Morndas, 13th First Seed, 4E 205 to Loredas, 25th First Seed, 4E 205

A truncated account of my activities leading up to the wedding follows. I will not detail the long discussions with Lord Chancellor Blackwell and others but simply state the outcomes.

First, let me make things clear for the historians reading this.

I was determined to demonstrate my absolute authority!

I was not going to allow politics to get in the way of progress!

I was placed on The Ruby Throne by The Nine, and my divine right to rule was unquestionable!

The best form of government is a benevolent dictatorship, which Rigmor and I desired.

Before discussing some incidents, I will detail the decrees already passed into law.


The Coverture laws of Cyrodiil were archaic and senseless!

Females are regarded as equal in every other civilised country!

If Robere de Medalius could not gain Bruma via marriage, his schemes would never have come to pass.

How blatantly ridiculous that actual nobility, as demonstrated by High Queen Rigmor, could be replaced by fake nobility through the act of marriage!

How blatantly ridiculous that titles earned through service to citizens and crown would be handed over to another whose only qualification is a penis!

The Coverture laws did not take into account same-gender marriages.

The Coverture laws did not consider divorce where the husband is at fault.

The Empire was founded on The Nine Commands of The Eight Divines, later changed to The Ten Commands of The Nine Divines. Coverture is blasphemous as it denies the concept of marriage as outlined by Lady Mara. Coverture turns something sacred into an unequal union and reduces females to bargaining chips in political games.

Nowhere in the marriage vows of Lady Mara is the female asked to be subservient!

Under the new laws, no title, lands or other possessions are handed to the male through the act of marriage.


Apart from Civil War, Skyrim has been peaceful and stable for centuries. Laws protecting territorial integrity have enabled this peace and stability.

In Skyrim, one hold cannot use military force to take territory from another hold or replace its nobility.

Exceptions are made under well-defined circumstances, such as civil war, where the Jarls of rebel Holds can be replaced through military conquest. However, the integrity of the territorial boundaries of Holds is guaranteed.

Jarl’s can also be replaced by legal means, but only if the Emperor or Empress agrees. The High King or Queen of Skyrim submits an application and evidence to the Emperor or Empress for consideration. The High Queen or King of Skyrim has sole discretion on the new titleholder if removal is approved.

Territorial integrity is now law within Cyrodiil.

High Rock is a different matter. The number of warring kingdoms has decreased over the centuries. As the number of kingdoms has decreased, the wealth of those surviving kingdoms has increased. The need or desire to war upon neighbouring kingdoms had declined, and the country is relatively stable, especially after making an example of Evermor in 4E 202.


I can’t understand why the citizens of The Empire allowed the closing of the Cyrodiil borders. Since the first days of the first empire, Imperial citizens have had the right to travel anywhere within The Empire.

The border restrictions placed by Emperor Ariel Sethius contradicted the principle of united nations under one banner. Instead of The Empire, Emperor Sethius ruled over three disparate countries.

The Open Borders Decree restores The Empire to what it had been for thousands of years. Citizens can now travel between High Rock, Skyrim and Cyrodiil without paperwork.


It is unknown how many citizens lost their lives to the unscrupulous dealings of border guards.

People whose family members were murdered on the borders are eligible for compensation and the deceased’s return for funeral rights.

Several large burial pits have been uncovered, and experts of many disciplines are undertaking the painstaking process of identifying the victims.


Dragons within The Empire are now citizens. They are protected by Imperial Law and expected to obey Imperial Law.

To kill a dragon without legal entitlement is murder and will be prosecuted as such.

All citizens, including The Blades, must comply with this decree.


Vampires within The Empire are now citizens. They are protected by Imperial Law and expected to obey Imperial Law.

To kill a vampire without legal entitlement is murder and will be prosecuted as such.

All citizens, including The Vigilants of Stendarr and Dawnguard, must comply with this decree.


Werewolves within The Empire are now citizens. They are protected by Imperial Law and expected to obey Imperial Law.

To kill a werewolf without legal entitlement is murder and will be prosecuted as such.

All citizens, including The Vigilants of Stendarr and Silver Hand, must comply with this decree.


Rigmor was charged with being a ‘usurper by default’ because of her distant blood relationship with Emperor Titus Mede I. Such blood ties have never been a crime in the history of The Empire. Rigmor was the first and last to be prosecuted for senseless reasons.

The law was so idiotic that High Queen Elisif could have been charged and found guilty!

Laws are not to be used for political games. Emperor Ariel Sethius did not charge the several hundred citizens with closer blood ties than Rigmor with being usurpers. He singled out Rigmor and used the law to aid Morag Sethius’ plans.


Prisoners awaiting trial are not to be physically or mentally harmed while awaiting trial. This ban includes the type of humiliation to which Morag subjected Rigmor.

All prisoners awaiting trial are to be regarded as innocent. They are to be treated with respect forwarded to all other citizens of The Empire.


One of the most moronic ideas, amongst many, of Emperor Auriel Sethius was the provision of private legions to the Counts of Cyrodiil.

All counties within Cyrodiil may only field enough troops to police their cities and roads from this moment onwards.

Whether abandoned or otherwise, all forts remain the property of The Crown and will only ever be manned by Imperial troops.

Work to be continued after the coronation includes the formation of a new council to replace the Elder Council. The basic concepts for the new council are sound, but the legalities need clarification.

Morndas, 13th First Seed, 4E 205

I arrived in the Imperial City early in the morning. Bostin then returned to Bruma to pick up Rigmor and the other ladies.

A Sentinel Squad kept its distance, but they will be an ever-present necessity for both Rigmor and me from this point on. I made my way to the Throne Room with Inigo.

He asked, “We are doing a tour, yes?”

“Yes. It will take me months to investigate every nook and cranny of this place, but we might as well start at the top.”

“You, my friend, seem to be in awe of this building.”

“I am, Inigo. So much history has occurred in this very room, and my skin crawls with the different magics I can detect. It is a place of wonder.”

“Well, let us have a look around before that Blackwell fellow buries you in paperwork.”

We exited the throne room and turned left. I had only ever gone right.

Inigo observed, “These walls could do with a little artwork.”

“They weren’t always grey and dull. Haven’t you ever wondered why it is called The White-Gold Tower and not The Dull-Grey Tower?”

“Well, these floors are of pure marble. Perhaps the entire tower was once covered by the same?”

