Morndas, 27th Suns’ Dawn, 4E 205

Purgatorium, Cyrodiil: Love and war.

This entry and that of the 21st were written in Castle Bruma on the 28th Sun’s Dawn.

I awakened? Came back to life? Became Conscious?

I can see a door but where the hell am I? I know I am lying down on a hard floor.

Last thing I remember was being in a meeting with Quintus, Sethri and Camaeus.

Okay, I have managed to sit up so some progress.

Before the meeting I had spoken to Rigmor and Blackwell.

RIGMOR! Where is she? Is she in danger? Is she here, wherever this is?

I must find my beloved!

I stood up. Everything feels okay. No wounds that I can detect.

I had my lantern on my belt and used magicka to light it. It made some difference but the darkness around me was oppressive. Not like the darkness in a cave. It felt, I don’t know, somehow different?

I walked through the door and found myself in a maze or labyrinth. Unlike the last time I did not hear the lonely mourning of my brother, Lord Mor’Bel-Harza. I heard the pitiful crying of a young child.

I have been here before. I was lost and could not find my way. Calling for Rigmor. Calling to the child.

Calling out that I am alone in the dark. Asking if anybody can help me find my Rigmor and the child who is crying like all hope is gone. Running along endless corridors. Turning endless corners. Searching, searching but despair won and I eventually fell onto the cold hard floor and now I am here again.

How many times has this happened? Is this some sort of punishment? Is this a private hell for some infraction against The Divine?

No, they are cold sometimes but not this cruel.

I am somewhere I am not supposed to escape from and if I only accepted that my misery would end. I know that with a certainty but I would never give up. Not on the crying child. Not on my Rigmor.

Something caught my eye. On the ground was a red flower. I picked it up and smelt it and knew it was fresh. The child was crying and it is a most terrible sound but I have put it to the back of my mind. I have to be methodical and see if there are other flowers. I have to move slowly and remember my way back. I cast Magelight onto the floor where the flower was. With my level of expertise that should stay there for at least 30 minutes. If I can’t find another flower in that time then it was false hope.

Was Rigmor lost in here? Was this a trail to escape? I am to follow it to find her is all I knew.

My heart just leapt. I found another flower. I was going to escape this terrible place. I don’t care if I am not supposed to. Our love is the most powerful of things. It can conquer all be it God or even death. I cast Magelight and will continue.

I have found yet another flower. I wonder how many there are? I cast Magelight and will continue.

I have found the last flower. I know it is the last because just through the nearby door I can see a bridge.

I am standing at the beginning of the bridge. At the end of the bridge is a cage and I can just make out a child sitting on the floor and weeping into their hands.

I have started to cross the bridge and am faced with a collapsed section. I can traverse it with Whirlwind Sprint. Is this an ancient collapse or a deliberate test of my ability to Shout? If somebody wanted to test if I was Dragonborn it was a poor one. Even Ulfric Stormcloak probably knew Whirlwind Sprint. An Akaviri blood seal would be much better.

I used two thirds strength Whirlwind Sprint and easily made it across. If I had used full strength I would have smashed into the cage.

I can see a little girl but she has still not looked at me. She was sobbing into her hands and I could not help but think of my Rigmor alone and in the dark. But this was not dark. It was bright and I turned my lamp off.

She is wearing rags that barely cover her dignity. Many of my orphans were found in even less. The difference is she is clean and not covered in grime.

I opened the cage door which was not locked and knelt down in front of this lonely child.

She stopped crying and wiped her tears away and looked at me.

She looked at me with a face I knew for certainty I had seen before.

It was the face of Rigmor as a child! I think it is. I only briefly saw the face when it appeared in the den of Rigmor’s childhood. One of the places from her childhood she had not yet visited since being back in Cyrodiil. She had pretended she could hide from destiny and danger in that den and this child had briefly appeared. Then Rigmor had that heartbreaking collapse into despair and made me promise that if she died due to the political games of Cyrodiil that I would kill everyone responsible.

That promise still holds. I still have no idea where or when I am. If Rigmor is dead then death to the Emperor and his allies is assured.

I asked the girl, “Are you Rigmor?”

She stood and said, “You came. This way, dark to light, follow me.”

She nimbly darted from the cage and ran along a path.

I caught up with her on a circular platform leading to another bridge.

I approached her and said, “Please. I am confused. I need some answers.”

