Morndas, 22nd Second Seed, 4E 205 & Tirdas, 23rd Second Seed, 4E 205

Throne Room, New Vivec, Kagrenar, Azura’s Shrine: The liar and the hero.

We expected a quiet day at the palace as there had not been many set appointments made.

What happens occasionally is somebody manages to get through all the red tape and finally convinces Blackwell that their need to see us is urgent enough.

A Dunmer gentleman was led in by Blackwell. He was dressed in an exquisite outfit of gold and maroon. They stopped the require distance in front of us and The Sentinel gave the guest a stare that some found very intimidating. It was a promise of a violent and quick death without waiting for my or Rigmor’s permission.

We let people wear weapons at parley but it was in their best interests to keep their hands well away from them. We have had several instances of people habitually placing a hand on a pommel and finding Sentinel swords at their neck.

Blackwell announced, “Majesties, I present to you Mandyn Hlaalu, representative of the Great House Hlaalu of Morrowind. Advisor Malesam and I believe his business in The Empire could be of significant importance.”

Mandyn bowed to Rigmor then me.

  • Wulf: Welcome Mandyn of House Hlaalu. You must understand we can’t call it a Great House despite our sympathy for its fall from grace. After all it was your House’s unwavering support for The Empire that caused the animosity.
  • Mandyn: Understood Majesty that even here you must play our political games.
  • Rigmor: Emperor Septim and I are not fond of protocol and pretentious titles. However with politically sensitive issues we must be careful of even if there are no witnesses to any breaches of protocol. If we do not practice such with no ears and eyes to take note we may accidentally cause offence when there are.
  • Wulf: Please speak freely Mandyn.
  • Mandyn: Majesties, I have been tasked with bringing to justice a criminal we believe poses a danger to not just Morrowind but all of Tamriel and maybe Nirn in its entirety.
  • Wulf: A heavy burden. How many people are with you pursuing the criminal and who is it?
  • Mandyn: There is only myself tracking him in Empire lands. In Morrowind and Solstheim we have many but even then we do not think it would be wise to confront him. His power is such we are convinced the only person who has hope of bringing him to justice is you Emperor Septim.
  • Rigmor: So you are acting solo and trying to keep track of his whereabouts?
  • Mandyn: Correct.
  • Rigmor: Who is he and what is so dangerous about him? If he is moving between countries I assume he is searching for something and/or gathering objects.
  • Mandyn: We do not know his name and none have seen his face. He has been making discreet enquiries and gathering clues about items of the past we should all wish to remain hidden.
  • Rigmor: There are many such things!
  • Blackwell: His enquiries have revolved around a Numidium and Kagrenac’s Tools.
  • Wulf: Then Advisor Malesam and you have done well to make us aware of this.
  • Rigmor: It is only recently I have made it a task to learn about the leaders and politics of the bygone days beyond what normal schooling provides. A new Numidium would require a new power source or heart as some call it. Kagrenac’s tools might be needed to construct one. Is that correct:
  • Mandyn: Yes.
  • Wulf: Why does his search for these things make him a criminal? I agree it is not desirable that they resurface into the hands of an unknown.
  • Mandyn: Any attempt to stop and talk to him has resulted in death.
  • Wulf: Where did you track him to last?
  • Mandyn: A small town called New Vivec.
  • Rigmor: That is the small Dunmer settlement on the lake that High Queen Elisif has allowed. It would not have been possible when the Stormcloaks were around.
  • Wulf: Yes, even though Windhelm is much better than it was it is still a grey miserable place and the eradication of the Grey Sector will take time. The Dunmer who have settled in Skyrim are a welcome addition we can ill afford to lose.
  • Rigmor: Mandyn, what ethnicity is this criminal? How will the Emperor recognise him?
  • Mandyn: Nobody has seen his face and gender is by voice alone. He wears chitin armour of an older sort.
  • Wulf: Chitin armour is not a common sight in Skyrim. That will aid me in finding him.
  • Mandyn: Then you shall seek him for the sake of both Morrowind and The Empire? I advise not to listen to his silvered tongue but cut him down without mercy. He may even be a match for you.
  • Wulf: I will leave immediately but I do not kill without at least trying to get the story from the other side. We can accommodate you aboard the airship.
  • Mandyn: I think I would be of more use following another lead I have. In case you get no further than I tracking him from New Vivec. I will return here if I find anything else of relevance.
  • Wulf: Fair enough. Advisor Blackwell, can you please escort Mandyn to the exit of the palace and then inform the squad of Sentinel attached to me to meet at the airship.

