Rigmor in Solstheim

Rigmor will be travelling through Solstheim with Wulf very soon. They will do every single quest of the Dragonborn DLC together.

Wulf has started his orphan collection!

9 thoughts on “Rigmor in Solstheim

  1. Doing all the quest in Solstheim can take some time, what I’m trying to say politely is I hope Rigmor has a good excuse to be absent for a while and doesn’t have to rush back to Bruma. I’m looking forward to see Rigmor”s reaction to some of the quests. Don’t rush mate, we have months before RoC reboot is here and us readers need you to keep us sane until then. And then there are Wulf’s journals after that……….then there is RoT, shit Mark you are going to writing Wulf’s journals for years. Hope you enjoy writing as much as we enjoy reading them.

  2. I agree with Ian’s earluer statment and yeah we NEED theses to keep ourselves sane untill RoC reboot hits but no need to rush things as he said. Can’t wait to read these next entries.

  3. There are so many mods to play through before RoC there is no way I will run out of material. I only played a fraction of my installed mods for the Old Journal.

  4. I am curious how RoC is going to work out. The way things are going, there’s not going to be a bobby, and the plot kinda hinges on him and Rigmor being at least a temporary thing.

    1. RoC will still talk about a four year absence. This is my take on what happens, not the official plot of RoC. As far as everybody in Cyrodiil knows, apart from a couple of people, Rigmor has not seen Wulf for the four years. In my journal there will be a break where they do not see each other but it will not be the four years and Bobby will still be a factor. But he never was a serious threat to Wulf anyway. Rigmor never stops loving the Dragonborn and never would have married Bobby. She never took him to her special places. She didn’t even meet his father till she went to sign the papers. The big difference in the reboot is the Dragonborn will get to tell her he never received her letters.

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