Prelude to butchery

Sundas, 5th Frostfall, 4E 201

I teleported us inside Dragonsreach.

  • Wulf: Lyssia, I will write my report for The Penitus Oculatus later today and deliver it. I will check in a few days to see if yours is ready for delivery to your Cynosure.
  • Lyssia: It will be.
  • Inigo: My friend, I am worn out. Not all of us have unnatural stamina.
  • Wulf: My body punishes me for pushing so hard. I will sleep well in preparation for the battle.
  • Lyssia: The fates have indeed woven an intricate tapestry for you, haven’t they?
  • Wulf: No, because there is no such thing as fate or predetermined destiny.
  • Lyssia: Oh, yes, Lord Arkay seemed to enjoy mentioning those things in your presence.
  • Inigo: The God of Death was amusing?
  • Wulf: Those who miss their loved ones mourn death. Lord Arkay delights in welcoming souls to their afterlife in Aetherius. Therefore, I did not expect him to be all doom and gloom.
  • Lyssia: Becoming Dragonborn is no small feat. I think I know your answer, but tell me anyway. Do you ever wonder if this path was destined or simply the result of your choices?
  • Wulf: Lord Akatosh chooses who to bless. You do not have to complete a set of tasks to be chosen. However, my path to becoming Dragonborn differs from those before me.
  • Lyssia: A secret?
  • Wulf: Yes, for now. However, I was given the choice of being Champion of The Divines. I was well informed of what sacrifices would need to be made for me to perform the required duties. I chose to become what I am. If I had refused that role, I could have defeated Alduin and retired to a farm. The Divines always have mortal heroes scattered over Nirn that could probably accomplish what I do.
  • Inigo: But not as effectively.
  • Wulf: Probably not, but I think they would prevail.
  • Lyssia: I believe the threads of fate and choice intertwine most enigmatically.
  • Wulf: Then we shall have to differ, for I refute the existence of fate.
  • Lyssia: Your response reveals much about your heart, Wulf.
  • Inigo: My friend has endless empathy and bravery.
  • Lyssia: As Dragonborn, do you feel obligated to wield this power for the greater good, or do you see it as a means to forge your destiny?
  • Wulf: I reiterate I do not believe in destiny. Aedra blessed mortals with free will. Every action you take forges your future, and there is no predetermined destiny. There can’t be, for every action creates infinite parallel timelines. Interpretations of possible timelines and preferred outcomes guide me. The Divines and I trust my actions will steer the timeline to the preferred outcome. We trust that a correction can be made if I make an error and survive.
  • Lyssia: Okay, I understand that.
  • Wulf: Lord Akatosh bestows his blessings rarely, and he expects the recipient to use Dragonborn powers for the greater good. However, a Dragonborn has free will, and I have chosen my path to protect all mortals of Mundus against any threat. My mage and warrior abilities are of the highest order. I do not rely on my Thu’um.
  • Lyssia: Your answer sings of your soul’s true nature.
  • Wulf: My soul is that of a dragon. Its true nature is a desire for domination. I have had to suppress that inherited instinct as other dragons have done. Your soul is devoid of any taint. You are, for lack of a better term, a good person.
  • Lyssia: How do you know my soul is untainted?
  • Inigo: Secret.
  • Lyssia: Aaarghh!
  • Wulf: Sorry, Lyssia.
  • Lyssia: Do you believe our actions echo across the ages, like a melody carried on the wind?
  • Wulf: Indubitably. Every action creates infinite parallel timelines.
  • Lyssia: The choices we make and the lives we touch define us.
  • Wulf: Bravo! Predetermined fate or destiny does not exist and cannot be blamed for how our lives play out.
  • Lyssia: Okay, I have prodded and poked enough for now.
  • Wulf: Get some sleep, Lyssia. The enemy forces need to arrive in numbers and rest. They will trickle in after a forced march across half of Skyrim. Therefore, I don’t think the battle will occur till tomorrow.
  • Lyssia: Okay, and thank you for your help. You too, Inigo. I have a million questions about you as well!
  • Inigo: I have no secrets, so I would happily discuss my favourite subject, me, over a mead or two.