Mandyn and Blackwell bowed to both of us and left.

Rigmor exclaimed, “Something fishy here!”

I walked up and kissed my beloved on the cheek.

She protested, “That was not much of a goodbye smooch!”

“Protocol dearest!”

“Just be careful Wulf. He might be as dangerous as Mandyn says.”

“Yes, I can believe he may be skilled and dangerous but to who? Perhaps our friends from Morrowind want the knowledge this ‘criminal’ possesses or are finding it hard to silence him.”

“So his only crime might be knowledge?”

“If the wrong people get their hands on such relics we are all in danger. What he intends to do with such knowledge and the relics is what I will judge him by.”

I made my way to Nafalilargus and The Sentinel were waiting for me to board. I went by ether to Falkreath and started to fly to New Vivec.

The forest just outside of Falkreath had some of the tallest trees in Tamriel and I had to climb fairly high to avoid them.

A Dovah spotted the airship from many miles away and attacked.

The Sentinel peppered him with arrows. The mages came on deck and hit him with spells but the battle was going to last a long time this way. I ordered Serana to start lowering the airship and I summoned Odahviing. I hit the aggressor with Dragonrend and then lightning as Nafalilargus descended.

When low enough The Sentinel and I leapt from the airship and ran at him. Another Dragonrend ensured he stayed grounded.

Once we set upon him with blades flashing his doom was sealed.

As I stood absorbing his soul I called to Odahviing, “Many others have seen the airship and let us be! Who was he and why attack?”

“His name is Sulriiney. He is one that joined Paarthurnax but eventually rejected The Way of the Voice. Such Dov might be prone to proving how wrong the old Dovah is by fully succumbing to the baser instincts. You do not have to believe all he teaches or even listen to him to realise fighting and conquest are the road to death.”

“I thank you for your assistance once again.”

We boarded Nafalilargus and flew to New Vivec anchoring just after 2:00PM.

Morgan needed more field experience so was to accompany me while Serana stayed aboard. The young mage was under strict instructions to use distance spells only and not engage with her silver dagger.

I was walking along one of the many boardwalks and jetties that joined the stilted building of New Vivec when a young Nord boy barred my path and said, “Hi Emperor!”

“Hello young man. What is your name?”

“I’m Albert and the slobbering one behind you is my best friend Meat! Say hi Meat!”

There was an enthusiastic bark behind me.  I turned and greeted the shaggy mongrel, “Hello to you as well Meat.”

I turned back to Albert and asked, “What are you and Meat doing?”

“Me ‘n Meat are playin’ apocadypse but need your help!”

“Oh no! What has caused this apocadypse and how can I help?”

“Giant mushroom people caused it. To save the world you must find the three stuffed dogs hidden in the village!”

“Sentinel, spread out and search for the stuffed dogs before it is too late!”

Albert and Meat watched as these fully armed adults, and one young mage, spread throughout the village searching for the three stuffed dogs. None of them questioned why. They knew I would just say, “Intuition!”

I found one amongst a small garden of leeks and cabbages.

Morgan found one on top of a pylon at the end of a jetty.

Calder found another behind a log pile.

I approached Albert and proclaimed, “We have found them!”

“Wow! You were fast! You’re better at apocadypse than I am, and I’m the best at apocadypse! Here, you can have my lucky coin for being so good.”

A soon as I touched the coin I sensed my father. I took my coin from my pocket and compared the two. They were identical down to the last scratch and sign of wear.

“This is a very special coin Albert. Who gave it to you?”

