More Screenies

I am doing more early correspondence. Just been out of action for a few days.

I remember my first nappy change as a Dad. Pretty accurate I think!

8 thoughts on “More Screenies

  1. LOL I barely passed my first Nappie change. My Gag reflex was in High Gear! lol Great Screenies! Thank You

  2. Seeing that the dragonborn is starting to face the trials and tribulations of fatherhood is amusing. Because no matter how strong he is, he’s gonna have to face his baby’s poop. As a father, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Thank you for the screenies!

  3. LOL So funny! Thank you! And thank your for the scene of Rigmor seeing Loona again after so many years. I know the scene itself is not in the epilogue.

  4. Actually, now that I think about it, there is a short scene where Rigmor sees Loona and they run off together, giggling. But that certainly wasn’t enough for me! LOL

  5. Rigmor did imply that when her and Loona ran back to Rigmor’s apartment they had a long talk catching up.

  6. It’s got me tossed as to how babies can turn milk into that…stuff. It’s the worst smell I have ever experienced.

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