No reply or prompting from the child so I asked, “If you are not Rigmor, who are you?”

“I am the past, present and future.”

That is not very useful. What is happening? Why am I here? Where is here?

“You are dying. She sent me. She wants to see you.”

I spoke to myself and my words echoed back from eternity.

Dying? So I am not dead yet. I can’t die! It would leave Rigmor and Kintyra alone. They will need me and I want to hold them both and share our love and read stories and search for frogs and be a father and husband and…and…

…I have done all my chores Mother and Father. Why can’t I go outside and play with Rigmor?

I remember. I have left my beloved when she needs me the most. She was about to go to war with Cyrodiil and I am not going to be there to help her! Why? Have I failed The Divine?

I asked the child, “Who wants to see me?”


Saint Alessia, my Mother, wants to see me! Am I in the stars? It doesn’t look like it. She was fighting Molag Bal. Sorella has shattered the soul gem and released her. I have been kissed by evil. That is why I am here! Molag Bal via Morag has afflicted me. It seems I have mocked one too many Daedric Lords. It always was a bad habit.

I asked the girl, “If I am not in the stars then where am I?”

“You are between the dark and light. Lord Akatosh moved you here so you can cross the void.”

So that darkness was not the dark of a cave. That was the void.

I asked her, “Please tell me what has happened to my Rigmor? To the friends I left behind?”

“They need you to wake up.”

I can still help my Rigmor! I can be with her again! Where and when? Am I going to wake up to find years have passed?

I asked, “How long have I been…asleep?”

“You came here on the twenty first day. It is now the morning of the twenty seventh day. The battle has begun. We need to hurry.”

With that she ran across the bridge and was once again fleet of foot.

I chased her and was aware of the vastness of nothing underneath the bridge. If I fell it would be for all eternity.

The child stopped and said, “This way, dark to light.” She then ran onto another circular platform and waited for me.

I asked her, “Where now child?”

“You must cross the void. Head towards the light. Do not vary from the path.”

Are you coming with me?

“I must go now but I have something for you. I won’t need it anymore.”

She handed me a Jenny doll. I knew where she got it from. Rigmor had been having recurring dreams of a little girl asking for something. The night before the Battle of Whiterun she dreamt again and gave the little girl a Jenny doll. Hours before that I had made a Jenny doll for Rigmor hoping it would restore some of her lost memories as her father had once made her one. Ragnar had to make a second for Rigmor after a little girl stole the first. Rigmor let that girl keep her most prized possession. That little girl became her best childhood friend, Loona.

Rigmor had thought the little girl in her dreams was her. This child is not Rigmor but I do not know who she is. Maybe one day I will find out.

I said to her, “Thank you for Jenny and your help. I am glad you are no longer crying. No child should be so sad.”

“Go, they are waiting for you…”

I have started across an invisible bridge. I am aware of the infinite void all around me and am acutely aware of how little I know of the Gods and their powers and their purpose.

I can see a change ahead. Is it a portal?

I have reached the portal.

I have stepped through and found myself above Sovngarde. I hope this place was not supposed to be my afterlife destination. I do not glorify battle and have no desire to spend eternity talking about it. I am not even a Nord!

I will head for the slightly illuminated clouds and hope that is sticking to the path. I would not fall for infinity here. I would ruin Sovngarde’s beautiful landscape with a bloody splotch.

I can see the Hall of Heroes. I am glad I am doing this after I defeated Alduin. Imagine him flying up to greet me! No thanks.

I am getting closer to a very large section of illuminated cloud. I wonder if that is my destination.

As I approach the large cloud Saint Alessia, my Mother, has appeared with some of the rescued children. She has taken them all to live with her amongst the stars.

She spoke these words to her son,

“There you are, I have been looking everywhere for you. Don’t worry I am right here. I will always be here. Ah my Dragonchild, follow your heart. I looked upon your face and saw you smile, from a place no smiles exist. They are all gathered here now. We are powerless you and I. I shall never forget you. Never! There will always be a special place for you in my heart…always. I looked upon a rising star and remembered. My love for you is greater than the Universe.”

My beautiful Mother has approached me and I wish I could run to her but alas I cannot.

She said, “Now is not your time”

I was back on Nirn

I heard my beloved, “Dragonborn…Dragonborn, we need you to wake up…now. Dragonborn wake the fuck up!”