“My friend Woof gave it to me. No one thinks he was real but I talked to him and he gave me this coin and all of a sudden I felt so super lucky!”

“Does he have brown armour and a bushy white beard and piercing eyes?”

“You know him? I knew he was real! He visited and was glad I still had the coin. He said I’d know who to give it to, and you’re pretty really neat so you can have it.”

“You can have your coin back Albert. He has already given me one.’

I held up my coin and Albert took his from me then asked, “Is yours lucky too?”

“Yes and it is very special to me because that man is my father.”

“Wow! He has not visited for quite a while. Is he sick?”

“No Albert. He finds it very hard to visit people and I have not seen him for a while either. Do your parents live in the village?”

“Well my old parents went away. They said they were going to join the Storm guys, but they didn’t come back, so I went looking for them.”

“That was very brave of you.”

“Yeah, but I got lost. The man gave me the coin and said it was special. It was hard because I was hungry but did not want to spend it. Then I found Selyse and she says she’s like my mom now and she’s really nice, so home is now the shop over there.”

“Do you go to school?”

“All of the people here teach me things like how to hunt, fish, cook and weave. Also boring stuff like reading and writing.”

“This is a very pretty village and I think that lucky coin let you find Selyse.”

“That is what I think too.”

“Have any strangers passed through here recently. Wearing funny yellow armour?”

“Yes, I say him speaking to our hunter. His name is Bal-Ran and that is him over there.”

Albert pointed to a mohawked Dunmer sitting by a fire.

“Goodbye Albert. It was fun playing apocadypse.”

“Bye mister Emperor!”

As we walked away Calder stated, “An orphaned Nord boy of Stormcloak parents is given a lucky coin by Talos and ends up living with the people despised by Ulfric and his followers. These people take him under their wings and treat him like one of their own. I am sure there is a lesson there somewhere.”

“Indeed there is Calder.”

It had taken about an hour to play “apocadypse’ but it was worth it. I now know for certain my father still visits and shows compassion to his people when he can which touches my heart in a profound way.

We also knew a good starting point in our search rather than randomly selecting a villager.

I approached Bal-Ran who was busy eating. He went to stand up and I waved him back down again.

“Good day to you Bal-Ran.”

“And I welcome your Highness. Not many adults give in to Albert’s pressure to play his game. To see the Emperor do so is something none of us would have expected.”

Calder said, “He would rather be doing that than running The Empire.”

“The people of New Vivec have not crowded and harassed me. I hope that is not out of fear.”

“Just respect I can assure you.”

“Albert said a man in chitin armour passed through here recently and you spoke to him”

“Yes, he passed through here yesterday morning. We discussed much and I mentioned the trouble we were having with a large group of bandits nearby. After he left I did not expect to see him again. Several hours later he returned and told me he had killed all the bandits and there would be no more problems with them. I could tell he was not lying. I had not asked for his aid and yet he did so at great risk to himself. He seemed most honourable and honest and was obviously a great warrior if he could do that single handed.”

“I need to speak to him urgently. Do you know where he went?”

“He said he was seeking a Dwemer ruin called Kagrenar, far to the east near the Morrowind border.”

“Did a Dunmer named Mandyn Hlaalu come looking for him?”

“Not long after the other left he arrived and nobody in the village trusted him. He was told nothing even though he used veiled threats to several of us.”

“Thank you for the information Bal-Ran.”

“You are welcome. I do not know why you seek him but if you find him I urge you to think before you act.”

“Be assured he is not being hunted by us. In fact we may be his best protection.”

Due to the terrain we had to anchor Nafalilargus some distance from Kagrenar then climb up and down a few steep hills.

Just before the steps leading to the entrance was a freshly killed troll. It seems we were not far behind our mystery man.

At the door I cautioned, “This place has been sealed for centuries. I have no idea what we may encounter. Morgan, you know your instructions. Use ranged spells only!”

Upon entering we discovered many destroyed Dwemer automatons. On a pedestal was a large Dwemer gyro. Underneath in the Dwemer language was a plaque that read, ‘The Heart of Kagrenac’.

