Happy Holiday Season

I enjoy writing these journals for fun, and the fact others get pleasure from reading them is a bonus. Not many of you leave comments which is a shame. If you have suggestions, criticisms or praise, please express them. That way, I can improve as a writer and the journal appeal to a larger audience.

The next journal entry is almost finished. From that point onwards, it will be chaos for Rigmor and Wulf as events rush towards their time in Cyrodiil.

I wish all my readers a happy and safe holiday season.

22 thoughts on “Happy Holiday Season

  1. Hey Mark! My name is Orion Benson. I am a huge fan of your works as well as the Rigmor series. I have a suggestion that you don’t have to use should you redo it or for future works (but I feel like it works) that I am using for my Rigmor fan fiction. Instead of being pro-Imperial, my character is the true neutral party in the Civil War. He feels what Rigmor feels about the Empire (which is a little bit of hatred and betrayal) during Rigmor of Bruma. However, because of his and Rigmor’s wanted status being revoked as well as the Battle of Whiterun, he ultimately goes on to trust the Empire more while also sympathetic to the Stormcloaks and their cause. He does the season unending quest however a few things change. 1. The Imperials and the Stormcloaks want a peaceful end to the war (because of the Battle of Whiterun) but don’t want to call for a truce because they think the other side will think that they are pussies and won’t give them a fair deal. They are waiting for a neutral guy to arrange for a truce. So season unending happens. 2. Instead of a temporary truce to buy time for the Dragonborn, it’s a permanent truce with an actual treaty. The terms are: the Stormcloaks and Imperials would cease fighting, all Stormcloaks who accept the treaty will be given amnesty, Skyrim will remain a part of the Empire, Elisif will become the High Queen but if Elisif dies (not by Ulfric’s hand or under his orders) Ulfric will become the new High King, the Empire will unofficially restore the worship of Talos [let me explain this part. So they will do it unofficially to keep the Dominion happy but Imperial Soldiers under the unofficial orders of the high queen will stop the Thalmor Justiciars from arresting Talos worshippers but the government will blame it on bandits (if the dominion were to find out, they wouldn’t call for anyone’s arrest or anything like that because Elisif would revoke the White-Gold Concordat and would call upon the services of the Dragonborn as “the Guardian General” and he would go and kick their asses)], and finally Skyrim would gain more autonomy. I know it’s not gameplay friendly. I just don’t want my Rigmor character alienating one side or the other. If you like playing pro-Imperial or don’t plan on redoing it, no problem and no judgement passed. If you like it, thanks and feel free to use it or comment on it. Thank you for your awesome fan fiction!

    1. The trouble with Ulfric is you cannot ignore the massacre he engineered in Markarth, that fact he betrayed his fellow Legionnaires during The Great War, that he used the Thu’um in a contest of martial skills to murder Torygg and that he became a puppet of The Dominion. Questions would be asked about how he escaped Helgen and that would be the end of him. The Dominion ended The Great War as Elsweyr and Morrowind were on the brink of rebellion. Ending the ban on Talos would not negate the rest of the White-Gold Concordat and it is doubtful The Dominion would restart the war. But if you can make it work in your fan-fiction then go for it. I wouldn’t be able to.

      1. Honestly, that’s fair. While I don’t agree with your opinion and those claims you just stated, I respect them and honestly wouldn’t complain if the imperials winning is the canon ending. After all, the first amendment of the bill of rights gives Americans the right of speech. I respect all opinions even if they don’t align with mine.

      2. May the Dragonborn Empire be soon, even if Wulf doesn’t like it, because let’s remind us all: this is a fantasy game and we are not real politicians! Despite Mark is DEFINITELY very knowledgeble on those things. So, it’s not about respect any opinion or quoting the U.S. Constitution but logical facts: getting rid from the world of the fool Ulfric, family name ‘Stormclok’ (or whatever is written xD) is a necessity, not an option, siding or not with the Mede Empire. So Death to him. That man didn’t fight for any freedom but just a murderer and betrayer of word and oaths like many so called rebels. If there was a way to finish like Mark did, I would do the same, in a way less grandiose. I would simply take Windhelm with few men amd women(with Bethesda situation, Lydia, Serana and Inigo would be enough) , or by Shouts, seen the power Dragonborn has.
        So, long live Wulf and Rigmor Emperors!
        I wish you, your family, and my fellow readers amazing Winter holidays.

  2. Your narrative, thus far, has been very enjoyable. The only criticism I would have would be that Bethesda didn’t have you on their staff as Lore Master!

    1. The be fair to Bethesda they have to cater for the limitations of the game engine. They can’t possible cater for every path that might be chosen by the player. When writing fan fiction, we can expand the narrative in ways not possible within the game. However, some parts of Skyrim are poorly written. The Dawnguard DLC makes no sense with the narrative provided. The Dragonborn DLC is only marginally better. It takes a lot of delving into Elder Scrolls lore to add narrative that make these DLC’s logical.

      1. But, my man, considered that the player IS Dragonborn without any mod, Blessed Bethesda(I will always thank then for the Elder Scrolls games) and the fact that is it Lore, they might have considered a Civil War Ending option through trial by combat with consecutive Moot since the betrayer and murderer (delenda memoria be his name) had it with the former High King. I understand you are supposed to be above all but I always respected your logic, so don’t fail by omission here. Wulf passed many changes but is refractory to bullshit and he comes out of your mind.
        Isn’t this lack of option horsesheisse?

  3. Mark. I have been re-reading Wulf’s journals again from the Before Cyrodiil, now almost completed Rigmor in Cyrodiil journals. Started this while waiting for your Skyrim rebuild to be completed, I had to have my fix. I will start the NEW series from the, er. the start, that way you will get a fair way ahead. I took your lead and did the same thing as you and Peter did, replace everything. Now would you believe SILVERPEAK LODGE works perfectly, even all the other glitches have disappeared, I’m a happy chappy. I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a great new year. I would also like to wish all you readers the same.

    1. The removal of many leveled lists is a step forward. Things being distributed by SPID and other utilities has aided stability and reduced script load. I see many old programs are being converted to use SPID and DAR etc. It is amazing after eleven years how Skyrim mod development is still evolving.

  4. Humph, after all my time trying to get Silverpeak to work you are moving. Yeah I know it’s logical when you look up. Oh well Dragons Keep here I come. I should have made that my home because it is well guarded. Hope you had a good Chrissy break.

  5. What! After I have told them we are moving, they objected because they like the lodge as much as I do.

    1. Hahhahahahahhahaha. They can stay there, then. I am using Dragon Keep !!!! I was wondering, Mark. Are you still using the Dragonborn Museum mod?

  6. It is an amazing mod indeed but your pc is definitely better than mine. 150 mods are already an impossibility for my Dell…

      1. For Stendarrs’ sake 🤣 do you have a NASA PC??
        It is about time I buy a proper case computer not a laptop anymore xD

      2. Not to brag, but I actually have 1283 active mods in my current build, and 910 active plugins. And it’s surprisingly stable. Yes, I do have a pretty nice system. Was finally able to upgrade last May from the piece of junk I had previously.

      3. I will follow your lead, guys. My systems needs an upgrade for a thousand reasons…Indeed.
        For Kyne’s’ sake

  7. Sorry Peter, but I will brag. 1095 active light. 251 active ESP. Of those ESP, over 150 mods have been combined into 5 large esp. So in effect, that is over 400 ESP plus 1095 ESL.

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