“Not marble but Tel Var Stones. Tel Var is Ayleidoon for Silver Star. The Ayleid were originally worshippers of the Aedra but also had great reverence for the stars and the power they held. The Tel Var Stones emitted pure white light plus reflected the sunlight. Therefore, this tower would appear to be white with gold highlights.”

“Did somebody steal the Tel Var Stones?”

“Molag Bal’s minions stole most of them during Planemeld in 2E 582. But Molag Bal also tried to drag the White-Gold Tower into Coldharbour, and the stress placed upon it caused many more Tel Var Stones to dislodge and become scattered above and below The Imperial City.”

“Why are they valuable?”

“There are eight known towers. Each one helps define the natural laws and reality of the land around them. To do so, a form of energy, called Creatia, must be absorbed from Oblivion. The Creatia in Oblivion is a tiny amount that leaks from Aetherius. If the Creatia in Aetherius could be tapped, reality itself could be changed. I believe that was the purpose of The Eye of Magnus that The College of Winterhold stumbled upon.”

“And the Tel Var Stones gathered this Creatia?”

“Yes. Tel Var Stones possess Magicka and Varliance, Star Magic, in a previously-unknown combination of arcane power, and are of value to anyone experimenting with enchantments. Many Tel Var Stones were destroyed in an attempt to harness this power. Molag Bal wanted them to weaken the Liminal Barrier.”

“So, this tower is not as powerful as it once was?”

“No, it is not. However, the reconstruction of The Amulet of Kings has helped restore some of its strength even from a distance. It will be interesting to see what happens when I bring it here.”

“I am sure, my friend, that you have simplified a very complex subject for this blue Khajiit.”

“Yes, Tower Lore is major gobblygook. I want more time to study it, but alas, it now seems I will be too busy running The Empire.”

A bit further along the corridor, I said, “You might not have realised, but we have been steadily climbing. However, if you were to place a ball on the ground, it will not roll back towards the Throne Room.”

“Some of that arcane power you mentioned?”

“Yes, open that door, and you will see how much higher we are.”

We stepped through the door, turned left and climbed up a short flight of stairs.

We entered a round room with a hole in the centre.

Inigo looked into the hole and said, “Whoa, my friend, we are way above the Throne Room!”

“Yeah, come and look at it from where I am standing.”

Inigo moved to my spot and remarked, “If I were the sneaky assassin type, this would be an ideal spot from which to practice my murderous art!”

“Yes. I am not quite sure why this hole is here, but I will have a magical shield placed over it to thwart any sneaky assassin types.”

We returned to the intersection and entered the other doorway.

We were dizzy by the time we had finished climbing a spiral stairway!

We exited through a trapdoor to the very top of the central tower.

I said, “I have mentioned The Wheel model of the universe before. The Imperial City has been made to represent a scale version of that wheel with its eight spokes.”

I looked over the edge and remarked, “There is The Waterfront. That warship is huge! Directly below us is the petrified avatar of Lord Akatosh in the Temple District. That and The Arboretum were shut off from the people by the orders of Sethius. I believe Morag wanted to deny citizens access to the shrines of The Nine and the reminder of Lord Akatosh’s power. But we shall visit them, and soon I will unlock both districts once more.”

I moved a bit and remarked, “That bridge, even with the poor troops under Sethius’ command, proved too difficult for Casius to cross. With a few good mages, he could have ended Sethius’ rein before it began.”

“Several mages or one angry Dragonborn. I can imagine those smelly bandits thinking they were safe until you used Cyclone or other nasty Shout on them.”

“Or that spell that makes people attack the nearest person. That would have been interesting!”

“We were exhausted, my friend. Rigmor led the troops superbly, but we took many casualties and fought several major battles. We would have eventually won but you coming back from the dead saved many lives and much time.”

“Dying is becoming a habit I need to stop.”

“For most people, being dead stops all nasty habits.”

I moved to a different spot and observed, “There is the exit to the labyrinth. Killing the last Cyrodiil Minotaur was the only time I have used my weapons against an innocent.”

“Is he with his kind amongst the stars?”

“Yes. I spoke to Father last night, and he said Lord Mor’Bel-Harza is pleased that Mother has returned to Aetherius.”

“So, my friend, you did not condemn Lord Mor’Bel-Harza to The Void but the companionship of his loved ones.”

“Yes, and in Aetherius, he can fly once more.”

“Did you ask about Pilvi?”

“Yes, she is reunited with Lord Akatosh and understands what happened. Gone is the loneliness and guilt. I am glad she did not ask me to strike her down.”

“It is easy to do such things when Skooma tells you to.”

“You have well and truly redeemed yourself since then, Inigo. And that leads me onto something very important.”

Inigo faced me with his arms crossed.

“Inigo, I would be both honoured and pleased if you would be my Second, my Best Man, or Best Khajiit, at the wedding.”

Inigo’s arms dropped to his sides, and he looked stunned.

“Well, my blue flea palace, what do you say?”

“My friend, forgive me for my surprise, but a Khajiit doing such a role at such a prestigious event?”

“Just think of it as a big ‘up yours’ to the racists. Emissary Baa’Ren-Dar will be walking Rigmor down the aisle. Therefore, two Khajiit will have important roles, and all of Nirn will hear of it!”

“There will be much gnashing of teeth, especially in Windhelm!”

“Inigo, I am asking you as my closest friend, not for political points.”

“I know, and I humbly accept.”

“There will be rehearsals.”

“As long as we rehearse the drinking and partying bit, I can handle that.”

“Then it is settled. Now let’s go have a look at the city.”

“My legs are not looking forward to those stairs.”

“No need. I will use Feather Fall and then summon you.”

“Ahh, won’t a falling Emperor draw attention?”

“I will be invisible and will land in the Temple District where nobody else is currently allowed to be.”

I cast Invisibility, then Feather Fall and leapt over the side.

I summoned Inigo, and The Sentinels, then made my way around The Temple of The One to better see Lord Akatosh.

Inigo said, “He is much larger than the dragons in Skyrim.”

“Yes, another avatar of his, The Herald, is equally as big.”

“And that round building is where the Dragonfires are?”

“Yep. The Dragonfires may be relit in the future. We will have to wait and see. Father says The Nine do not know the power of the Red Diamond that assclown retrieved from Nagasel.”

“Do you think he will give it to you?”

“He may have been loyal to Lord Akatosh up until he had the Red Diamond in his hand. A Thalmor handing over such power is an impossibility. They will try and use it to destroy The Nine.”

