Turdas, 6th Sun’s Dusk, 4E 201

I put aside my worries about the exact nature of Father and me. As Rigmor kept saying, I am Wulf, and who I am is not dictated by what I am. It is also pure conjecture on my part. Father would probably refuse to discuss it if I approached him about it.

The noise of the living area brought me back to reality. It was loud enough without everybody being there. I imagine I will have new candidates for The Dragonguard soon. I will also bring some children into the lodge. Then this place will be as noisy as any inn or tavern.

I told my housecarls, now Dragonguard, that they would be my squad for the day. We will visit the dig site first and then tackle Avanchnzel. If we can, we shall also see about the Blade hiding in Nightgate Inn.

I also informed Vayu of today’s plans.

He asked, “What did Auryen say about Avanchnzel?”

“He said the place is huge, and it will take hours to travel from one end to the other.”

“A huge Dwemer ruin! You must be so excited!”

“Yeah, I can feel a yawn coming already.”

“Since you are taking Celestine, I might visit Whiterun with Wujeeta. It will save my thumbs from being twiddled too much.”

I gathered the ladies and then teleported us to the dig site.

Auryen was smiling and seemingly enjoying the dig.

“Good morning, Auryen. How is the dig going?”

“It is all, as you would put it, boring Nordic architecture. Surprisingly, Madras is very excited. He has been keenly sifting through buckets of Nord pottery and mosaic fragments.”

“Did a rock fall on his head?”

“You might want to ask a young girl and an always jolly Khajiiti mage why this miracle occurred.”

“I thought those two might get up to mischief.”

“Your daughter is in the tent excavating a pot we recovered. I think she is proud we are trusting her with it. She applied herself well to the practice pot and earned that trust.”

“She was complaining how boring it was, but I knew she would try her hardest.”

“We might have cleared that fallen debris by nightfall.”

“We are visiting Avanchnzel, so I don’t know if I can make it back before tomorrow.”

“How did it go with Darkfang and Dawnfang?”

“I recovered the sword and freed Captain Bouchard’s soul. He met his wife’s soul and travelled to their afterlife together.”

“Undoubtedly, that would have been of more importance to you than the sword.”

“Yes, it was. I learned of another Tsaesci Blood Drinking longsword whilst there. It is called Bloodthirst and was lost at Faldar’s Tooth. If you think it is worth collecting, I will.”

“I will do some research and let you know.”

I entered the main tent and found Olette concentrating hard with mallet and chisel in hand.

  • Wulf: I am so proud of you, Olette.
  • Olette: What for, Cap’n.
  • Wulf: You tried your hardest with that practice pot even though it was boring.
  • Olette: I know you and everybody else at Silverpeak Lodge do things you don’t like all the time. Sometimes you have to so you can enjoy the things you do like.
  • Lydia: Now you get to reveal another pot slowly!
  • Olette: Yes, but this pot will go on display. I find that a pretty cool idea! When people see it in the museum, my hard work is what put it there.
  • Celestine: Tell us what you and Latoria did to poor Madras.
  • Olette: We have bucketloads of mosaic tiles and pottery shards to sort through. Everybody pitches in and has a good gossip session while doing it. Everybody except Madras! He would complain that it was boring and not his area of expertise. I felt like punching him in the nether region!
  • Celestine: Auryen said he is now keenly sorting through the debris.
  • Olette: Latoria discretely handed me some small metal cogs and mosaic tiles they had recovered from a Dwemer ruin months before. I put some aside and buried the others in amongst the unsorted pile. When Madras walked past, I asked for his help. This poor young girl couldn’t find anything in her pile of tiles and pottery bits that matched the Dwemer stuff.
  • Celestine: Haha, I bet Madras’ eyes lit up!
  • Olette: He pushed me aside and started sorting the remaining pile. Whenever he found another bit of Dwemer stuff, he would hold it up in amazement and get stuck back in.
  • Wulf: And now you or Latoria put bits of Dwemer material in every bucket to be sorted.
  • Olette: Yep. I told Latoria I wanted to be safe at home before she told him about our joke.
  • Lydia: You are an evil young lady!
  • Olette: Evil is more fun!
  • Wulf: Oh, sorry we distracted you. I think you chipped the pot when we entered!
  • Olette: Where?
  • Wulf: Hahaha, gotcha! Yes, evil is more fun!
  • Olette: Do not start a prank war with a child, Dragonbum. You will lose.
  • Wulf: You hate it when I treat you like a child.
  • Olette: It is a good disguise if one is to win a prank war.
  • Jordis: Does anybody want to place a bet on Wulf to win? No? Wise decision.
  • Wulf: We won’t be back today, Olette. I will see you tomorrow.

