before the planned invasion and cause havoc behind the lines during.
  • Quintus: Waiting for the moment to come. The age of the serpent.
  • Wulf: Not all Akaviri were hostile. We even had a Tsaesci as Emperor! I am wondering if this is a splinter group like the New Order? That is useless speculation. For now let us concentrate on tomorrow. Let’s get down to business Quintus.
  • Quintus: Of course. When Casius arrived several days ago we discussed the offensive. First we had the problem of the river. I travelled to Anvil and persuaded the Count to allow me to build a pontoon. You saw it as you arrived. I told him it was prudent to have a forward warning post connected to the main camp. Or course none of the nobles here in the Gold Coast know anything about the truth. I told him it was imperative and it would stop the slavers.
  • Wulf: Even if the useless pieces of shit, I mean the nobles, were told the truth it would just become another factor in their endless political game. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the more enterprising ones hedge their bets and form a deal with Molag Bal himself.
  • Sethri: You’re probably right Dragonborn. I told you in Whiterun I haven’t seen anything civilised here. Quintus has been sending patrols frequently. We don’t think it has caused the enemy to become suspicious. Twenty men go out and ten come back.
  • Quintus: Half of my men are already on the Hammerfell side of the river. Good men Guardian. They are loyal and Casius’ arrival has bolstered morale. Many are from his old legion. Now you and the Countess are here they are ready and at your command.
  • Wulf: Then I had better put on my shiny Imperial Armour. Might have to clean some bullshit off it after wearing it in the Imperial Palace.
  • Rigmor: If you haven’t guessed, my Dragonborn is not a fan of court politics.
  • Wulf: Very good work Quintus. Do we have plans of their defences?

(Quintus pointed to a map in front of me.)