“When gods fuck up, my friend, they do it in a godlike manner!”

 We entered The Arboretum, and it was in dire need of a clean. The shrines were filthy, and the statue of my father plastered in bird droppings.

I muttered, “Come, I will have this place cleaned and ready for the public. How did Sethius and Morag get away with such blatant disregard for The Nine?”

We quickly moved onto the crowded Market District.

I laughed and told Inigo, “They will erect statues to anybody famous, including this arsehole, Emperor Uriel Septim III. He usurped the throne after Empress Kintyra II was captured at Glenpoint. He was eventually defeated in battle and burnt alive by an angry mob.”

Inigo and I enjoyed touring the Imperial City until Rigmor contacted me via our rings.

“Onmund has been looking for you. Bruce de Medalius and the others will arrive soon, and Blackwell needs to discuss the trials with you.”

“Yes, I suppose I will have to start letting the Lord Chancellor know precisely where I am.”

“Yeah, like ‘Lord Chancellor, I have to go to the privy to squeeze out a large turd. I will be back soon.’”

“You are such a lady!”

“Lydia just spotted you and The Sentinels across the way. Now, you might not take this separation tradition seriously, but I do. So please skedaddle so we can shop.”

“Yes, my Queen. I will go and discuss the excitement of four trials with Blackwell. Have fun, and don’t send The Empire broke!”

I felt Rigmor’s amusement through our rings, and it made me smile.

I said to Inigo, “Sorry, but I have to return to The Imperial Palace and discuss things with Blackwell. You are free to do as you wish.”

“Well, my friend, since I am in the Market District, I will shop for some fancy clothes to wear at an unimportant wedding I am to attend.”

“Oh, Rigmor has no idea Baa’Ren-Dar will be marching her down the aisle, so no chin-wagging about that!”

“I understand. Now off you go and do that Emperor stuff!”

Tirdas, 14th First Seed, 4E 205

My first day of getting a numb bum on The Ruby Throne was tedious. Blackwell assured me that I could delegate most of the nonsense as soon as I had a council in place. Each supplicant was more boring than the last except for near the end.

I watched Primate Uravasa Mona and a young priestess approach, and I smiled.

Blackwell announced, “Your Imperial Majesty, I present to you Uravasa Mona, Senior Priestess of Mara and Primate of the Great Chapel of Mara in Bravil. Accompanying her is Saint Alena the Kind.”

To everybody’s surprise, I stood and bowed.

As I sat down, I said, “Aunty Uravasa, your presence has brightened my day!”

Alena tried unsuccessfully to suppress a giggle.

  • Uravasa: Your Majesty, I am honoured that you have invited me to Bruma to conduct the marriage ceremony. Saint Alena will aid this task and help with rehearsals and other associated matters.
  • Wulf: Saint Alena, please, tell me of yourself.
  • Alena: I am but a Layman of the Nine Divines, Your Majesty.
  • Wulf: Lady Mara does not make living saints out of mere Laymen. I believe you are the first living saint since Saint Olava the Fair.
  • Uravasa: Alena was willing to carry The One if Rigmor was not. Alena is with child, and the blessing can be made before birth if anything untoward should happen to Rigmor. Kintyra was conceived naturally and became The One due to her heritage. This fact makes Kintyra being a Dragonchild of no danger to Rigmor. If Alena’s child were to be blessed, the danger during childbirth would be extreme. Like Saint Olava the Fair, Alena nurtures Bravil and all who live in it as her children. For these selfless reasons, Lady Mara has named Alena a living saint.
  • Blackwell: Forgive me, but from what I understand, The One must become Emperor or Empress of The Empire for the Alessian Prophecy to be fulfilled. It would be difficult for Saint Alena’s child to achieve that goal.
  • Wulf: Not at all. The child would be Dragonborn, with the difference being that Lord Akatosh’s blessing was bestowed in the womb, making the child a Dragonchild. The child would be blessed with Dragonblood, like Saint Alessia. Like me, the child would also be blessed with a Dovah’s soul. I have no doubt The Greybeards would not hesitate to name such a child as the rightful heir to the Ruby Throne. All legal objections would be nullified if I were to name the child as Heir Presumptive.
  • Blackwell: Why make a woman risk death at childbirth by giving the blessing in the womb?
  • Wulf: I am not aware of why this makes a difference. The metaphysics are probably beyond my comprehension. But I trust The Nine would not do such a thing on a whim.
  • Alena: Lord Chancellor, it is a matter of faith. When asked for permission, I did not question Lady Mara about the necessity. The child’s father is comfortable with the decision. However, the circumstances in which our child would need to be blessed are unthinkable. Her Royal Highness is beloved by mortals and gods alike.
  • Wulf: Although The Divines and other gods can’t physically manifest on Nirn, their magic can be potent within specific structures, such as The Great Chapel of Mara in Bravil. I take it, Primate Uravasa, that your parentage is no secret?
  • Uravasa: It is not general knowledge, but no, it is not hidden, and I am not surprised you have been snooping.
  • Wulf: It is of paramount importance that I know the religious leaders of The Empire.
  • Uravasa: Lord Chancellor, both my parents were women. I am not the product of male seed.
  • Wulf: Primate Uravasa’s birth mother is Chana Mona, the Primate during the Oblivion Crises. Her other mother is Uravasa Othrelas, a Layman of The Nine Divines and resident priest of The Great Chapel during the Oblivion crises. Both were killed by Aurorans, the Daedric minions of Meridia. Saint Olava the Fair was also murdered by Aurorans.
  • Uravasa: And now I find myself in the presence of the current Champion of Meridia.
  • Wulf: Feel free to stab me in the back when The Sentinels look the other way, Aunty Uravasa.
  • Uravasa: Keep calling me that, and I might accept your offer.
  • Wulf: The reason we are discussing this, Lord Chancellor, is you need to understand that the powers of the gods, The Divines and others, are limited on Nirn but still potent in particular areas. The politics of the gods must also be understood.
  • Blackwell: I understand the need for such education, Your Majesty, and appreciate this opportunity to learn more.  
  • Uravasa: Your Imperial Majesty, have you chosen a second?
  • Wulf: Yes, my Khajiit friend, Inigo.
  • Uravasa: What dignitaries have been invited?
  • Wulf: Emissary Baa’Ren-Dar of Pelletine is Rigmor’s foster father and will be walking her down the aisle.
  • Uravasa: Lady Azura will be pleased two of her beloved Khajiit are to play such roles in the marriage of her celestial daughter.
  • Wulf: The Sentinels are new at this silent observer role. Therefore I will break with tradition and protocol before the lady to my right explodes. Primate Uravasa, Saint Alena, it is my honour to introduce Priestess of Azura, Aranea Ienith.
  • Uravasa: I am pleased to make your acquaintance, Priestess Aranea. I may not look it, but I am half Dunmer and have always held your people in the highest regard.
  • Aranea: And I am honoured to meet you and Saint Alena. However, His Imperial Majesty must learn to stick to protocol!
  • Uravasa: Yes, I can see that will be a challenge.
  • Wulf: Hey, give me a chance. I am new at this stiff assed, court duties, crap thing.
  • Uravasa: Your Imperial Majesty, what other dignitaries are invited?
  • Wulf: Jarl Yngol Storm-Blade of Falkreath and his family. Count Casius Varon of Leyawiin. Countess Sigunn Frostreaver of Bruma. Lady Serana Hrakonsdotter, Beorness of Volkihar Island. Arch-Mage Tolfdir of The College of Winterhold. Apart from Lady Sigunn, there will be no special seating arrangements amongst those listed.
  • Uravasa: As Her Highness desires, a smaller, intimate affair with friends in attendance.
  • Wulf: Yes, and unfortunately, some of our closest friends will be guarding the event rather than being honoured guests.
  • Uravasa: Priest Irroed is not bitter about not being the one to perform the ceremony. On the contrary, he finds the chance to spend time at The Great Chapel to be a blessing.
  • Wulf: That is good. Rigmor did feel some guilt about replacing him.
  • Uravasa: Lady Mara informed me you retrieved Princess Pilvi’s ring.
  • Wulf: Yes.
  • Uravasa: A couple of days before the wedding, I must take Pilvi’s ring, your wedding band and Lady Mara’s rings to The Great Chapel. Lady Mara’s dweomer will be transferred to the wedding bands.
  • Wulf: Are you heading for Bruma now?
  • Uravasa: Yes, and thanks to your incredible flying ship, we can be back in Bravil before nightfall.
  • Wulf: Then go with my heartfelt thanks. Through you and Saint Alena, Lady Mara’s presence will be strong at the wedding.

