I have been helping with Rigmor of Tamriel and dealing with health issues.

The following journal entry will be tomorrow. The one after that should follow by the end of the week.

There will not be an upgrade to RoC. The populated cities and other changes will be part of RoT.

I will be writing books for RoT that explain what has happened in the six years since RoC.

Some people will be happy with the introductory scenes. Others will want to read the books.

I will not give any clues as to what happens in RoT except to say there will be plenty of family time amongst the chaos and war.

7 thoughts on “SORRY FOR THE DELAY

  1. Just take your time Mark, your health is more important and we can easily wait for the next part and if not we have the older ones to go back and read again. It also lets us once again see the evolution of the story and how you have grown as a write since you have started Wulf and Rigmor’s journey.

    1. I second both Neshotah and Richard man. Life comes first and than helping for Rigmor. We will be here waiting

  2. And I thirded what the three gentlemen have written and I have been reading the old journals. Mark, are the books found in game or separate.

  3. Thank you for that. One thing I found informative was in your early journals you included into the intro was the names of the mods you used in that entries play through. I found that very informative as I had never heard of some of them which I had now included in my load order. Are you thinking of doing that again?

  4. I know I’m way behind the others, but I was working on quite a few other things, and there have been some changes in my life, so I’m still getting settled. Even so, I’m glad you were able to continue this new journal. Thanks, Mark.

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