Olette put her mallet and chisel down and gave me a rib-crushing hug. Then she returned to carefully extracting the pot, and we quietly left the tent.

I found Omoi stirring a vegetable stew.

“Omoi, tell the others I will travel with them tomorrow. We will visit several holds because High Queen Elisif wants me to meet the various Jarls.”

“Okay, as long as we get to bathe before we go.”

“Well, I am not walking into the various castles with stinky Dragonguard!”

“Yes, we don’t want our secret weapon revealed. Then everybody will know how we won the civil war!”

I teleported us into Honeyside.

We walked through the fog-shrouded streets of Riften, and I wondered, would they ever be safe enough for children to play chasey through them?

We exited the gate to find somebody dressed in a Riften guard uniform attacking a Legionnaire.

The attacker yelled, “Maven promised us our jobs back. We are now told we can’t have them as she is no longer Jarl. You have forced us to take what is ours!”

I drew my sword and plunged it into the attacker’s back.

I ordered the Legionnaire, “Report what happened to the Jarl. Tell him General Welkynd advises that all people wearing the old guard uniform are to be considered hostile.”

The guard saluted and started to run to deliver my message. However, he momentarily stopped in his tracks and stared as a unicorn, then four horses, materialised, seemingly out of thin air.

He then remembered his orders and rushed away again.

A little bit up the road, Hashire suddenly stopped, and I almost flew over his head.

  • Wulf: That joke is occasionally funny, but not when you are in your true form. A big spiky horn reduces the humour somewhat if I should be pitched over your head!
  • Hashire: I did not want to squash the vixen. She ran right in front of us!
  • Celestine: Perhaps your armour is not shiny enough in this fog. It is a bit thick.
  • Hashire: Like my rider! He won’t let me glow or do any other neat tricks.
  • Wulf: I am letting you stay in this form. If you continue to whine, I will send you back and ride Sune instead.
  • Hashire: Sune and I are getting along just fine now, thanks for asking.
  • Wulf: I didn’t ask.
  • Hashire: That was sarcasm.
  • Wulf: Lucky you told me that because I would never have recognised it!
  • Hashire: What is going to happen to Frost?
  • Wulf: I will offer to pay fair market value for him and part of each service fee. The money will help Alphonse’s widowed sister and her children.
  • Hashire: You are going to prostitute Frost?
  • Wulf: Jealous? The prettiest and most noble mares will be brought to him. I am sure he will let you watch. Somebody has to, or the service fee won’t be paid.
  • Hashire: What are some synonyms for hate? I will have to make a list, and then I won’t have to repeat myself when disparaging you.
  • Celestine: My father wanted me to be a broodmare and marry me to some fat noble who can’t even see his dick because of his stomach.
  • Lydia: I wonder if Rigmor’s advisors have dared suggest a marriage for political gain again?
  • Celestine: I think the threat of gelding has shut them up.
  • Jordis: Rigmor had a great time inventing horrible names for that bastard who abandoned her at the border.
  • Hashire: Perhaps she can help me then.
  • Lydia: You can’t fool us, Hashire. You love Wulf and always will.
  • Hashire: As so does Rigmor, but that doesn’t stop the creative name-calling. Yes, I shall ask Countess Ragnarsdottier for assistance in creating suitable insults.