Morgan, surprisingly, could also read Dwemer and asked, “If he is seeking the items of Kagrenac why would he leave this here?”

“Good question and I suppose we will not know till we find him. It does make the claims of Mandyn more suspect.”

I took “The Heart of Kagrenac” and we proceeded to the next room.

Upon entering we saw many shelves holding a huge variety of different objects. Doors exiting the room were magically sealed.

In the centre was a table with a book and an open Dwemer container. The book was in Dwemer and I read it aloud,

“Powerful magic given form.

Two souls it binds with an ancient force.”

Morgan exclaimed, “That is an easy peasy riddle!”

The Sentinel looked lost so I explained, “What have I said on numerous occasions is more powerful than anything the Daedric Princess or other enemies have used against me? It has saved me from death and the clutches of Molag Bal. It makes mothers do extraordinary things. It has been the cause for some of the most bitter of wars. Its loss has sent many insane.”

Calder said tentatively, “Love?”

Morgan replied, “DUH!”

“Yes. So what we need to do is search all of these shelves for something that represents love between two souls. If we then place it in the container it should hopefully open the doors.”

We started looking and soon Calder called me over, “I don’t know that they are but one is missing.”

“They are pendants that Dwemer wore to signify they are married. A bit like the rings some societies wear.”

“Well that must be it then!”

I placed one in the container.

The doors opened.

The next room also had magically sealed doors.

Hovering above a large crystal was a ghostly image of one of Kagrenac’s tools. There had been a different one in the previous room. What their significance was is unknown to me.

There was another book with a clue and this one I also read out loud,

“The mightiest weapon in all creation.

With it, mortals become gods.

For only it can slay time.”

All four of my companions looked confused with this clue. Quickly scanning the room every shelf and wall was covered in weapons. The odd thing out was a table that had paper, quills and ink on top.

I walked up to it and wrote on a piece of paper, “Argus found the last clue.” I held it up for all to read.

Calder grumbled, “Hey, I found the last clue!”

“Not if I write this down and people believe it. I would have changed history and made Argus the hero. That is a fairly God like power wouldn’t you say?”

I placed the quill in the container and the doors opened.

Another room, another set of magically locked doors.

And another ghost tool of Kagrenac.

The clue this time read,

“When cold it destroys.

When hot it creates.

Let it encase your heart for what lies ahead.”

I did not wait for the others to try and figure it out this time. I looked for and found some Dwemer metal ingots.

I placed one in the container and the doors opened.

The next room had no locked doors but a large Dwemer golem became aggressive. The Sentinel attacked.

They soon brought it down.

We entered a Dwemer lift and I pulled the lever.

We heard the clash of weapon on metal and rushed around the corner.

We were just in time to see our mystery man making short work of another Dwemer golem.

He said, “Ah, at last you arrive. I have been expecting you.”

His curved sword and the era of his armour let me know who he was. The fact that two smouldering Dwemer golem lay close by also provided a hint.

I bowed deeply and said, “I am honoured to meet the Nerevarine.”

He returned the bow, “I am pleased you recognise me Emperor Septim and also honoured.”

Morgan walked up to him, stared and exclaimed, “Wow!”

“If you were expecting me I assume Lady Azura has something to do with that.”

“Yes, Azura gave me a vision of our meeting though I did not know when it would occur. I did not know you as Emperor in that vision, just the Dragonborn.”

“All the visions fed by her seers would be uncertain of anything occurring after my encounter with Molag Bal. Even Lord Akatosh has been blinded since that event.”

“Yes, that would explain the confusion. She simply fed me the vision she last had of her champion.”

“I would like to have a good long talk but I assume you are here for something urgent?”

“You would know by now this place has a connection to the Dwemer Chief Tonal Architect, Lord Kagrenac.”

“I assume his tools are hidden here somewhere but you do not seem to be interested in gathering those?”

“No, those things need to be gathered but I do not wish to test myself with the temptation they would subject me to.”

“I understand. Then why are you here?”