I opened my eyes to a thatched roof.

I slowly stood up and tried to focus my eyes.

  • Rigmor: Dragonborn…My Dragonborn! By the Gods…you’re alive!
  • Wulf: I followed your flowers.
  • Rigmor: The little girl!
  • Wulf: Who you gave Jenny to.
  • Rigmor: I…I…
  • Wulf: Let us talk about it later my love.

Rigmor stepped forward and buried her head in my chest.

  • Rigmor: You have no idea how worried I have been Dragonborn.

I stroked her hair.

  • Wulf: Alright, I am here. The girl said you needed me. Fill me in.
  • Rigmor: We took Fort Ash. When Leyawiin moved his troops away from Bruma Yngol sallied forth with the Guild and Garrison as planned and routed the Cheydinhal troops. We left Fort Ash and joined with him at Fort Empire.
  • Wulf: I barely remember that part of the plan. I was almost gone by then. Where is Quintus?
  • Rigmor: Quintus is holding Leyawiin down at Fort Nikel.
  • Wulf: I remember. That is why Leyawiin moved from Bruma like you thought he would.
  • Rigmor: The Cheydinhal troops were no match for an angry Yngol.
  • Wulf: And Camaeus? I hope he has stayed with you!
  • Rigmor: No but he was reluctant to go. He is holding Chorrol from joining Leyawiin at Fort Ash. Skingrad pledged to help but I can’t tell you if he did…
  • Wulf: We are near The Capital aren’t we? The final push for Weye?
  • Rigmor: Yes, we have to take this farmhouse and then we can attack their catapults. Taking the farmhouse will weaken and threaten their middle ground. From there we can attack the heights near the well dividing Leyawiin’s forces.
  • Wulf: Has anybody else joined the battle?
  • Rigmor: Bravil is abstaining. There was not enough left of Cheydinhal to join.
  • Wulf: It must have been strange fighting without me.
  • Rigmor: You have been with me in every fight since I slaughtered the Thalmor in the Bruma Embassy. Camaeus was like a shadow till we had to split. The Fighter’s Guild have been my Guardian along with Yngol.
  • Wulf: So I am out of a job?
  • Rigmor: Never my Dragonborn.
  • Wulf: Let’s go take that farm. I will be pushing ahead of the main force so you decide to follow or not depending on the situation. You have survived days against this rabble without needing my help. It is best if I get rid of their archers and reserves then return to help with the melee. That way we will minimise our losses.
  • Rigmor: OK.

As we made our way to the front of the muster I was treated to, “The Guardian General is back!”, “It’s the Dragonborn!” and even a couple of, “It’s Wulf Septim!”

Rigmor gave the command and the slaughter began.

I conjured two Dragon Priests. They tend to scare both the enemy and my allies!

I ran towards a wall that had been turned into a palisade and cleared it with Fireballs…

…and Cyclone.

I did the same with each palisade I came across. First Fireballs…

…then Cyclone.

As planned I doubled back to help with the melees.

I helped clear the last of the troops guarding the entrance to the farm.

Then entered the farmyard and engaged in several melees.

The New Imperials were useless and pathetic.

Soon the piles of dead defenders outnumbered their living.

When the last fell I joined the others. I was glad to see my Dragon Priests were still creeping everybody out.

I approached Rigmor and said, “We did well there Milady with minimal casualties. I am glad we have seen no civilians. Too bad we could not save their buildings.”

She replied, “Please be careful my Dragonborn. You are saving lives by what you do but I have seen them swarm you and you are too far ahead for me to help.”

We must keep up the momentum. The heights are next is that right?

She replied “Yes. We now have the farmhouse and taking the heights will split Leyawiin’s forces in two.”

Rigmor gave the command, “OK listen up. We are doing well but we need to keep the pace up. Let us take out those heights. Onward to victory!”

This was going to be a lot tougher. There were multiple levels of defences and the attacker is always at a disadvantage when fighting uphill.

I ran ahead of the main group again to take out the archers and reserves.

A troop of New Imperials ambushed me from behind an overturned wagon.

Cyclone took out most of them.

I had taken out enough defenders that our troops swarmed through the gaps and engaged the archers in melee.

I saw Yngol smash skulls and spread death with his Warhammer. Trish and B were cutting down the enemy at an impressive rate.

