The civil war leaves little room for artistic interpretation. It is one slaughter after another. Therefore, my description of each battle will be brief. However, Wulf will take time out to remind himself of why he has to kill. For instance, he is taking Olette and Wujeeta shopping for clothes with the able assistance of Celestine and Rigor. Wulf will be practising music with Olette and performing with her in public. He will take Rigmor to climb the summit of The Throat of the World. He might even take Rigmor to see Blackreach.

Oh, let me introduce Rigmor’s new bodyguard, Felix Decimus Varrus.

Felix is the tenth of his name and was a Sergeant of the 10th legion under General Decianus during The Great War. He joined the ‘invalids’ alongside Ragnar, Casius and Yngol to defend Hammerfell. He is a direct descendant of Emperor Duke Varen of Kvatch and another famous character in Nirn history which will eventually be revealed….

When he heard Ragnar’s daughter was now Countess of Bruma, he volunteered to come out of retirement and serve her.

Felix will be a fun character to develop and one of the main characters in some interesting story arcs. The following journal entry is taking some time to write as it covers a lot of ground. It will be up in a day or two.


    1. Do you like Felix? He certainly has a few scars from his time in The Legion and looks a bit younger than what he would be. Probably Altmer blood along the line.

      1. Despite I trusted you’d have done that, it came as a surprise, anyway. I didn’t expected it this early!
        Amazing. I can’t wait to see Rigmor and him together with Wulf and the Dragonguard. Recently, I played again from the beginning with a breton warrior mage. Not blond, dar hair. I brought Lydia and Inigo with me and i reminded I forgot about the ‘Silent City’ underneath Blackreach. I can’t wait to see you play that.
        I really do.
        Thanks again!!!

  1. I enjoy how you expand the characters personalities and history. Looking forward to them. Thank You Mark

  2. I hope Wulf takes Rigmor to Blackreach, she will be almost overwhelmed with its beauty. I was when I first saw it. Take you time, I’m really looking forward to reading, well all of them. I know we always thank you but there is very little else we can say. Are you using any of the Blackreach mods?

  3. I wonder if you could at some point include a new character – a Dragonborn from another time splinter, but followed a similar path to your original Wulf story. Also born of Talos and St Alessia, with a half-brother born of Reman Cyrodiil. A different personality to this Wulf’s for sure, a Companion through and through, although he is also the Arch-Mage of the College. His brother is Guildmaster of the Thieves’ Guild and is Grandmaster of the Blades, dethroning Delphine after she foolishly attacked them. If you want more details, i can happily provide them, but it would be fun to see how Wulf and these two Dragonborn interact, even if its just a short thing lol

    1. Wulf is going to be a victim of several Dragon Breaks. There is a chance he might meet see people he knows, including himself, in different timelines but he would have to avoid them, not interact with them. However, the Journals might describe differences he observes.

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