“Tiber Septim used a Numidium to unite Tamriel. I destroyed another one over two hundred years ago. Rumours followed by research have led me to believe a third lays dormant in this very ruin.”

“It needs to be destroyed!”

“I am glad to hear you say that Majesty.”

“I believe Tiber Septim could have accomplished his goals without subjecting mortals to the terror of a heartless automaton. The way he powered it involves questionable morality. The way he used it was arguably criminal. We may find our backs against the wall with the predicted Akaviri invasion. To quote you, I do not wish to test myself with the temptation it would subject me to. If such a thing is available to use people become lazy and do not search for a more acceptable solution. Objects of enormous power make mortals look for excuses to justify their use knowing deep down there is no justification.”

“So you will help me destroy it?”

“You have my aid Nerevarine.”

“If it awakens let me draw its attention. Not only do I have more protection you still have your prophecy to fulfil.”

As requested I let Nerevarine take the lead.

The golem was huge but not a Numidium.

Nerevarine was the first to confront it and therefore became the object of its attacks.

The Sentinel and Morgan joined him and I watched for a while trying to figure out any weakness.

There weren’t any. No damage was being inflicted.

I yelled, “Concentrate on defence as you can’t damage it. Let me find what is sustaining it.”

There were three beams of energy powering a gyro, the heart of the golem.

I tried physical damage on the source of a beam and it did nothing.

I tried lightening and a few bolts destroyed the generator.

I quickly did the same for the other two generators then yelled, “It should be vulnerable!”

Immediately the golem started to falter.

I rushed in and helped finish it. The whole chamber shook as it came crashing down.

I checked The Sentinel and Morgan. Nobody was injured.

On the giant golem I found a key.

Nerevarine said, “I could not have defeated that by myself. I don’t think it would have let me casually walk around and destroy those generators.”

“It was not a Numidium but lethal nonetheless. There must be something here Lord Kagrenac wanted to protect. Perhaps his tools but who would have placed them here?”

“Maybe they are here but this place could also just have some personal significance to him. I cannot say for certain.”

“I am glad we could help.”

“Your team is quite impressive. It has been too long since I could fight with such skill backing me up.”

“Obviously you are aware of those who have been tracking you. They sent me hoping I would kill you for them.”

“Do not be surprised if one or more of them is waiting for you outside. Their leader is Mandyn and is of the Morag Tong.”

“You think he tracked you here?”

“He is excellent at tracking his prey. He will want to know if his writ has been completed.”

“Once he crossed the border it became a Grey Writ. I don’t know if he killed anybody whilst here but I will put him in a cell till we know.”

“I would like to have a longer talk with you. I will teleport myself to the Shrine of Azura outside of Winterhold. Meet me there later if you wish.”

“That I will definitely do. Take advantage of the new temple that has recently been completed.”

The Nerevarine faded and was gone.

Morgan asked, “Is a God?”

“Not really. He is immortal but can die from physical damage like a Dovah or Vampire. He is certainly more than a match for me. I doubt very much I would be able to best him in battle.”

We returned to an earlier room and I read out the fourth clue,

“Take the keys that rest within.

You’ll need them for the path ahead.”

There were no keys in the container.

Argus asked, “Do you think the Nerevarine took them?”

“No. I think somebody incapable of battling that giant golem did.”

We had a look in the giant golem room and there were magically locked doors that obviously needed at least one of the missing keys as the one from the golem did not work.

That key did open another exit from the room that led to a lift. We could have back tracked and exited the way we came in but we took the lift just to see where it went.

It led outside and as Nerevarine predicted, Mandyn was waiting for us.

He asked, “Did you kill the criminal?”

“I hate being lied to.”

“I did not really lie. Before he was The Nerevarine he was a criminal. He arrived on the shores of Vvardenfell in chains you know.”

“It was a ploy to get him into the Blades on the way to doing the Seven Tasks. Who were you hired by? Some loser still upset at the false Gods being taken down?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“Mandyn Hlaalu, you are under arrest. You are suspected of committing crimes whilst undertaking a Grey Writ. If we find no crimes have been committed you will be released.”