We continued our journey to Avanchnzel.

We rode slowly towards and past a courting couple.

The woman gushed, “Oh, you were right, my darling. The swans are the most magnificent creatures on Nirn!”

“Am I ever wrong? No creature is as beautiful except for you, my turtledove.”

We rode past, and the woman exclaimed, “You tried to fool me! That unicorn makes swans look like floating turds! How magnificent is he!”

“But, my sweety, I have booked a room at the inn!”

“Perhaps you can invite one of the swans? I am going home!”

Not far past the ex-couple, Hashire stopped and said, “Don’t look so sad, my pink friend. I think flamingos are just as beautiful as swans!”

I remarked, “Hashire, you are talking to a flamingo. Isn’t that a bit weird?”

“So asks the half-dragon riding a unicorn to whom he speaks.”

“Good point!”

We had to pass close to Largashbur, an Orsimer Stronghold. When we did so, a giant was fighting several Orsimer defenders. If he connected with his club, even a tough Orsimer would die.

I galloped towards the melee and leapt off Hashire, drawing my sword in mid-air. Celestine skewered the giant with several Ice Spears, as did an Orsimer atop a wooden watchtower.

I ran over and felled the giant with a mighty downward swing.

A young Orsimer stared at me and almost got my boot up her backside.

  • Ugor: Halt! You have no business here, outsider. Leave at once!
  • Atub: Ugor, no! This person may be the one we need.
  • Celestine: Master Urag gro-Shub made Wulf Blood-Kin for the services he has done for all mortals, including the Orsimer of Skyrim!
  • Ugor: We need nothing from outsiders! Yamarz will provide for us.
  • Lydia: Did Yamarz, whoever he is, save you from being enslaved by Alduin?
  • Wulf: I offered nothing but help, which you needed, and ask for nothing in return.
  • Atub: Ugor, we cannot carry on this way! You know we are doomed if we do not do something!

Ugor turned to face Atub.

  • Ugor: Yamarz charged me with keeping outsiders away from Largashbur. You would have me disobey him, Atub?
  • Wulf: Would you disobey your Thane? I am Blood-Kin, a citizen of Skyrim and your Thane. Therefore I have every right to go where I please except the private abodes of your stronghold.
  • Atub: You were charged with keeping us inside the walls, not insulting visitors. Have faith, Ugor. I only wish the best for our tribe.
  • Ugor: Fine, Atub, it’s your neck.

I followed the petulant Ugor into the stronghold.

Atub said, “Forgive Ugor’s harsh words. She is merely doing as she has been told. You may not be a member of our tribe, but you are an Orc nonetheless!”

“Why has Chief Yamarz ordered your tribe to isolate?”

“I will come down and explain.”

As Atub approached, tribe members talked excitedly, pointed, and seemed in awe of myself and The Dragonguard. As a society that reveres martial skills, I am sure they believed some of the nonsense in the news sheets.

Atub wore furs, not armour, and her Magicka level was impressive. Those watching fell silent when Atub spoke.

She said, “You are Wulf, The Dragonborn, and these warriors must be members of The Dragonguard.”

“Yes, that’s correct, Shaman Atub.”

“Please, our tribe suffers, and we need help. Chief, Yamarz was once a strong and proud warrior. Now he is stricken, cursed. He is weak, and so our tribe is weak. The giants sense this and intrude on our territory. Now they assault our very home. Yamarz refuses help, but I sense that you may be just what we need.”

“What sort of help do you require?”

“Our chief is weakened. He will not rest, will not sleep. He suffers, and so the tribe suffers. Yamarz is proud and refuses to see that we need outside help. He needs someone to confide in. Perhaps it will be you if it is not one of us.”

“How long has Yamarz been cursed?”

“Almost ever since he became leader of the tribe. He killed Shagrol in combat, which none of us thought possible. But the winner is made Chief. That is how it is done.”

“Talking alone will not solve the problem.”

