RoC Reboot

I am beta testing Rigmor of Cyrodiil reboot so the next journal entry will be slightly delayed.

I do not intend to start the Cyrodiil journal entries till a month after RoC is released. This is to give time for the code to settle, in case any major changes are required, and to allow my readers to play through it.

There are some major differences to the old RoC and the last thing I want to do is spoil it. I highly advise you not to read anything about the RoC reboot until you have played it. The shock factor of some scenes needs to be experienced without prior knowledge and I just know that virtually everybody will want to say something.

2 thoughts on “RoC Reboot

  1. Thanks for the info, Mark. Looking forward to playing the RoC reboot, and to reading any new entries you can give us. I totally love what you’re doing with the Dawnguard story and can’t wait to see what you’ll give us next.

  2. Thank You Mark. Take your time, I remember beta testing RoC last go around and it was great, even got recognized by Jim in the credits. I was was very humbled.

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