The end of this blog?

It costs a lot of money to host this blog. Not a lot to some, but it is a lot to a pensioner like me who counts every cent. I wrote it for my benefit and shared it because I hoped others would enjoy it. However, it seems people don’t. Of the people who get notified by email, only 33% open the email. Of those 33%, only 33% bother clicking the link to read the journal entry. Since I started from scratch, those reading new entries have dropped by over 70%!

Therefore, I am going to cut out many things I planned. Some of them might still be done after Wulf is Emperor. However, some tasks make no sense unless The Thalmor are still roaming The Empire and The White Gold Concordat is in place. I will complete those before the events of Rigmor in Cyrodiil kick-off.

If this does not increase participation, I will call it quits, which would be a pity, knowing what is coming in Rigmor of Tamriel.

The picture is one that my eldest daughter commissioned without my knowledge. Do I make a decent Nord?

7 thoughts on “The end of this blog?

  1. Firstly, your face in the picture reminds one of those Fantasy or Historical films’ Jarls (I really love your axe) who survived a war and now rule wisely. And secondly; have you ever heard of patron? Perhaps your daughter who commissioned this amazing picture can help you understanding how it works. You should consider it. You don’t need thousand of pounds, just enough to avoid using your real money.
    I would be amongst those 33% who will greatly miss you. So I would subscribe straight away with a reasonable level.

  2. As Dario says, I would also greatly miss your blog entries. I know I can’t always keep up immediately, but I always look forward to the time when I am able to read a load of entries to catch up. If you decide to do something like Patreon, I would be happy to help support your blog as well as I’m able.

    1. As Peter and Dario said I would also extremely miss these entries if they ended as I love reading them every time I get the email and I would also wholeheartedly support any form of payment to help you keep doing this as they are always a highlight of my day when I see a new one

  3. I agree with everyone above that this blog will be truly missed. I would gladly support any payment form if available. I’ll be honest I enjoy the story of Rigmor from Wulf’s point of view that I sent my players, in a pathfinder 1e game, through the story with if I remember right V3 Wulf.

  4. And so do I. I haven’t read the latest few entries yet because I have been reading the third journal which I have almost finished. I certainly agree with all the gentlemen above, I love Wulf’s story and I also would gladly support any payment. Mark leave, yeah right pffft.

  5. I’m a Pensioner myself, so I feel ya. I too would contribute via Patreon or whatever you choose. I have benefitted greatly by reading all your hard work over the years. Whatever you decided to do, you have our support. For all you do, Thank You Mark

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