Lyssia headed for her room, and I teleported Inigo into the palace.

I told him, “I will summon you early tomorrow morning.”

“I have never been in a battle before, my friend.”

“You will discover it to be different than even the largest melee you have experienced.”

“I think it may change me.”

“It will give you an awareness that many leaders lack. If they experienced battle, they would be more reluctant to inflict it upon others.”

As Inigo headed for his bed, I decided to walk in the gardens of Aurane. It might be the only beauty I see in the days ahead.

As soon as I stepped outside, I was accosted.

“Lord Welkynd, where did it come from?”

I turned around to a puzzled Dragonguard.

“Dragonguard Lisylde, is there a mystery I am unaware of?”

“On the roof of the palace, directly above this door, is a statue of Saint Alessia. I know you have been talking about getting one, but it appeared overnight, and nobody knows why or how.”

“The logical reason would be Saint Alessia placed it there, but she is currently busy elsewhere. So, I don’t know the answer.”

“Oh, well, we don’t mind, and we are used to weird things happening around you.”

“I would hope nobody objects to a statue of Saint Alessia. When did it appear?”

“Last night.”

“Okay, I will see if I can resolve the mystery.”

“I have heard the battle for Whiterun is imminent.”

“I expect the battle to commence tomorrow. I don’t think it will take more than a couple of hours to destroy Aedriath’s army.”

I hadn’t gone much further when another Dragonguard asked about the statue.

“Lord Welkynd, do you know about Saint Alessia’s statue?”

“I know one has mysteriously appeared, Dragonguard Sordr. I am trying to get in a position to look at it.”

“Oh. Okay.”

Sordr moved aside, and I managed to view the statue from a distance.

Mother was depicted looking towards freedom and reaching for it like her more prominent statue and shrine.

I intuitively knew I was summoned, so I teleported to Mother’s shrine.

I looked upwards, not knowing what to expect.

To my delight, I heard a voice I had craved to hear for years.

Mother said, “My son, you give me courage.”

Tears formed as I replied, “There are times I have needed your embrace, Mother. I worry about Father, but we both believe we shall see you again.”

“I have had many dreams and visions of possible permutations for the future of this world. Some are good outcomes, but by far, most are not.”

“Including The Obscurity.”

“Has Hjalti spoken to you of this?”

“No, Silah did.”

“I warned that Alduin’s return to Mundus would likely be the catalyst for an unstoppable erosion of The Liminal Barrier. It was foresight, and I have limited knowledge of metaphysics. However, despite their superior knowledge, The Nine could not understand why that erosion may occur. Now The Liminal Barrier is failing, and they do not yet have a solution to the crisis. Subsequently, the Dark Lords will increase their plotting to bypass it or destroy it.”

“Therefore, I can expect more confrontations with mortal agents aiding Daedric Princes.”

“Yes, and Molag Bal will be the most active of the Daedra. I chose to battle Molag Bal because I could not accept his actions. Whether they are part of a plan to bypass The Liminal Barrier is unknown. Do not ask further, Valdr, for I will not answer.”

“I know the rules, Mother.”

“I am aware of major events. For instance, I knew of your defeat of Alduin and your reunion with Rigmor. You recently stopped a plan by Malacath and another by Miraak. The chance of The Obscurity coming to pass has greatly increased due to these events. Future actions will inevitably continue to drive this timeline towards The Obscurity.”

“If I was unsuccessful, this kalpa might end before The Obscurity can manifest.”

“Yes, Valdr, that is why your actions increase the chance of The Obscurity occurring.”

“You are speaking to me. Therefore, I worry that your entire Lifeforce, hence your will, is not fully focused on Molag Bal. You are not an Aedra. You do not have an infinite capacity to sustain parallel thoughts.”

“During ascension, I was gifted some powers, Wulf. I have divided my Lifeforce to enable me to guide and aid you. I cannot do this often, but I saw the need on this occasion. I must give my son some advice.”

“You weakened your willpower to do so.”