Uravasa and Alena bowed and left the throne room with Blackwell chatting away and asking many questions. I sat brooding and tried to decide how I felt about Alena being used as a backup. But then I reminded myself I would trust The Nine and accepted that it was necessary.

Fredas, 17th First Seed, 4E 205

The four accused did not ask for attorneys and didn’t try to defend themselves or their actions at trial. They pleaded guilty to all charges, and I had no choice but to sentence each one to death. I chose to have them beheaded in private rather than make a spectacle for bored citizens. After being at the receiving end of such a spectacle and witnessing a beheading in Solitude, I have an aversion to such barbarity.

I approached the jailor.

“Captain, have the prisoners had their final meals.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. They have written their wills, met with family last night, those who have family that is, and are ready to receive due punishment.”

“Any sign of a last-minute reconciliation between Robere and his father?”

“No, Your Majesty. They will go to the block filled with hatred for each other.”

“Yes, I suspect Bruce de Medalius would never admit the whole debacle was his fault.”

“Robere did make a separate deal with Morag.”

“That may be, but only after he saw his father’s plans would lead to disaster.”

“The headsman has already shortened a few criminals this morning. His aim should be good.”

“I doubt any of these four will find that encouraging news.”

All four walked in silence to their deaths. When I first inspected the execution platform, I was surprised to see that it was not stone but marble. The headsman explained he likes to make the platform look spotless at the end of the day and blood was easier to remove from marble than rough stone. It seems every headsman is proud of their profession.

First to die was Bruce de Medalius.

Then Robere de Medalius.

The third was Matthew Volga.

Last was Andel Indarys IX.

After witnessing the executions, I pardoned myself from court duties and headed for The Arboretum.

The grounds had been tidied, the shrines polished and the bird shit removed from Father’s statue. I will feel comfortable opening the gates to the citizens once more.

I found myself drawn to Lady Mara’s shrine.

“Forgive me, Lady Mara, for my reluctance to speak. I was afraid of possible truths concerning Rigmor and me.”

“Special Child, it was difficult for you to see her confusion, but I had no doubt that Rigmor’s love for you was eternal and that for Robere was a product of circumstance, not entwined souls.”

“She knew the moment the axe ended his life via my emotions and our rings. She weeps for him even now.”

“Robere was a chapter in the story of Rigmor’s life. You know and accept that. Your concern is not over her feelings for him.”

“Then what is my concern?”

“You are still disturbed about Rigmor’s lack of trust in your assurances and words.”

“I don’t know if it is my ego or my heart that pains me so.”

“It is not your ego. You are one of the humblest mortals, even if you can play the arrogant role to perfection. Put your worries into words. Only then can you properly deal with the emotions.”

“Relationships only survive if mutual trust exists. I fear that has been lost and therefore fear for the future.”

“Robere betrayed Rigmor. How much evidence did it take to convince her that he chose to use her and lied beyond anything she could envision? Rigmor’s trust in all things was shattered by the final acceptance of Robere’s deception.”

“If Robere could fool her, why not The Divines and their champion?”

“Precisely, and that is why Lord Akatosh reached out to her. There is no lie in the love she felt from him. Rigmor knows you cannot lie to her, but it took a similar feeling from a god to convince her that only truths have been spoken.”

“Lord Akatosh’s love proved that mine is real?”

“Yes, that is a fair assessment.”

“All of this is logical and make sense.”

“But the mortal heart cares not for logic.”

“The fault is with me, Lady Mara. I must accept the truth of what you say, but it is not so easy.”

“Talk about this with Rigmor. Let her put into words what caused her to distrust gods and the man she loves so dearly. You will find the same answers from her. She lost trust in all, and now she has regained it.”

“Thank you once more for stating the obvious to me. Sometimes my failure to see the simple solution baffles me.”

 “It is a common affliction suffered by males of all species.”

“Lady Mara!”

“Something is missing in this arboretum. Go and figure that out.”

I felt amusement from Lady Mara, preferable to the panic and regret of my last contact with her.

What was missing was evident to me. A tree was planted where Mother’s statue once stood. I will get that rectified.

I stood in front of Father’s statue, cleaned but still weather-worn. There is one similar in the centre of Bruma.