  • Quintus: Here on this map. The raiders have a base camp at the foot of the mountain. We need to force our way through to access the rampart that leads to the top.
  • Wulf: The quicker we break through the less casualties from archers further up. We should hit them with everything we have.
  • Quintus: Agreed.
  • Wulf: Any sign of mages Sethri?
  • Sethri: None Dragonborn. Bet you wish you brought your College friends along.
  • Wulf: Too hard to prevent collateral damage. I will have enough firepower to disturb them a bit.
  • Quintus: At the top the Ayleid ruins are occupied by mercenaries. A company sized unit mainly consisting of Elven renegades and a few Orcs. They have been there since I arrived. Probably remnant of the New Order. They are also supplied by the Raiders.
  • Wulf: The Orc mercenaries we fought on the way to the Silas’ tower were pretty good . Cost quite a few good men.
  • Sethri: Once we hit the Raider camp we are hoping the mercs will just think it is one of Quintus’ patrols strayed too deep and ignore us.
  • Wulf: Unless Quintus’ patrol shoots fireballs and uses the Thu’um they will know within seconds who is coming. They probably have strict orders to stay in a particular area so I doubt we shall see them running at us as we battle the Raiders. Doesn’t really matter. You are a mage Sethri and you know the more the enemy clumps together the more the enemy dies together.
  • Sethri: True enough Dragonborn, true enough.
  • Wulf: Have you made supplies of the cure we gave you Sethri. Many men after the battle may need it.
  • Sethri: Have done so. Doesn’t work so well on the weapons though as it is not viscous enough to stay and anything I add to make it stickier stops it working.
  • Wulf: We have enough troops to cut our way through. The cure was more important so thanks.
  • Quintus: I have stepped up patrols and forced some skirmishes lately so our out initial attack won’t seem too out of the ordinary. None of us considered the noise a Dragonborn might make.
  • Rigmor: Not as much noise as Sethri. Bet they still haven’t entered that tavern again.
  • Sethri: I wouldn’t know. Lifetime ban remember!
  • Wulf: I think the best thing to do is for myself, Rigmor and whoever can keep up to make a breakthrough and attack the mercenaries at the summit. Just in case they do decide to come hurtling down and join in the fight. We should have plenty of troops to keep the pressure up and mop up any Raiders we leave behind us.
  • Quintus: Once inside they’ll know we are here. Speed is of the essence.
  • Wulf: I will repeat this when we get to the top and before we enter the building. Once inside split second decisions will have to be made and I am the only one with experience with any of this vampirism, magic, Daedric Lord, evil bitch business. No hesitation can occur. Anything I order must be done immediately and without discussion. That includes you Milady Rigmor.
  • Rigmor: You expect me to run if you are in danger. Yeah right. Pfff! Ain’t gonna happen!
  • Wulf: Rigmor, remember what you are carrying with you this time.
  • Rigmor: Don’t you dare use that as an excuse to treat me like I’m fragile!
  • Wulf: I am asking as your beloved and for the sake of the prophecy.
  • Rigmor: I can’t promise Dragonborn. I don’t know if I could if it was going to be the last time I saw you.
  • Wulf: It is always a possibility Rigmor. You know it is the right thing to do if such a thing occurs.
  • Rigmor: I know. I think you just shocked the other two.
  • Wulf: I am sorry gentlemen. Such discussions should be held in private and not when discussing strategy.
  • Sethri: Don’t you think I already knew and besides, my Mistress has never stopped talking about how pleased she is about it. Just don’t forget Sethri on the wedding invites okay.
  • Wulf: We could stick him in a sealed room with windows.
  • Rigmor: Probably still get to us.
  • Quintus: I saw the way you looked at each other when Rigmor came riding up during the Battle of Whiterun. Was it supposed to be a secret?
  • Wulf: No Quintus but it is along story.
  • Rigmor: Back to killing people. Is Morag Sethius in there? My sword and her anus are destined to meet.
  • Sethri: She’s been there for a few days Countess.
  • Wulf: Rigmor, let me deal with her please. Outside of that chamber I would let you carve her up into tiny Morag pieces. Inside that chamber and on the Bridge of Sighs we have no idea of how powerful she may be. So you can call her names and threaten her but you must not go near her and this time I want a promise.
  • Rigmor: Fine. I promise. But don’t make it quick Dragonborn. I want to hear her scream.
  • Quintus: Remind me never to get on the Countesses’ bad side! We are all going in there full of hatred for creatures that can do such things as they have Countess. That hatred extends to the Men and Mer that support them. No pity will be shown, no prisoners taken. I will not spare men from the battle to babysit any of the scum who surrender. They will be put to the sword.
  • Wulf: Once upon a time not so long ago I might have objected to that. Now I totally agree.
  • Rigmor: Good. They are why I am here and not having a few drinks with you at the Tap&Tack.
  • Wulf: I asked about the vampire affliction cure Sethri but what about potions such as cure disease and so on.
  • Sethri: As it happens I came across a few crates of some such items carelessly left by the Anvil docks and have made sure of their distribution amongst the troops. Of course I saved you and the Countess some, just in case.
  • Wulf: A sticky fingered mage. Always useful to have around. Thanks Sethri. Can I ask you to stay with Casius and be ready to heal Sorella or any of those guarding her. As you will be coming up the mountain last you can also heal any men left behind as we rush forward.
  • Sethri: Will do Dragonborn. Least I can do for traumatising her as a kid.

As a bit of general banter was starting up when a runner came to the tent. He reported,

  • Runner: General Quintus, there is an envoy here to see you.
  • Sethri: Expecting visitors Quintus?
  • Quintus: No. Who is it soldier?
  • Runner: They are asking for the Guardian General and the Countess Rigmor.
  • Wulf: Soldier, tell them we will be there shortly. Tell the guards to knock arrows and be ready to fire. I hate surprise guests.
  • Quintus: Do as the Guardian General says soldier. He is in command now.
  • Runner: Aye Sir!

We made our way to the front gate and there were Thalmor. Of all the things I did not expect to see or wanted to see it was those arrogant pieces of slime covered shit.

Their leader addressed us, “The Last Dragonborn and the Princess of Tamriel. We have a dossier on you milady worthy of it’s own library.”