Wherever Rigmor went the Fighter’s Guild were with her. I watched as she cut down the last defender.

I approached her and cured her as she had been hit by a couple of Ice Spears. It is amazing how very few times I have had to patch her up after a fight.

I then said to her, “That was a bit tougher but we did it with minimal casualties once again. The best of them are probably defending the bridge. Weye gives them a lot of cover so I might have to risk it and head for the middle of town. I will be OK. Let’s go finish them off.”

Rigmor ordered, “On me…to Weye! TO VICTORY!”

In open country the defenders had no chance of getting near me. Fireballs…

…and Cyclone worked even better when the enemy had nothing to duck behind.

I was much farther ahead of our troops this time and met the majority of the defenders solo.

Cyclone threw dozens in the air and their shadows fell onto the road and they soon followed.

Any that were still moving after landing were easily dispatched.

Eventually there was one lone archer left in Weye.

He soon joined the dead.

I then rushed back to help mop up the last of the enemy.

My Dragon Priests had done well with their magic killing many enemies from a distance.

I had the last defender in front of me begging for mercy.

I gave him the same mercy shown the families at the border.

I rushed back to the bridge and stood amongst those I had killed and waited for Rigmor’s arrival.

When I saw her I could see was healthy and used my Thu’um to announce,


There was a roar of approval for my beloved and I was proud she had achieved this but deeply saddened she had to.

I approached her,

  • Wulf: You truly are blessed with many who love you Milady.
  • Rigmor: It’s…it’s all like a dream. I…I need to figure out what to do next.
  • Wulf: It will be interesting to see what Sethius will do now.
  • Rigmor: My Dragonborn…what are we gonna do now.
  • Wulf: Sethius was not kind enough to die on the battlefield so now he sits in the Palace and is protected not by his Praetorian Guard but by the non-combatant citizens of the Imperial City. Neither you or I or any of your allies are the type to inflict death and destruction on them to get to him. The same with the Counts who opposed you. They will hide in their castles safe as their citizens are also blameless.
  • Rigmor: We have always said that haven’t we. That we would not march through the Imperial City to remove him. Cyrodiil’s citizens deserve more than suffering caused by noble greed.
  • Wulf: Sethius will sue for peace. You have Anvil and Skingrad pledging support and he finds himself trapped.
  • Rigmor: He wasn’t all that bad an Emperor.
  • Wulf: He chose to consort with evil and be evil. He has to die for his heinous crimes. He probably knows we will not inflict more suffering on the innocent to get to him. He knows he survives for now but must do something to keep it that way.
  • Rigmor: If only we can just go home, stop the fighting and live a normal life again.
  • Wulf: We will never have a normal life Rigmor. But we can stop the fighting for now and go home. I just want some time with you. We both deserve that Rigmor.
  • Rigmor: But what about the prophecy?
  • Wulf: If The Divine and Saint Alessia want Kintyra on the throne they will have to come up with a better plan than more war.  I can see what the last few days have done to you Rigmor. I will come up with a way for us to be safe in Bruma for the prophecy guarantees we will have enemies. Every Daedric Lord will be whispering into their followers ears.
  • Rigmor: I love you and I need your support more than ever.

Quintus arrived,

  • Quintus: It’s over! We have won the war! Fort Nikel has fallen, Leyawiin has surrendered. Skingrad’s arrival has forced Chorrol back behind his walls.
  • Rigmor: Bravil?
  • Quintus: Bravil abstained. He turned his army around and returned to Bravil without a fight.
  • Rigmor: Thank you Quintus…for everything.
  • Quintus: Countess, the legion stands ready.
  • Rigmor: The Dragonborn and I do not think it is right to march into the city. The citizens have put up with enough bloodshed these past years. Let’s make camp, try to clear some of this mess out while I think about what to do next.
  • Quintus: I understand.

Rigmor then did something I felt was a bit premature. The Thalmor were here for something other than aiding her and they also knew of the New Order and did nothing to stop them despite their ridiculous denial.

  • Rigmor: I thank you too Camaeus. You have proven yourself a trustworthy ally. I shan’t forget and I accept your apology on behalf of the Dominion for my fathers’ death.
  • Camaeus: Countess?
  • Rigmor: No…please don’t. Won’t you stay until I have decided what to do next?
  • Camaeus: Of course.

I will not bring the subject up with her. That was her decision.

