Early Correspondence: High Queen Elisif the Fair, Blue Palace, Solitude

Turdas, 2nd First Seed, 4E 205. Letter to High Queen Elisif the Fair of Skyrim.

My dear friend Elisif,

I thought I would write one last time simply as a friend and before protocol gets in the way.

As I am now to be Emperor I cannot keep the title of Thane of Solitude that you so generously awarded me. The official paperwork returning the title should arrive shortly.

I will be keeping Proudspire Manor for use by various people employed within my orphanages and the College of Winterhold.

We have spoken before how your late husband, High King Torygg, was contemplating seceding Skyrim from the Empire. Quite understandable as The Empire under the previous two Emperors was not what it was supposed to be!

The Empire should be a commonwealth of nations where those ruling are more concerned about the welfare of its citizens than power.

Citizens should be free to worship as they wish as long as their religious practices do not break the civil laws.

The leader of a County, Province or Hold should never be determined by right of arms.

All sentient beings should be offered citizenship therefor placing themselves under the protection and scrutiny of civil laws.

All citizens of Tamriel should have full access to every village, town and city within its borders.

Torture and humiliation are never to be used by the prosecution in gathering evidence for a trial.

These are the principles on which Princess Rigmor and I will govern and I think you would agree they will return The Empire to what Saint Alessia first envisaged.

You have known me for almost four years now and would recognise that as Emperor I will simply be continuing the same morals and attitude as I always have.

Although you have never met my beloved Rigmor you would be aware of how fairly her family has governed Bruma and dealt independently with Skyrim in terms of trade. She and I are alike in our overpowering wish to better the life for normal citizens and to prevent suffering caused by noble political games.

Details will soon be discussed in person but please be aware. The Divine have warned me about a threat from the West which will be the greatest in Tamriel’s history.  We found collusion between the previous ruling pair and parts of Akavir. Some Akaviri and Tsaesci are planning to invade and destroy Tamriel.

That is why I ask you as a friend to give us a chance to prove ourselves worthy of Skyrim’s loyalty and friendship. To not do anything that will weaken Tamriel and make it easier for our enemies to destroy us all.

Never fear that we would try and enforce our rule on those who do not value it unless defending the realm. We did not seek the Ruby Throne but merely defending the innocent from tyranny. We would not enforce a change of leadership on a province but would defend rigorously against any aggression.

Much of what Milady and I can say and do in public will soon be governed by protocol. I think most things useful going forward will be a result of private conversation, not public waffle.

The Shield of Solitude will be on display above the throne. Its value to me is the friendship it represents. The people of Skyrim have suffered at the hands of the Thalmor and Ulfric’s senseless war. Let us work together to ensure that was the last of their suffering.

Your friend always, Wulf Septim. Champion of The Divine and Hero of Solitude.

Fredas, 3rd First Seed, 4E 205. Reply from High Queen Elisif the Fair of Skyrim.

Oh Wulf,

We have all been so worried about you and Countess Rigmor. I warned you about the brutality of Cyrodiil politics before you left but I think you were still caught by surprise at its sheer barbarity!

The news filtering to us from Cyrodiil made me so worried that for the first time since my Torygg’s death I visited The Temple of the Divines. I knelt and prayed before all nine and asked they aid the one person who has done the most for Skyrim’s people than any other. A day later I received a request from the Sybil of Dibella to attend her in Markarth.

My visit, a young widowed Queen, to the Temple of Dibella started a rumour mill of epic proportion. The general consensus was that I was a bit rusty in bed sport and was trying to seduce a possible future husband. The list of potential candidates for that role would take up many sheets of this expensive paper even in my finest writing. Virtually everybody I have spoken to in the last three years was mentioned. You were the firm favourite amongst those organising wagers on such a thing!

The Sybil and I had a private meeting and she talked of how you and your friends rescued her and brought her to the temple as she had been chosen by Dibella to be the new Sybil. At that stage she was a smart and articulate little girl speaking. I was wondering how such a young thing could possible give advice on matters of intimacy and love etc. I have always wondered about the cross messages of Dibella and Mara but will pursue that another time. I mean one preaches the value of marriage and fidelity and the other says unlimited intimate partners are OK if they are products of love and not just lust?

I digress. So I was speaking to this charming little girl when she suddenly became something else. I know from our discussions that you are a bit blasé about correspondence with Gods but I was instantly humbled and a little afraid when an ancient voice of seduction and wisdom and power spoke from that petite mouth. I was told that you were dying. That her Lord Akatosh had placed you where you had a chance to return to the light. That the love between Countess Rigmor and yourself was the catalyst by which you could defeat death. The Sybil had tears rolling down her cheeks Wulf. The tears of a God emanating from the eyes of a child!

I asked what I could do and was told that if you survive and fulfil your destiny that I was to remember this, “The Nine love both Wulf and Rigmor but have used them harshly. We trust that they will rule with compassion and empathy and prepare Tamriel for a danger greater than Nirn has faced before. You can do nothing to help them now but in the future remember what I have just said.”

The little girl returned with a gasp and few blinks and asked if I had got the answers I sought. I wiped the tears from her cheeks and told her yes. She was startled by the tears and asked why Dibella had cried. I told her even Gods can feel guilt when they hurt those they love.

So my dear Wulf, I will play the protocol game required of diplomacy.  Many lengthy missives between yourselves and I and squabbles over trade concessions and other boring subjects will we have. It is my duty to ensure the fairest outcome for my people is sought at all times. Underneath all that will be my eternal friendship and trust. Together we will prepare for what the Gods fear with full knowledge that those defending their homes are many times more powerful than those trying to take them away.

I thank you for not dragging Skyrim into a lengthy civil war. A war that would have taken a heavy toll on those we are supposed to protect.

Some of the goals you outlined can only be achieved if the nobles of each land accept your absolute right to rule. That kind of acceptance could take some time so be patient.

I really look forward to sitting down with Emperor Wulf and Queen Rigmor and just talking like friends do.

High Queen Elisif the Fair of Skyrim, Jarl of Solitude.

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  1. I just loved this correspondence, especially Queen Elisif’s heartwarming response. Very well done, thank you!

    There is one thing that has been confusing me a bit. In various entries, you keep mentioning a danger or threat from the West. Are you referring to Akavir? It so, I always thought Akavir was considered as being East, not West. Of course, if you look at a globe of Nirn, it doesn’t really matter since you’ll get to Akavir no matter which direction you set out. OTOH, it is possible saying West is just a typo. Please clarify. Thanks!

  2. We believe that High Rock are definitely co-operating with the Akaviri and Morrowind might as well. So if the invading troops mass in High Rock it is from the West. Wulf might sometimes say it is the Akaviri who are the threat but that it premature as there are many nations and races that make up Akavir. So if he was to be pendantic he should say danger originating from the East. Honestly it was my mind deciding that High Rock was the launching point. This was well before discussed the outline of RoT so do not take it as an indication of what will occur.

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