“Chief Yamarz has demanded we stay inside the walls. We cannot leave. I must petition Malacath for relief. This curse must be lifted. But I cannot travel to Malacath’s shrine. The ritual must be done here, and I do not have the needed materials. I beg of you to bring me Troll Fat and a Daedra Heart. I have no wish to depend on a stranger, but I have no choice.”

“I will be back in a few seconds!”

I willed myself to my Aetherius Room, slowed time, and sorted through my reagents. I willed myself back to Largashbur and gave the reagents to the startled Orsimer mage. I had been gone less than ten seconds.

Atub quickly gained her composure and said, “Excellent. You’ve become a part of this. Now, you must come with me. You must be present for the ritual.”

“You want me to be present when you speak to Lord Malacath?”

“Yes, there is no need to be afraid.”

“I am not afraid, Atub. However, I am curious what he will say if he realises I am here.”

“Does Malacath know you?”

“Yes, we have spoken in The Ash Pit.”

Atub raised her eyebrows at that revelation, then walked briskly towards Largashbur Longhouse.

We had kept Malacath’s involvement in The New Order’s plot a secret. Boethia didn’t make that easy as she boasted to her devotees about his defeat. Malacath had chosen Altmer to survive his bloody revenge, not Orsimer! The worship of Malacath leant structure to the Orsimer tribes. We were unsure what would occur if many Orsimer lost faith in their chosen god.

We entered the longhouse, and Atub stood before Chief Yamarz. One was a skinny mage dressed in fur, and the other was a seasoned warrior in plate armour. The skinny one was more formidable.

  • Atub: It is time, Yamarz.
  • Yamarz: You bring an outsider here and now insist I call on Malacath for help when he has clearly forsaken me? You try my patience, Atub.
  • Atub: Doing nothing will not grant our tribe relief from this curse. We must try.
  • Wulf: If you are afraid, Chief Yamarz, I could hold your hand.
  • Yamarz: How dare you!
  • Wulf: I am Wulf, The Dragonborn. I dare because I am the better warrior. Your strength is puny compared to mine. Would you like to test yourself against me and die like thousands before you?
  • Yamarz: My tribe needs me, so I will not die needlessly. However, I am not afraid of Malacath, so let’s get this ritual over with.

Atub smiled as we exited the longhouse, for she realised I knew the ways of her people. Prowess in battle is revered, and I just asserted my authority over her chief.

We stood before a crude Shrine to Malacath, and the entire stronghold became silent.

  • Atub: Now, we begin the ritual… Great Malacath, we beseech you to aid us in our time of need…
  • Yamarz: Why are we bothering with this?
  • Malacath: You pathetic weakling!
  • Yamarz: What’s that?
  • Atub: Malacath has heard my plea! He speaks to us!
  • Malacath: You dare summon me, Yamarz?
  • Yamarz: What? What is this?
  • Malacath: You don’t deserve to call yourself an Orc! You’re weak, you’re small, and you’re an embarrassment! You let giants… Giants!… overrun my shrine. Bring me their leader’s club as an offering, and I might release you from this curse!
  • Atub: It will be as Malacath desires, Yamarz. Your path is clear.
  • Malacath: Dragonborn, why are you aiding my people?
  • Wulf: As I told you, Lord Malacath, the mortal life of a despised enemy would still be worth dying to preserve. For that is my duty and my honour. I fight for all mortals, be they Man, Mer, Argonian, Khajiiti or other specie. I will help, but Chief Yamarz will prove himself to you.
  • Malacath: The mightiest mortal I have witnessed and a craven Orc. This task will be amusing.

Malacath’s laugh faded as the ritual ended.

Yamarz yelled, “You, outsider, come here! I want a word.”

I walked up to Yamarz and towered over him.