I replied, “Most of it filed under the section, ‘Torture techniques to be used on stubborn young nordlings who you are shit scared of.’”

Rigmor demanded, “What is it you want Justicar?”

In his sickening Dominion Noble voice he replied, “Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Count Valeronin Camaeus of Lillandril, envoy of the Aldmeri Dominion and Commander in chief of TESO, ahem…The Elven Special Operations. There are Elven criminals that need to have swift justice exacted upon them.”

I said, “I know but it will take ages for me to kill every Thalmor.”

(A few men chuckled which irritated Quintus as he is a stickler for order in the ranks.)

The rest of the conversation went like this,

  • Camaeus: Yes, well, you see there are renegades and former New Order traitors dug in on top of Table Mountain and I have been sent to offer my services as a gesture of good will between the Empire and the Dominion.
  • Rigmor: Yeah right!
  • Wulf: Thanks for your offer but we have no defenceless children that need flogging or torturing so you services are not required. Oh, most of us are Talos worshippers though. Should we come along quietly or kill you all?
  • Camaeus: Ahem.

Count Turd dismounted from his horse and stepped towards Rigmor.

I leapt in front of him with sword drawn.

  • Wulf: Take one more step I will skewer you. Archers draw and train your bows.
  • Camaeus: I don’t ask you to like us Countess, I only ask for your trust.
  • Rigmor: Trust! Your organization is no better than the New Order. Where ever the Thalmor tread they leave a trail of misery, torture and death. The only good thing Sethius did was to kick you out of Cyrodiil.
  • Camaeus: I do understand your hostility and I don’t blame you, not for one moment. We, The Dominion, owe you a debt of gratitude for helping bring about the demise of the New Order.
  • Wulf: Much more of this and I am going to vomit all over your shiny armour.
  • Camaeus: I want to take this chance to personally apologise on our behalf for the suffering you endured at the hands of that traitor, the Thalmor General…
  • Camaeus: No…of course. How insensitive of me.
  • Wulf: Do you feel better now Rigmor. All those scars gone and murder of your father forgotten. No more hard feelings about Sigunn being a slave for four years. Why dwell on your family being ripped apart and a hero of Nords and Redguard, Ragnar, having his name besmirched by fucking slime like this. I am sure he was sincere in his heartfelt apology.
  • Rigmor: What your people did will never be forgiven Justicar.  

Camaeus turned to Quintus,

  • General Quintus. My Special Forces are at your disposal if you so wish it. I hope we can unite to bring about an end to the monster that resides within that mountain.
  • Quintus: The Guardian General is in command here Camaeus. It is his decision, not mine.
  • Camaeus: Oh. I was not aware. My apologies. Dragonborn…
  • Wulf: Friends call me that. Try Guardian General. Whatever you do, don’t apologise.
  • Camaeus: Guardian General, might I, at the very least, be offered the courtesy of parley as to understand the situation? May I hand you this letter of introduction. It should suffice to prove my intentions are genuine.

Camaeus handed me the letter and I read it. I was more than a little impressed by the number and seniority of the signatories.

  • Wulf: It is signed by many dignitaries including the Council of Elders in exile, the High Justiciar of the Isles and diplomatic emissaries from Valenwood, Elsweyr and other territories.

I handed the letter to Quintus to read.

  • Wulf: That is an impressive list of signatories. You managed to get endorsed by virtually the whole of Tamriel. I have a suspicion why but it will be interesting to hear your explanation.
  • Rigmor: Yes please Count. Tell us all what is in it for you.
  • Camaeus: We only want to win the war. As I said Countess, we owe a debt of gratitude, nothing more.
  • Rigmor: Dragonborn, Quintus, you can’t trust this assclown. He’s a Justicar, a Thalmor!
  • Camaeus: Ahem…it’s pronounced ‘Justiciar’.
  • Wulf: I thought it was pronounced assclown.
  • Quintus: You failed Diplomacy School didn’t you?
  • Wulf: Rigmor, one of the signatories is Baa’Ren-Dar.
  • Rigmor: Whatever, I think I’ll just go take a walk. The air around her has become…unpleasant to say the least.
  • Quintus: Guardian General, see if you can talk some sense into her.
  • Wulf: She is talking sense. I trust these people not at all Quintus. They are never as they seem. They are to remain out here till the Countess and I decide what to do.

