I have decided that Rigmor needs to be with Wulf more often. I had written the following two journal entries but have since scrapped them. As Rigmor says to Wulf, “I am the Countess of Bruma and answer to nobody but my citizens. As long as things get done, what right does anybody have to tell me where I can be? Others can handle the mundane duties. Things that need my signature or my attendance can wait. Baa’Ren-Dar says most courts work that way. The Count or Jarl sits in session one or two days a week. I do not need to sit in that throne room listening to drivel day in and day out!”

How Rigmor manages to be with Wulf more often will be explained soon. A new journal entry should be up later today or early tomorrow.

The Rigmor of Cyrodiil reboot is getting closer to beta testing. There are some significant changes and a whole new city to populate. The entire mod is far more streamlined and immersive.

Several well-known mod authors are helping Jim with scripting and models to be used in Rigmor of Tamriel. It will be a significant undertaking, and there are many people keen to help. But it must remain Jim’s vision, and we must allow that vision come to life, not alter it.

Over three million two hundred thousand words have gone into these journals. The readership has never really increased from its earliest days. The feedback I get is greatly appreciated but minimal. But I do it as a form of expression and to keep my brain ticking over. Otherwise, my medical condition will overwhelm me. So, I will keep writing even if nobody reads my words.

4 thoughts on “CHANGE OF PLAN

  1. Mark, I know it has been a while since I have commented on your post but life hit a bump in the road and I was diagnosed with cancer, I have since been cleared and no cancer remains as the doctors caught it early. During the past few months reading your journal entries kept me wanting to fight when everything seemed to tough. I will continue to read your journals even if no one else does.

    James C. Smith

    1. Cancer is such an insidious thing. It does not discriminate between good or bad and despite what the doctors say, it seems not to care much about healthy versus unhealthy. It heartens me to hear what I write has helped somebody apart from me. Thank you.

  2. Mark, I know that at times you may feel underappreciated by all your hard work. I believe I have been with you from almost the start and giving you a reply to your hard is the least I can do to show my appreciation for your work. I so look forward to each and every Journal entry you do. Thank You

  3. I hope you don’t feel underappreciated, because we all love your work. I have been reading the “old journal” from the start again, now up to April 2020 and I’m enjoying them just as much as the first and second times. As James Smith said, I too have had a run in with cancer June last year an operation got it all. It was picked up by the bowel test the government sends out. Lucky us. You must have got your computer back, nothing else burnt out? (not the 2080ti) Kepp up the great work, stay safe.

    So Wulf gets an invite to the mysterious and secret place where the dragons go to heal. Hmmmm.

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