“Yes, but even if fully focused on the task, I could never defeat Molag Bal. I can only delay him while hoping you or The Nine learn more about his plan and how to defeat it. As you know, Daedric Princes cannot be killed. However, they can be weakened. I hope you will find Molag Bal’s plots and weaken him by stopping them, allowing me to fight him longer.”

“I understand, Mother. You are fighting a losing battle, hoping reinforcements will eventually arrive.”

“Yes, that is a sufficient analogy.”

“Wouldn’t Father have eventually told me this?”

“He would have asked others to do so, which is the crux of the matter.”

“The conflict of Father’s dual role.”

“Hjalti must do what is required for the sake of Mundus, mortals and The Nine. Not one of those things takes precedence over the others. All are crucial.”

“Mother, I understand that some things he thinks he has to do will adversely affect me. However, no mortal will easily accept the actions of gods without explanation. For the good of this or that will not always suffice.”

“You said, ‘…he thinks he has to do….’ That is where the conflict will manifest.”

“I suspect you have foreseen something that would strain the relationship between myself and Father. That will always happen due to his dual roles and my mortal nature. As an extension, I also think you are worried about the relationship between The Nine and me. The Nine make mistakes, Mother. Father makes mistakes.”

“I only ask that you remember Hjalti’s love for you is genuine. Your childhood was not false or designed to groom you for your chosen role. Similarly, the love The Nine have for mortals is not false.”

“I will continue to fight for the people of Nirn. It matters not what my current relationship with Father or The Nine may be.”

“Hjalti struggles without my presence, Valdr.”

“As do I. Your presence grounds us. Your absence makes our tasks far more difficult.”

“Then continue to support him. Do not turn your back on Hjalti when he needs your love. Never question the love The Nine have for you.”

“I cannot promise not to be critical of them. I only judge them on the same criteria I judge myself.”

“Valdr, you have found Rigmor, and the love you share may be critical in producing a good outcome on the other side of The Obscurity. Do not underestimate what you can achieve together.”

“Intuitively, I know this. I have known it since I saw Rigmor in rags in that cage.”

“I must go now, my beautiful child. Visit this shrine and talk, and I will hear. I cannot promise to answer.”

“Can Father speak to you?”

“I am not in Oblivion, but where I am is blocked to Aedra. Hjalti cannot visit me. However, his love transcends such barriers. It aids me in this task. I will try and speak to him, for he is surrounded by the stars and they are my conduit.”

“I can only promise to try my hardest, Mother. I love you, and I understand and appreciate why this discussion was necessary.”

“If you cannot come to this shrine, speak to the stars.”

As Mother’s presence faded, Silah appeared from the ether.

She landed far enough from Mother’s shrine not to cover it in dust or dirty snow.

I approached, hoping to hear good news.

Silah said, with some amazement in her tone, “I felt Saint Alessia’s presence as I approached!”

“Yes, Mother spoke to me. You know about her dividing her Lifeforce before tackling Molag Bal, don’t you?”

“Rules, Valdr.”

“Mother was concerned that Father, or The Nine, may take or demand actions that strain our relationship. That was always going to be a possibility. She thinks it may be more likely the closer The Obscurity becomes.”

“I suspect Saint Alessia has many contingencies that I am unaware of. Perhaps her actions may also cause a strain in relations.”

“Yes, she could have surreptitiously been hinting at that.”

“We have discussed your father’s dual roles many times. We need to concentrate on the current issues.”

“Okay, what news do you bring?”

“Rigmor and The Sons of Talos demolished most of the Orsimer Mercenary Brigade. Unfortunately, much of it had already been scattered into various smaller groups. Minor Warlords left with their underlings to loot and cause chaos for themselves.”

“Once we are sure that Fort Greymoor will not be besieged, the Dragonguard there can start hunting the breakaway mercenary groups.”

“I will coordinate that.”

“How did the veterans fair against the Orsimer mercenaries?”

“Rigmor ensured they stayed in formation. That would be difficult for the most seasoned commander, as many are berserkers. But they stayed in formation, reducing the casualties compared to a spread-out melee. A few dozen died, but hundreds of the enemy fell. Celestine and the other ladies protected Rigmor but did not engage the enemy.”