I ordered, “Archers, relax but keep knocked and ready to fire if they try to enter the compound without General Quintus’ permission.”

I then followed Rigmor to our tent.

She sat on the bed,

  • Rigmor: If you’ve come to talk me round, don’t waste your breath.
  • Wulf: There must be a reason so many think we need their help, including Baa’Ren-Dar.
  • Rigmor: I don’t trust them. Damn elves!
  • Wulf: Excuse me?
  • Rigmor: No…I didn’t mean it like that.
  • Wulf: I know you didn’t mean it and I do not trust them one bit.

Rigmor stood and I could see the mixture of rage and immense sadness flickering across her face.

  • Rigmor: Hate is all I feel for them! They murdered my father in the worst way possible. He was denied a warrior’s death and they paraded him around the street of Alinor while the people spat upon him Dragonborn. The kicked and beat him then they publicly hanged him for the world to see. He was all alone. There was no one there for him. They tore my family apart. Enslaved my Mom and flogged me to within an inch of my life. They will always be my enemy and I can never, ever forgive them!
  • Wulf: I know all this Rigmor because you still have nightmares and scream and call out for your Father and I have often held you and cried with you as you fall back to sleep. That happened almost nightly when you were with me in Skyrim. I always hoped that killing him might put an end to them but no. They still occur all these years after I lopped off his fucking head. I have never mentioned it in my journal as it always fills me with rage and sadness and I started taking it out on every Thalmor patrol I saw. I would goad them into attacking me so I would feel justified killing them and not feel guilty about the grin that followed. They put a price on my head. I am still an enemy of the Dominion as far as I know. They send assassins after me on a regular basis. I will never forgive them for what they did to you and your family. I do not ask you to ever forgive them.
  • Rigmor: I used to wake from those nightmares calling my Father’s name. When he didn’t answer I called yours but you weren’t there anymore to help Dragonborn. All those years and you were not there to rock me back to sleep.
  • Wulf: So what are we going to do.
  • Rigmor: I can’t think straight Dragonborn. I will leave the decision to you.
  • Wulf: I will tell you what I think then the decision is yours.
  • Rigmor: OK.
  • Wulf: I think that Baa’Ren-Dar would have sought advice from Azura. He often uses her seers for guidance. She might have seen something up ahead where their numbers are crucial. It might also have something to do with the evidence of collusion Casius gave him. They may want the Emperor removed but can’t officially sanction Dominion troop involvement.
  • Rigmor: Go on.
  • Wulf: My intuition tells me there is something that smells like The Divines wanting Camaeus to be involved. I can’t put my finger on why yet but the feeling is strong.
  • Rigmor: Anything else?
  • Wulf: So I think Baa’Ren-Dar’s approval is important. I think my intuition is important. To me the most important thing is that we can keep an eye on him and his force if they are beside us. I do not want to leave a large body of Thalmor trailing us or disappearing into the countryside hoping to catch us unawares.
  • Rigmor: And if they die in battle instead of ours than that is good as well. Okay. Let’s let them in but don’t expect me to be civil.
  • Wulf: Alright but sit and relax for a while. I will be changing into my General’s Armour so take advantage of that time OK?
  • Rigmor: Alright my Dragonborn and I love you.

I stuck my head out of our tent and called over the Duty Sergeant standing outside the Command Tent. I told him, “Relay to General Quintus that Princess Rigmor of Tamriel has extended an invitation to Count Camaeus to join our forces.”

It took a while to change armours and I hoped that was enough for Quintus to fill assclown in on the details.

I finally said to Rigmor, “Ready? Do I have to take your sword off you?”

“I will behave Dragonborn as long as he does.”

We entered the Command Tent and Quintus was still getting Camaeus up to speed.