A familiar voice said, “Even when presented in unarmoured robes, he carries a sword. A reminder that if words don’t work, swords will.”

I turned to reply to Silah but found myself speechless.

Silah grinned then claimed, “My beauty has stunned you into silence!”

“No, the shock of seeing you clothed has taken my voice from me!”

“I have always worn clothes!”

“No, Silah, you wore two small pieces of silk held together by two strings and prayer.”

“Well, you will be relieved to know I am even wearing undergarments. Knickers, as Lydia called them. Undies, as Rigmor countered.”

“And your colouring?”

“I found that when shopping, a single colour proved a hindrance when trying to look fashionable. Hence the multi colours that go well with everything!”

“Is that what you will wear at the wedding?”

“I haven’t decided. I did get a bit carried away with how many outfits I purchased.”

“Thank you, Silah, for defending Bruma when I couldn’t.”

“Durnehviir and Odahviing said they hadn’t had so much fun in millennia! We did not have to kill many for them to get the message. After the first couple of attacks, the enemy would scatter as soon as they saw us.”

“I noticed Mother’s statue is not where it once was according to the histories I have read.”

“It was probably removed by some anti Alessian crackpots who blamed your Mother for The Alessian Order.”

“Robere was executed not long ago.”

“And Rigmor is upset?”

“Yes, I can feel her sadness via our rings.”

“It is to be expected. But Rigmor is surrounded by friends who will cheer her up, so don’t fret too much.”

“So, did you gather enough gossip for the other Jill to chatter about?”

“Ha, yes, most certainly. They are looking forward to more after the wedding and coronation.”

“How is Mother?”

“She was confused at first as she absorbed the memories gathered by Allie. It was a bit like when your memories came flooding back. However, in her case, things were happening simultaneously. As she battled for the children’s souls, she was also Allie. But everything is fine now.”

“Father says that Molag Bal has her mortal body.”

“Yes, he used it to create projections of your mother that tricked Marukh into believing Saint Alessia spoke truths to him. In reality, Marukh was delusional from venereal disease and the projections of your mother designed to undermine The Empire and The Divines.”

“The ravings of an insane Inga only took root because they allowed the anti-Mer elements to claim Divine approval of their racist ideals.”

“Yes. You Mother feels pity for Marukh, not hatred. Reports suggest Molag Bal keeps him alive but unconscious within Coldharbour. Part of his menagerie. Molag Bal is not the most stable of entities, and some reports of his realm are disturbing. He allegedly keeps beings that believe they are The Nine.”

“Any more news I should know?”

“Oh yes, Rigmor told me of your dilemma with The Sentinels. If they wish to keep guarding you in Cyrodiil, you want them to be like other guards and have their own houses and lives as well.”

“I was going to explore the unused parts of The Imperial City. There must be sections suitable for such housing.”

“There is, and Rigmor, Lydia and others have inspected it. It is called Highreach and was built by The Mages Guild when many mages did not want to live in their cramped section of this city. There are dozens of mansions of Proudspire’s dimensions and Rigmor suggested it would be an ideal place for an orphanage. It was abandoned when the Mages Guild dissolved but can house hundreds with a little tidying up. It can only be entered and exited via a portal.”

“Well, we will have to get it cleaned up then!”

“Rigmor has already arranged that with Blackwell. I suggest you visit it in a few days and inspect it yourself. At the moment, it is in a bit of disarray.”

“Suitable for an orphanage as well as housing The Sentinels! Well, that is a bit of good news.”

“And do not get angry at Blackwell for not telling you. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I thought after this morning’s pleasantries, you could do with some cheering up.”

“So, when Rigmor springs the big surprise, I should act surprised.”

“Oh, so that means you shouldn’t visit till after Rigmor tells you about it.”

“Yes, we wouldn’t want a certain dragon in disguise to have her tail tied into a knot.”

“Well, I’ll be off then. Time anomalies are springing up all over the place. Other’s want to blame you, but I will reserve judgement for now.”

“But The Seventy-Seven Inflexible Doctrines say that the accused is guilty until proven innocent!”

“Lord Akatosh wants me to inspect them. The Time Wound at The Throat of the World has reappeared!”

“Alduin might make an unexpected return?”

“That is one possibility. Whatever is happening, we must prevent a Dragon Break.”

“Oh, yes, that would be a disaster if multiple Silah’s appeared!”

“Has anybody ever called you a smart-arse?”

“Your Imperial Majesty, Smart Arse the First.”

“It is not too late, Rigmor. You don’t have to marry him!”

With that final remark, Silah vanished, and I was left alone with my thoughts once more.

Morndas, 20th First Seed, 4E 205

The last few days sitting on the Ruby Throne tested my ability to stay awake when faced with relentless boredom. Petty disputes, business owners trying to get special tariffs, other business people trying to get a monopoly on certain goods and minor nobles simply wanting to make themselves known to the new Emperor made up my days.

I expected another day of mindless drivel when Blackwell entered with two people who dwarfed him. One of them was dark-skinned with glowing red eyes. He was Man, but of what species, I could not tell. The other was a Tsaesci and a Swordmaster from his armour and poise.

The Man sat himself down and watched the proceeding. The Tsaesci Swordmaster approached me with confidence. I stood, and hand signalled The Sentinels to be prepared.

“Lord Chancellor, please introduce our rather large guest.”

“He says he is the Grandmaster of The Dragonguard and that you will know him.”

I said in Tsaesci, “Swordmaster, that is a bold claim. What proof do you have of your claim? Remove your mask so I may see your face.”

The Tsaesci removed his mask and knelt before me. In a replay of the scene on Roscrea when I was eighteen, he said, “Dragonborn, I am Grandmaster Yru.”

“Yru! I know you are a friend and valued companion, but I remember nought of my time in Akavir.”

Yru looked at me and smiled.

“We were warned of this, and although regrettable, it is of little consequence at the moment. May I bring up my companion? His name is Vayu and also an old friend, but since you met him on Akavir, you will not remember him.”

“Yes, of course. Can you speak Tamrielic?”

“Yes, I have had to learn to do so during our time of hiding.”

I said to Blackwell, “Lord Chancellor, I have permitted Yru’s companion to approach. When he is with us, I will explain who they are, and the discussion will be in Tamrielic.”

Yru signalled Vayu and I sat down and watched him approach. Although he had the balance of a warrior, I concluded he was a mage. I gave a hand signal, and The Sentinels relaxed.

I said to Vayu, “We are to speak in Tamrielic for the benefit of my advisor.”

