New Version of Rigmor of Bruma

An updated RoB will be made available soon. It will have a completely new beginning to your time with Rigmor as well as changing the locations of many crucial events.

Jim, the author of the mods, has wanted to do this for a while as his scripting and story-telling skills have improved over the years. It will also address many of the complaints by the reviewers who have unfairly singled out his mods for criticism that could also be directed at many of the most popular ones on Nexus.

Similarly my story telling has improved as I was kind of rusty when I first started this blog.

So what I will do is make a mass change of the relevant entries. I will write them then publish them all at once.

I will leave the original storyline and journal entries as well as have the new ones.

I will provide a list of the changed entries and an indication of how much was edited.

Some will be complete re-writes, some will be minor changes in conversations.

The overall story does not change. But the new beginning will logically change Rigmor’s knowledge of what Wulf does in the time away from her and what his destiny is meant to be.

Until I have a close look at the changes I do not know how much work will be involved.

It certainly will not be till well after I have finished the main entries for the DLC/Epilogue and I can’t do this properly till I move to the new server.

5 thoughts on “New Version of Rigmor of Bruma

  1. Do you know about when the new RoB will be released? I was waiting till the epilogue to play through RoB and RoC again in one play through. Just started actually 🙂.

  2. He is frantically working on it and should be within a couple of weeks. He is eager to start RoT and a lot of lore has to be talked through before he can start that. That is where I mainly help him. I would not stop doing your play through. The new begginning is great but the story really does not change. RoC will not be changed for a long time so once you get there everything is the same. Rigmor will still ask “Where the hell have you been!”.

  3. I’ve been looking forward to the new version of RoB ever since I heard about it. Means I’ll probably have to play through everything again. LOL But thank you for letting us know your plans. I really appreciate it.

  4. I have just finished another play through of all three of them. Deleted all the saves over 2000 of them, all the mods and reinstalled se ready for the restart of RoB. As you can tell by the date it is getting close.

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