A new mod is on its way!

Guess who can now travel with you?

32 thoughts on “A new mod is on its way!

    1. There must be a huge fire downstairs because you can see the smoke in the light filtering through the gaps in the roof, ventilation Mark. There are no chimneys. There is a mod for this too.

      1. LOL 😀 You’re right, though. There is a huge fire going downstairs in the fireplace. But I kind of like the ambience it creates with those light rays.

    1. I had the next entry 90% written well over a week ago but have not been able to get it finished due to health issues. I haven’t been on Facebook or Jim’s Discord so I do not know what is going on with the new mod. I will try and put up the new entry before Christmas.

  1. Peter, I like the ambience the light rays give to the interior as well. I know you wrote that a while ago but I check in here every day so I thought I had better do something instead of just lurking.

  2. Peter, I like the ambience the light filtering through the smoke brings as well. I know it has been a while since you wrote that but I thought I had better write something here because I check in here everyday so I thought I’ll jot something down instead of just lurking. I hope you guys are all well. Have a great Christmas and a merry new year. A yard of ale coming up.

  3. Loonashadow follower mod is now on nexus.She is good with poems, read one tonight, Suffer in Silence, was good too. Now I know where Rigmor got them from.

    1. Loona is a wonderfully talented person. I am glad she mentioned me as one of the beta testers although I did make sure the character worked well with UNP I did not contribute as much as I wanted to.

      1. I already left her a comment on how delighted I was she put the mod up right before Christmas. I haven’t had time yet, but I’ll download the mod as soon as I find a moment. I’m getting a big update to my Dragonborn Powers mod ready, which allows you to save all settings as profiles, and I’m also working on a Female Cicero Dialogue Edit, so no one will talk to or about Cicero anymore as if she were a male.

  4. Mark, I get the impression that you are waiting for the RoC reboot to come out before proceeding with Wulf’s journals. I thought it was still a few months off. ( I wouldn’t say anything if I was in your position) I hope that is the reason and you are well.

    1. No, I am just having trouble with Narcolepsy. I have had it for years and it was under control but it is a condition that can change requiring an adjustment in medication and that takes a bit to sort out. Under control now so will put up regular entries VERY soon.

  5. Sorry Mark, I knew you had Narcolepsy but I didn’t know how to ask if that was the problem, i should have just asked if you were OK. You said a while ago that the hotter it is the worse it is. I have a mate with that, He used to go to sleep at meeting, he would nod off anywhere. I thought it was funny at first but after talking to him about it, I realized that it was and can be a hell of a problem. We are all thinking of you.

    1. Narcolepsy is a very complicated thing way beyond feeling tired. It affects you cognitive processes so the braincells needed to write are not coming to the party, so to speak. What is called ”working memory” simply doesn’t work! For instance, a screenshot suggests some narrative but by the time I stop looking at the screenshot and start typing the idea has slipped. What was I going to write? Sometimes if I look back at the screenshot the idea will return. Other times it won’t. Very frustrating.

      1. No worries, Mark. We understand. Just do everything at your own time. We’re thinking of you.

  6. On a note that I’m sure will bring us all joy is that Netflix is working on a TV series based on The Elder Scrolls, not sure if it’s IV or V. I hope it’s V that way the Dragonborn will be in it as in Skyrim and not Cyrodiil. Discovered this on youtube. They did the same with the Whitcher.

    Jeeze, I didn’t know that Narcolepsy was that debilitating; thought it was a sleep problem. Please don’t even think about us waiting, we are used to it, RoB, RoC, reboots, RoT and of course Elder Scrolls VI You are important to us look after you first. Now I will start reading the “old journals again”.

  7. If Netflix don;t cater for the teen market with their series it will be good. Oyherwise it will be drivel like The Sword of Shannara and other atrocities.

    1. No, the Witcher was actually quite good, but it was just a kind of prequel. Wonder how the actual series will be. But Mark is right. A lot of US series that cater to the teen audience is just atrocious and makes me embarrassed that I live here.

      Now, Australian teen series, on the other hand…

      LOL Okay, so I just loved the original H2O: Just Add Water, or even Lightning Point, which I’m afraid only got one season. They had so much more depth than any of the US trash. Sorry, but that’s my opinion.

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