Goodbye Wulf!

Don’t panic! It just for a few weeks!

  • I will be starting a new journal.
  • The old journal will remain, but no new entries will be added.
  • The new journal will start with the events of the Rigmor of Bruma reboot.
  • I have had to fudge certain things to make the game suit Wulf’s beliefs and morality. This fudging has caused instability in the save games.
  • I will have to fudge less with the new journal as many mods have been released to allow players to complete quests alternate ways.
  • The journal entries will be strictly sequential. For instance, I will not jump ahead to the birth of Kintyra and then write entries for previous dates.
  • Each entry will be brand new. This is necessary as the dynamics have changed entirely with the RoB reboot. The changes planned for the RoC reboot are extensive.
  • EVERY major quest in Skyrim will be completed. That includes all seventeen Daedra quests and Wulf will be Thane of every hold. He will also join the Companions and the Thieves Guild. There are now mods that will allow him to do all that and stay Champion of The Divines.
  • I will not publish the first entry of the new journal until at least a week after the RoB reboot is released.

I must stress this,

Wulf will not change in terms of morals, beliefs, wishes and faults!

11 thoughts on “Goodbye Wulf!

  1. so these old entries and the story from the way the original RoB was set up is that story just over and restarting or are you going to try to blend them somehow

  2. The changes in RoB and the preliminary list of changes for RoC makes it impossible to blend. Wulf will do all the quests he did in the old journal but the writing will be as I have done for the last few months which is grammatically correct and easier to follow. It also gives me a chance to use different NPC and armour makeovers. He will have a different set of companions with him as well which will give the journal entries more depth. For the same reason Jim is doing RoB and RoC reboots, I am doing a Wulf reboot. I have learnt as I have gone along and improved.

  3. I know you will be busy, thank you for the Journals, you should put them together in a book. By the time you are done, you will have a library! Thank You for letting us be along with your journey! Looking Forward to the Next “Book”

  4. I agree with NESHOTA58, when thanking you for taking us along with you on your travels. I was hoping that you had taken our Rigmor back to the castle. See you in a few weeks then.

    1. There is so much to look forward to with Wulf MK2 and the RoB reboot. He is the same Wulf but I can now give him more depth. The best thing is Rigmor is a far more rounded character and their relationship is much deeper within the reboot. Rigmor has more wonderful childhood memories to share with Wulf and as you know, that is his childhood for now. I hope Jim has left in a wonderful song about slavery that Rigmor sings. She saw a lot as a child and her wonderful parents instilled the same values as Wulf’s parents did for him. I will make the trip to the Clockwork Castle one of the first places they visit after the RoC reboot comes out.

      1. I can see Rigmor exploring the castle, admiring the pictures, which are good and all people from the explorers club and the mages college wandering around chatting excitedly. Looking to what you are going to do with Wulf in the new reboot.

  5. It has always been fun watching you develop wulf through the journal and to see his growth. I am exited to see new things with him in the reboot!

  6. I love the picture at the top, that is what Rigmor should have done, she would have felt better but i understand why she didn’t.

  7. I remember at one point in time you where goin to get a new, I think it what a server or somethin like that, but will the Wulf Reboot story be here or somewhere else? Loved the story and based some of my current D&D campaign on this story

    1. I have a new top of the line PC. A HUGE new desk. I will be putting the new journal here under a different heading. I am just about to install the new RoB and will try it out this weekend. Watch out for the RoB trailer, it is brilliant!

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