  • Quintus: Here’s the map. As you can see the mountain has at its foot a base camp manned by Redguard nomad raiders. The heights and the top are guided by mercenaries, a few Orcs and your Elven renegades.
  • Camaeus: I see, and the plan?
  • Quintus: We attack the base camps simultaneously in a pincer movement. The Guardian General and Countess ascend the slopes and take control of the heights. That is where you come in.
  • Camaeus: I suggest my forces are to accompany the Countess, not only to take out the renegades but to offer some protection.
  • Wulf: And what makes you think we would prefer Thalmor surrounding Milady Rigmor rather than reliable and veteran Imperial soldiers? I will reserve my judgment on that for now Count.
  • Camaeus: Princess Rigmor, are you with child?
  • Rigmor: What? How dare you!

I quickly stepped between Rigmor and Camaeus. I liked the carpet in the Command Tent and I have heard Thalmor blood is almost impossible to remove from most materials.

  • Rigmor: You had better keep your distance Count Camaeus or I won’t be responsible for what happens to you! As soon as you’ve dealt with your ‘Elven Renegades’ I want you out of here. Do we understand each other?

I stood real close to assclown.

  • Wulf: You are lucky I don’t knock you the fuck out!
  • Camaeus: My apologies, I assumed.
  • Wulf: Rigmor, my intuition was right. Why else ask the question?
  • Rigmor: So he lied about his reasons for being here. Not very bright giving it away assclown.
  • Camaeus: Ahem, can we talk privately?
  • Wulf: Head to the tent and relax Rigmor. I will come and talk to you soon.
  • Rigmor: OK but get the truth Dragonborn.
  • Camaeus: Thank you General Quintus for you hospitality. We will be waiting for the attack to begin then join you.
  • Wulf: General Quintus, can we have the men muster for the attack to start at around 8:00AM tomorrow morning. That should put the sun to our backs and in their eyes.
  • Quintus: It will be done Guardian General.

As we were walking I decided to use my usual tactics with loud mouthed arrogant pricks. He already slipped up once. It might be difficult putting up with whatever garbage spewed from his mouth.

We finally stopped and the game began,

  • Wulf: Explain yourself Count.
  • Camaeus: You and I both know what’s going on here Guardian. I assume you have spoken to the priest?

(Can it be that this idiot Thalmor in front of me is receiving and obeying instructions from Talos?)

  • Wulf: What do you know of him? This ‘priest’?
  • Camaeus: He appears like a ghostly apparition, out of nowhere. He can only walk amongst us for a short time. At first it bothered me greatly as he told me of my own destiny. How it was entwined with yours. That we both will go on to become harbingers of a new era for Men and Mer and beast.
  • Wulf: Wow! Do you think he is a God?
  • Camaeus: I believe so or is a guiding voice for them. He is the reason I am here at all.
  • Wulf: What did he say about me?
  • Camaeus: He said that you must look inside yourself to find who you are. That you are unpredictable and it worries the Gods. That if you were to deny them other ways would need to be sought to fulfil the prophecy.
  • Wulf. If you know the prophecy then you know it is more like a curse and a death sentence for Rigmor.
  • Camaeus: Did you both approach the shrine?
  • Wulf: Yeah, that was a blast.
  • Camaeus: I see. That is all I need to know.
  • Wulf: Wait…are you like the priest? Some sort of apparition?
  • Camaeus: We are just pawns in a game not of our choosing Dragonslayer. We are all the servants of the Great Lord Akatosh.

It was time to reel him in. Anger always works with these idiots.

  • Wulf: I serve no one!
  • Camaeus: Are you really such a blind fool? I think not. The Gods are cruel, they play their games, but this time the threat is real. I was chosen by the priest to gather a force, a special force, and have been waiting years, biding my time, only for this moment.
  • Wulf: I really don’t need your help.
  • Camaeus: You think you can enter that mountain and prevail against the undead alone? What awaits you in there is beyond the realms of mortals and the only way through, to safely bring that little girl, the orphan bandit child, to do what must be done, can only be accomplished at the point of my ‘silver swords’.

