The following entries were written by Wulf at least two years after the events described. Middle 4E 204 is the best estimate. That is when his soul was recovered.

The first thing he remembers after Evermor was his father placing this journal in his hands and telling him to write the missing entries. Wulf was later to discover this was a crucial step in repairing the mortal half of his soul. By doing something he had done every day since awakening in the carriage, he was forced to think like a mortal, and his dragon half had to relinquish control.

Wulf does not know how many times he had to recite incidents from his life. Each time his dragon half would relinquish control. Where did you first see Rigmor? What was the name of the people in your carriage when you awoke? What were the last words Mara spoke to you? They are the sort of questions used to bring him back to health.

Wulf was not completely healed by the time he had to leave Aetherius and prepare for Cyrodiil. But The Nine had no choice. Saint Alessia was weakening and in danger of losing her battle with Molag Bal. The enemy was ready to strike, and without Rigmor and Wulf, there would be nothing to stop them. The eternal darkness beckoned.

The Nine hoped Wulf was stable enough to complete the tasks ahead.

Master Savirien-Ves, Chief Archivist, Nirn College of History.

3 thoughts on “EXPLANATION

  1. I was wondering how you were going to jump a couple of years. You won’t believe this but I accidentally deleted all the saves in the RoC reboot profile. Had to run through and kill Alduin just so that what they said in the reboot was fair dinkum. Upto Rigmors court case. Oh well its a good thing I like this mod. Looking forward to Wulf’s take on this.

    1. I was originally going to use Vigilant as the stepping stone to 4E 205. But that mod is better use when Wulf is emperor.The author of Beyond Reach changed a lot of it since I last played and gave me the perfect story arc to shoot Wulf into the future.

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