  • Wulf: Speak to me with respect!
  • Yamarz: This is all your fault, you know. I’m stuck fighting a giant now, thanks to you. Therefore, you’re going to help me. You’re going with me, and you’re going to make sure I don’t have any trouble reaching that giant. Don’t worry. I’ll make it worth your while.
  • Lydia: Should I cut his ear off for you, Wulf?
  • Yamarz: As if a female of your species could do such a thing.
  • Wulf: Lydia fought beside me against Alduin. So did Celestine, who is a potent mage. The other two Dragonguard, Jordis and Iona, have fought many battles at my side. Any one of them could kill you in seconds. Of the six of us, you are by far the weakest.
  • Celestine: Chief Yamarz, you challenged and defeated Shagrol and are rightly chief as The Code of Malacath dictates. Yet you proved weak and ineffective long before Wulf arrived in this stronghold. So please, tell us how this is Wulf’s fault.
  • Wulf: We are only here to help.
  • Yamarz: Oh, of course! Because Malacath would take pity on us only if useless outsiders lend a hand.


All eyes turned to Yamarz. Self-preservation allowed him to become meek and ignore the disgusted looks of his tribe.

  • Yamarz: This giant… It’s not the only dangerous thing in Fallowstone Cave. Getting to it isn’t going to be easy.
  • Wulf: I agree. It is quite a distance to Fallowstone Cave from here and fraught with hazards. We shall escort you there and through the cave. However, we shall not aid you in the fight against the giant.
  • Jordis: How long has the curse been active?
  • Yamarz: Weeks? Longer? It feels like an age has gone by. I haven’t slept in so long.
  • Wulf: Do you have a horse?
  • Yamarz: No, I shall run the distance.
  • Wulf: We shall accompany you on our horses. We have a lot more travelling to do after aiding your tribe.

We left the stronghold, and I set a Mark, then we mounted our horses and followed Yamarz. The Orsimer ran at an impressive speed despite his apparent exhaustion and full plate armour.

Hashire spoke to us telepathically.

  • Hashire: I heard your Thu’um, as did everybody in The Rift. What is happening?
  • Wulf: We are helping Chief Yamarz arrive at a cave so he can kill a giant.
  • Celestine: Yamarz was given this task by Malacath, who cursed the tribe.
  • Hashire: What did The Jolly Green Giant say to you, Wulf?
  • Wulf: He wanted to know why I was aiding Orsimer.
  • Hashire: Let me guess. You gave Malacath the ‘I fight for all mortals’ lecture.
  • Wulf: It was not a lecture but a simple statement of fact.
  • Lydia: Hashire, weren’t you complaining to Wulf how he doesn’t ride you enough and how lonely and neglected you felt?
  • Hashire: Well, all that was true!
  • Lydia: Perhaps Wulf got tired of you constantly showing zero respect.
  • Hashire: We have constantly insulted each other!
  • Lydia: Sometimes, your insults lack any humour.
  • Hashire: Oh. Well, why hasn’t Wulf complained?
  • Lydia: He has other worries at the moment. He has not shared them with us, but we know him well enough to realise they are there.
  • Wulf: Hey, I am listening in, you know.
  • Celestine: Lydia knows that, Wulf. Perhaps it is a hint that you should share your worries with those who can help.
  • Wulf: Sorry, but it is something I will have to ask Father about first.

As we passed a Vigilant of Stendarr, I said, “Good morning.”

“You speak to a Vigilant of Stendarr. Cavort with any Daedra, and we will hunt you down.”

“Well, I am the Champion of Boethia, Sheogorath, Azura and Meridia. I am now helping the Orsimer of Largashbur clear giants from their Shrine of Malacath. So, do Daedric Princes count in your anti-Daedra crusade?”

The Vigilant went to draw her morning star.

I growled, “I am Wulf, Dragonborn and Champion of The Divines. The Vigilant of Stendarr disobey Stendarr’s command and teachings. Touch your weapon, and I will cut you down. It is about time I visited your headquarters and had a good chat with your superiors.”

The Vigilant was wise enough to walk away hurriedly.

When we passed a Legionnaire, he saluted and said, “I informed the Jarl of the problem with Maven’s pet guards.”

“Good. Hopefully, Maven’s lackeys won’t be much of an issue.”