This Count was going to be so shocked in a minute. It is hard waiting to unload on the moron. He walked out the gate and I followed.

  • Camaeus: I am afraid the Countess, no, Princess, will have to endure my company for a while longer. It must be so debilitating for her after everything she has been through all these years.
  • Wulf: You know nothing about Rigmor.
  • Camaeus: I am on your side Dragonslayer. On Rigmor’s side. I personally took responsibility for the apprehension of the New Order in Alinor and have been playing my role in the game as you have yours.
  • Wulf: I don’t play games. Not for you, the priest, the Daedric Princes or any other Gods.

And here he goes. Anger level almost at maximum I would say.

  • Camaeus: Blind fool! Look at you! What are you? Obviously you cannot even recall any schooling. Do you even remember where you were born? Where exactly do you hail from? Do you recall anything at all about your past? Is there one single thing you can tell me about yourself? Were you hatched from and egg or forged in a dank pool from offal?
  • Wulf: I can rub my stomach and pat my head at the same time! Wanna see?
  • Camaeus: What of her? Her whole life is like a book. A tragedy to be read by all and sundry. A child chosen for a fate worse than death and she keeps enduring. She keeps giving. Her strength and resolve unsurpassed.

He was almost frothing at the mouth. The Divine have lumbered me with a religious fanatic.

  • Camaeus: She is born to reign and born to bear a child and you no longer will be the Last Dragonborn. For there shall be another. Akatosh wills it. And it will be done. So we, we’re not done. Not yet Dragonslayer. Not by a long chalk.
  • Wulf: I have free will. I can take Rigmor away and defy the Gods.
  • Camaeus: It is too late whether you like it or not. Rigmor’s life was never hers to live. She is of the Mede dynastic bloodline and will take her rightful place. The people will demand it. You of course can wander the wilderness for the rest of your days or drink yourself to death. Have you spoken to the Princess, Rigmor, about her fate? Because you should.
  • Wulf: I was thinking about it.
  • Camaeus: You owe her the truth at the very least. Stop treating her like a fragile porcelain doll. You may come to find that actually, she does have what it takes after all.

He mounted his horse and continued.

  • Camaeus: The child will be a Septim and she will be called Kintyra. Who you are should be as plain as the nose on your face. Until next time.

I told him, “Camaeus, get off that horse right now or I will kill you without hesitation. It is your turn to learn the truth. Do not test me because if I kill you I will order every one of you filthy Thalmor maggots to be slaughtered by the vastly bigger army at my command!”

He jumped off his horse and anger was in his eyes. He said, “Are you to defy The Eight once again?”

I have never defied The Divine and I am about to reveal to you the truth. Here, hold this coin.

(I fished my lucky coin out and tossed it to him. He caught it and his eyes widened.)

You feel it don’t you. The same feeling as when the priest is close. You should do as he is the one who gave it to me. Please pass it back.

(He was looking disturbed as he passed me the coin.)

I am Wulf Septim. My father is Tiber Septim. My mother is Saint Alessia. I was born on Roscrea where I was adored by my loving parents until the age of eighteen when I was taken away for training.

My father gave me that coin. My father, now known as Talos, is the priest in case that has not yet dawned on you. Your life had been shaped by the Ninth Devine. The very man whose divinity you Thalmor deny. You and your kind torture and kill Tamriel citizens for daring to worship the man who has been guiding you for your whole life.

I can see in your face you know I am speaking the truth. Let us do some questions and answers so I can gauge whether to kill you or not.

What do you think happened when we approached the Shrine to Lady Mara?

“The Divine used their power to take essence from you and essence from Rigmor so they could be combined and placed back into her as the ‘Chosen One’.”

So you were okay with that but questioned my parentage? The Divine would do unholy rape on Rigmor and create a child if she wanted one or not? It did not matter to them if we were lovers, friends or mortal enemies.

My parents loved me and Talos’ avatar stayed with Allie, the avatar of Saint Alessia, for twenty years. Can you imagine how much effort that would have taken by The Nine to accomplish that?

