Not long now!

We are currently testing the third beta of the RoB reboot. That means its release is not far away. Probably a week at the most.

You spend a lot more time with Rigmor, and she shares more of her childhood memories with you.

I have reverted to Wulf’s original look with a bit of a tweak to make him look more Imperial than Nord even though he is neither.

We just revised the ending a bit. It is as gut-wrenching as ever! The first entry I do will be before Wulf meets Rigmor. So it will not spoil anything for those yet to play the reboot.

2 thoughts on “Not long now!

  1. That’s good, I liked Wulk the way he was, character and all. He could get a little bombastic at times, but that’s what I liked about him. Strong opinions. Getting closer, yippee.

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