“What is Rigmor doing now?”

“She is waiting on your orders. They have commandeered many wagons, so if you want them to join you at Whiterun, they can be there before midday tomorrow.”

“I think it is important for Rigmor to participate. So please tell her to make haste. Also, tell her I am proud of her.”

“I will do.”

“How was Rigmor after witnessing her first battle?”

“Sickened. Celestine was the only one of the ladies who had experienced battle. They sat around and discussed it over a few meads. Well, quite a few meads. Rigmor had let it be known she had no interest in joining the battle celebrations underway amongst The Sons of Talos.”

“Hopefully, once we eliminate The New Order, she will never have to experience battle again.”

“His Imperial Majesty plans to attack The New Order’s Southern Army Group an hour before sunrise. We expect the tactic will surprise the enemy, and they will be crushed in short order.”

“Will His Imperial Majesty wield a sword?”

“Despite his sycophants begging him not to, he will fight. He is skilled, and the Penitus Oculatus surrounding him are formidable warriors.”

“He has no heir. For that reason, I think it is foolish of him. However, I understand his need to face those who wished his people harm.”

“Why did you visit Saint Alessia’s shrine?”

“A statue of Mother mysteriously appeared in Aurane. Intuitively, I knew to come here.”

“I find it difficult to remember she is a god and has powers beyond our comprehension.”

“She never acted like a god. Mother is an anchor to normality, and I miss that balance.”

“What is next for you?”

“I will visit Whiterun, assess the situation and then decide.”

“There is no possibility of the battle commencing today. However, there has been some activity since Aedriath’s scouts reported to him that they face a combined force.”

“Such as?”

“An Orsimer mercenary brigade has left the main force and is headed for Morrowind’s border. A group of Altmer, including Aedriath’s Elite Guard remnants, are travelling with them. Valminoor said a merchant vessel is heading towards an old fort on the Morrowind border.”

“Would Aedriath be trying to flee?”

“That is a likely scenario. I will investigate later today.”

“Thank you, Silah.”

Silah lifted off, and I watched her head towards The Throat of the World.

I teleported to Whiterun’s stables.

Then I headed to the front lines.

I was not surprised to see Ri’saad’s caravan was still trading. The Khajiiti will quickly relocate behind Whiterun’s walls if the enemy gets too close.

I thought I was summoning Tsun. Instead, an avatar of Shor appeared.

I said, “I am honoured you will fight beside me, Lord Shor.”

The avatar remained silent.

I continued, “I do not expect battle today, but your presence will help boost morale as I discuss the situation.”

As we walked toward Yngol and Casius, soldiers recognised my armour and called out, “We are with you, General Welkynd!” and similar assurances.

A Stormcloak asked, “Is that Tsun with you?”

I replied, “No, it is the avatar of Lord Shor.”

My transparent companion then became the focus of the soldiers. The Nords amongst the troops were in the presence of The King of Sovngarde, and awe was the result.”

I walked between Yngol and Casius, who sat astride their horses.

I stood in front of them and surveyed the battlefield. I saw no evidence that Aedriath’s main army had arrived.

  • Wulf: As we predicted, they will not be attacking today.
  • Yngol: They force-marched here from Dawnstar and will be exhausted.
  • Wulf: Plus, there is no pouring rain or storm.
  • Casius: Rigmor’s premonition?
  • Wulf: Premonitions are not certainties, but instinct tells me that no miserable weather means no Battle of Whiterun.
  • Yngol: Various dragon scouts have reported that the bulk of The New Order army is hours away. They won’t wade into battle with tired troops.
  • Casius: You might as well introduce yourself to Captain Quintus.

The veterans dismounted and walked to the Command Post. I kept looking at the battlefield and could not fathom how Aedriath’s army would last more than a few hours.

After a few minutes, I approached the captain.

He saluted and said, “General Welkynd, I am Captain Quintus Vitalis, second in command and advisor to Legate Varon.”

“At ease, Captain Vitalis. I don’t think we will see any action today, but I will stay in Whiterun. Aedriath is renowned for doing the unexpected.”