Another Legionnaire stood in front of the entrance gate and challenged Yamarz, who was trying to enter Riften. I said, “Chief Yamarz is with me. Let him through.”

The Legionnaire stood aside. The body of the Riften guard still lay where he was slain.

We dismounted and ran with Yamarz through the back alleys of Riften.

As soon as we exited, we summoned our mounts.

The ride to the cave was free of encounters.

Giant spiders surrounded the cave’s entrance. I dismounted and killed them with Thu’um and sword.

Yamarz halted at the entrance.

He growled, “If there’s a chance this will save me, then I’m taking it. I’ll lead the way, but you’d better back me up. Let’s get this over with.”

“You would be safer following me. If you are in front of me, I can’t use The Voice.”

“Well then, you can show me why Malacath thinks so highly of you by using that milk drinker’s sword you carry.”

“I fought through the Ash Pit and killed dozens of Malacath’s minions. Then I stood as close to him as you are. I have killed thousands in battles and melees. I need prove nothing to a weakling like you.”

“You expect me to believe you confronted Malacath in Oblivion?”

“I expect you to fight this giant and die. Anything else is superfluous. Now get moving!”

We entered Fallowstone Cave, and not far in, we found the first dead Orsimer. A bear, not a giant, had killed her.

We encountered a giant and quickly disposed of it.

When the giant fell, I walked over to Yamarz, who had watched the fight.

I said, “As you witnessed, we are quite efficient at killing things. I can hear bears ahead, so let me lead.”

The bear’s den was covered with past and present meals, including another unfortunate Orsimer. I attacked the bear marked by Lady Kynareth.

Then I cut down the other bear.

Yamarz was stunned at my ferocity and didn’t even ask why a bear glowed green before we continued.

We eventually entered the valley where Malacath’s Shrine was situated. A giant saw us and bellowed his challenge.

Yamarz said, “All right, I’ll go kill this giant. Unless, of course, you’d like to make some extra gold.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m tired, and I haven’t slept well in weeks. You kill the giant and bring me the hammer. Then we go back to Largashbur and tell everyone I did it. You keep your mouth shut, and I pay you. Handsomely.”

“You will face the giant, or I will cut you down. You have a chance of defeating the giant.”

Without another word, Yamarz drew his sword and ran at the giant, yelling obscenities at it.

Lydia remarked, “I assume he is not being complimentary in his remarks.”

“My Orcish is not that good, but I think Yamarz is questioning the giant’s penis size.”

Yamarz blunted the giant’s first half-hearted swing with his shield and sliced the giant across the leg.

The wound enraged the giant, and Yamarz fell back. The Orsimer hoped to find an opening if the giant swung in anger.

The giant stomped on the ground, which unbalanced Yamarz.

A loud crunch was heard as a powerful sideways swipe ended Yamarz’s life.

The giant ran at me.

Arrows and spells from my friends brought it down before it reached me.

I walked over to Malacath’s blood-soaked shrine and felt probing at my mind’s barrier.

“Lord Malacath, even my gods must speak aloud, for they can’t penetrate my barriers.”

Malacath’s voice echoed as he said, “Yamarz was a fool and was always trying to scheme his way out of responsibility. But you took care of him and the giants. Two problems were solved at once. Take Shagrol’s hammer back to Largashbur, and we’ll see about whipping the rest of them into shape.”

“You demonstrate a lot of concern for a race you betrayed.”

“The Altmer offered me a chance to return to Nirn. You have my word, Dragonborn, that I would have destroyed them, and my people would have ruled beside me.”

“If you had made it to Nirn, Alduin would have waited to see if mortal champions could still thwart your plans. If not, he would have found a way to end the Kalpa.”

“You have not told my people of what was planned.”

“No, because your worship is the basis of their society. It would be devastating to the Orsimer to think you betrayed them. To protect the Orsimer, I decided to keep much of what occurred a secret. But eventually, they will learn the truth, for I will not hide it from them forever.”