To ensure a lot of things have come to pass as my Lord Akatosh wanted he wiped some of my memories. I have accepted that as a necessity and a sacrifice but still, with free will, I have uncovered some of my lost past.

Poor Allie thought her beloved son had been killed or otherwise just disappeared soon after his eighteenth birthday. For decades she searched for me on Roscrea. She was constantly calling out my name in her desperation.

That is an indication of the love my mother had for me.

What do you think would happen to Rigmor when she gave birth to Kintyra?

“The prophecy said she would die but the priest said The Divine had decided to save her.”

They never intended to let her die but they tricked Talos. He had pleaded for them to save her as I had asked him to. Akatosh would only allow it if he performed certain unpleasant tasks. Guiding your life was one of those tasks. Lying to you about the son he loves. He had to deal with the scum who dealt death and torture to his followers. I don’t know if The Divine can vomit but I bet he tried.

My parents love me and put a lot of effort into bringing me into this world. It does not matter if my conception was via normal intercourse or the magic of the Gods. I was wanted and planned for. Can you say the same of your parents? Were there no teenage girls to be tortured for their entertainment one night so they went home, got drunk and rutted like common beasts do?  Out you popped and they had no idea what to do with you. They gave you a fancy name and sent you off to boarding school and forgot about their little accident.

It does not really matter as I know I was wanted, planned for and loved. You do not.

When Rigmor and I approached the Shrine we triggered the divine magic of Lady Mara. She checked and Rigmor was already pregnant with Kintyra. So Nirn is fortunate that the Chosen One is a product of love and not Divine rape.

Not much longer and you can fuck off and wander the wilderness or drink yourself to death or stay and do the task given by Akatosh and passed onto you by Talos.

You know absolutely nothing about Rigmor or her suffering. What is her favourite flower? What does she see when light reflects off a lake? What was the name of her best childhood friend? What colour dress was she wearing when swinging on the gate? How many breaths per hour does she take when sleeping and what side does she sleep on?

Rigmor and I have a shared destiny. You do not have one with me. You have been misled. My life since the day I met Rigmor has belonged to her. She had consumed my waking thoughts every day for years on end. We share a connection so profound even Daedric Lords appreciate its strength and beauty.

You have no right to judge me or tell me how I should treat Rigmor.

I told her of the prophecy hours after I learned it. I told her what happened at the shrine on its steps after I cried upon learning of our child. I have never treated her with anything but utmost respect for her strength and intelligence and ability to endure.

You know nothing of Rigmor. You know nothing of our love and respect for each other. You know nothing of me.

What is a Dragonborn Count?

“A mortal blessed by Lord Akatosh with powers of which I am uncertain of.”

Close enough. Why are Dragonborn placed on Nirn?

“To do the bidding of The Divine. To be their mortal champion.”

I have been born, blessed by Akatosh and trained to be the Champion of The Divine. I constantly undertake tasks to maintain the sacred covenant and preserve the barrier between Mundus and Oblivion. You would not have any idea how many times I have saved every mortal on this planet and even Mundus itself. This Table Mountain is just another on the list.

I have never done anything remotely against the wishes of The Divine.

You who have been fooled by the Gods. You have never done a single thing to save a single mortal yet I have saved you all several times. You would have no idea what sacrifices I have made. Talos lied to you so you would feel that self-righteous religious zeal. The same one that allows your kind to persecute Talos worshippers. The same zeal that has generated hate towards me that is unjustified in fact.

You are my backup in case something turns me against the Gods I love and who love me.

You have been waiting your life for this moment and maybe you still have a big part to play in helping my beloved Rigmor.

Who knows, I could fail and the burden of protecting Rigmor and our child falls to you.

This is all a prelude to the Akaviri invasion of the near future. It may be you are my counterpart on uniting Man and Mer against a common enemy. I do not know.

For these reasons I let you live.

So go. Get ready for the battle. Let us work together to destroy this evil and protect our Chosen Queen.