  • Rigmor: Yngol…there are no words to say how grateful I am for your help in Bruma’s hour of need. Please, feel free to take your men and return home. Sorella and Angi should be waiting for your safe return.
  • Yngol: It had been an honour to fight alongside you. If you ever need me you know where to find me.
  • Yngol: Goodbye Guardian.
  • Wulf: Yngol, please do me a favour. Tell Sorella I saw the children with Saint Alessia. She saved their souls and now they live amongst the stars. If she looks up and listens to the stars she will hear their laughter.
  • Yngol: I have seen too much lately to remain a sceptic and will tell her your message. Bye for now Rigmor, Princess of Tamriel and soon to be Mrs Septim according to gossip amongst the troops.
  • Wulf: I haven’t proposed yet!
  • Yngol: That is a fight you will lose Guardian. Just surrender and accept your fate. The love I have seen from Rigmor while you have been at death’s door has been both inspirational and heart breaking. After I joined up with her she has been by your side every minute she was not commanding a battle. Others have told me that has been the case since you collapsed. The only time you were not yelling out and crying was when she was with you.  

Yngol turned and left for home.

Quintus barked an order, “Make camp! I want everyone rested and ready! Take care of the wounded. Let’s start clearing this place up. Looters are to be executed on sight.”

I heard a horse and turned to see a New Imperial Sergeant approaching. An Imperial Sergeant announced, “A lone rider approaches.”

Rigmor and I approached the foot of the bridge. The rider said, “I bring a message for the Lady Rigmor, Countess of Bruma.”

Rigmor wished me to retrieve the message which I did. The rider prepared to leave and I growled to him, “You will remain until I give you our reply. A real soldier would know that.”

The message read,

“Countess Rigmor,

I have been instructed by the Emperor to invite you to the palace for talks in the hope we can put an end to this unfortunate position we all find ourselves in.

I think we can agree the demise of Morag and the defeat of Leyawiin and his cabal had changed the political climate in Cyrodiil. I humbly beg you not to march your army into the Imperial City and Palace.

I know you only want to return to a normal and prosperous life and I can assure you, as good as my word, Bruma can remain a free city. The Emperor has assured me that if we can end the war between us, His Majesty the Emperor promises the following:

  • The Count of Leyawiin will be exiled.
  • Robere de Medalius will be exiled.
  • The Count of Chorrol will be reprimanded.
  • The Count of Cheydinhal will be reprimanded.
  • Marshall Quintus will be pardoned.

The Guardian is to be bestowed the County of Leyawiin by Royal Decree if only to restore freedom and posterity to not only Cyrodiil but the entire Empire in these troubling and dark times.

Therefore I humbly ask you to present yourself to the Imperial Palace tomorrow morning so we can discuss and agree to the possible terms and any amendments if you may require them and once again bring a lasting peace the citizens of the Empire deserve.

Martin Blackwell,

Lord Chancellor of Cyrodiil and the Empire.”

I turned to Rigmor and said, “As expected the ‘Emperor’ proposes a peace deal. Blackwell wishes us to go to the Palace tomorrow morning for talks. If you don’t mind I will answer with an empty threat to ensure our safety.”

Rigmor replied, “I am prepared to make a peace deal. I know you think it has no hope of lasting but we may get some time together and prepare for the future. I never wanted any of this and am tired Dragonborn.”

I know Rigmor and as I said before, if Kintyra is to sit the throne Lord Akatosh had better come up with a plan not involving you taking to the field again.

I said to the rider, “Inform the Lord Chancellor we will attend the Peace Talks and expect to be treated under the ancient laws of such. The amassed forces of which they have no hope of stopping are only held in check till sundown tomorrow. If the Countess and I do not return by then they will attack with the express purpose of dragging Sethius out of his hole and executing him. Understood Sergeant?”

The rider nodded and rode full speed back to inform Blackwell.

I said to Rigmor, “Come Milady. There are things we must discuss but let us enjoy some food, a fire and some banter with friends first.”

“I would like that my Dragonborn.”

We headed to our tents and found Amon and Tish enjoying a well-earned rest and food.

We sat down with them and enjoyed a good discussion about their origins and how Tish ended up with B.

Almost three hours later the talking was over and both retired to their tents.

I looked at my beloved and could see she was bit more relaxed.