“Good, my Tsaesci is dodgy at best.”

  • Wulf: Lord Chancellor, Yru is the Grandmaster of The Dragonguard and took me from Roscrea to Akavir for training when I was eighteen. As far as I know, I spent six years on Akavir, but Lord Akatosh has blocked my memories of those times. I do not know why that is necessary, but I accept that Lord Akatosh is my Celestial Father, and I trust his judgment.
  • Vayu: I am Vayu. I was once a Blade who, with several others, made our way to Akavir after our order became prey for The Thalmor. Yru and The Dragonguard knew we were coming and intercepted us before less tolerant Tsaesci enslaved or killed us. They sheltered us. Most of us were untrained apprentices, yet the young ones trained hard and earned their way into The Dragonguard. I was taught to be a shaman and teach others the ancient Akavir magics. You, Valdr, were taught by the Psijic Order, but we spent much time together.
  • Wulf: I now use the name Wulf.
  • Vayu: Ahh, but I am now to call you Your Majesty, so it matters not what you were.
  • Wulf: Titles in public, Vayu. Informal names in private discussions such as this.
  • Yru: Wulf, three years ago, the enemies of Lord Akatosh discovered our existence which was a surprise to them since we were supposed to have been made extinct on several occasions. Overwhelming numbers attacked our Headquarters. Senior members of The Dragonguard gave their lives so a small number could escape. I am the last of the Tsaesci Dragonguard. The other survivors were once Blades.
  • Wulf: Swordmasters Azylin and Rirdaxah?
  • Vayu: They fought like gods. I was mesmerised by their skill and tenacity and had to be dragged away to escape as their sacrifices demanded.
  • Wulf: I feel great sadness even though my only memory of them was when they escorted me off Roscrea.
  • Vayu: They, too, were your constant companions in Akavir.
  • Wulf: Yru, I assume it was not simply good fortune that you intercepted the fleeing Blades.
  • Yru: Vayu claims to have the power of divination. In reality, the gods you call The Divines provide us with guidance.
  • Vayu: You display your ignorance once more, scaly one.
  • Yru: Peel another banana, ape.

Tasha laughed.

  • Wulf: Sentinel Tasha, you are supposed to be a silent statue with a formidable stare that promises swift violence.
  • Tasha: Forgive me, Your Majesty. I will leave my sense of humour at home in the future.
  • Wulf: Tasha is new to The Sentinels, and they, in turn, are new to this Emperor guarding role.
  • Yru: A pretty Argonian maid should laugh when amused. It is a joy to hear.
  • Vayu: You are smitten with your smaller cousins.
  • Yru: Tasha, even though I am not of The Hist, we share a common egg layer in the distant past.
  • Wulf: I do not doubt this court will become infamous for its informality, but I hoped to at least appear dignified till after my coronation.
  • Vayu: Unless your sense of fun was wiped with your memory of Akavir, that sounds like a forlorn hope.
  • Blackwell: They know you well, Your Majesty.
  • Wulf: Where did you hide for three years?
  • Yru: We all ended up in Skyrim after the previous Emperor started policing the borders with enthusiasm. With some loose clothing and a bit of hard-earned dirt, I was just another poor Argonian dock worker in Windhelm. A bit bigger, admittedly, but few Nords take notice of those in the Grey Quarter. However, it is a lot better since you killed the previous Jarl. Or so I was told.
  • Vayu: I found work as a less grubby dock worker for the East Empire Company in Solitude.
  • Wulf: How many of you are there?
  • Yru: There are another nine of us. Unfortunately, as we separated for our protection, some have become involved in less savoury occupations. Our original intent was to join you three years ago, but you had vanished, and Vayu’s bone-shaking and intestine reading did not tell us where to. But Lord Akatosh assured us you would if all went to plan, sit upon the Ruby Throne one day and all we had to do was survive till then.
  • Wulf: Some of The Sentinels do not have a clean record. It is no hindrance if genuine reform is sought. However, I don’t think you are here to be my protectors, are you?
  • Yru: Through sources in Akavir, we discovered the reason for our order’s enthusiastic and thorough destruction.
  • Vayu: The enemies of Lord Akatosh did not want their plans for an invasion to be known.
  • Yru: We were instructed not to disclose this information until you or Rigmor sat upon the Ruby Throne. Emperor Mede II would have acted rashly. Emperor Auriel Sethius would have had us killed. So, we waited.
  • Blackwell: What do you know of their plans?
  • Yru: Unfortunately, Lord Chancellor, very little. But we do fear they will use their enslaved Red Dragons, as Akaviri invaders have done in the past.
  • Vayu: We believe The Blades, with the injection of knowledge we can provide, could be an invaluable resource in defending Tamriel against those dragons.
  • Wulf: My attitude towards dragons is not held by the Dragonguard and The Blades of the past.
  • Vayu: Your father befriended dragons. With Alduin’s influence removed, we do not doubt that many dragons have become valued allies. Even those who listen to the nonsense of Paarthurnax would help defend their home.
  • Wulf: As would the not so pacifist Greybeards. I have to convince them that some Shouts are not evil. I hope Lady Kynareth will aid in that persuasion.
  • Yru: We are well aware of the current issues with the existing Blades residing in Sky Haven Temple but do you know what went wrong?
  • Wulf: All I know is I instructed them only to hunt dragons who harm mortals. Then I find they hunted many that were innocent of such. Esbern and Delphine failed to provide the required aid when I sought to defeat Alduin. Their hatred for dragons clouded their views. A hatred born of nothing, for they had never even spoken to one, never alone seen one, before they decided it was their duty to slaughter them. I am at a loss as to what to do with them, for they have been loyal and dedicated agents of The Empire.
  • Yru: They did as you instructed. But on one of their first hunts, Titalo Brolicius was killed. That reignited the mindless hate of Delphine and Esbern decided to support her quest for revenge.
  • Wulf: Lord Chancellor, Titalo Brolicius was a famous Blade hiding in Evermor. I took him to Sky Haven Temple, where it became evident that he and Delphine had a deep affection for each other.
  • Yru: I propose you make me Grandmaster of The Blades and Vayu replace Esbern. We know those two will accept the demotion if they are aware of the potential Akaviri invasion. With their aid, we can build The Blades into the elite force required if enslaved Red Dragons fly over Tamriel once more.
  • Vayu: There are sound reasons why the ancient Akaviri and Dragonguard adopted Katana and Kai-Katana as their weapons of choice. Speed of attack is paramount when you close on a dragon. A well-made and sharp Katana can inflict far more damage than a broadsword or greatsword in the first few seconds. Our expertise in these weapons would also be valuable skills we can pass onto others, not just The Blades.
  • Wulf: I have forgiven Paarthurnax, and he killed many tens of thousands of mortals before changing to our side in the Dragon Wars. It would be hypocritical of me not to give Delphine and Esbern a chance of redemption. I installed an airship beacon at Sky Haven. We can be there in two hours aboard Bostin. Lord Chancellor, inform those wanting to see me they will have to wait an extra five hours.
  • Blackwell: As you desire, Your Majesty. Hopefully, some of them will give up and go home!

