Unpopular parts

It is disheartening to see reader numbers plunge, but understandable. The fact is, I can’t avoid some parts of the main game.

Solstheim will soon be finished. The civil war will be over very quickly. I can do more exciting mods after those two are out of the way. Some I have never done in any of the earlier journals. Some I have done rarely.

I have to ramp up to why Wulf vanishes for some time. There is a logical sequence of related mods that will lead up to Rigmor of Cyrodiil. I lost direction with the last journal, so I started again. This time I have a far more structured set of events.

I also have to ensure I don’t write myself into a corner as we decide on the major plot elements of Rigmor of Tamriel.

So please, bear with me as I plod through the necessaries.

6 thoughts on “Unpopular parts

  1. Personally I was busy but I am reading all of your journals, even if I dislike the location.
    Actually, I started a game with a dunmer directly on Solstheim! Just for your Solstheim pages
    I hope the other readers voices echo with mine.
    May the moons looks always on you!

  2. You will Never please everyone with your Journals. That being said, you continue to polish your works, always striving to make them better. We see your growth in your Journals and We all Benefit. I try to always leave a comment or two, just to let you know your efforts do not go unacknowledged. I enjoy each and every one of them. You are doing something I cannot do. Stay Strong in your works. You are Valuable to your readers. Thank You Mark

  3. By the way…do you Mark and the other readers have installed Skyrim Conquest and Law bringer and all the addon?
    Do them work for you?

      1. Even the other one is amazing…skyrim conquest. I had to find lighter city mods to avoid breaking the game but those rules
        The same. For the Empire.

  4. Hey Mark, take all the time you need, us core readers enjoy everything you write. Haven;t caught up yet after reading all of the “original journals”.

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