“As you say, General. Some scouts and light infantry are in the valley, but Silah said The New Order’s main army will reach here at midday, exhausted and unfit for battle.”

“Stand the men down in an hour.”

“Yes, General.”

I turned to Yngol and Casius.

  • Yngol: Are the men correct? Is this the spirit of Shor?
  • Wulf: Yes. I thought I was summoning Tsun, but Lord Shor has decided to come instead. He will not talk.
  • Casius: Will Rigmor make it in time?
  • Wulf: Silah told me they eliminated most of the Orsimer mercenaries. Unfortunately, some smaller groups had already dissipated to fend for themselves. They will be taken care of after this battle is won.
  • Yngol: How did The Sons of Talos fare?
  • Wulf: Rigmor kept them in formation, which saved many lives. A general melee against the Orsimer would have been costly. A few dozen of them are now swapping tales in Sovngarde. Sorry, but I don’t have the exact number of casualties.
  • Yngol: I know the difficulty of keeping berserkers in formation. Rigmor did well.
  • Wulf: There is a chance that Aedriath will not be commanding this army. An Orsimer mercenary brigade broke from the main army and is now heading towards Morrowind’s border. The last of Aedriath’s elite guard is with them as well as Altmer regulars. As far as we know, they are heading for a disused fort on the border where a ship seems to be heading.
  • Yngol: That scumbag is running away?
  • Wulf: It seems so. Silah said that Rigmor had rounded up many wagons. Her army should arrive before midday tomorrow.
  • Casius: The veterans will be rested and ready for battle.
  • Wulf: After an hour, stand the troops down. We will reassess our troop disposition if the enemy starts appearing in large numbers and deploys for battle.
  • Yngol: The Khajiiti are selling items to our soldiers at cost price.
  • Casius: Ri’saad said the walls of Whiterun will already be crowded with defenders. Therefore, they are doing what they can to support the troops. He assures me they can find their way inside quite rapidly.
  • Wulf: There is no need to be quiet. Let the troops laugh over good food and booze. I trust that discipline will prevent drunkenness.
  • Casius: The threat of an ear bashing from Yngol and training will keep them in line.
  • Wulf: The invaders would have been on dull rations and are probably miserable. The smell of food and the laughter of our troops will not aid their morale. They will wonder about the numbers they face.
  • Casius: They outnumber us, even with the Orsimer brigade leaving for the border.
  • Wulf: You will be surprised how easily our troops carve through their ranks. Anyway, gentleman, I will be in Breezehome, my Whiterun house, if needed.

I dismissed Shor’s avatar and then teleported into Dragonsreach.

As I approached the throne, The Captain of The Guard approached me.

“Yes, can I help you, Captain Caius?”

“One of my guards came running inside, claiming Shor was with General Welkynd.”

“Lord Shor’s avatar was with me as I inspected the battlefield. I assume the excited guard is a Nord.”

“Yes, he is. What I want to know is what those wearing Stormcloak uniforms now think. Are they willing to fight against their great mythical hero, The Dragonborn, and Shor just for Ulfric’s ambition?”

“I hope that fighting beside Imperial troops will remind them why Skyrim is stronger as part of The Empire. I hope to persuade many Stormcloaks to go home and not die for Ulfric.”

“Well, I better get back to training some of the volunteers. You would think that wielding a spear is a simple thing to grasp. Some of our fine citizens are proving that assumption to be dangerously erroneous. Mind you, many of them are quite adept with the bow.”

Captain Caius continued on his way, and I stood before the throne.

