Rigmor and Wulf are the focus of these journals, and readership drops when they are not together. So, I have decided to do something radical. Rigmor and Wulf will be together far more both in Skyrim and Bruma. Wulf will need Rigmor with him after an event causes him to question his identity and morality. The Divines will have no choice but to aid them in achieving this, and everybody in Rigmor’s inner circle, Malesam included, will know about it.

Together they will face the biggest dangers to Nirn and its inhabitants. Wulf can’t do it without Rigmor.

If it weren’t for an imminent update to Rigmor Of Cyrodiil, I would start that part of their story sooner. However, I don’t want to use the old version when the new one has so much more scope.

The story won’t change in the R.O.C update, but a lot of preparation for Rigmor of Tamriel will be included, such as populated cities and regions.

I will also be using far fewer screenshots in the journal entries. I have already cut out a lot of the combat as there is no need to show the carnage.


  1. man I haven’t commented in a little while but i got to say I’m super happy with that decision because well who doesn’t love seeing more Rigmor but i also wanted to say keep up the great work

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