Moved server. Changed how I am going forward.

Decided to continue and some changes coming up.

I will divide the entries into sections so it is easier to navigate.

The entries for the updated RoB will be in a separate section. So people can read the new journal without having to worry about what is rewritten and the same.

The change in RoB will also mean it can be published on Xbox which I will start testing soon I hope.

We expect at least ten times the players on Xbox and that should trickle down to this and other fan sites.

So full steam ahead again.

5 thoughts on “Moved server. Changed how I am going forward.

  1. Thank God that brighten my day just a little more im happy to see it truly keep up the awesome work cant wait to see what is next like always 😉

    1. yeah when i read the little update earlier all i could be like is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO like something straight out of start wars when anakin became darth vader but im sooooo happy he decided to continue

      1. Noooo when Jar Jar Binks survived!

        Just doing some Wedding and Feast and Coronation screenshots. It is fun putting Wulf’s Skyrim friends and Cyrodiil friends all together at last.

  2. Yes, I would have loved to have seen Lydia, Serana even Meeko there at the wedding and the coronation, both girls have helped the Dragonborn heaps with his quests and have been bloody good friends. The Skyrim high queen should be there as well. I forgot her name. Elsic? Sorry I didn’t mean to ramble on but I really love this story.

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