  • Wulf: I need to talk about what I experienced Rigmor. I am trying to understand it all. You were with me a lot?
  • Rigmor: Whenever I was not discussing tactics or in other meetings or in the field with our troops I sat with you. I slept next you each night. One thing we made sure is we moved as fast as we could but not a forced march. Our troops got good rest each night and I don’t think that lost us much time as they moved faster for longer during the day. We won so obviously not a bad decision.
  • Wulf: What was I yelling out?
  • Rigmor: I stood back occasionally so I could hear. You were lost. You were yelling out to a child to stop crying and that you were coming. You were yelling out for me and saying you could not find your way out of the dark. You would carry on for a while getting more and more frantic and then stop for a period before repeating it.
  • Wulf: Are you pregnant Rigmor?
  • Rigmor: My menses are not regular and I can’t say for sure my Dragonborn. I wish I could have your confidence but I can’t.
  • Wulf: I understand. I deal with The Divine all the time and are confident of what they told me. You have every right to be sceptical of Gods and their manipulations.
  • Rigmor: The child is strange. When sleeping next to you it was if you were simply asleep. Our quiet worked and destiny was silenced. For a couple of nights she appeared in my dreams like she had in Skyrim. This time she had tears in her eyes and I was once again at a loss as to what she wanted. The answer came yesterday when we walked past a field of red flowers. I gathered a handful. That night when she held out her hands I passed her some and she nodded. Like in Skyrim when I handed her Jenny I still had the flowers in the morning.
  • Wulf: You thought she was a younger you in Skyrim.
  • Rigmor: It was the same girl I am sure but no, it was not me.
  • Wulf: I was lost over and over and it was the flowers that led me to the child. She led me to my mother. Lord Akatosh had placed me in a place where I had a chance to escape death but it took our love, the flowers, to show me the way.
  • Rigmor: So who is the girl Dragonborn?
  • Wulf: I do not know but she looks like you as a child Rigmor. When I asked who she was she said, ‘I am the past, present and future.’ I have no idea. She did give me this.

I pulled out the Jenny doll and handed it to Rigmor.

  • Rigmor: This is like the one you made me.
  • Wulf: I saw the one I gave you in your apartment. I bet if you compare the wood on the two the patterns are exactly the same. That is the one you gave her in Skyrim. She said she did not need it any more.
  • Rigmor: This is way too much to figure out right now.
  • Wulf: The child can remain a mystery for now. I saw my mother as close as you are Rigmor. She was so beautiful. She told me she had been looking for me everywhere. That must have been Allie now part of Alessia again. She told me how much she loves me and it was such a relief to hear it. She also said her and I were powerless. I think she meant we were at the mercy of The Divine. When I first awakened on the way to Helgen I was so angry against them but I mellowed as I realised why things happened as they did. Really Rigmor, I am no different than a soldier sent overseas to fight for my nation. Sacrifice must be made.
  • Rigmor: I knew you were coming back to us. You were talking to yourself calmly and to the child and then you were back and I no longer had to cry.
  • Wulf: Let us quickly discuss the peace proposal.

I handed the message to Rigmor and she scoffed at it.

  • Wulf: The peace will not last with him on the throne. If we combined Bruma and Leyawiin we can at least fortify ourselves and make us as safe as possible. We would have peace for a while and I know you want that more than anything so I am happy with it if you are.
  • Rigmor: You as a Count! That would be worth seeing. Will you ask for any additions to it?
  • Wulf: The border must be reopened with no paperwork required. That is not negotiable. The Elder Council should be brought back from exile. That is not negotiable. If they were overseeing his rule very little of the evil done would have occurred. Torture and humiliation of suspects banned. Not negotiable. That has nothing to do with justice or civility. It is barbaric.
  • Rigmor: He really doesn’t have much wiggle room does he?
  • Wulf: No. We have him over a barrel.
  • Rigmor:  Come on my love. I am so tired I could sleep a hundred years. Cuddle me and let us enjoy our silence.
  • Wulf: Come on then. My journal can wait.

We went to our tent and within minutes were asleep.

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  1. That’s where the flowers came from in Purgatorium. The last dialogue with rigmore is the new Emperor’s program. Everything is as always beautiful. It remains only to sit on the throne… and to wait until the fall.

    1. I am very sad the adventure is coming to a close for now. The epilogue is brilliant and some of the new characters will break your heart. The voice actors have been sobbing over some of it.

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