“Give me time, and I will convince my people of what I just told you. I was using the Altmer as they used me. I was aware of their plans for your gods before you so diplomatically explained them to me.”

“I pity your plight, Lord Malacath, and am no friend of Boethia. However, I will consider aid from any god that does not compromise my honour or morality.”

“Yamarz’s soul has arrived. He will enjoy his afterlife. In the end, he did face the giant with courage and demonstrated skill.”

“We shall arrive in Largashbur soon.”

I couldn’t tell if the remains were all Orsimer, but there was evidence the giants had been eating humanoids. That is a scarce thing for giants to do. There we no mammoths or cows that other giants keep.

I searched the giant and recovered Shagrol’s Warhammer.

Lydia asked, “Who was Shagrol?”

“I have no idea. The weapon has no dweomer, but it is well made.”

I Recalled to the Mark just outside Largashbur, then summoned my friends.

We entered the stronghold and approached Atub.

“Shaman Atub, we have returned with Shagrol’s Hammer.”

“But…what of Yamarz?”

“He fought bravely but was defeated by the giant.”

“Ah, that is good to hear. He died an Orsimer’s death.”

“Lord Malacath has welcomed his soul.”

“Let us approach the shrine and see if Malacath has further to say.”

We stood before the primitive shrine, and Malacath’s voice boomed.

  • Malacath: Yamarz was a coward and a weakling. His deceitful ways have cost you all greatly.
  • Atub: He was punished, but Wulf says he fought bravely in the end.
  • Malacath: Yes, he did after The Dragonborn threatened to cut him down.
  • Atub: What of us? What fate shall we suffer?
  • Malacath: You will have to prove yourselves, and I am willing to give you a chance. Gularzob is your new chief. Let’s hope he is better than Yamarz.
  • Atub: Give him time to adjust, and he will be an exemplary chief.
  • Malacath: Dragonborn, I name you my champion. As such, you need a suitable weapon. Place Shagrol’s Hammer on the shrine and then take Volendrung.
  • Wulf: I shall do so. It has been an honour to help the good people of Largashbur.

I balanced Shagrol’s Hammer on the antlers of the skull.

It changed into Volendrung. I took the warhammer and could detect a very strong dweomer to absorb stamina and paralyse.

Atub said, “Excuse me, but there is a birth I have to midwife. Please, visit again soon.”

A balding Orsimer asked, “Dragonborn, can I please speak to you?”

I walked over to him. I could tell he was a competent sword and shield warrior by his stance.

“What can I do for you?”

“My name is Ogol, and I served in The Imperial Army for many years. I find my skills are wasted here. Would you consider me for The Dragonguard?”

“What name did you serve under?”

“Ogol Uzgugarn. I fought in many theatres during The Great War.”

“Let me look at your service records. Then I shall bring our shaman, our Grandmaster, in charge of recruiting. He will decide if you are suitable.”

“Please consider Ugor as well. Her speech skills are not refined, but she is an honest warrior whose abilities and ambition are wasted here. Gularzob will want her as one of his wives. I know Ugor will refuse, and bloodshed shall result.”

“Did Ugor ask you to ask me?”

“Yes, she feels embarrassed about how she greeted you and hesitated to approach. She was trying to obey Yamarz’s orders the best she could.”

“Does Ugor have any military experience?”

“No, but if you test her, you will not find her skills lacking.”

“Tell Ugor our Grandmaster will also speak to her.”

We exited Largashbur and summoned our mounts. It is only a short ride to Avanchnzel, but we can’t possibly complete our task before tomorrow.

I am the champion of another Daedric Prince. Some of the Dark Lords will detest me as I oppose their natures. It is a pity I could never complete the set.

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    Olette is a great character by default but she is now funnier. I love the archaeology mod.
    Thanks for all, Mark. Even for the Shezarine explanation!!!

  2. Finally caught up again. Now Malacath’s champion as well, good ending. Looking forward to the next few, l like it when l am catching up, no waiting. I like all of the journals, doesn’t matter if Rigmor is with you not.

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