Bostin was moored just outside The Imperial Palace, so within minutes, we were aboard, and the destination had been set for Sky Haven Temple.

We ate lunch as we waited for the teleport to occur.

  • Wulf: Vaya, please tell me about the others in hiding.
  • Vaya: Omoi became a Moth Priest for a short time. He showed aptitude but lacked the discipline required. He enjoys travelling the land and getting into philosophical arguments over a few meads. He is a master with the quarterstaff and enjoys beating people to a pulp with it when they disagree with him and draw a sword or dagger. He is young and was only in The Blades for a short time before he fled with us to Akavir. The training to join The Dragonguard was brutal, so I can assure you he is a fine warrior.
  • Ghorbash: If he enjoys philosophical debate, he will get on fine with Wulf.
  • Vaya: You must remember, Ghorbash, that these people knew Wulf, even if he can’t remember them. Omoi and Wulf would argue for hours over things that would bore others to death.
  • Wulf: Even the names do not trigger a glimpse or suggestion of buried memories. The block in my mind is thorough.
  • Vaya: The next member is Shouken. He earned a knighthood for his service in The Great War. Not much good it did him since he was a knighted Blade and therefore outlaw according to the White-Gold Concordat. He is an efficient killer who leaves a trail of headless corpses in his wake on the battlefield. His sword once belonged to a Vampire Lord, and it uses Blood Magic to drain the blood of his opponents. He is a devotee of Talos and is usually found within a Temple of The Nine in whichever city or town he visits.
  • Ghorbash: A hero of The Great War treated badly. We know a few of those.
  • Vaya: Seiko is to be admired. She was an untrained young girl when we arrived in Akavir but is now a competent Swordmaiden. She is also a devout follower of The Nine. She was a street urchin noticed by one of The Blades who took her and another orphan under his wing.
  • Wulf: That is impressive.
  • Vaya: Ishen was also an untrained apprentice when we arrived in Akavir. He is now close to becoming a Swordmaster. The Thalmor did not care for your age or expertise. If they found your name on a list of Blades, you were doomed.
  • Ghorbash: It was wise to take the young ones with you. Those arseholes didn’t need proof to accuse somebody and drag them away.
  • Vaya: Taku was captured by The Thalmor. He carries the scars of that experience, but he found his way back to us after fighting his way to freedom. He is excellent at infiltration, and I think he is with the Thieves Guild of Riften.
  • Wulf: They are not an evil group of people. They should control the Skyrim underground rather than have competing groups use the streets as their battleground. That is the view of Skyrim’s Jarls now and in the past.
  • Vaya: Jin only ever put in enough effort to barely pass the many tests of The Dragonguard. He now makes his living as a sellsword.

Yru and Tisha were having a good laugh together. Tisha is young and naïve, even if she is a Master Mage.

  • Vaya: Dae is of noble birth but killed a higher-ranked noble in a duel. Joining The Blades saved him from retribution, but then he found himself fleeing to Akavir with us. He is now a very efficient Spellsword.
  • Ghorbash: I never understood that concept. Your child voluntarily turns up at a duel and loses. Why seek revenge if it was a fair fight?
  • Vaya: Kogo lived on the streets with Seiko. He was like her big brother there, and when they worked their way through The Dragonguard training. He is a Master Spearman but has lost his way since arriving in Skyrim. I do believe he is a brigand somewhere in Whiterun Hold.
  • Wulf: Then you had better find him before Jarl Balgruuf’s men or The Imperial Army. There is a zero-tolerance policy in that Hold, and after a very brief hearing, Kogo would find his neck stretched at the end of a rope.
  • Vaya: They all know the agreement. Once you or Rigmor sat upon The Ruby Throne, they were to make their way to Sky Haven Temple.
  • Wulf: The Forsworn in Karthspire are aggressive. Getting past them will be hard.
  • Vaya: Then it will be a good test of their competence. It could be no more dangerous than The Dragonguard training.

I turned my attention to Yru.

  • Wulf: Grandmaster, you say that Lord Akatosh has given you instructions. How?
  • Yru: Via your Father’s avatar.
  • Wulf: Which one? The veteran warrior or the annoying priest?
  • Yru: Haha, both. I can imagine you do not get on with the priest.
  • Wulf: He is a pompous arse.
  • Yru: There is much I would like to discuss, but alas, we have been warned not to talk of your time on Akavir.
  • Tisha: Yru has promised to teach me how to use his weapon. I am slightly nervous about its size, but he says I will soon adapt.
  • Wulf: I am sure you will.

The bell rang to announce our arrival at Sky Haven Temple.

Some work has been done on the gardens since my last visit. I could see Delphine, Esbern and a Khajiit enjoying the sunshine. Not surprisingly, neither Esbern nor Delphine rushed over to greet me. They have probably been dreading this moment.

I approached Esbern, who didn’t even look my way.

I stood in front of him and could see fear in his eyes.

“Esbern, do you know who I am?”

“You are now our Emperor, Your Majesty.”

“As Emperor, I have a responsibility to protect all Empire citizens. I assume you have heard my decree by now.”

“You have made dragons citizens. Yes, we heard and were not surprised.”

“The large person in red armour is Yru, Grandmaster of The Dragonguard.”

“Is he Tsaesci?”

“Yes, and Yru will now be Grandmaster of The Blades. You and Delphine will be relegated to one rank lower than you currently hold. We regard that as fair punishment for the insubordination shown when you ignored my explicit orders regarding which Dragons The Blades were to pursue.”

“That is a fair punishment, Your Majesty. But we learned the errors of our way when the children poured down that mountain and drew weapons in defence of a dragon. We realised how foolish we had been, but it was too late, and all but one left our side, and we feared we had doomed The Blades to extinction.”