“Fuck you!”

I did not have my sword drawn so must have looked like an easy target to the moron.

He rushed me whilst drawing his daggers.

Unrelenting Force sent him flying.

He landed heavily and rolled before getting to his feet.

He tried to run but did not get far.

He turned to fight and I cut him down.

At least he had a writ on him unlike the Morag Tong of a few weeks ago. It read,

“Honourable Writ of Execution:

The Nerevarine

The afore-mentioned personage has been marked for honourable execution in accordance to the lawful tradition and practice of the Morag Tong Guild. The bearer of the non-disputable document has official sanctioned licence to kill the afore-mentioned personage.”

We made our way to Nafalilargus and I flew us to Azura’s Shrine. I recovered Azura’s Bane from my room and made my way up the steps.

I found the Nerevarine near the top sitting cross legged.

“Do you mind if I join you?”

He stood beside me and asked, “Did the Morag Tong show themselves?”

“Just Mandyn Hlaalu and he did not want to be arrested.”

“He would have had no choice but to keep pursuing me so that was probably the quickest solution to his dilemma.”

“Suicide by Dragonborn…I hope that does not become a trend!”

“What are you going to do about Lord Kagrenac’s tools?”

“If they are there somebody had taken the keys to open the door out of the giant golem room. I will have to find out who that is.”

“In a way I know you better than almost anyone else. Apart from High Queen Rigmor I doubt there is anybody else alive who has carried the weight of destiny such as we have.”

“At least I have been able to share the burden with my soulmate. I cannot imagine doing this alone.”

“When I first carried it I found it easy. It even felt empowering to be so important to so many. But time passed and I grew tired.”

“The Divine keep asking a lot. Seems like one crisis after another. Even Lady Azura has meddled with Queen Rigmor’s life. But we have slowly understood why this is so. They need their mortal champions and even if we have not volunteered we feel a duty to obey.”

“Yes, if they have chosen their Champions well then they know we will do our best to fulfil prophecy and so on.”

“They make mistakes. When pushed too hard some have turned. The first Dragonborn, Miraak for instance, did not see any reward worth his sacrifice. He took the powers given and used them for other purposes.”  

“I hear you expect aggression from Akavir within a few years.”

“Yes, some group there has taken all the dead and captured Imperial Soldiers from that idiotic invasion of Uriel V’s and turned them into a form of vampire. They will return home to Tamriel as part of the invading forces. They were working with a Daughter of Coldharbour on the invasion plans. She is dead but we have no reason to suspect their plans have ceased.”

“There are many political factions amongst the different peoples of that continent but none I recall using dead Legionnaires.”

“About two hundred years ago you left for Akavir. There are many claims as to the reasons.”

“I was driven by a sense of adventure…and no small amount of hubris. After I defeated Hircine on the isle of Solstheim Tamriel felt so empty. I’d beaten a Daedric Lord. Nothing else could challenge me. So I left.”

“That is a major difference between us. I have thwarted plans of three Daedric Princes and their ambitions to arrive on the mortal plane. They were tasks given by The Divine. I do not seek challenges or glory. The completion of a task is reward enough and I am content.”

“You have a soulmate to help keep you content. Like many other warriors I needed to be challenged. I needed to test my mettle. Tamriel could not provide that and I hoped Akavir would.”

“How long did you stay there?”

“A couple of decades then I returned and kept hidden. Now I will continue to remain hidden out of shame for what I have done.”

“What shame?”

“That earned when a hero is absent. When the Red Mountain ravages Morrowind, when Mehrunes Dagon invaded, where was I? Where was the mighty Nerevarine? Thousands were slain, heroes amongst them, all because I had to satisfy my ego.”

“You could not have stopped the events leading to the last eruption of the Red Mountain unless a God gave you forewarning. Azura chose to warn the Dunmer who built this shrine in honour of her doing so. If she did not forewarn you there is a reason unless you think she forsook you. If you thought that you would not be here praying to her!