Camaeus mounted his horse and said, “Too much of what you said rings true. I only know what the priest has told me. One thing I do not understand. The revelation of the prophecy is recent. How can the priest be paying the price for ensuring Rigmor’s safety if he has been directing me for decades?”

Akatosh is the Lord of time. He could easily have the avatar appear in the past.

With that Camaeus rode away. I would have felt sorry but at the moment he was just one more Thalmor and not to be trusted or befriended.

I entered the tent and gently shook Rigmor’s shoulder. She groggily sat up and  sat next to her.

  • Rigmor: Is it time to go already?
  • Wulf: No beautiful, I just need to talk to you for a bit and then you can sleep for hours.
  • Rigmor: What is it.
  • Wulf: Can you feel our quiet. No sound of destiny.
  • Rigmor: Of course. Funny how we now take it for granted.
  • Wulf: Our child, if it is a boy, what would you want him named?
  • Rigmor: Funny thing to wake me up for. Ragnar of course, after my father.
  • Wulf: And if out child is a girl.
  • Rigmor: Kintyra. After the one that didn’t make it.
  • Wulf: Our child is a girl. The world will have to cope with Rigmor, Wulf and Kintyra.
  • Rigmor: You are certain?
  • Wulf: Yes my beloved. My father told Camaeus.
  • Rigmor: What?
  • Wulf: The priest, Talos, has been passing on messages from Akatosh to Camaeus for many years. He is a Thalmor whose whole life has been controlled by lies coming out of Talos’ mouth at the direction of Akatosh.
  • Rigmor: That would be funny if not tragic.
  • Wulf: All along I have said The Divine needed us together whether it be lover, friend or enemy. It does not matter which they would have arranged the trick with the shrine. If you were not already pregnant they would have taken bits from us, made Kintyra and implanted her.
  • Rigmor: That is rape no matter how you look at it. Mother Mara would have done this thing?
  • Wulf: She would have known we would have loved Kintyra no less. Just another piece of bastardy they would do to maintain the sacred covenant.
  • Rigmor: Do you think they would not be aware of our love making? That we never tried to prevent pregnancy? Is that why they had to test?
  • Wulf: I don’t know Rigmor. I would like to think when we are close like this we are shielded from destiny and their prying eyes.
  • Rigmor: Do you think I will be OK after the birth?
  • Wulf: Everything tells me you will be but today I have learned to have a bit of mistrust in my Gods.
  • Rigmor: If I do have Kintyra and I don’t make it promise me. Promise me you will love her, care for her and remember me.
  • Wulf: Rigmor please…
  • Rigmor: I would gladly die in your arms, and if… if Kintyra were to become Empress of all Tamriel…then at least my life amounted to something.
  • Wulf: People love you dearly Rigmor. You have shown how to endure, how to express compassion and sympathy unending, how to see hidden beauty in most things, how to laugh and how to fight for what you believe. Every person who has met you and loved you is better for it. That certainly amounts to something.
  • Rigmor: Promise me.
  • Wulf: I would love her and teach her about her mother and she would never need for anything. That I promise. You, you I could never forget as we are one. My better half would be gone.
  • Rigmor: What of Camaeus?
  • Wulf: I trust him because at the moment we are on the same path of destroying Morag and her friends. After that I do not know. Please get some sleep know my beloved. I will watch over you as always.
  • Rigmor: We will make it tomorrow. Goodnight my Dragonborn.

Rigmor lay back down on the bed and was soon asleep.

In the middle of writing this journal I saw she was sleeping on her right side. That is the first time I know of that she has done that. Weird!

I still have so many questions about Camaeus and his purpose.

I am too weary to ponder further.

I know not what time I fell asleep.

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  4. I am enjoying every second of this, totally agree with Peter, Mark/Wulf has filled in gaps of the conversation with Assclown as I understood it. Yeah, I killed every Thalmor I found as well.

  5. I’m reading these journals again waiting for the latest entries. It has been quite a while since I’ve read them so it’s almost like reading them for the first time and enjoying them, thank you Mark.

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