  • Wulf: Greetings Jarl Balgruuf and Irileth.
  • Balgruuf: I have been told that the enemy is trickling onto the battlefield.
  • Wulf: Yes. We don’t expect their entire force to be in position for many hours. They will be exhausted, and I doubt fit to fight till tomorrow morning. Therefore, I have ordered the soldiers to return to their muster points in about an hour.
  • Irileth: Jarl Balgruuf and I participated in several forced marches during The Great War. The last thing soldiers want to do is immediately wade into battle. I shall give the same order to the guards and volunteers.
  • Balgruuf: How long after The New Order is defeated before the civil war commences?
  • Wulf: We must allow time for both sides to leave your Hold, Jarl Balgruuf. After that, General Tullius or Ulfric will decide when to commence hostilities. I will have no say in the matter.
  • Balgruuf: I think you will have much to do with its outcome.
  • Wulf: Yes, and I will attack cities that side with Ulfric, even if I am a Thane of the Hold.
  • Irileth: Including Whiterun?
  • Wulf: Yes, if Jarl Balgruuf sided with Ulfric.
  • Balgruuf: There is no uncertainty about you, General Welkynd.
  • Wulf: I can’t afford to be uncertain.
  • Irileth: What if we remain neutral?
  • Wulf: If Whiterun is neutral, and Ulfric attacks it, then no aid will come from The Empire, although The Dragonguard and I might provide some. When Ulfric is defeated, your right to rule may be challenged. I have many reasons for disliking Ulfric, but let me give you a scenario.
  • Balgruuf: Go ahead.
  • Wulf: Those who have volunteered to man the walls of Whiterun include Argonian, Khajiiti and various Mer races. None of those people would be welcome in Skyrim under Ulfric’s rule. Walking the streets of Windhelm is strange, as Khajiiti and Argonian are forbidden, and very few Mer risk the inherent racism. No god of the Nords demands such xenophobia.
  • Balgruuf: You agreed to partake in our ancient tradition of weapon exchange.
  • Wulf: Yes, if that is needed to convince you of Ulfric’s intentions, I will be your messenger. Now, if we are done, I have some messages to write.

I exited Dragonsreach and wandered the streets of Whiterun.

I have paid to replace Ysgramor’s statue with one of Kynareth. Devotees of Kynareth visit Whiterun in great numbers, so it was logical to have her statue prominently on display. Jarl Balgruuf agreed. The Companions complained bitterly, so I dumped the old statue in their practice yard. They can erect that monument to the butcher on their property.

I looked at the battlefield from the ramparts and felt a great unease. Destroying Aedriath’s army is only a prelude to the civil war battles. My world will be full of darkness and death.

I teleported into Breezehome and decided to distract myself from thoughts of war.

I retrieved the samples I had taken from the Plague Wolf and experimented. I aimed to determine what disease they carried. I was relieved when it turned out to be Yellow Tick. They had not mutated, but it was strange to find them in Skyrim.

I stood on Breezehome’s turret and watched the people of Whiterun for some time.

I then sat and wrote my report on The Order of Light.

After I was satisfied with the report, I teleported to Dragon Bridge.

And then I made my way to the Penitus Oculatus compound.

I asked an agent, “Is Commander Maro in residence?”

“Yes, General Welkynd. His quarters are the first on the right of the entrance.”

I entered the headquarters and approached Maro as he exited his room.

I asked, “Greetings, I am General Welkynd. May I speak to you, Commander Maro?”

“Yes, of course, General Welkynd. Come inside.”

We moved into the room, and I closed the door behind me.

I handed Maro the report I had written and explained, “There is a group called The Order of Light based in Cyrodiil. They desired to recover an ancient artefact which they traced to Skyrim. The Empire-sanctioned College of Whispers was also searching for the artefact. Agents of The Order of Light attacked two College of Whispers mages near Fort Greymoor. One mage was captured and tortured for several days before they killed him. The other mage fled to Whiterun. Whilst inspecting the preparations for our defence of Whiterun, I encountered another College of Whispers mage who had been sent to check up on the other mages. Order of Light agents were waiting to ambush her, and it was fortuitous we were there to defend her. The Order of Light may present a danger to Skyrim if not the entirety of Tamriel.”

“And this document outlines what you have discovered?”

“Yes. We retrieved the artefact that The Order of Light wanted and killed many of their agents. The details are in the report, including individuals that need immediate investigation.”

“We have survived for years without clandestine groups posing a danger, and now they seem to be coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches.”

“I expect many will be what The Vigilants of Stendarr should investigate. However, I expect The Dragonguard, and I will do so.”

