Sorry for the slight delay in posting. The coronavirus is playing havoc with everything including my family as brothers and sisters were stuck on cruise ships but are now in compulsory quarantine. My daughters have been forced to set up home offices and work from home. My wife’s work with the elderly had been interrupted by closures of respite centres and so on.

But I am lucky. Australia has its idiots panic buying and emptying store shelves and other morons still gathering in large numbers but overall the response has been positive to the unique and somewhat terrifying scenario playing out before us.

Do as your governments and health professionals tell you. Do not listen to the crackpots and woo pedlars and conspiracy nuts.

In the meantime here are some pictures of Rigmor and my interpretation of Kintyra. She had to have blue eyes as the daughter of Wulf.

I have almost finished another journal entry and will do some more Kintyra pictures soon.

I wish you all the best of luck and please remember, there will be an end to all this!

11 thoughts on “THE PANDEMIC

  1. Yeah I was starting to worry with this virus and no posting I was worried you might of came down with it but I’m happy to hear your ok but be careful as I feel this stuff is gonna get worse

  2. Wishing you and your family all the best, stay healthy and safe. Thanks for the great pictures I will try to do a poem for them and post on the Rigmor site, hope you dont mind. o12no1

  3. Looking Good Mark! Glad you are working through all the BS the wanna be a voice throws at you, yeah I am listening to the CDC guidelines as I am in the high risk (age and heart condition) so staying cooped up for now. My kids bring me stuff I need now and then. Pays off raising them right lol! Thank You Mark for all you do and please stay safe.

    1. It is like the anti-vaxxers who refuse to contribute to herd immunity. We have a bunch of people in every country who do not care as they are not in the high risk group. They will ignore the rules and take it home with them and wonder how an elderly relative got it. I lined up with the other pensioners for the hour they give us each morning at the supermarkets. No arguments or hoarding or pushing and shoving. Just laughter and patience as we waited in line to get inside the store. The most vulnerable show the most concern for each other. It was the most heart warming thing I have seen so far.

      1. I’ve had similar experiences. People who are too sensitive to face our cruel society often wind up in mental institutions, but they’re often the most caring and empathic.

        My wife and I are also currently staying home. We’re both still battling with the remnants of a cold we got a few weeks back, so we’d rather not get Corona, too, if we can help it, especially since we’re not in a young age group anymore. Unfortunately, our kids are in Switzerland, while we’re in the USA (the worst “civilized” country to be in LOL).

        Thanks for letting us know your situation, Mark. I really loved the new images of Kintyra and Rigmor. Thanks!

  4. Much stricter lawss come into play as of today. As our Prime Minister said in his speech last night. If people are too selfish to voluntarily do something then it will be legislated.

  5. You mentioned panic buying, toilet paper ffs, why? Gotta laugh. That child crying in the cage when DB went into the void, that was Kintyra. Past, present and future she said. Funnily enough the wife and I were on a cruise, the Golden Princess out of Melbourne to New Zealand, turned back, spent the obligatory 14 days in iso, oh well, all part of the adventure. Getting close to catching up now, look forward to reading this every night. Keep it going mate.

  6. We are discussing what to do with the child in RoT. Some of Jim’s more radical ideas do not sit well with me but it is his story to tell. As long as we keep the lore right I am happy. There are severe lore errors at the end of RoB that will be addressed.

  7. The virus has hit the fan again, and again there is panic buying. Just shaking my head this time. RoC reboot is getting closer. Stay safe Mark.

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