The Hero of Kvatch and Martin Septim were guided by The Divines. A hero outside of their influence, such as a Champion of Azura, may very well have inadvertently interfered with the designs, the plans if you wish, of The Divines. If a champion of the past is needed they are told so and given some instruction as to what to do. The Hero of Kvatch apparently lived for decades after the Oblivion Crises but was not recorded helping in any major problems but in small local problems he seems to have been busy.

I fully expect and hope that once we hand the Ruby Throne to our daughter that Rigmor and I can quietly fade into deserved obscurity. That does not mean we would not help with crises brought before us. We would just not expect to be involved in everything Kintyra has to deal with or to go looking for crises to resolve.

You did your duties as provided by Lady Azura. You had every right to retire at their completion.”

“Your logic is infallible but my guilt doesn’t care. All these years I have wandered Tamriel in secret helping where I can. I may never erase my failures whether you believe them to be valid or not. Perhaps I can overshadow them with new successes.”  

“I hope you eliminate your guilt one day.”

“I see you have the sword made by Azura. May I see it?”

“That is why I brought it from my airship. Two Handed swords are not my preferred weapon. Probably because my beloved makes anybody looks clumsy the way she wields them.”

I handed the Nerevarine Azura’s Bane and he read the runes out loud,

“I am the Goddess Azura. Mother of the Rose. Queen of the Night Sky the Dusk and Dawn. Behold Rigmor of Bruma. Protector of the Pure of Heart. Daughter of a Mother’s love. I am the Bane of Azura. The Poisoned Chalice of Woe and Vanquisher of the forces of evil. Behold Rigmor of Bruma. Child of the Twilight. The Chosen Champion of Azura.”

“The inscription changed briefly when I wielded it. Even though I am still her Chosen Champion the words changed back to those.”

“It is magnificent. Do you find it odd how much Azura and The Divines seem to co-operate?”

“I think they have a common goal but I doubt they have meetings and plan things out. So far the aid Azura has provided has been invaluable and we could not have completed the plans of The Divine without it.”

“Even when I completed the seven tasks of my prophecy it was the worship of The Divines that benefited most. It aided The Empire.”

“I think she has to be very careful not to attract the wrath of those stronger or those who may combine to punish her. We are ignorant of the politics and alliances of the Daedric Princes but we have witnessed their wrath, Jyggalag and Trinimac for example. Lady Azura recently aided Boethia and me in our victory over Molag Bal.”

“I have seen the changes Rigmor made to the castle in Bruma. I even took the opportunity to pray before that magnificent statue of Lady Azura she had built in front of it.”

He passed Azura’s Bane back to me and said, “This armour I wear only occasionally as it is too unique, especially in this era. I will continue to travel and help those who need it. Maybe Azura will ask me to help in a more direct manner with the Akaviri but that is more hope than anything.”

“I wish you all the best and do hope we meet again. If you find yourself wanting to help somebody but need assistance have no hesitation asking.”

“I will do that Emperor Septim. All sane people wish you and High Queen Rigmor a long and successful reign. If the prophecy of the Chosen One comes to completion then all heroes like us will be redundant. What a wonderful thing that would be!”

He returned to his crossed legged meditation and I returned to Nafalilargus.

It was fascinating to meet such an iconic hero but also quite sad. Somebody who has done so much deserves to be assured he has done his share and allowed to enjoy a quiet retirement.

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  1. I’m going to say that I’ve been enjoying this journal so much. Despite the fact I’ve said things on previous posts that, in hindsight, were very poorly worded and came off as incredibly offensive, I honestly enjoy reading these posts, to the point that a lot of my own gameplay is starting to mirror the blog. It’s really fun!

  2. I loved that you included the Moon and Star mod in your journal. I’ve played it through a few times, it’s not particularly long but well made. Thank you, Mark! 🙂 Onward and forward! LOL

  3. Never played it, never heard of it actually, but enjoyed reading Wulf’s journal. Skyrim must be the most popular game ever judging from the mods that are available. Elder scroll 6 has a lot to live upto.

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