“The Blades will expand in numbers and will be needed. We fear an invasion by Akavir and the use of enslaved red dragons.”

“As history shows, they have done so in the past.”

“Delphine, and you have a chance to contribute to the defence of Tamriel. You get demoted but will see The Blades grow and become, once more, a vital part of The Empire’s defence. What do you say to this, Esbern?”

“You tried to explain to us why you accepted Paarthurnax’s remorse as genuine and enough to allow him to redeem himself. I am humbled you give us the same chance to redeem ourselves. We will not let you down again, Dragonborn, my Emperor.”

I approached Delphine, who bowed her head well before I reached her.

“Stand straight and look at me, Delphine, so that I can see into your soul.”

Delphine stared at me without fear, and I saw great sadness and genuine remorse.

“I am sorry you lost Titalo, but his death was not an acceptable reason for the persecution of innocents. Not so long ago, such insubordination would have meant banishment from The Blades at best. Your execution would have been the more common punishment.”

“I am aware of that, Your Majesty. All I can say is how sorry I am for my actions. I have no excuse and surrendered to the hatred I held for what I regarded as wild beasts. How wrong I was.”

Delphine closed her eyes, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Grasp this opportunity with both hands, Delphine. Do so for your soul and the people of Tamriel. Make The Blades the respected entity it once was.”

I boarded Bostin with barely a glance at Yru and Vaya. Yru was already correcting the stance of the Khajiit, and Vaya said he would try and find a longbow, the preferred ranged weapon of the Akaviri.

Two hours later, I was back at the Imperial Palace, but the queue of supplicants had not decreased. I was going to be listening to the nonsense for many hours.

Fredas, 24th First Seed, 4E 205

The morning of the 13th was the last time I had been in Bruma. I will spend some time tomorrow, the 25th, with wedding rehearsals, but it has to be carefully coordinated. Rigmor was determined for me not to see her or vice versa before the wedding. We had been without our rings for two days. We were always aware of the other’s emotions even though we had avoided speaking via them. Now I could not help but wonder how my beloved felt this close to her dream wedding.

As I walked towards my room in Bruma Keep, I knew that Rigmor was in her apartment. So I took my time to chat to locals on the way.

Jimmy was sitting in the same place I last remember speaking to him.

“Jimmy, I am glad to see you spent the money I gave you wisely.”

“Yes, I have several sets of furs and plenty of coal for my fire. I was pleased when you became Emperor. It is about time we had somebody who cares back on the throne!”

“Do you realise your small part in all of this history, Jimmy?”

“What part?”

“You found those bibs and bobs I needed to build a doll for Lady Rigmor. That doll helped restore Lady Rigmor’s memories, and because of that, she joined The Battle for Whiterun and saved the day. If not for your resourcefulness in finding those bibs and bobs, we may all have been enslaved or killed by a God-King.”

“You ain’t pullin’ my leg, are you Majesty?”

“Not at all, Jimmy. And that necklace you sold me sits next to Lady Rigmor’s bed. It is special to her and brings back fond memories.”

“I don’t know what to say!”

“You need to say nothing. But I need to thank you for your help in Riften what seems like many years ago.”

“I am pleased I could help, Majesty.”

“Good night, Jimmy.”

I left Jimmy with a smile on his face and more self-worth than he has had in years. And all I did was speak the truth.

I entered my room and laid out some books I was keen to read. Since becoming Emperor, I hadn’t had much chance to just read for pleasure.

There came a knock on my door.

I opened it, and there stood Olette, without armour or weapons. I think the last time I saw her in a dress was not long after we moved into Silverpeak.

“Yes, young lady. Can I help you?”

“It’s me, Cap’n!”

“Sorry, have we met before? If so, I can’t recall your name.”

“I am tall enough to reach your privates with a kick, Cap’n!”

“A lady would never do such a thing!”

“Yeah, then why did your Mother tell Rigmor to do that when people piss her off. Or are you saying your mother ain’t no lady?”

“Come on in and let me have a good look at my grubby street urchin.”

Olette stood before me with hands-on-hips and a worried expression.

“Olette, if you are wondering if you look beautiful, the answer is a resounding yes. We will have to beat the boys back with sticks.”

Olette relaxed a little and asked, “What if I don’t want the boys beaten back?”

“Then you must guarantee you will not carry hidden knives. We don’t want some noble son to lose his insides over an incorrect proposition or wandering hand.”

“That was grubby old perverts in Riften before I even had curves, Cap’n.”

“I know, Olette. Please, never take me too seriously. You never have in the past. I am no different now, despite the title.”

Olette’s face reflected a seriousness that I had rarely seen from her.

“Cap’n, I am so very pleased for you and Rigmor. But over the last few weeks, I have realised how precious our time in Silverpeak was. The noise at mealtimes and even the snoring and dream mutterings at night were the backdrops of my childhood after Mother died. They replaced the familiarity of Riften with another, and now that is history.”

“And you wonder what the sounds of your future will be?”

“Yes. I am afraid of being homesick when at Bard’s College. But what will be my home?”

“As far as I know, all The Sentinels will stay in Cyrodiil, and we have even recruited several new ones. They, too, will miss Silverpeak, but they deserve to start their own families. However, I can’t ever envisage when we don’t get together for meals several times per week. The addition to the noise will be babies and small children.”

“I am almost sixteen, Cap’n. I hoped that one day I would have parents. But adoption chances never came my way.”

“Oh, Olette. I was going to make this a surprise at the wedding. When Rigmor and I marry, we will sign the paperwork needed to adopt you. You will be a big sister to Kintyra and a noblewoman. I would have done it years ago if I had not got lost.”

“You will be my father? Rigmor, my mother?”

“That is what adoption means.”

Olette flew into my arms and sobbed into my chest. I cried with her, but I also wondered what danger I was inflicting upon her. We will have to discuss some necessary precautions another time. Right then, I wanted Olette to enjoy being a daughter once more.

Loredas, 25th First Seed, 4E 205

The day was spent rehearsing the wedding and relaxing. Although the ceremony was simple, Aunty Uravasa was determined it went smoothly. Saint Alena was amused by my patience when being addressed by Uravasa and my huge yawns when I felt I could get away with them.

I went to bed that night as Emperor of The Empire. But that title meant nothing to my new one to come.

On the morrow, I became Wulf Septim, husband of Rigmor Septim, the most beautiful and special person on Nirn. Husband is a title I will carry with pride and purpose.

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