“When I was assigned to Skyrim, I noticed the difference between The Vigilants here and those in Cyrodiil. The local Vigilants seem more concerned about harassing innocent civilians than tackling the vampires and necromancers plaguing this province.”

“The mage I rescued is writing a report for The College of Whispers. We know Order of Light spies have infiltrated them. Therefore, I will return in a few days with that report and request it get delivered to the Grandmaster.”

“Yes, of course, that will be done as they are a sanctioned organisation.”

“Feel free to ask any questions when I return with the mage’s report. We don’t know much now, but I have faith your agents will thoroughly investigate.”

“I watched The New Order army pass on either side of Dragon Bridge. They looked disciplined and well equipped.”

“They are no match for Legionnaires, and many Stormcloaks are Legion trained. We are fighting for our homes and families whilst the enemy is far from home and unsure of their purpose. I have no concern about their numbers, Commander. They will be slaughtered without reaching within bow range of Whiterun’s walls. Now, I am about to vanish. Don’t panic!”

I teleported into Breezehome.

I had a quick meal before soaking in the spa.

I should have been delighted at hearing Mother. However, the experience left me plagued with wild thoughts and insecurities. I need Rigmor. I need Our Quiet.

I went to bed, and I found sleep elusive despite my weariness.

The sudden and wild weather that struck Whiterun eased my mind somewhat. Rigmor’s premonition has come to pass.

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  1. I can reckon two things here: the absolute faith in a Divinity in your words, which always astonish me and make me relate. And love, as Neshotah said. A strong force indeed. The idea of saint Alessia popping up like a statue on Aurane roof is amazing. 😀 but having Alessia as a mother was a rich plot already.
    Great idea even that Rigmor taggles the orsimer army with her veterans. Is it going to be changed in the actual Rigmor mod?
    Thanks Mark. (And thanks to Neshotah’s notification. Strangely I received his comment notification and not the new episode one. I had to recover my wordpress account because, apparently using it to access articles such as yours and Art’s is not enough 😅. I hope now it is settled.)

    P.s. what incarnation of Whiterun do you have? Yours seemed pretty vanilla, as mine.
    I found the Spaghetti series one and in front of the hall of the Dead there is a Mara… I wish I had Kynareth…how can I have it?
    May the Moon watch over you all.

    1. I have always used JK’s Skyrim and Dawn of Skyrim (Director’s Cut). Other mods add bits and pieces such as This is Jorrvaskr. Most of my statues are from Mandragorasprouts’ mods with Xtudo’s patches.

      Jim will not make changes to RoB till he finishes RoT. We will be testing the new cities and so on very soon while Jim finishes the story scripting.

      The first part of RoT is intense. Many surprises as six years of history are condensed into a short span of explanation. However, Rigmor is as pushy as ever and fun soon ensues.

  2. Wow. I never used all those mods together. I used jk once. I shan’t anymore but I thank you for the statues suggestion.
    Anyway, as you are aware, I am a supporter and a patron of Jim’s Rigmor. I love that mod and I will play it, even if it means delete mods and make space for it.
    Thanks for that as well, Mark!

  3. I wanted to ask why you are so against the Companions. I like to think that they can be turned into a much better faction that may honor Ysgramor but can see past his bluster and rise above what he was. But I wanted your reasoning on your assumed hostility towards them

    1. Early in the First Era, they started to accept different races into their ranks, so I don’t consider them racist. However, they have become mercenaries who say they are helping citizens when in fact they wouldn’t save an old lady from a rabid Skeever without payment. If two enemies tried to hire them, they would sell their services to the highest bidder. Wulf hates mercenaries. It would be acceptable if they were more charitable in their approach. Yes, they need money to survive, but some of their missions make you no more than a thug. Also, becoming a member of The Circle puts innocents at risk as you rampage through Whiterun as a Werewolf. However, for the first time in these journals, Wulf will join their ranks for two reasons. Lord Arkay has heard the lamentations of Kodlak and wants Wulf to aid him regain his soul. Secondly, The Nine also think that with some guidance, The Companions can uphold The Ten Commands of The Nine Divines. In other words, value charitable and more honorable reasons for providing their services.

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